10 things that happen when you hurt a Leo woman (and how to get her to forgive you)

Leo women are about as passionate and fiery as they come.

If they love you, they will let the whole world know about it. And if they have a beef with you – you’ll find out really fast.

When a Leo woman is wronged, there are usually 10 things that happen.

The good news? There are ways to get her to forgive you and move on.

So, what are the 10 things that happen when a Leo woman is hurt?

1) She gives you the cold shoulder for days

A Leo woman definitely has her ice queen moment when she’s hurt. She will not talk to you; she will ignore your texts and avoid your calls.

In addition, she’ll seem like she’s suddenly revved up on 10 cups of coffee and her body is just ready to lash out at you at any moment.

Want to know more?

Well, to be honest, she truly is ready to lash out, which brings us to the next point.

2) A Leo woman is hot under the collar and ready to strike

So, what really happens when a Leo woman is hurt? Well, there are times when their anger is physical in nature.

This is when they get so mad that they actually try to harm you through some form of punishment.

In other words, if you upset her and make her mad enough, she might become aggressive and try to hurt you.

According to most astrologers, this is the most likely outcome when a Leo woman is hurt. However, it really depends on how much you hurt her.

3) She will switch her focus to other people

Another thing that happens when a Leo woman is hurt is that she will suddenly switch her focus to other people.

Don’t panic, though! I’m not talking about other men, specifically, but rather, she’ll focus on all of the people she enjoys spending time with that make her happy.

In other words, if she’s upset that you messed up something, she might lose interest in doing things with you or give you her undivided attention.

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5) A hurt Leo woman doesn’t tell her friends about it

Unlike other women who tell all their friends about the guy that hurt them, a Leo woman is much more likely to keep it to herself.

She might talk about you with her friends, but she probably won’t tell them about the dust-up.

Why? According to astrologers, she doesn’t want to make the issue worse. She also doesn’t want to hear her friends bad-mouth you.

In most cases, a Leo woman will keep everything to herself and focus on other things.

6) She gets a little dramatic

A hurt Leo woman has no shame in getting a little dramatic. If you’ve really screwed up, she might even shed a few tears and act like the world is ending.

However, it really depends on the situation.

Let me explain:

If you really messed up, or she thought it was a big deal, she might cry and get dramatic.

If the error was minor and she just thought it was a little off, you might actually get a kick out of her reaction.

In this case, she’ll act hilarious and be playful about the whole thing. This is more likely to happen when the issue is minor.

7) A hurt Leo woman holds a grudge

Are Leo women forgiving? They can be, but most of the time, they certainly hold a grudge against you if you hurt them.

This is the part where it gets tough!

If she doesn’t want to forgive you, she will most likely never want to talk to you or see you again.

Another downside? She’ll probably never get over it!

She’ll make you suffer through the whole ordeal, and in most cases, she won’t even give you a chance to make things right.

However, there are ways that work if you want her to forgive you. But, more about that later.

8) She isn’t afraid to give cold, hard honesty about your shortcomings

A hurt Leo woman is likely to tell you exactly what she thinks about your weaknesses as a boyfriend.

The reason? She wants to make sure you change before she gets all gung-ho, again. And she wants a little revenge, too.

In other words, she wants to make sure that you learn from your past mistakes.

More importantly, she wants to make sure that you know she’s onto you!

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9) She might not buy into your attempts at making her feel better

Most women will take your apologies at face value. But what about a hurt Leo woman?

Well, the bad news is that she is most likely not one of them.

How so? The reason is that Leo women are more likely to analyze the situation and try to get to the heart of things.

More importantly, she will try to figure out if you’re sincere or not.

In other words, she will look for proof that you’re trying your best to make it up to her.

If she thinks you’re just going through the motions, she won’t buy into it.

10) A hurt Leo woman is likely to have trust issues with you

Did you hurt a Leo woman? Yes? Then it’s a good thing you stopped reading this article, didn’t you?

Seriously, though, most Leo women aren’t likely to trust as easily as other women.

They are highly suspicious of people who hurt them and will want to make sure that you’re sincere before they commit again.

On the flip side of things, if she feels like you were sincere in your apology and how you handled the whole thing, she might come back around pretty quickly.

How to get a Leo woman to forgive you?

The good news is that it’s not that hard.

In most cases, all you have to do is show her how sorry you are and make it up to her.

You don’t need to get down on your knees and beg for your life, but show her how much she means to you.

So, let’s discuss 10 ways to get her forgiveness:

1) Apologize to her

The first thing you have to do? You need to apologize, of course.

But don’t just apologize with words.

No, instead, apologize by showing her how much you care. Take her out on a date and make it memorable.

You can also do something thoughtful for her! As mentioned before, Leo women like grand gestures.

For example, if you told her something that hurt her feelings, you can buy her a thoughtful and expensive gift! That will show her that you’re serious about making things up.

2) Tell her how much she means to you

This is an important part of the process, too.

If you hurt her feelings and don’t tell her how much she means to you, don’t expect a repeat performance soon!

How do you do it? By telling her that you realize she’s the most important person in your life.

It’s not easy to admit, but if you’re sincere, she will feel it. In fact, she’ll probably get a little emotional over your admission.

You’ll then be able to make up for your past mistakes and show her how much she means to you.

3) Show her you’re in touch with your emotions

You have to feel your emotions first in order to be able to express them effectively.

In other words, you have to get in touch with your feelings before you try and make things right.

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4) Explain to her why you won’t make the same mistake

Look, it’s not enough to just tell a hurt Leo woman that you won’t repeat your mistake. You have to be able to justify your actions.

In fact, you have to make sure she knows why you won’t do it again.

For example, if you hurt her feelings and you didn’t mean it, apologize and explain why she was right in the first place.

Let her know that you’re going to do better next time! And don’t forget to show her that you’re in touch with your emotions!

5) Make sure your attitude is positive

Want to know what Leo women adore?

A positive attitude.

They don’t want you to wallow in your sadness or regret, that’s for sure! Instead, let them know that you are positive and happy about the future.

Give her a reason to be hopeful about your relationship! Make her see the silver lining.

How? There is nothing like an uplifting conversation with a Leo woman to make her feel better!

6) Make her feel important

Every Leo woman wants to be important in the lives of the men in their lives.

However, in most cases, they don’t feel very important in the first place. That’s why they get hurt so easily.

The solution? Give her a reason to feel important!

Ways to make a Leo woman feel important are:

  • Give her a compliment! Of course, you know how to do this and you probably are doing it right now.
  • But if that doesn’t work, give her a meaningful gift.
  • Take interest in her! Ask her about her interests!
  • Ask for her opinion.

7) Make sure you’re romantic in your apology as well as your actions

This is definitely a biggie!

Although Leo women are often very romantic, if you hurt them, they will most likely want proof that you’re going to be romantic again.

So make sure your actions match the way you feel about her. Remember, Leo women are very expressive when it comes to their feelings.

Therefore, if you want her forgiveness, you have to show her that you’re just as intense and emotional as she is.

8) Talk about ways you can improve

Another way to impress her is to talk about ways you can improve. For example, ask her if there are things that you can do better to make her happier.

Not only will she appreciate it, but it also shows that you’re sincere and willing to work on things as well as feel sorry for your past mistakes. So, don’t be afraid to ask her how she feels.

Another good thing you can do is to ask what you can do to make up for the past.

Why? Because it shows that you’re willing to learn from your mistakes and that you’re open and willing to change.

Just remember, honesty is very important in this process.

9) Don’t make empty promises

Let me tell you a secret:

If you want to get out of this clean, don’t tempt fate by making empty promises.

Leo women are very passionate, but they hate being lied to.

So, don’t make any promises, you know you can’t keep. Disappointment is not something they want to experience again.

Another warning: do not shirk your responsibilities!

More specifically, don’t avoid your commitments to her.

Leo women expect the men in their lives to live up to their commitments and responsibilities.

If you show her that you’re not willing to commit, then it won’t be very hard for her to find someone else who will!

10) Give her time to cool off

Finally, you have to let her calm down a bit. In fact, it’s very important not to be too pushy or aggressive during this process.

Remember, the most important part of this process is to respect her own pace. That’s why you shouldn’t be pushing too hard or going too fast.

However, Leo women are very sensitive, so they might feel offended if they don’t receive your apology soon enough. So wait just a short while before you apply these steps.

You hurt a Leo woman. What next?

Leo women are very passionate, and very sensitive when it comes to their feelings.

If you want to make things up and apologize for your mistakes, it’s imperative that you follow all of the above-mentioned steps.

This article gives you a lot of insight into what happens when you hurt a Leo woman and how to get her to forgive you. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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