10 spiritual reasons you randomly smell your ex or feel their presence

Have you ever randomly smelled your ex and felt as if they were present with you?

It’s an uncanny experience that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives.

It can be a bit unsettling, yet there may be a spiritual reason for it.

In fact, there are 10 spiritual reasons that can explain why you may randomly smell your ex or feel their presence.

Whether you are in a positive or negative place in your heart, it can be helpful to explore the spiritual aspects of why this might be happening to know what to do next!

1) You miss them

You may be missing your ex so much that you are subconsciously picking up on their scent.

If they used to hug you a lot, it’s possible that you might smell them in a hug from someone else.

Remember that the love you shared with your ex is still in your heart and naturally tied to your feelings for them.

This might be why when you smell something that reminds you of them, you feel a warm, tingling sensation inside.

You may be smelling your ex because your heart is longing for them.

Now: this can happen either when you literally smell their scent (maybe they had a very unoriginal aftershave or perfume) or when your mind literally fabricates their scent based on previous memories.

In either case, it’s a sign that you miss them and you might want to consider the emotional aspects of your experience before moving forward.

Here I feel it’s important to mention one thing: just because you miss someone doesn’t mean that breaking up was a mistake!

You see, so many people think that if they miss their ex, it means that they were right for them.

It’s not true.

You can miss someone and still know that you made the right choice in breaking up.

Feeling your ex’s presence or smelling their scent can show that you miss them, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make the right decision.

However, this experience might not have anything to do with you missing them, and more with them actually missing you:

2) They miss you deeply

When you smell something that reminds you of your ex or you feel their presence, it could be that they are missing you deeply.

They might miss you so much that their energy that they are sending out is strong enough to manifest physically as a scent or a feeling.

This can happen when someone is deeply, truly sorry for hurting you, missing you, and wishing they could have their past relationship with you again.

You see, emotions are a strong and peculiar thing.

When you truly miss someone deeply, your thoughts go out to them almost 24/7. That’s a lot of energy to be sending out into the universe, and it’s possible that you are picking up on it.

It’s not uncommon for people to send out thoughts and feelings without even realizing it.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that you might be smelling your ex and feeling their presence because they miss you!

If you’re feeling their presence or smelling them, don’t go into a panic thinking that they’ve been stalking you; rather, try to think of the experience as a sign that they are missing you and regretting their actions.

It can also show that they still have strong feelings for you and they want to let you know.

Now, another reason why this may happen is that the two of you share a very strong connection:

3) You share a strong spiritual connection

Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone that seemed to transcend the physical world, almost like you were one spirit?

If so, you may have a very strong spiritual connection with your ex.

Your spiritual connection may be so strong that it can extend into the physical world and cause you both to smell each other, feel each other’s presence, or know things about each other.

This connection could have been created, strengthened, and heightened during a spiritual awakening or in a spiritually intense situation.

It’s possible that when you were at your most vulnerable and open, your ex was at their most vulnerable and open too.

This could have strengthened your spiritual connection, allowing you to smell them and sense their presence.

Now: just because you share a deep spiritual connection with someone doesn’t mean they are the right partner for you, unfortunately.

You see, maybe this person was only meant to be in your life for a season, or perhaps their role is more platonic and they are meant to be a teacher or mentor in your life.

However, when you share a deep spiritual connection with someone, it’s important to explore the possibility of this person being in your life because you may have a very profound connection with them.

If you feel that your ex is intended to be in your life for the long term, then make sure to move on from your romantic feelings before jumping back into things.

The truth is that some people have the ability to smell or feel their partner’s presence months after they have broken up or even years after they have broken up if they have a strong connection to them.

These experiences can occur during meditation, while asleep, or even during waking hours.

All in all, simply acknowledge the connection and understand that this is not a sign you need to be together.

But perhaps they just have you on their mind a lot:

4) They still think about you a lot

If your ex still thinks about you a lot, it’s possible that you smell them in places where you used to be together.

Remember that emotions and feelings are energy, and they can linger in places and things.

This can be a painful experience, especially if you are in a negative place in your heart and they are feeling regretful and sad.

However, it can also be a hopeful sign if they are in a positive place in their heart and longing to reconnect with you.

This could be why you might smell them in places you used to be together, like your old home or car.

Or, you might smell them while driving past an old place you used to hang out with them.

You see, this kind of relates to what I mentioned earlier – when you miss someone and think about them a lot, you send out energy.

Your ex might not miss you per se, but they still have you on their mind, and that means that they are sending you so much energy that you might be picking up on it in the form of a smell or a presence.

This is where things get complicated… Sometimes you might be trying to move on when this happens…

5) Your subconscious is trying to move on

Your subconscious could be trying to move you on from your ex because it knows that you are still holding on to your past with them.

If you are still feeling hurt or have unresolved feelings for them, your subconscious might be trying to push them away.

This can be done by causing you to randomly smell them or have sudden urges or thoughts about them.

For example, whenever you taste coffee, you might suddenly think about your ex drinking coffee with you.

Or, whenever you see your ex’s favorite flower, you might random smell their scent.

Your subconscious might do this to get your attention and use these cues to help you move on.

The more often you smell of feel your ex’s presence, the less it may affect you, which means that you are slowly but surely moving on!

Speaking of moving on:

6) It could be a sign of releasing the past

If you have been ready to release your past and put the relationship with your ex behind you, you may find yourself smelling them less often.

You may also feel fewer thoughts and urges about them in your mind.

This can be a sign that you are growing and evolving spiritually, which can lead to you being ready to release the past.

It can also be a sign that you are ready to welcome a new, healthier relationship into your life.

When you release your past, you open up your heart to new love and new experiences.

This can be why you might smell your ex less often or have fewer thoughts and urges about them in your mind.

However, sometimes those smells and feeling their presence can be a sign that you are currently releasing aspects of your past.

The thing is, when we release something, we often live through it one last time, remembering it in vivid detail.

This is why you may smell them or have random thoughts about them, as you are releasing the past.

The more you release the past, the less often you will smell them or have these thoughts.

So, if you feel like your ex is near you, it could be a sign of a current release that is occurring in your life.

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Before you interpret a lot into those smells, I just wanted to point out that sometimes, the explanation is incredibly simple:

7) You are feeling nostalgic

Yes, sometimes the only reason why you feel your ex’s presence or smell them is that you are feeling nostalgic!

This is especially true if you have recently broken up with your ex.

Although it’s common to feel urges to smell your ex or feel their presence, it’s important to remember that you are only feeling these things because you feel nostalgic.

The more time passes, the less often you will smell your ex.

However, feeling nostalgic isn’t the same as missing someone.

You see, you can feel really nostalgic about a certain time in your life and still not want to go back to it.

Although you may feel nostalgic, you also may feel that things are different now and that you are ready to move on.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, it can help to spend time with your friends or go do something that will take your mind off of things.

This can help you to remind yourself that although life is different now, it’s okay!

It can be a great way to embrace the new changes in your life and move forward with confidence.

Unless of course, you have unresolved feelings for them…

8) You have unresolved feelings for them

Another reason why you might randomly smell your ex is that you have unresolved feelings for them.

It’s possible that you smell them in places where you were once together and find yourself thinking about them.

You may also smell them while you’re eating their favorite food or drinking their favorite drink.

Or, you may feel their presence when you’re around someone who looks like them.

When you have unresolved feelings for your ex, you can pick up on things about them that you did not notice when you were in a relationship with them.

You may find yourself with a mixture of positive and negative feelings for your ex.

When you have unresolved feelings, you may smell your ex randomly or find yourself thinking about them.

This can be a sign that you have not fully let go of the relationship that you shared with your ex.

Think about it: is there something that you feel like you need closure on?

Oftentimes, when relationships end on a bad note, we don’t get the closure we need.

We feel like the other person owes us an explanation for why they did what they did or how they feel about it.

But, the truth is that you can’t control another person’s actions or thoughts.

You can’t make them want to talk to you or explain themselves.

And, if they’re not ready, there’s nothing you can do about it!

You can 100% get closure on your own, without another person’s help, but sometimes, when you keep feeling your ex’s presence, you need to talk to them.

9) You need to talk to them

If you find yourself smelling your ex randomly, it could be a sign that you need to talk to them.

You could feel them in places where you were once together or find yourself thinking about them often.

It’s possible that you smell them when you’re around something that they loved or used to do.

This could be your subconscious signaling that you need to talk to them or have a conversation with them.

There may be something that you need to resolve with them, or you may need closure.

You may feel a sense of longing to be in touch with them and speak your truth.

This could be a sign that you need to talk to your ex and close the door on your past with them.

If you are still torn between reaching out to your ex or staying no contact, the gifted advisors at Psychic Source can help you decide.

They can take a look into your energy and tell you what you would benefit the most from.

Let’s be honest: broken hearts can often cloud our judgment of what is best for us.

While we may THINK we need to talk to our ex, sometimes the best thing would be to just ignore these signs.

This is why your own love reading could help you clear things up and do the thing you truly need to do right now.

And if you are still holding on to a lot of anger from your ex?

10) It’s time to forgive and move on

When you have forgiven your ex and are ready to move on, you may find yourself smelling them less often.

You may find yourself having fewer urges to think about them.

When you have truly forgiven your ex and are ready to move on, their scent will suddenly seem less strong.

This is why oftentimes, smelling or feeling your ex is an indicator that you need to forgive them and move on.

These smells and feelings are showing you that a part of your ex still lingers in your life, you haven’t fully let go.

The truth is, you can’t let go of them unless you forgive them – regardless of what they did to you!

You see, forgiveness is entirely for your own sake, and not about the other person.

So, if you haven’t forgiven your ex for something, it’s time to do so – that way, you can finally move on!

Final thoughts

Essentially, feeling or smelling your ex randomly shows that there is something that still needs to be addressed.

Whether you miss them, need to talk to them, could do with some closure, or need to forgive them is entirely dependent on the situation.

Did any of these points ring true for you?

Maybe that’s a sign to take a closer look at that!

Either way, you are on your way to move on from your ex and finally feel better!

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