Why do I feel a strong connection with someone I barely know?

“Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition on an unconscious level. Our souls know each other.” – S.E. Hall.

It’s a question that most of us have probably asked at one time or another, how does someone feel such an intense connection to someone they barely know? 

If you are experiencing this for the first time, it can be quite confusing and unnerving. 

Understanding what may be causing your intense feeling of connection will help you to better navigate what is likely a new experience.

Below are some of the common experiences reported by people who feel a strong connection with someone new.

19 ultimate reasons for feeling a connection with someone you barely know

1) An unusual feeling of familiarity

A sense of having met this person before, or having known them from another lifetime, is a common experience for those who feel a strong connection with someone they have just met. 

It is a fact that on the physical plane, we meet many new people each day. 

But because we all experience life differently, what may seem common or familiar to one person may be totally novel to another.  

If you have this experience, it is likely that you are picking up on energy or information projected by the other person and then on them. 

This can be true for anyone who has a very specific, yet natural energy about them.

2) They evoke an unexpected sense of empathy

If you feel a connection to someone who is going through something difficult, it may be that you feel a sense of empathy and compassion for them. 

When you become aware of another person’s suffering it may evoke memories of your own. 

This is because everyone goes through difficult and painful experiences in life.

The reason why you might sense a connection to someone who is going through something difficult is because often our biggest challenges draw out the most compassionate and empathetic parts of ourselves. 

This can leave us feeling like we have known the other person all along and recognize our own challenges in them.

3) You share something significant in common 

“Souls tend to go back to who feels like home.” -N.R. Hart.

If you share a love for music, art, poetry, or nature with another person, this may be what is causing you to feel a connection with them. 

Some people feel a strong connection because they have the same personality and appear to have similar interests. 

Others experience relationships that are specific to each other, such as having a common language or value system.

Experiences like this can be quite powerful and are often associated with soul mates and twin flames.

Shared interests allow you to bypass the need for small talk and dive straight into deeper conversation about the things that really matter to you.

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4) Your gait and body language shift when around this person

The way we walk and our posture when meeting someone new is often a reflection of our bodies feeling comfortable with the person that we are meeting. 

If you sense a strong connection with someone, it may just be that there is a natural “match” between the two of you.

If you feel a connection to someone, it’s likely that there is a lot of unconscious communication between the two of you. 

The more you two unconsciously communicate with each other, the more likely you are to experience a sense of connection. 

This sense of comfort is usually felt right away by most people and is a reason many people say that they just knew this person was “the one.” 

5) A strong physical attraction

This one goes without saying, but if you experience feelings of physical attraction when meeting someone, it’s likely that this is contributing to the feelings that you have for them.

This is especially true if you like the person’s physical appearance and wonder whether you could ever have them as a partner. 

Even if you don’t know what the future holds, it is still possible to feel like you want to be with someone just because they look good. 

There are also many people who find themselves attracted to people simply because of how they make them feel.

There are many more factors that may play a role in your feelings for someone you just met, so read on. 

6) Grief, depression, or anguish

It is not uncommon for people who are experiencing depression or anguish to feel an intense connection to someone they just met. 

This is because many people who are depressed often feel quite isolated and alone.

This is why many people who are experiencing depression often seek out others who are experiencing what they are going through. 

The experience of being with someone going through a similar or identical experience can be very relieving and healing for their emotional burdens.

When the person you are attracted to responds in an empathetic way, they can often make you feel better and more comfortable around them.

Some people like having deep connections with people who are very sensitive and empathetic to their feelings. 

In these cases, you can relate to them on an emotional level without having to make much effort.

7) You are both learning something new together

When people are learning new things together, it can leave us feeling very connected and open. We want to listen to our partner’s input because we want to learn from them as well. 

When we feel this way, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a strong feeling of connection as you learn new things together. 

There are many different ways that people learn new things. The act of having someone teach you something new can leave us feeling very attentive to their input. 

This can lead to a deep sense of connection and respect for the other person. There is also the desire to find out what makes them tick, how they think and how they act.

8) A deeper understanding of how the other person sees themselves and their world

When you meet someone who has a different background from your own, you may sense a strong connection with them. This is usually because you are able to see the world in the same way. 

This may come across in different ways, it might be seeing the same political or social message in a news story, or it might be something as simple as seeing that they have a lot of pictures of their family on their phone and you do, too.

An example of this is when I met my partner. 

Although we had very different childhoods, we were able to see the same core message in life and felt an immediate connection because of our shared background despite the surface differences.

9) You are connecting with your true self

If you are a spiritually minded person, you may be connecting with someone else who is also spiritually aware or awakening themselves. 

This may mean that you feel more connected to someone who is on the same spiritual path as you are.

Sometimes, you are just connecting with your true self and your true nature. 

This sense of connection is often felt when you realize that someone seems to be on the same wavelength as you, emotionally and mentally.

The more we connect with other people, the more we are able to look at ourselves and see who we really are. 

In order to do this effectively, sometimes it can help to find a partner who has a similar attitude or perspective to us when it comes to life in general.

This is similar to how we might sense a connection with someone when you are in the same life stage and tend to have similar attitudes and priorities. 

There are often many subtle ways in which we connect with people when we share common experiences either through childhood, early adulthood, or later adulthood.

10) You are connecting with your past and present lives

If you feel a strong connection with someone because they remind you of someone in your past, it is likely that there is an energy exchange between the two of you. 

These experiences of being connected to a person whose life was similar to yours can take on many forms, from living or working in another country to meeting at the same place where something happened from your past life. 

It can also be a more subtle connection, you may be missing something important in your life and this person seems to know what you mean, or you may feel called to change directions with your life.

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11) You are connecting with something that was lost or forgotten

There is a great sense of healing and love involved in connecting with a part of yourself that has become lost or forgotten. 

It can be a part that was passed down to you by your family or it can be a part of you that has been forgotten in the process of growing up and leading your life. 

You may have been able to put this part of yourself aside and be disconnected from it for a while, but now that you are older, you can feel its presence again. 

This can happen when you meet someone who seems to be some type of reincarnation or echo of your past life. 

This is especially true if they look remarkably similar to a loved one or someone who has passed away. 

When this person appears and you are ready to connect with them, you have the opportunity to realize who you are and what you are here for in your life.

12) You are connecting with the other person’s soul

This connection is what people experience when they meet a famous person whose soul is connected to their own. 

The feeling of connection is so strong that they know they have to meet this person. 

This experience is common among fans who meet their favorite actor, singer, or artist and is usually accompanied by a sense of relief and understanding. 

You might feel like you have finally found someone who really understands you. 

Although this experience can be exciting and powerful, remember that the other person doesn’t really know you. 

They are just a catalyst for you to dig deep within yourself and find your own answers.

13) You are connecting with the other person’s projections

Another experience that can make you feel connected to someone new is when you are associating with their projections of who they think you are rather than the real you. 

This usually comes across when you start dating and they are more interested in your money or status than who you are as a person. 

It is also common when people get to know each other online or through social media. 

If you find yourself feeling connected to or even obsessed with someone who you have never actually met, it is likely that this person is projecting onto you and seeing someone else.

14) You see something of yourself in the other person

A sense of familiarity is one of the most common experiences that people have with those they feel a strong connection with. 

This feeling can come across in many ways, from recognizing physical features to feeling a shared interest or point of view. 

If you see something of yourself in the other person, you are likely connecting with your soul or heart chakra and a sense of connection may be there. 

It can also be helpful to see something of yourself in the person and how they react to your personality or behaviors.

You may even realize that there are places where you could improve or develop more. 

15) You are understanding an aspect of yourself better at a deeper level

If you feel connected to someone else because you have similar beliefs about humanity or what happens after death, it may be that the other person is seeing the same things as yourself but from their unique perspective.

You may be unconsciously opening your mind to see things from another angle and then reflecting them back to the other person. 

Because you are involved in this exchange, both of you can often feel a strong connection even soon after meeting. 

The experience is also likely to stay with you for the rest of your life because it was such a profound learning experience. 

16) You have a lot to learn from the person

Another reason that you may feel a strong connection with someone is because you think they are smarter or wiser than you are, but it is your confidence in them that draws you to them. 

This can come across as a sense of respect for their thoughts and opinions, or even as an admiration for their character or what they have achieved in life. 

With a little bit of skepticism, you can often learn a lot from a person who thinks they are smarter, but this connection can also be strong if they are the one who is lacking confidence. 

In this case, it may be that you recognize that you yourself need to grow in this area of your life. 

17) You have much to share with the other person

Another experience of feeling an immediate connection with another person is when you have more to share with them than what they may realize. 

When they feel that you are there to support their life and growth, they will likely feel connected to you.

This experience can come across as a feeling of gratitude when someone sees something in you before even getting to know you.

This can be a little bit of your knowledge, or it can be more of who you are. It also doesn’t always have to be something that you think is valuable to the other person. 

It can simply be a matter of meeting someone and being compelled to share something about yourself that you have never before told anyone else. 

“Connecting with others gives us a sense of inclusion, connection, interaction, safety, and community. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you want to attract positive and healthy relationships, be one! Staying connected and getting reconnected feeds the flow of goodness, which empowers our humanity.” ― Susan C. Young

18) You are connecting with their spiritual energy

This connection happens when you feel the presence of someone’s spiritual energy. This is a powerful awareness and can be experienced even if you have never met them. 

You may have had past life connections or other experiences that connected you to their soul before this current experience. 

It is also possible that through your present life circumstances, it has been brought to your attention by the other person who has helped you connect with it again. 

The more in touch you are with your own spiritual energy, the more you can feel this connected energy from another person.

When you allow someone else to connect with your spiritual energy, it is possible for them to experience a new awareness of who they are in this life. 

This is most common when someone feels that the other person is repeating a pattern or habit that they have been dealing with for years.

19) You feel love and joy around this person

You may have had an experience that felt intense and wonderful with someone before even meeting them, and then when you meet, even briefly, the feeling can be magnified and make you feel extremely happy.

This is often a sign that the person is being used as a vessel for your own spiritual energy or love. 

It is common to see this happening around twins who also share a deep connection with each other. You may also feel this experience from someone who is using another person in their life for their own forms of healing or redemption.

Final thoughts

There are certainly some common themes when people describe feeling an intense connection with another person that they barely know. 

This does not mean that these experiences all stem from the same source, but rather that there is a wide range of possible reasons why an intense connection can form so quickly between two people. 

Sometimes, the reason we feel connected to someone is because they are unconsciously projecting their energy into us. 

While this does not mean you are possessed by them, it does mean their energy is coming through you. 

This energy can seem unfamiliar to you and make you uncomfortable when it hits your own field. 

For this reason, people who are new to a relationship may feel more comfortable speaking about these experiences with their friends or even therapists.

The strongest connection we feel to someone is when we are able to understand each other as truly whole individuals and share a similar view of the world around us.

In the same way, if you feel like you have known each other your whole lives and have always been able to read each other’s minds, it is likely that there is something deeper going on here. 

When we meet someone new, many of us wonder why we feel a certain way about that person, but this is acting above our conscious awareness.

“We all have a spiritual connection to certain individuals, which transcends the mental and physical illusions of this experience we call life. It cannot be forgotten and nothing we say or do can break it.” ― Wayne Gerard Trotman

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Emma Tran

Emma Tran

Emma is a freelance writer and a researcher specializing in mental health, self-awareness, and psychology. Her hobby is studying human behavior throughout their reaction upon situations. Be sure to check out her other posts on our blog.

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