10 things that happen when soulmates are apart

If you and your soulmate are apart, you might be wondering what happens when soulmates aren’t together anymore.

Do they think about each other? Do they miss one another like crazy? How can they handle the burden of separation?

Well, I’m sure about one thing: when soulmates are apart, it can be difficult for both individuals to maintain their emotional and mental well-being. Why?

Because soulmates are two people who are deeply connected and meant to be together.

Let’s discuss 10 of the most common experiences that might happen when soulmates are apart from one another.

1) Increased emotional sensitivity

Being apart from a soulmate can make individuals more emotionally sensitive and prone to intense feelings of sadness, anger, or anxiety.

As a result, one common state that most soulmates experience after being apart from one another is an increased sensitivity to their surroundings.

What I mean here is that they become able to identify and feel the emotions of other people in their field more strongly, which can be a cause for irritation.

Empathic projections can also blossom during this period, which is when a soulmate senses that someone else is experiencing a similar emotion to his or her own feeling.

Sounds familiar?

If so, you’re probably experiencing the same thing. You’re vulnerable to increased emotional sensitivity and projection.

The thing is that being apart from a soulmate can increase emotional sensitivity due to the intense connection and bond that exists between the two people.

When we have a strong emotional connection with someone, we may feel more sensitive to their absence and experience feelings of loneliness and separation anxiety.

But you know what?

Don’t worry about those feelings because they are natural and can be managed with healthy coping mechanisms. How so?

You can just stay in touch through communication and finding support from friends and family.

In either case, it is important to remember that it is normal to feel emotionally sensitive when we are apart from someone we care about deeply and that these feelings can be managed and eventually fade over time.

2) Longing and yearning

Soulmates often feel a deep longing and yearning for each other when they are apart, not just emotional sensitivity.

This can be difficult to bear and can lead to feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Let me explain how this works.

This experience is a natural part of the soulmates’ relationship who experience separation.

We often experience this feeling of longing when we’re apart from someone we love; especially during our “off-time.”

This is because, without each other, our soulmates are just lingering in our hearts and minds. We miss them so much that we feel a strong desire to be together with them again.

Then, when they return, it feels like the world lights up all around us.

That’s why you should know that if you long for your soulmate and feel sad when you’re apart, this is perfectly normal.

However, you might be wondering, “How can you handle these kinds of feelings?”

Well, there are some things that you can do to help with this situation.

And indeed, dealing with longing for your soulmate when you are apart can be challenging. That’s why you should try to find healthy ways to express your emotions, such as through journaling or talking to a trusted friend or therapist.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that longing for your soulmate is a natural and normal feeling, and with time and effort, it can be managed and eventually fade.

3) Experiencing a process of healing within yourself

While the points I’ve discussed above might sound natural, one unusual thing you might experience as a soulmate who is apart from his or her spouse is finding yourself in the process of inner healing.

Wondering what inner healing is at all?

Well, if you’ve ever had the experience of feeling better when you and your soulmate are apart, then you’re experiencing this process within yourself.

You see, when we embrace our true selves, we experience a sense of peace and contentment.

Self-disclosure with another person, like your soulmate, puts us in touch with who we really are and helps us heal the negative patterns that may have developed over time.

So, here’s the thing:

When you and your soulmate are apart, you might find yourself trying to heal your inner self.

This is something I learned from a professional psychic I contacted a while ago.

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I needed to figure out whether my coping mechanisms would actually help me stay balanced in the long term.

And while they did help me, I was still deeply concerned about my ability to stay healthy without my love by my side.

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So, yes, my soulmate was away from me, and I felt stuck in the process of inner healing.

But this professional psychic showed me ways to look at things from a different angle and focus on my future love possibilities.

So, if you also look for professional guidance about your difficult love situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to these gifted advisors.

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4) Difficulty making decisions

Have you found yourself unable to make decisions since you and your soulmate were separated?

Well, you’re not the only one. In fact, this is a very common experience for soulmates who are apart from one another.

If you and your soulmate are apart, this can actually be a very common occurrence.

When two people have a deep emotional connection, they become more open to each other’s feelings and ideas, which can make decisions harder to make.

Therefore, when you lose your soulmate, it gets harder and harder to make decisions.

What’s the psychological mechanism behind this common thing that happens when soulmates are apart?

To be honest, everything is related to the increased level of anxiety you experience after being apart.

It turns out that excessive anxiety significantly affects the process of decision-making and leads to an increased feeling of indecisiveness.

In other words, when you are anxious, it is much harder to make decisions, and instead of doing so, you postpone important tasks and responsibilities until the anxiety passes.

It may also be harder to focus and think about the situation at hand because you’re so preoccupied with your soulmate’s absence.

The result?

This increased level of anxiety can trigger a defense mechanism. This is when you start making decisions based on the most logical arguments, but without really taking your feelings first.

So, if you and your soulmate are apart and you notice that you can’t make functional decisions anymore, don’t worry because chances are that it’s related to your emotional state instead of your cognitive functions.

5) Insufficient energy

Now let’s see how being apart from your soulmate can affect your energy levels. When we are apart from someone we love, our energy levels decrease.

Soulmates are often depleted and exhausted when they aren’t together, whether it’s due to physical or emotional exhaustion.

To put it simply, soulmates are not getting enough rest when they aren’t with each other. And as a result, they feel weak, tired, and out of sorts.


Because being together with your soulmate naturally fills us with enough energy and good feelings that we feel full and replenished.

So, it makes sense that when we lose these good feelings and are apart from our soulmates, we become lethargic and lack energy.

Obviously, this experience can be very frustrating and discouraging for soulmates who have lost their loved ones.

That’s why you should know that this feeling comes with the territory of being a soulmate and is a natural part of deep emotional connections.

On the other hand,  it is common for people to feel drained or fatigued when they are apart from someone they have a close emotional connection.

The same applies to the situation when you’re apart from your soulmate.

6) Enhancing feelings of irrational fear

Okay, experiencing separation anxiety when you’re apart from your soulmate is one thing. But do you also notice that the level of fear you experience is beyond rational?

If you’re separated from your soulmate, chances are that you experience enhanced feelings of fear.

The thing is that soulmates often experience a lot more fear when they are apart from their partners. Why?

Because their experiences with their partners made them feel safe and secure in their relationships.

But since they suddenly lost these feelings of secure attachment, they feel vulnerable and afraid of being alone even though they know that their loved ones are in a different city.

As a result, they may try to create new connections with someone else that can help them feel secure once again. Unfortunately, this even enhances their feelings of fear and leads to an irrational level of anxiety.

Why does this happen?

There are a number of reasons why someone might experience enhanced feelings of irrational fear when they are apart from their soulmate.

One reason could be separation anxiety, which is a natural response to being apart from a loved one.

Loneliness can also contribute to these fears, as being apart from a loved one can lead to a sense of missing their presence and a desire for reassurance and security.

Additionally, having a strong emotional connection with someone can make us more sensitive to their absence and more prone to feeling fearful or insecure.

In either case, if you notice that you’re feeling an unreasonable level of fear when you’re away from your partner, it’s a good idea to reflect on your feelings and process these tough emotions, so that you can heal.

Otherwise, you might develop trauma as a result of being separated from your soulmate.

7) Your identity will transform

Have you ever heard the term “post-traumatic growth”?

Well, this concept has been used to explain the ways in which people can experience a change in their sense of self as a result of experiencing profound loss.

Post-traumatic growth (PTG) refers to the positive psychological changes that can occur as a result of experiencing a challenging or traumatic event.

These changes can include increased self-awareness, personal strength, and appreciation of life, as well as the development of new and deeper relationships.

But what does it have to do with being apart from your soulmate?

The reason why I think that this concept is related to the things you experience while being apart from your soulmate is that when significant losses occur, we can go through significant identity transformations as part of our healing process.

As a matter of fact, being separated from a loved one can lead to a sense of loss and a need to redefine yourself and your relationships.

This process can involve exploring your own values, goals, and needs, as well as discovering new aspects of yourself.

What’s more, being apart from your soulmate can involve learning how to be independent and self-sufficient, which can be a positive and empowering experience.

Of course, it’s a difficult and emotional process, especially if you have been in a close and codependent relationship.

However, the transformation of your identity is something you should expect if you’re apart from your soulmate.

During separation, it’s highly likely that you’ll notice how much you were in tune with your partner and how you changed since you’re not together anymore.

8) You will crave intimacy

Don’t you think that it’s strange that being separated from your soulmate makes you crave for more intimacy?

It’s not as strange as it first seems because many people around the world experience intense cravings for intimacy after a difficult relationship.

Yes, the thing that I found the hardest after my soulmate moved far away from me was handling my craving for intimacy.

I’ve always been an affectionate person, and I consider myself to be a great partner for others. But when I was separated from my soulmate, I found myself craving more intimacy and closeness with the other people around me.

As the days turned into weeks, I started to feel a sense of loneliness and longing that I had never experienced before.

I missed my soulmate’s presence in my life and started to crave intimacy and closeness in a way that I hadn’t before.

Perhaps the reason why this happened to me was that I was emotionally dependent on his love, and now that he wasn’t here anymore, it felt unnatural and difficult to feel sexual and close again with a new love interest.

You see, being emotionally dependent on someone else naturally involves being dependent on the feeling of closeness and intimacy.

And when you feel that these connections with your partner are missing, it’s only natural for you to crave other sources of intimacy.

And in a sense, I think that this craving is positive because it helps you understand your needs and desires as well as consider yourself to be an emotionally healthy person.

Naturally, this process may take some time.

As for me, despite the challenges, I learned to find joy and fulfillment in other areas of my life and began to appreciate the independence and self-sufficiency that came with being on my own.

I also learned to communicate openly and honestly with my soulmate about my needs and feelings, and we found ways to stay connected even though we were apart.

9) You’ll frequently see your soulmate in your dreams

Haven’t you noticed that the frequency of your dreams drastically increases when you’re separated from your soulmate?

It’s like you’re longing for your soulmate’s presence in your life, so you visit him in your dreams to renew the connection and passion that you once shared.

It’s interesting that there are so many different ways in which we experience our souls after losing a meaningful relationship.

However, one of the most common ways that people can reconnect with their soulmates is through their dreams.

You see when our dreams are representations of things that unconsciously make us feel worried. You may not think about your soulmate when you’re awake, but deep down, you may still be worried because of something that happened between the two of you.

That’s why we often dream about a person or a situation that reminds us of our unresolved feelings.

Dreams can be a way for our minds to process and make sense of our emotions and experiences, and dreaming about a loved one after separation can be a way for our minds to cope with the changes and challenges of being apart.

Regardless of the content of your dream, it’s a clear sign that you’re experiencing emotional processing and trying to make sense of your emotions, including feelings of sadness, longing, or grief that may be associated with being separated from a loved one.

So, don’t be surprised if you see your soulmate in your dreams after separation.

10) Difficulty finding meaning and happiness

And the last common thing that will probably happen soon after you and your soulmate are separated is that you might have a hard time finding meaning and happiness in your life.

After some significant losses, many people experience a period of grief and sadness, which can lead to feelings of numbness and apathy toward their lives.

It’s not surprising to feel this way, especially when you’re experiencing strong feelings of loss and grief.


Because the presence of your soulmate often brings a sense of joy and fulfillment. It helps us feel loved and connected so that we can find meaning in our lives.

So, when you’re separated from your soulmate, it’s not surprising that you might find it hard to find new ways to communicate and connect with the world.

You might feel insecure and uncertain about how to feel about the future.

And you may also experience a sense of lack because you’ve been through a major loss and are not yet completely over your past relationship.

The absence of a soulmate can make it difficult to find happiness, as their presence often brings a sense of love and contentment.

But you know what’s interesting about this process?

Even though you’re experiencing these feelings, they aren’t necessarily negative or wrong. Instead, you might notice that the feelings you’re experiencing are a sign that you’re still healing from the pain of losing your soulmate.

Ultimately, the point is to evolve and move on with your life after separation so that you can rebuild your life and learn new things about yourself, as well as be able to find contentment in all parts of your life.

Don’t forget that, however hard it might be, you’ll find ways to move on and process these negative feelings.

As a result, you’ll look at the experience of losing your soulmate as a meaningful one that once helped you grow and look at things from a different perspective.

Final thoughts

All in all, being apart from a soulmate can be a challenging and transformative experience that can affect us in many ways.

While it is normal to experience a range of emotions, including sadness, loneliness, and fear, it is important to remember that there are healthy ways to cope with these feelings.

By staying in touch through regular communication, seeking support from friends and family, and finding joy and fulfillment in other areas of our lives, we can learn to navigate the challenges of being apart and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Ultimately, being apart from a soulmate can be an opportunity for personal growth and the development of deeper and more meaningful connections.

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