When should you walk away from a Taurus man? 11 things to consider

It can be difficult to take a break from a relationship, especially when you’ve been in one for quite some time.

Taurus is the sign of regality and freedom, so it’s easy to see why many people would want to stay with their man.

But how do you make sure that your relationship is healthy?

Here are 11 things that you should consider when you decide to walk away from a Taurus man.

1) He has a possessive and jealous streak.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which means that he’s very emotionally dependent on you.

Having a lot of qualities in common, Taurus and Virgo are both very reserved and have some issues with jealousy.

Taurus men are protective of their relationships as they are very affectionate and loving towards their partners.

Because of this, they can sometimes be too possessive.

Especially if you spend less time together, a Taurus man would be the type of person who would get suspicious about your whereabouts.

If you’re spending most of your time with other people and not with him, he might see this as a sign that you’re not interested in him.

If he’s the jealous type, then he will accuse you of cheating on him or wanting to leave him all the time.

Because he’s so sensitive, this can lead him to hold onto regrets for long periods even after he has moved on.

Even if he has moved on completely, he will still try to hold on to these regrets and it might end up affecting your standing in his eyes.

He might feel bitter and angry toward you for leaving him even if you’ve moved on quite comfortably.

It is better not to stay with a Taurus man who’s jealous and possessive because this will affect your relationship.

2) He never learns from his mistakes.

Taurus is a sign of luxury and generosity.

Therefore, it’s important to monitor who you’re spending time with so that you don’t fall into the trap of a man who’s not ready to commit.

When you’re in a relationship with someone like this, everything is going to be alright as long as you keep him happy.

But there will be many people who will try to take advantage of his generosity.

This type of man will possibly cheat on you and give you a bad time.

They’re very sensitive and loving, but they aren’t the type to always listen to the advice of others.

If they’ve once made a mistake, they will repeat it again and again until their relationships are seriously damaged.

When you make a mistake in your relationship, you must take your time to reflect on what you did wrong so that you can learn from it.

Taurus is a stubborn and difficult sign to handle, especially if he’s been hurt in the past.

In this case, you might want to move on because it would be difficult for both of you to make amends.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, it is important that he listens to your advice and learns from his mistakes.

3) You can’t see where the relationship is going.

While you’re in a relationship, it’s always important to know where you are going.

If you’re not going in the same direction, then you might want to reconsider the relationship because it’s not working out.

A Taurus man can turn out to be a bad choice if you’re not sure where the relationship is going.

He might not be thinking about the future.

Taurus men are known for their lavish lifestyle and luxurious taste in everything from food to clothes.

If you’re a simple and conservative person, then he might be too much for you to handle.

It’s important that both of you match each other’s tastes so that the relationship can survive in the long term.

You need to see where your partner intends to go and what he wants for the future.

Even if he shows signs of loving you, this won’t last forever unless both of you are open and honest with each other.

If he doesn’t want to change, then you should move on because this will affect the health of your relationship.

If you’re just seeing each other casually, then that’s fine.

But if you want something more serious and long-term, then both of you should be on the same page.

4) He will give you the impression that he’d do anything for you.

Taurus is a kind and generous sign.

He doesn’t want to lose you, so he will do anything to keep the relationship going.

If he knows that you like expensive gifts, then he would give you one now and then.

He might even offer to pay for the bill every time you go out.

In this way, he’s looking to impress you. He wants your love, but he also wants you to be happy so that you will love him back.

This shows how much effort he’s putting into the relationship and how much love he has for you.

Sounds good, right?

But here’s the catch.

It might also mean that he’s not as independent as you want him to be.

He might be looking for something in return and this could affect your love and respect for one another.

Taurus wants to please everyone and he won’t let anyone get in the way of the relationship he’s in.

Because of this, sometimes he might forget about himself. He might be so lost in his idea of loving you that he loses focus on himself too.

And this is not a good thing.

For example.

If a Taurus man is bad with money, then he might end up spending it on things that you don’t need.

This could mean that he has some issues with self-esteem and the way he views himself.

The two of you will also have different needs and wants from one another.

Otherwise, each of you will end up isolating yourselves from the other and there will no longer be a balance in your relationship.

This is why you should think twice before deciding to stay in a Taurus man’s company.

5) He’s moody and prone to outbursts.

Taurus is a very emotional and moody sign.

This means that he might have some issues with self-control.

When they’re angry or in a bad mood, they might express it by throwing or breaking things.

Uh-oh. Some red flags right here.

When you’re with a Taurus man who’s moody and prone to outbursts, you should keep your distance.

He might be in a bad mood when he gets home from work or when he doesn’t get something that he wants.

If you try to cheer him up, then he’ll only become more enraged.

This is because he feels like everything will improve after a few minutes pass.

Here’s another scenario.

When they’re missing you and want to be close to you, they might get angry and make a scene just to get your attention.

Remember, Taurus is one of the most sensitive signs. If someone is dishonest or disloyal to him, then he will have a hard time getting over it.

When he’s hurt in any way, he will hold it against his partners or friends for a long time and this can be very frustrating.

In general, men are more likely to become angry than women, but Taurus men can be much more prone to anger than other signs.

Because they seek stability in every aspect of life, when they are not getting these things from you, they can start feeling agitated.

Because of their natural tendency to be jealous, sometimes they won’t be satisfied with your love.

You need to keep him happy and avoid making him angry. Otherwise, it can severely compromise your relationship.

6) He has a very strong desire to find success.

Taurus is the most driven of all the signs and he will do everything to fulfill his ambitions in love, money, and career.

If he believes that he can achieve something with you, then he will do anything to make it happen.

This should be a good thing, right?

It is. However, one problem with a Taurus man is that he is also very competitive.

So if you’re not going places with him and he thinks that you should be, then you might have a big problem on your hands.

Let’s say that he has a big exam coming up.

He’s studying for it every day, but he’s not getting enough sleep and he has no more money.

He’s starting to get frustrated. He wants you to be there for him, but you’ve been busy with your friends and family.

If you fail to help him out, then he’ll probably become very angry with you because he thinks that it’s all your fault.

And if this happens often enough, then the relationship will start to affect his performance at school and with his exams.

And what will happen next?

Your relationship will be threatened.

You will have to communicate more than usual, which could be a bit annoying.

He might also want you to spend time reviewing his work and it can get stressful because of his temper.

He might become angry over little things and criticize everything in front of you so that he can feel better.

And this calls for a panic button.

7) He’ll do anything to keep his relationship going.

Taurus is a very loyal sign and because of this, he will do anything to keep the relationship going.

This can be a good thing, but it can also be dangerous.

Taurus men don’t give up on the things they love and they will do anything to make it work.

Because of this, you might get hurt in the process.

If he’s not satisfied with your love or if he feels like you’re not supporting him in what he wants to do, then he’ll become a bit controlling.

He might also try to talk about his feelings too much and this can be very draining for the person who’s listening.

He might say that “I’m getting tired,” but he’s actually saying that the relationship is boring.

When he’s afraid of losing you, he might try to get what you want by giving more than he is.

He might buy you more gifts.

While this could seem like a good thing, it’s not the ideal situation for a relationship that’s supposed to be based on mutual love and respect.

You should not let him treat you like an object because it will affect your self-esteem in the future.

8) He thinks that he’s a genius.

Every man in this world has some qualities that make him special and unique.

For the Taurus man, it’s his intelligence.

He thinks that he is more intelligent than the people around him and he will say so often, which can be a bit annoying.

When people think that they are smarter than others, they tend to become unlikeable and arrogant.

And Taurus men are no different here.

They like to show off their intelligence and will use big words that only a few people know about.

And this is often annoying for the people who are listening because you don’t have to show off or educate others about what you know.

You should just let them learn on their own without being forced anymore.

So what’s the problem?

It’s when a Taurus man shows off too much.

In front of his peers and family, it can seem like he is trying to raise his status in the eyes of others.

And if he considers you to be a peer, then he will start to act arrogantly towards you.

This can be very frustrating for you because you will feel like he is not respecting your intelligence.

He might make you feel insecure about your mental capacity without him realizing it.

9) He wants to have a good time at all costs.

When it comes to relationships, a Taurus man will always look at the bright side of things instead of worrying about the negative aspect of life.

This might sound good but too much positivity can get your relationship in trouble.

Taurus men often get too preoccupied with their desires and forget about the people who love them.

When they have big plans, the people around them are not always invited.

This can be very off-putting to the people who love them.

When they’re not expressed with verbal communication, then the people who love them will feel that they are not appreciated.

Because of this, the relationship will start to fall apart after some time in the future.

He is also very stubborn and he won’t change his plans even if you ask him to because he thinks that they’re the best ones.

He might even cut back on certain things because he wants to have more money for his plans.

But, there is hope.

If you’re willing to compromise sometimes and they are willing to compromise other times, then it can help your relationship a lot.

But if nobody wants to compromise, then the relationship is doomed to fail.

10) He’s very stubborn.

Taurus men are known for their stubbornness and this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

He’s also a fun person and it’s very easy to get along with him as long as you do your part.

People are stubborn all the time and that’s okay.

It’s just when they’re being stubborn that it can become dangerous.

For instance, the Taurus man is very stubborn and doesn’t want to change his plans even if you ask him to.

And this can make you feel like you’re not wanted or needed.

He can also be stubborn when it comes to his choices and the places that he wants to go.

He also refuses to compromise and this can make you question if you are really wanted by him.

And the problems don’t end there.

Because he’s stubborn, he’ll never agree with your choices and will always try to make his own choices.

This can be very annoying and frustrating because you cannot even share the same opinion as him.

This can start to affect your relationship and might cause you problems in the future.

And the last thing to consider is…

11) He doesn’t have time for himself.

The Taurus man will often give up things because of his dedication to his relationship with you.

The bad thing is that he doesn’t have time for himself.

Because he’s constantly busy with his relationship, then he will feel a bit burned out.

This can ruin his mood and make you struggle through the rest of the day or even the week.

And let’s not forget about how it can affect your relationship as well.

You might be tired of his constant nagging because of how he is always on your case.

It will also cause you to start doubting things that you have always believed in and what you want for the future.

It can also create more stress for your relationship with him.

Taurus men are critical of themselves and might take it too far in some situations, which is frustrating.


And that’s it.

These are just a few things to consider when you start to decide on ending the relationship with a Taurus man.

But before making your conclusion, it is also important to have a real talk with your partner.

That way both of you will understand why what will happen, will happen.

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Jude Paler

Jude Paler

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