23 reasons why you keep dreaming about the same person

People have many reasons for dreaming about the same person, including missing someone, unresolved feelings, past trauma, and spiritual messages.

The following 23 reasons might help you to understand why you keep having this dream.

Let’s get started:

1) They’re constantly on your mind

Is the person you have been repeatedly dreaming about someone you know? Is this person constantly on your mind?

Now, maybe the person in your dream is a family member that you’re worried about because they’re having health issues.

Maybe you’re angry with the person because they have betrayed you – for example, a coworker stealing your ideas.

Or, it could be someone dear to you that you haven’t seen in a long time. Perhaps you saw something the other day that made you think about them and it triggered something in your mind.

You see, when you are asleep, even though your body is resting, your mind is constantly active. It is constantly processing information that you take in during your waking hours, and processing thoughts and feelings you may have forgotten about during the day.

So, if this person is constantly on your mind, it’s no wonder that your mind is keeping you up at night.

2) You have unfinished business with them

Sometimes dreaming about someone you know can be a sign that you have unfinished business with them. You may have had problems in the past with this person, or perhaps you were hurt by them.

In fact, one of the most common types of dreams is a dream about a person whom you know but who has hurt or betrayed you.

You feel there is unfinished business with them or your relationship with them has been stalled for a long time, so your subconscious mind keeps bringing up their image because it’s incomplete.

Perhaps there are underlying issues with this person that are causing you to dream about them. Have you talked to them about it?

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about why a certain someone keeps visiting you in your dreams.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

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The problem is finding someone you can trust.

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4) You miss them

Another common reason for dreaming about someone is that you miss them.

The person in your dream could be a family member or someone from your past that you haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe they moved away and you have lost touch with them.

It could be a close friend that you had a falling out with and no longer talk to.

Or, maybe it’s a relationship you’ve neglected because of a busy schedule.

Whatever the case may be, the dream is a reminder to you to reach out to this person, make amends, touch base, bring them back into your life because they made it better.

5) They miss you

Here’s another possibility – you’re dreaming about someone because they miss you.

Wait, what?

Dreams are wonderful and mysterious.

Did you know that the universe often sends us signs and even messages when we are dreaming?

If the person you are dreaming about is someone close to you that you haven’t seen in a while, they could be thinking about you and missing you.

The fact that you keep on dreaming about them is a sign that the universe wants you to get in touch with them.

6) Someone is trying to manifest you

To add to the point above …

Another reason that may explain your recurring dream about someone is that they could be trying to manifest you into their lives.

Ok, I’m gonna go all spiritual with this one.

What is manifestation?

Well, it is simply the process of bringing an idea or thought into your life. So, if you are dreaming about someone and they keep on popping up in your dreams, this may be a sign that they want you to make contact with them.

Perhaps you are dreaming about this person because they have some issue or problem they need help with.

Or maybe they’re in love with you and want to be with you.

Perhaps you were supposed to meet this person, had an encounter with them, and now they are showing up in your dreams to reach out.

You could be receiving a sign from the Universe that you need to pay attention to them. Or it could be that this person is trying to encourage you or guide you in some way.

All in all, they’re reaching out to you in your dreams.

7) There’s something you desire

Maybe the person in your dream represents something you want or desire in life. The person could be someone you want to meet or become friends with.

Or, it might represent qualities that you desire but don’t possess, such as honesty or loyalty.

The dream could be a message from your subconscious mind letting you know that something is missing in your life.

Perhaps this someone would fill a void in your life if they were present more often.

8) They’re your soulmate

Now, maybe the person you’re dreaming about is someone you know, or maybe they are a complete stranger.

There’s just something about them…

In your dream, you feel such strong positive emotions, like coming home after a long absence.

The truth is, you might be dreaming about your soulmate.

So how can you know that they’re “the one”, your true soulmate?

Let’s face it:

We often waste a lot of time and emotion on people we’re not suited for. Recognizing your soulmate isn’t always straightforward.

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9) You are grieving the loss of a loved one

Have you lost someone close to you recently?

This can trigger dreams of the deceased.

When we grieve, our minds and bodies go through changes as we adjust to a new reality.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that subconsciously, our minds are working through this grief by bringing the person we lost back into our dreams in an attempt to find answers or some sort of closure.

Dreaming about this person could be your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that they’ll always be with you in your memories.

But wait, there’s more!

Your dreams can sometimes connect with the spirit realm and be a gift from a departed loved one to let you know that they’re alright.

10) You’re filled with guilt

This can be difficult to swallow, but many times, dreams about people you know stem from guilt.

Here’s what happens:

As we sleep, our minds go back over our life’s memories and bring up unresolved feelings and actions.

Now, if you feel guilty about something that happened in your past or if there is something in your life today that you feel guilty about, your subconscious mind can sometimes express these feelings as a dream.

Dreams can also act as a reminder to make things right if possible, and if not, to let go of the guilt and forgive yourself.

11) They’re trying to warn you

Maybe this person in your dream represents someone who is trying to send you a message.

Perhaps, your dream is a warning signal that there is some sort of danger coming your way and they want to help you avoid it.

Maybe you are about to experience something traumatic and this person appears in your dream to remind you to be careful.

Think about it:

Were there any signs in your dream?

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12) You’re in love with them

Dreaming about someone you know can be a sign that you are in love with them.

Dreams can also be a way for your subconscious mind to communicate the emotions you feel for someone.

Your dream could be a sign that you’re having feelings for this person, and your subconscious is trying to show that these feelings have been there all along, which is why it’s bringing this person up in your dreams.

In short: Stop running away from your feelings.

13) You spend a lot of time together

Who do you spend the most time with on a daily basis?

This person could be someone you work with, a friend, or a family member. Whoever it is, it’s almost like your life revolves around them.

You spend so much time together that even when you are asleep, your mind is thinking about them.

This is because you spend so much time with this individual that you have become extremely comfortable with them; you have a deeper connection than just a casual acquaintance.

When you are in the presence of this individual, there’s an attraction between the two of you. You talk to each other, laugh, and enjoy their company.

You feel safe around this individual and there’s no pressure. You can just be yourself and enjoy companionship without having to worry about anything else.

Your subconscious mind may be showing you that there is more to the relationship than just being friends.

You see, our minds are very complex and they communicate with us in many different ways.

14) You want the person to notice and like you

You might feel this way about someone you don’t even know.

Your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you that there is something special about the person you want to know more about or grow closer to, but they aren’t aware of it.

Perhaps they are unaware of how attracted to them you are and how much you want them to notice.

You don’t know how to get their attention so you keep on dreaming about them, trying to come up with a solution.

15) You’re worried about them

Ever worry if someone you know is in trouble or if they are okay?

Dreams of people we care about usually reflect our concerns.

Maybe there has been something in their life that has caused you to worry, such as a job loss or a breakup.

The fact that you keep dreaming about them over and over is a clear sign that you are worried about their well-being.

Instead of worrying so much, why not give them a call and ask them out for a coffee?

Show them that you’re there for them and tell them that if there’s anything you can do to help, they can count on you.

Trust me, you’ll sleep soundly after having done that.

16) They remind you of someone

Do you know anyone who is like that one person you dream about?

You see, sometimes dreams can be a way for us to remember people and their personality traits.

Maybe they are someone you haven’t seen in a while and this dream reminds you of something that happened between the two of you.

Even if this person is no longer in your life, your subconscious mind still keeps them alive by bringing them back into your dreams for some reason.

17) It was a messy breakup

The other person in your dreams may be someone who you think about all the time or have had a falling out with.

But for whatever reason, the relationship has ended. Maybe you are feeling guilty that you couldn’t save it; maybe they were the ones that ended it.

This could be a negative memory and your subconscious mind is trying to tap into these feelings, which is why you keep dreaming about this ex-partner, having them back in your life even though they are no longer there.

The bottom line is that you desperately need some closure and your dreams are your mind’s way of trying to get you some.

18) You’re trying to forget the person

You want to move on and forget them, but you keep on dreaming about them.

Dreams in which you are talking to the person you want to forget about may represent conversations you need to have with them or an aspect of yourself that needs closure.

Dreaming about someone you no longer want in your life is a sign that you are trying to rid yourself of this person and their negativity by ignoring them.

But, dreaming about someone you’re trying to forget could be more than just a simple dream.

Perhaps you are trying to put this person out of your mind, but no matter how hard you try, they always seem to crop up in your dreams.

Now, this could be a sign that there is still something holding onto the negative emotions that once existed in the relationship.

Maybe it was a toxic or unhealthy relationship and you are still carrying those feelings with you.

19) They are likely to take advantage of you

Perhaps the person you are dreaming of is someone you know, or maybe they’re just a representation of someone in your life.

In your dream, there is something that they want or need from you, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

A dream of this nature can often be a sign that someone in your life is trying to manipulate you and your conscious mind doesn’t even realize it.

Be careful and keep an eye out for manipulation tactics, such as mood swings, negative comments, and controlling behavior.

20) You had a traumatic past

If you had a traumatic childhood, you may have nightmares where you relive the event.

This is called post-traumatic re-experiencing or PTSD.

You may dream about your trauma over and over again as a way to process and come to terms with what happened so that it no longer holds power over you.

Was the person you keep dreaming about somehow connected to the trauma you experienced? Perhaps they were the ones to inflict the trauma.

In essence, your mind is still trying to come to terms with what happened and you’re dreaming about it over and over again.

This is a natural way to deal with trauma because it will help you process the memory and allow you to get it out of your subconscious mind.

21) You want to be with them

Here’s another common reason why you might dream about someone: you are desiring a relationship with that person in your dream.

Perhaps you haven’t had a serious relationship in a long time, and the person in your dream is the one that you want to be with. The dream may just be wishful thinking of being with someone special.

22) That person is you

Sometimes you may dream of yourself in a place or situation where you feel uncomfortable or disempowered.

You could be naked in public and feel embarrassed, or perhaps you are in a situation where you can’t speak or decide for yourself.

This is a dream of being in a very powerless state.

You may be dreaming that you are the person everyone wants to control, either because they think you are the one who has power or because they want to take it away from you.

In a dream like this, your subconscious mind is trying to show you that you have feelings of dependence and therefore need protection and nurturing from someone else.

It’s also trying to help you escape this situation so that you become more independent and self-sufficient in reality.

23) You want them in your life

Have you been dreaming about someone you are interested in or have a crush on?

Your subconscious mind is accepting the possibility of being with this person.

It’s trying to tell you that this person may be someone you can connect with and share an intimate relationship with.

Your dreaming mind is hopeful and excited about this possibility, which is why it keeps bringing them up in dreams over and over again.

To conclude…

As you can see, there are many reasons to keep dreaming about the same person.

Hopefully, the points in this article will shed some light on the meaning behind your dream.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more about the meaning of your dream and how to stop it from recurring, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of seeing the same person in your dreams every night and just want to have a dream-free night, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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