When will I meet my soulmate? 15 signs they’ll enter your life soon

“When will I meet my soulmate?”

If you have asked yourself that question, you’re probably not alone.

In fact, a quick Google search for ‘soulmate’ reveals over 3 million results.

No matter what reason you think it is, it’s usually easier said than done to figure out when someone might enter your life as a soul mate.

But, what if you could get a clear sign right now when your soulmate will enter your world?

And what if that sign was so powerful that it would change your life forever?

Well, here are 15 signs your soulmate will enter your life soon.

1) You’re becoming more and more open to love

When you’re single, it’s easy to close yourself off from love.

And that can be dangerous, because the feeling when you connect with someone is intense.

So, naturally you might close yourself off to the possibility of love.

But, eventually your heart will open up again and it won’t be long before your soulmate enters your life.

The more you open your heart to love, the easier it is to ‘see’ our soulmates.

And, if you’re only starting to open your heart to someone, then they might be the one.

Soulmates are not everyday people.

They are not people you meet on the street or someone from a different city that you met online.

If you’re becoming more open to love, then it is because deep down you want to be with someone who is your soulmate . . . and soon will be.

You may become less picky about who you go out with and how often you go out.

You might find yourself having a lot more patience for dating, even though it was never something that came easy for you before.

2) You’re feeling more compassionate towards others

This one might be a little more difficult to figure out at first.

If you noticed that you were more forgiving of other people, that could be a sign they’re very close.

It’s not uncommon for people who are in love to experience this ‘compassionate’ feeling.

But, if it’s happening when there is no one significant in your life, then it’s most likely that this feeling is happening because you’re ready to open yourself up to love again.

And loving someone else is the easiest way for them to enter your life.

If you feel like your heart is growing bigger, then it is because it is.

It’s true.

It’s getting ready to welcome someone into your life who will touch your heart in a way that it never has before.

All of the times that you’ve felt love before, it was only just a glimpse of what is to come with your soulmate.

And when they enter your life, there’ll be an energy surrounding them that will bring more love into yours.

3) You stay optimistic through bad times in life…

Life isn’t perfect . . . and sometimes it can be stressful.

And, when life gets a little tough, it’s easy to lose your optimism about everything.

But, when you meet someone who will enter your life soon, you’ll start to stay hopeful in difficult times.

You’ll know that this is a sign that you’re growing closer to your soulmate.

You’ll start to stay positive even though things around you are really negative.

And now, instead of thinking negatively about people or situations, you’ll be able to start thinking positively again.

This will bring someone new into your life who will make that situation seem better than it is.

If there’s someone around you who can do this for you, then that person is probably very close by.

You have an innate ability to see the best in things and people.

But, as a kind of ‘peacemaker’ of your own existence, it’s only natural that you would want the best for others too.

And, when you see their soulmate, you’ll feel a spark of hope in the fact that this kind of love will happen for you too.

4) Your dreams about them are getting clearer…

When you’re single, sometimes we forget to dream about love.

But, when we meet someone who will be our soulmate soon, our dreams become clearer and more full of details.

It won’t just be a quick vision in the corner of your eye.

You’ll see their face and they will walk towards you.

And then they will stand before you and wait for you to speak.

These dreams can be powerful messages from your subconscious telling you that their soulmate is coming to you soon.

The more clear these are, the closer they are to meeting you in real life.

And if these dreams started recently, then it’s very likely that someone new is coming into your life soon.

We see their face clearly and we hear them speak in our head . . . and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for this person if they asked us to.

But, how do you know if this person you’re seeing in your dreams is your soulmate?

It could be anyone, right?

Worry not, there’s one way where you can get absolute confirmation whether this person is your soulmate or not.

And that is by getting a professional psychic artist to draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

Not only will you get a picture of how your future life partner looks, you will also receive a detailed description of this person’s characteristics and qualities.

Once you receive the sketch, you can compare it to the image of the person that appeared in your dreams.

Get your own sketch here.

5) You start seeing your future with them

Let’s face it, we all have a vision of love and marriage in our head.

But, when you start seeing the vision of your soulmate in real life, that’s when you know they are coming soon.

This is one of the most powerful psychic signs you’ll get.

Yes, it is possible to see your own future.

You’ll start seeing them everywhere you go.

You might have been waiting for a long time for this moment.

And all of your hopes and dreams will come true with this person as your soulmate. . .

It’s a real ‘you-and-me’ kind of love, where you’ll feel like you’re living in the future together.

And since two people are meant to be together, their relationship will be so happy and fulfilling.

You might even feel like you’re having a déjà vu experience as if you have already known them in previous lives.

6) You want to be with them more than anything…

You know you’ll be meeting your soulmate soon when you feel like you want to be with them.

Although you haven’t met them yet.

It is a strange feeling when you start to want something and can’t control it.

Once you see your dreams coming true, this is the time where you’ll forget all about being single.

You will not want to be alone anymore.

You will begin to realize that this is the person you were looking for all along.

And you won’t be able to stop thinking about them… which I’ll explain in my next point.

It’s possible that you’ve already known them in previous lives.

You might have felt a connection long ago and it has just been waiting for the right time to happen again.

It’s like you were ‘designed’ for them and only they can bring out the best parts of yourself . . .

There’s no doubt that your soulmate is perfect for you, even though they are very different from what you might expect.

This is true love, where you don’t have many words to express how much you love one another.

7) You can’t stop thinking about them

You will feel very excited and energetic when you see your dream coming true.

Your blood will flow with passion, making you want to be with them even more.

It’ll be as if you’re not thinking about anything else . . . not even the love of your life.

You’ll feel like everything is happening for a reason and that it feels right for you to meet them.

You’ll still have many questions about them and won’t know what to say when you meet them.

It’s like they are messing with your head and making sure that they won’t be forgotten.

There’s a sense of urgency and a need to be near them right now.

And when you meet them in real life, this is how they’ll make you feel: like you’ve known them in previous lives.

Your future soulmate might bring out the best parts of yourself that you never knew existed before.

They will wrap their love around your soul and tie it to yours for eternity . . . forever.

8) You’ll start to see patterns everywhere

When you start getting psychic signs that your soulmate is coming, you’ll start to see a pattern in the world.

There will be certain coincidences that will make it more obvious that something new is about to happen.

You’ll start to notice patterns everywhere: numbers, colors, and situations.

These signs are very important because they can show you the path you and your future love will take together.

When these coincidences pop up, you need to pay attention because they can show you what kind of personality your soulmate has.

It’s similar to how your horoscope can tell you certain things about yourself based on your birth date and time.

But, how do you know if these patterns are real and not just coincidence?

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They can help you to put together the patterns you’ve been seeing and tell you what they mean through a personalized love reading.

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9) You’re getting to know more about yourself

It’s a special thing when you’re getting to know what your soulmate means to you.

And you might feel like you’re not the same person anymore.

You’ll be getting ready for the real world and a whole new phase of your life that will start once they come into your life.

You will begin to understand yourself better and grow as an individual.

That’s right.

A sense of calmness and happiness will wash over you and you’ll start enjoying life a lot more.

Besides that, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and this could be the beginning of something wonderful.

You know that they are coming into your life soon, because your whole personality starts to change…for the better.

You become more yourself, more comfortable in your own skin, with more self-esteem.

It’s like you’re getting to know yourself more with every single dream that appears.

The dreams are a reflection of your true self and who you really are inside.

They will help you see the parts of yourself that can’t be seen in normal life, no matter how hard you try.

You might not have seen these things before because they were covered in clouds of confusion.

10) You’ll have to make some sacrifices

When you’re waiting for your soulmate, it’s like you’ve always been on the same path and making the same choices.

You might not have realized this until now, but it’s true.

Everything that you’ve ever done was preparing for this moment and for what was to come next . . . meeting them.

You might have to give up on certain things in order to make room for them.

It might be hard to make sacrifices at first, but once you meet your soulmate, it won’t be a sacrifice anymore.

You’ll have to be willing to give up your old ways and become a better person for them.

You will have to sacrifice having fun and hanging out with the wrong people for their sake.

It’s like the world is telling you to reflect on your life and see what needs to be changed or removed for the better of your future together.

And when you’re willing to do these things, it will show that you’re being serious about making this relationship last forever.

It will be an opportunity that opens up new doors and new possibilities in life.

You’ll get to see how much happier you can be with someone else by your side.

Now, make it happen.

11) You’re feeling new hope and faith

Another big sign that your soulmate is coming is a feeling of new hope and faith.

Once you’ve met your soulmate, you’ll suddenly find yourself filled with new hope and faith.

Your whole life will change because of a single moment.

You might not have realized how much you’ve always been waiting for this very moment

But, when it comes, nothing can harm you anymore.

It’s like everything is happening at once.

The stars align and everything is finally falling into place just the way it was meant to be.

When you’re in love with someone, you begin to see the world differently.

You start to notice the beauty of everything around you . . . from nature, to your home and even people.

You become interested in what other people are doing because there’s a new meaning behind it now.

You can’t wait to tell your future soulmate about what’s going on in your life and how they can be a part of it.

There’s a sense of security that was never there before, especially if you’ve been through many failed relationships already.

This time will be different because you’ll know that this love is real.

You’ll know that you’d do anything for them and when you think about your future together, it gives rise to much excitement . . . and joy.

And isn’t that what you want?

Your horizons will broaden and you’ll have more patience when it comes to waiting for them.

12) You’re letting go of people that don’t deserve an explanation

When your future love comes into your life, a sense of stability will come over you . . .

When your soulmate is coming, you’ll start to see the people in your life for what they really are . . . people that don’t deserve an explanation.

They’re the ones that haven’t cared about you or even loved you the way they’ve said they did.

It’s the process necessary for moving on and opening up the possibility for your soulmate to come into your life.

When you finally let go of other people in your life, you begin to let go of some of the old habits that were holding you back from truly being yourself.

Maybe you started dating them because of convenience or maybe because it was the right thing to do at that time.

They could be good friends, but your relationship will not last forever with them.

These are the kinds of people who only show their true colors when they know they’re losing someone.

You’ll also begin to see what kind of people are in your life, and if they are keeping you from moving forward.

13) You are becoming more stable and organized with life

When you’re waiting for your soulmate, you’ll feel like you are becoming more stable and organized with life.

They’re the reason why you have been changing and growing over the years.

You become more responsible with yourself because you know that there’s a certain person out there that needs to be taken care of.

You start thinking about your future self and what kind of a person they’ll want to become when they meet their soulmate.

You’ll be able to handle the ups and downs of life much easier now.

It’s like you know how to survive the storm because you’ve been through them before.

When you’re with someone that’s meant to be, some of the burden will be lifted off your shoulder and it’ll feel so good.

You’ll know that if they were to leave tomorrow, everything will be okay, because they were there while they were needed.

And if they want to stay longer, then that’s what the future has in store for you both.

14) Your intuition is stronger than ever before simply because you want it to be!

You’re waiting for the right person and you’re willing to put in the hard work towards that.

You know that if this person makes it into your life, you’ll be able to do anything.

After all of the worries and anxiety that’s been holding you back, this is the time in your life when self-improvement will be easier than ever.

You’ll feel more comfortable around people and they’ll feel more comfortable around you.

This is when everything will fall into place like a perfect puzzle piece . . . except better.

It’s like you know what kind of person they will be, but actually meeting them makes it all come alive.

15) You just feel ready to meet them somehow

You know that you’re going to meet your future soulmate by just a simple feeling in your gut.

You can’t really explain it, but you just feel ready for this person to come into your life and sweep you off your feet.

You’ve been waiting for them for a long time and now, it’s time for the two of you to finally meet and explore the world together.

It’s like everything is in place for them to come into your life and make you their forever.

You’ll always feel like you’re ready, but then the universe will make sure it happens in the right way.

Bottom line

We don’t always see the image of our soulmate in our dreams.

Sometimes they don’t appear to us at all.

In fact, the only way we can meet them is if we take action to make that happen.

It’s not enough to just dream about them or hope they’ll come into your life one day.

No, you need to work towards making this a reality by changing your own behavior and attitude.

Once you truly open your heart up for someone new to enter, it doesn’t take long before they show up in your life.

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