What happens if you manifest on a full moon? 11 things to know

What happens if you manifest on a full moon?

I’m glad you asked.

The moon is a powerful mistress and she has deep mystery and potential ready to amplify your spiritual intentions.

Here are 11 things you should know about what happens if you manifest on a full moon.

1) This is your chance for new beginnings

The full moon is a time of immense energy and manifestation.

This is the time to see how the seeds of intention you planted are coming true.

But even as the full moon is a blooming of our past manifesting, it can also be a time to manifest new course corrections and spiritual intentions.

The full moon provides us a potent space to reflect on what’s gone well and not so well in the past lunar cycle, and what we’d like to be different this time around.

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2) You should spiritually cleanse yourself and your space first

As this guide explains, manifesting on a full moon is a fine art.

There are various rituals you can do but no matter how esoteric you’re going to get, there are some wonderful ways to create a space for intention-setting and spiritual manifestation to take place.

Start by spiritually cleansing your space. You can burn sage or even cleanout any negative energy through positive mantras, chanting, crystal placement, and meditation.

Cleansing for a full moon manifestation should focus on cleansing the energy by your back door, which then allows blockages and spiritual roadblocks behind you in the past month to be ready for new energy to channel and pass through.

Another lovely way to cleanse in preparation is to take a ritual bath before and after your manifestation on the full moon.

Put in a handful of sea salt or Epsom salt along with lavender essential oil and then soak in silence with incense or candles.

Center yourself on your breath and allow the divine feminine energy of the moon to penetrate every nook and cranny of your body and spirit in preparation for your manifestation or unwinding after.

3) The full moon is a chance to spiritually accelerate

The full moon is both scientifically and spiritually powerful.

The moon has been traditionally associated with the divine feminine, exerting a powerful influence on the tides of the ocean and the female menstrual cycle.

The full moon has reached the apex of its power, stirring up enormous creative, spiritual, and intuitive energy that you can tap into.

Ancient cultures and traditions including Wicca regarded the moon as a spiritual guide and transformational power which could reveal and clarify the mysteries of life.

The full moon can be an amazing time to accelerate and put into high gear those things you manifested at the start of the new moon. This is your epiphany moment and your time to shine.

Let the energy wash over you and then manifest the core truth that it leaves you with.

Are you in need of physical healing, emotional comfort, or traumatic recovery? This is the time to strongly manifest that desire.

4) Don’t judge and grasp

The full moon is an ideal time to open your heart.

Don’t judge and grasp. Just allow the present moment to be. Allow your soul to look honestly at where you are right now. Feel the negative and embrace the positive. Experience the wonder of existence itself.

Self-doubt, self-sabotage, anger, sadness, and all of these may come up. Let it be.

The full moon sits quietly in the night sky, shimmering with power and majesty.  That is your guide and your spiritual lodestar at this time. Allow its cool, quiet energy to wash over you and align your intentions and goals with it.

If you are clear about what you want to change and why then this magical mon can help it come true.

5) Communication is a two-way street

One mistake that some people make when manifesting on a full moon is being overly passive.

You should be in a reflective and receptive state, certainly. But you should also be sending out your intentions.

Communicating with the universe is a two-way street. If you’re purely quiet and indifferent you won’t be setting goals and manifesting for the coming cycle.

What you want to be doing here is two fold, namely:

Letting the energy and power of the full moon wash over you and clarify and cleanse you and;

Sending out your specific intentions to the moon and universe to allow its energy to align and amplify these intentions and help them crystallize and manifest in the external world in the coming lunar cycle.

6) Write it down

One of the best ways to be specific and empowered in terms of your intentions is to write them down.

Take a notebook and pen or pencil and write down your intentions and affirmations. This gets you ready to manifest on the full moon.

It is important to reflect a little on what you really want and why before writing it down. This isn’t like a wish list to Santa Claus, it’s a deeper spiritual communique for the universe and its cosmic energies that filter down through the moon.

Write down your deepest desires and needs, those things which are true to your path and your destiny.

7) The moon is an energy reservoir — use it

The full moon tends is a massive energy reservoir. Think of it as containing the lessons and fruitions of the past month.

It is your chance to remove unneeded energies from the past month and manifest new intentions and needs into the universe at this time.

By seeing how the energies and manifesting of the path month has led to know, you can see what needs to be worked on and what needs to be let go.

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8) Eat that delicious moon food

Basically, the full moon is a giant snack for your spirit. But unlike McDonalds or processed glyphosate poison, it’s actually good for you.

The full moon nourishes your soul with its creative forces and bright revelations.

Ideas and impulses which had remained confusing and dark come alive. You become clearer about what you want to manifest and its potential.

To manifest fully, it’s best to be outdoors and let the light reflect off the moon and onto your face. Think about the past cycle and don’t shy away from the difficult parts.

What needs to shift or evolve in order for you to manifest your true destiny and inner truth?

9) Moon manifesting is for everyone

One of the difficulties that some people encounter in spiritual and energetic groups is elitism. Some people start to feel they are superior or exclusive when they learn esoteric knowledge or rituals.

Don’t let this faze you (a play on words pun for phases of the moon, get it?)

It’s important to take things like this seriously:

The cosmos does have real power and your veneration and care towards it will have real results in your life. But it’s also important to lighten up a bit.

None of us are superhuman gods who are above questioning and it’s perfectly fine to be new at things like manifesting on the moon!

Moon manifesting is for everyone and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

10) Clear your mind and soul

It’s a great idea to meditate before manifesting on the full moon.

This will clear your mind and soul and allow the energy from the moon to be absorbed into your body and soul.

Remember that:

“Full moons are an energetic, emotional, spontaneous time. But that decision that’s tempting you right now might not look as good in two weeks, so slow down.

Give yourself time to fully process something before committing to it. Be patient. You’ll thank yourself later.”

11) Build on the moon-mentum

Moon manifesting isn’t just in your head: it’s about taking action in the real world as well.

In order to build on your “moon-mentum,” take the lessons and seeds you’ve planted and commit to them with your own actions as well.

Your own willpower together with the energy of the full moon makes for a potent and profound combination.

Doing manifesting on the full moon for at least a few months will start to produce shifts in your energy and vibration that you notice in remarkable ways in your daily life and long-term evolution.

Good luck, seeker.

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