When you dream about an ex, are they thinking of you?

Has your ex been visiting you in your dreams lately?

If your dreams are vivid and you wake up missing your ex and feeling a strong urge to be with them, it’s understandable that you’d ask yourself, “Is this a sign my ex is thinking about me?”

So is it just wishful thinking or is it possible that you’re actually picking up on your ex’s thoughts in your dreams?

Read on to find out!

Telepathic dreaming

Some people believe that it is possible to communicate with another person while dreaming – this is called “telepathic dreaming”.

Now, while there is no scientific evidence to back up telepathic dreaming, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Just because science hasn’t been able to explain something yet, doesn’t make it impossible. Even the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud was interested in the idea of “thought transference”.

Proponents of telepathic dreaming believe that in order for it to occur – in order for two people to be able to pick up on each other’s thoughts and feelings in their dreams – they need to have a strong bond and emotional connection.

Many people have reported sharing the same dream and being able to communicate with each other in their dreams, and while today telepathic dreaming is considered to be a pseudoscience, perhaps fifty years from now scientists will have come up with an explanation of how telepathy works and it will be considered the new norm.

So, if you’re asking yourself whether the reason you’re dreaming about your ex means they’re thinking about you, my answer is that it’s possible!

Signs you’ve had a telepathic dream (your ex is thinking of you)

While it’s impossible to know for certain if your dream was the result of your ex thinking about you, there are several recurrent “signs” that have been reported by people who claim to have had telepathic dreaming.

1) Claircognizance

This is the ability to acquire knowledge or information without knowing how you got it.

For example, you haven’t seen or spoken to your ex in a while. You don’t follow them on social media and you have no idea what they’ve been up to.

In your dream, you see your ex meditating with an Indian guru in the middle of a Hindu temple; you see them visiting the Taj Mahal; and you have images of them smiling while riding an elephant in the jungle.

The dream is very vivid and powerful, in fact, it feels like you’re right there with your ex.

And here’s where it gets really interesting: later that day in your waking life, you’ll bump into a mutual acquaintance who’ll mention how amazing it is that your ex is hitchhiking through India!

So if you’ve had a dream where you find out something about your ex that is later confirmed in your waking life, that’s a sign of claircognizance that was probably triggered by your ex thinking about you!

2) Shared dream

If you share the same dream with someone, I’d say that there’s no doubt about you being able to communicate telepathically with them.

For example, you’ll dream about going for a hike with your ex to one of your favorite spots. In this dream, something out of the ordinary will happen – like, you’ll spot a dragon!

Now, you may think that this is just a dream, when all of a sudden you get a text from your ex, “Hey there! Long time no see. I just wanted to check in, I had the weirdest dream about you… there were dragons and everything.”

Clearly, you’ve been on your ex’s mind, which is why they dreamt about you. The fact that you had the exact same dream is proof that you share a strong psychic connection with them.

You may not be able to do it consciously or to control your dreams yet, but it’s clear that you can communicate telepathically with each other.

3) It’s full of symbols and hidden meanings

It’s clear that this is no ordinary dream about your ex, it’s full of symbols that obviously hold hidden and important meanings.

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to symbols in dreams and I’m guessing that you aren’t either. So how can you tell what those symbols mean and whether they’re an indication that your ex is thinking about you?

Well, luckily for you, there are professional psychics out there that specialize in dream interpretation.

Psychic Source is a popular website with dozens of highly gifted mediums, each with their own area of expertise – from tarot card readings to palmistry to dream interpretation.

A professional psychic will give you insight into your dream’s hidden meaning by interpreting the symbols you saw. If your dream is a sign that your ex was thinking of you, a professional will confirm it.

What’s more, they’ll give you practical advice on how to move forward in light of what the dream has revealed.

So what are you waiting for? Get your reading now.

4) It feels important

When you wake up from your dream, you may have this feeling in your gut that the dream was important and meant something.

You may remember the conversation you had with your ex, word for word. Or, you’ll remember each visual detail of your dream.

Pay attention to such dreams as they could be a sign of telepathy; it’s possible that your ex wanted you to know something.

5) You get hiccups

If you get hiccups in your dream or upon waking up, it could be another sign that your ex is thinking of you.

You see, in many cultures around the world, it is believed that when you get hiccups out of the blue (that have nothing to do with what you ate or drank) it’s a surefire sign that someone is thinking about you.

I actually remember that whenever I got hiccups as a child I would be told, “Oh, someone must be thinking about you!”

6) Goosebumps

Did you know that another sign that your ex is thinking about you is if you get goosebumps?

I don’t mean when you’re scared or cold. I mean inexplicable goosebumps. You could get them in your dream or notice that the hairs on your skin are standing on end when you wake up.

Supposedly, when someone you have a strong emotional connection with is thinking about you, they’re able to transmit those thoughts to you. The intensity of those thoughts and your ex’s emotions are so strong that it gives you goosebumps!

Pretty wild, huh?

What are some other signs that your ex is thinking about?

Let’s take a look at some other signs that your ex is thinking about you and that share a telepathic connection.

1) You feel their presence

This may sound like something out of a horror movie but it’s really not.

If you’re home alone – perhaps you’re making dinner – and you suddenly feel your ex’s presence in the room, it could be a sign that they’re thinking about you. It’s such a strong feeling that you’re about to tell them something like, “Dinner is ready” when you realize that you’re alone and that your ex has been gone for a while.

2) There are a lot of synchronicities

A synchronicity can be explained as a “meaningful coincidence”.

For example, you’ll be missing your ex when they play your song on the radio.

Or, you’ll keep hearing their name everywhere – on the street, on the radio, on TV. You may even keep seeing them on the street. You’ll walk up to them and touch their shoulder only to find out that it’s someone who looks like them.

It’s a surefire sign that they’re thinking about you!

3) You get the sudden urge to see them

You’re in the middle of giving your dog a bath or you’re just starting a Zoom meeting with your colleagues when you get this strong urge to see your ex. It’s such an overwhelming feeling – your heart starts to race and you forget where you are and what you’re doing.

If the meeting goes badly, you have your ex to thank for making you think of them!

4) You get a sudden change of energy

If you start to feel a strange and sudden change of energy and mood, you could be picking up on your ex’s energy.

Maybe you start to feel sad and your energy level goes down. You may not be able to understand what’s going on, but actually, it’s possible that your ex is thinking about you and feeling regret that you’re no longer together. They miss you and that’s why you start to feel down for seemingly no reason at all.

5) You start to sneeze like crazy

No, you don’t have the flu and it’s not your allergies.

An inexplicable fit of sneezing is another one of the strange signs that someone is thinking about you

I know it’s strange, but if so many people around the world believe in this, maybe there’s something to it.

6) You just know it

Sometimes you just know something, you can feel it in your gut.

People used to listen to their intuition a lot more before. Now, everyone is stuck in their heads, overthinking things.

If you feel it in your gut, if you just know that your ex is thinking about you, then they probably are.

7) You start to blush

Yup, another strange belief.

Many people believe that if you start to blush – if your cheeks and ears start to burn – it means that someone is thinking about you.

Although you need to be careful with this one because some people say that burning cheeks don’t necessarily mean good thoughts. It’s possible that your ex is angry that you broke up and is thinking some not so nice thoughts about you!

Other reasons you could be dreaming about your ex

While dream telepathy is one possible explanation for your dream, it’s important to acknowledge that a lot of the time, dreams are actually a way for us to process our feelings and the world around us.

So let’s take a look at some reasons you could be dreaming about your ex:

You’ve been thinking about them

So, we’ve explored the idea that your dream was caused by your ex thinking about you, but what about you thinking about them?

It’s quite possible that you still have feelings for your ex and that they’ve been on your mind a lot lately.

Maybe you’re regretting the breakup, maybe you’re feeling lonely, and maybe you’re not even sure what you want. All you know is that you miss them.

It’s quite possible that any unresolved feelings you have about your ex in your waking life could be popping up in your dreams.

In other words, your dream is a way to process your thoughts and feelings about your ex.

You don’t have closure

Another reason that you could be dreaming about your ex is that you never got closure.

You thought that the relationship was going well. You were happy and in love, and then suddenly, they broke up with you. The reason they gave wasn’t quite clear.

You don’t understand what really happened and you’re unable to really move forward because you don’t have closure.

That’s why you keep dreaming about your ex, you’re trying to make sense of things.

Look, I don’t know how you left things but if I were you, I’d ask my ex to meet me for a drink and I’d ask them to explain things to me so that I can get some closure.

You’re upset with your partner

This is quite common, in fact, it’s happened to me a few times.

You see, when you get into a fight with your partner or you feel unhappy in your relationship at that moment, it’s possible that you’re gonna go down the, “What if?” road:

  • What if I never met my partner?
  • What if I had ended up with someone who did the dishes more than once a year?
  • What if I had ended up with someone who puts the toilet seat down?
  • What if I had never broken up with my ex?
  • What if I was with someone who surprised me with flowers every now and then?

Asking yourself, “What if?” is a way of dealing with your current frustrations and can extend into your dreams.

Here’s an example from my life. Once, when my partner was so consumed with his work and had no time for me, I dreamt about getting back together with my high school sweetheart.

In the dream, my ex made me feel special and couldn’t get enough of me. I felt like I was the center of his universe. I felt so loved!

Does this mean I no longer loved my partner and wanted to get back together with my ex? No, of course not!

The dream wasn’t really about my ex, it was a reflection of how I felt at that moment – like my man was taking me for granted.

Eventually, I ended up talking to him about how I felt and he apologized and made sure that no matter how busy he was, he would always set aside some quality time for us.

The bottom line is that your dream may not mean that your ex is thinking about you. It may not even be about your ex at all.

In fact, in your dream you’ve attributed a bunch of qualities that your partner seems to be lacking to your ex in order to make “the perfect man”. But your ex in your dream is not real, they’re a fantasy.

Your ex is just a symbol

When you’re trying to interpret your dreams, you need to be aware of the fact that sometimes, the thing or person that appears in your dream is just a symbolic representation of something else. 

So in the case of a dream about an ex, there are many possible interpretations:

  • Your ex could symbolize the past and the path not taken
  • If your ex is a doctor, the dream could symbolize your health worries
  • Your ex could symbolize the emotional safety that you’re seeking
  • Your ex could symbolize your terrible choice in men. Maybe you keep dating emotionally unavailable men – and all that started with your ex.

It’s worth exploring the dream and what it could be trying to tell you.

If you’re not sure about where to start, I really recommend getting in touch with the folks at Psychic Source. As I mentioned earlier, they have some very gifted mediums who can help you understand the symbolism in your dream and help you figure out what’s going on.

You feel stuck in your current relationship

It’s possible that you’re unhappy in your relationship and you’re looking for a way out.

But you can’t seem to find one. Maybe you’re married and don’t believe in divorce. Maybe you have kids. Or maybe you’re just not a quitter. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that you’re stuck.

That’s why you dream about your ex. It’s a form of escape. If you can’t leave your partner in real life, you can do it in your dreams. If you were happy with your ex, it makes sense that you’d “go back” to them in your dream.

I suggest trying to fix your relationship by talking to your partner and maybe even going to couples therapy. If nothing works and you still feel miserable, then you have to be strong and end it.

Life is too short to be stuck in an unhappy relationship.

They represent something you want

When I was a teen, I wasn’t very popular in school and all I wanted was to find some dreamy guy to love me.

My friends all had boyfriends and I had nobody. It made me sad because I had so much love to give. It didn’t help that all the songs I was listening to and all the movies I was watching were about love.

So I would dream about love. I would dream about seeing someone across the room and locking eyes with them. In that moment I knew that they were my soulmate. I felt loved. I felt I had finally found the one.

So, if this rings any bells, it means that you’re dreaming about your ex because they represent something that you really want – to be loved, to be seen, to be put first… or maybe they even represent adventure and living life to the fullest.

It’s worth exploring your dream and trying to understand what it’s trying to tell you so that you can work on getting it.

Final thoughts

If you want scientific proof that your ex is thinking about you, you’re going to have to be disappointed.

You might recognize some of the signs I listed that mean you’re having telepathic dreams, or you may actually find that another reason why you’re dreaming about your ex makes more sense.

If you want to know more about dreams and what they mean, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the extremely gifted and experienced folks at Psychic Source.

And don’t be scared to talk to a psychic. They’re actually very sweet and understanding, it’s kind of like talking to your favorite aunt or professor.

Get in touch with someone now.

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