What does it mean when you dream about your crush? 33 possible meanings (no bullsh*t)

You’re having a steamy kissing session with your crush…then all of a sudden, you woke up. It was all just a dream. Bummer.

But wait a minute, does it mean that they have a crush on you, too?

When we dream about our crush, sometimes it’s because they’re trying to connect with us telepathically—to send us a message that they have feelings for us. But more often than not, it’s something not related to love at all.

Here are 33 possible interpretations when you dream about your crush

1) When you dream about a childhood crush

Instead of listening to your math teacher, you were busy imagining how you’ll live your life together. Or maybe it was mutual and you daydreamed of your future together.

But then life happened. You went to college, got busy…until one day, thoughts of them never pop in your head anymore.

If you dream about your childhood crush all of a sudden, it could be the universe telling you to reconnect with your crush. They may finally be ready to meet you again and are reaching out to you through your dreams.

It could also mean that your subconscious is telling you to pause from the busy-ness of your day-to-day life as an adult.

You may be rushing through life and getting too caught up in its many responsibilities that you’ve forgotten to enjoy each day like you used to when you’re still young.

What about your childhood did you miss? Maybe you should do more of that.

2) When you dream about getting married to your crush

Getting married means commitment, and the fact that you’re getting married to your crush means that you’re getting a positive pay-off or reward from something you worked hard for.

Think of the things you’ve devoted yourself to lately. Maybe you have a big project and you spent sleepless nights trying to finish it.

It could mean that you’ve already decided to commit to it fully and that you’re about to reap the benefits of your hard work very soon.

3) When you dream of your crush dying

Death can happen in many ways, and in fact, it’s happening to us every minute. While you’re reading this, one second of your life already “died” and it’s something you can’t take back.

When you dream about your crush dying, it’s usually your subconscious helping you come to terms with endings.

What thing do you hold dearly that’s slowly slipping out of your fingers? What are you scared of losing but you know you will eventually lose?

You’re currently fearing or processing your loss and that shows up in your dreams. Learn to be okay with endings so you won’t be haunted by feelings of loss.

4) When you dream about a crush who recently got in a relationship

The thought of our crush getting in a relationship can be painful. It can make us feel insecure—like we’re not deserving of love.

But sometimes it can also make us feel truly happy for them because we truly care about their happiness.

What did you feel when you dreamt about your crush being with someone else? More importantly, how did it make you feel about yourself?

That holds a clue of how you see yourself—basically, your self-esteem.

Maybe you recently experienced something that made you feel insecure about yourself. It’s a guide for you to handle it more gracefully, the way you’d handle it when you saw your crush in your dream with someone else.

5) When you dream of your crush kissing you

Dreaming about locking lips with your crush is definitely exhilarating.

It could mean that it will eventually happen in the future. Maybe it’s your subconscious catching on some cues that your crush is giving you in real life and it’s being carried over to your dreams. So that possibility is definitely there.

It could also mean that you’re about to embark on a new and exciting journey—something that requires a little more guts on your end. You see, when we kiss our crush, it takes a bit (or a lot) of courage, especially if we’re the one initiating the kiss.

You’re about to do something that could potentially change your life and this time around, you’re prepared to do whatever it takes.

6) When you dream of your crush hurting you

Whether your crush is hurting you physically or emotionally, it doesn’t matter. The fact that in your dreams they’re willing to deliberately inflict pain in you means that you’re going through a rough phase in your life.

Maybe you’re worried about getting fired or your SO leaving you for another woman.

An external force that’s beyond your control is distressing you, and this feeling shows up in your dreams. It’s your subconscious guiding you to be stronger and to fight a good fight.

7) When you dream of hurting your crush

Unlike the one above, you’re the one inflicting pain on your crush.

Do you bite your tongue when you sleep? That is also perhaps a bad sign.

This could literally mean that you’re trying to end your feelings for your crush because you know that clinging on to them would cause you more pain.

In general, though, this could mean that you are bottling up frustration and anger towards the people who are special to you. Maybe you’re angry at your mother but you can’t express it. Try to process those feelings so dreams like this won’t bother you again.

8) When you dream of becoming your crush

No, you won’t switch bodies with your crush in the future.

This simply means that your crush possesses something that you want to have for yourself. What do you like most about your crush? What do they have that you covet?

You admire your crush more than their looks and you wish you’re more like them. In fact, it’s possible you’re just fond of them but you’re not really romantically interested in them. Think about it.

9) When you dream of a crush who has hurt you in the past

You tried to forget this one particular crush because they’ve caused you pain—maybe they dumped you or they were just evil towards you.

Ask yourself why you’re dreaming about them now. Is someone bullying you? Are you intimidated by someone? Is your SO acting mean towards you?

Well then, this dream serves as a reminder to hold your head up high. You can do something about how you handle the situation emotionally so you won’t be hurt like before.

Basically, this dream is reminding you not to forget your lessons from the past.

10) When you dream of your crush and see angel numbers in real life

Angel numbers are numbers in a repeating pattern, such as 1111, 9966, and 1010.

They’re messages from the universe, and each pattern and number has its own meaning. Understanding which ones you’re noticing, when, and where is helpful if you want to understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

The number “2222” means peace and stability, for example. If you keep seeing the number “2222” after dreaming about your crush, chances are that the universe is trying to tell you that a relationship with your crush will be peaceful and stable.

Aside from angel numbers, did you know that your birth date and name also hold significant power in figuring out who your soulmate is?

If you’d like to get a personalized breakdown of their meanings, click here to get your free numerological reading.

11) When you dream of a crush who is now just a friend

How did you feel when you saw them in your dream?

Did you have romantic feelings towards them? It’s possible that they’re slowly developing feelings for you. Feelings change after all.

Pay attention to how they act in real life and if you find yourself attracted to them again, it’s not wrong to make the first move.

If you just saw them as a friend in your dream, then it just means you’re totally over them and that you should nurture your friendship more.

Choose one.

12) When your friend is your crush in your dream

If you have a friend and you’re in love with them in your dream, it doesn’t automatically mean you have hidden feelings for them. Don’t feel awkward around them either because it doesn’t mean that they have feelings for you!

Instead, think of what your friend represents. If you describe your friend using three words, what are they? Maybe they’re passionate, smart, and determined.

Those are the traits that you’re looking for in a partner or yourself. You’re not secretly in love with them, you’re attracted to what they represent.

13) When you dream of your crush falling in love with someone else

It’s heartbreaking to experience this in your dream. But the good thing is, it doesn’t mean that your crush is actually in love with someone else in real life! So you still have a chance.

What it most likely means is that you’re currently feeling unsure about yourself. Dreams of this kind are often a sign of insecurity. You’re not so confident with yourself lately and you’re seeking any kind of validation.

It could be your performance at work, your latest painting, or any endeavor where you want to be admired and adored.

14) When you dream of your crush who died

Dreams about death, someone dying, or of someone who’s already dead usually signifies a “new chapter” in your life.

Whether it is internal or external or both, think of something that you’ve finally accepted. The clues can be found in the other details of your dream.

It could mean that you’re starting to get hopeful with your life when you’ve always been feeling hopeless. New things are coming and you should be excited, even though your dream is definitely depressing.

Your life is about to change for the better. And maybe it would be nice if you light a candle for your crush.

15) When you dream about having a fight with your crush

Dreaming about having a fight with your crush means that on some level, you’re aware that there are some big differences between the two of you.

It could be that you strongly disagree on some of your fundamental values and beliefs, or maybe there’s just one aspect of your personalities that don’t match.

Don’t take this to mean you should give up on your crush, of course. Rather, take it to mean that you should try to see if you can settle those differences somehow.

If nothing comes to mind, think harder. Your unconscious has already understood what your conscious mind hasn’t.

16) When you dream of a celebrity crush

Celebrity crushes are the best because they can never hurt us! We feel like they’re a part of us, even if they’re married or in a relationship.

When you dream of your celebrity crush, it doesn’t mean they’ll knock on your door and you’ll live happily ever after.

It simply means that you’re more inclined to the fun and superficial joys of life, and you should allow yourself to enjoy.

One of these days, you’ll be invited or offered something that seems impractical and unwise. Just take it and make the most of it. You’re put here on earth to have fun.

17) When you dream of your crush and you’re in a relationship

Dreaming about a crush when you’re in a relationship can make you feel guilty. More than that, it can make you wonder if it’s a sign that you’d rather be with your crush than your SO.

If you’re in love with your crush in your dream and you’re not in love with your SO anymore, it could be your subconscious reminding you that you can still find love. You’re not going to be chained in a bad relationship forever.

If you’re in love with your crush in your dream and you’re also in love with your SO, that means that there are some traits that your crush has that you find missing in your SO.

Think about it and decide for yourself if you really have to talk it out with your SO or you just let it pass like a flu.

18) When you dream about having a crush on your boss or teacher

When we dream about someone romantically, we’d start to consider them romantically when we wake up.

Our normal-looking boss becomes sexier when we just dreamt of them…and then we’d start to wonder if we have repressed feelings for them. We cringe.

Well, you should rest assured that although it might seem like you’re starting to fall for them, it’s not really what’s happening here.

The more likely interpretation is that you wish to be more like them, especially if they’re someone you look up to.

It could also mean that you have some repressed emotions somewhere else in your life that you need to unleash. Maybe you’re hiding who you truly are because you’re afraid someone would punish you, for example.

This “sinful” and “immoral” feeling is from somewhere else in your life, trust me. Time to introspect.

19) When you dream that you’re near a body of water with your crush

Water is a powerful dream symbol. Dreaming about bodies of water often represents one’s emotional state.

If you’re in a big ocean with big waves, for example, it could mean you’re in an emotional turmoil. If you’re in a peaceful little pond, then you’re in a more peaceful state.

It could also mean that you will face big challenges that you must cross.

Since you dreamt about your crush and you’re near a body of water, it could mean that you’ll actually be together soon if you’ve learned to handle some challenges—including your own cowardice to express your feelings.

It could also be totally unrelated to your crush. Your crush could be the symbol of something you long for. Is there something that you want but it comes with a lot of emotional challenges to you? It’s time to figure out which direction you want to go.

20) When you dream about your crush and a snake

Dreaming about a snake isn’t something that you should dismiss and ignore.

The snake could be a sign that your crush is toxic for you even though they’re showing no sign of it on the surface. Sometimes, the universe tries to find a way to protect us by sending us messages through our dreams.

But don’t let it bring you down. Other cultures believe snakes in dreams could be a sign of rebirth and upward change. It might have nothing to do with your crush at all.

So what now? You will find the answer when you pay more attention in real life.

Just pay close attention to your crush and the things around you that could improve your lives together or individually. As long as you’re alert, you’ll be fine.

21) When you dream about killing your crush

Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’ll turn into a murderer.

Dreaming about killing someone means you’re “killing” a part of you that you feel unnecessary for your growth.

What is it about you that’s connected to your crush in one way or another that you want to stop? Maybe you’re drinking until the wee hours of the morning and you want to put a stop to this habit already.

It’s also possible that it’s your crush that you want to quit because you know they’re up to no good. One of these days, you’ll be ending something to make your life better, and your dream is making you ready for it.

22) When you dream about losing a tooth when you’re with your crush

Unless your dental hygiene has been absolutely atrocious, you’re probably not actually going to lose teeth.

Rather, dreaming about losing teeth is symbolic, hearkening to personal growth despite or because of pain or suffering. Losing your baby teeth was by no means painless, but it was necessary for you to have your adult teeth.

It could be that you had been in denial over your crush rejecting you, and now you’re beginning to wake up from that denial and learning from it. It could be that you’ll both grow together.

The point is, change is about to happen—good or bad.

23) When you dream that someone has a crush on you

When someone falls in love with you in your dream, it could mean that they like you in real life and your subconscious was able to detect those signs.

It’s also possible that it’s just all about you.

You want to be admired and adored by this person that has a crush on you. It could be that you want your teacher to like your essay or your cousin’s friend to think you’re cool because you think they’re cool.

It’s harmless and the thing you should ask yourself is “why do I want to be admired by this person?”

It could hold the key to what kind of person you truly want to be.

24) When you dream about having sex with your crush

Dreaming of sex simply means a desire to connect. You have this desire to get closer with them, and it is manifested in your dreams in a sexual way.

While it does mean that you want to be with your crush physically, it pertains more to the non-physical aspects like the intellect and emotions.

It’s up to you to work on these longings. It might be a good idea to reach out and say hi. Who knows, they might have been waiting for you to make the first move.

25) When you dream about having a crush on a stranger

If you’re falling in love with a stranger in your dream, and the feeling is so strong and real, it could be a sign that you’re about to meet your twin flame.

Be alert and be open to possibilities. Your soulmate or twin flame might just be around the corner.

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26) When you dream about your crush saving you

Maybe you’re about to get hit by a car but then your crush rescued you in your dream. Or you’re about to get fired but then your crush fixed everything for you.

Dreaming about someone rescuing you—especially if that someone is your crush—indicates that you’re currently feeling lost in life.

You feel that you’re losing control of what’s happening in front of you and you wish things will fall fast, and someone will just pull you out of your misery.

Don’t obsess over your crush as a form of distraction. Instead, this should be a message to you that you must try to face your problems and get more proactive with your life.

27) When you dream about your crush ignoring you

Your crush ignoring you in your dreams might seem like a warning that you don’t stand a chance with them. But bear in mind that it’s just a dream, and it’s more of a reflection of how you see yourself rather than how they actually feel towards you.

Think of how you actually view yourself and if you have self-esteem issues.

The dream is probably a reminder for you to deal with how you view yourself. Ask yourself what makes you feel unworthy and try to look for ways you can embrace who you are.

Again, this isn’t just about your crush. It could be in other areas of your life where you feel you’re not good enough. Maybe you’re ignored by your mother and you take offense. Maybe your colleagues didn’t invite you for lunch and it made you feel awful.

You have to learn how to manage your feelings during these situations so you won’t take them seriously to the point that they enter your dreams.

28) When you dream about your crush and he gets closer to you in real life

It can be pure coincidence. Or the dream itself could be the reason why they got closer to you.

Hear me out. You might have thought of them fondly after you dreamt of them and it showed in how you interact with them (in your aura), making them get closer to you. You probably looked more approachable to your crush.

It could also be that they’re starting to like you and get closer to you that’s why you dreamt of them.

Chicken and egg.

Either way, you’re one lucky chap. Enjoy the moments of bliss and who knows…maybe it could lead to something more.

29) When you dream about your crush’s so

It can be terrifying to dream of the girlfriend or boyfriend of your crush. What if it’s a sign that they’re suspecting you have hidden (and not so hidden) feelings for your crush?

Don’t worry about it. It’s probably just your guilt showing up in your dreams.

If you feel really tense when you wake up, well then, it’s just a reminder that you shouldn’t make any moves. After all, it’s still a crush and there are 7b people on the planet.

However, don’t beat yourself up. It’s totally normal to have a crush! As long as you’re not stealing them from their SOs, you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, just the fact that you dreamt about them means you’re actually a good person.

30) When you dream about eloping with your crush

Dreaming about eloping means you want to take control of your own life despite other people’s opinions.

Did you feel good when you were eloping with your crush in your dream? Did it make you feel like you have control over your life again—that you’re doing something just for you?

You’re about to prove yourself just how easy it can be to achieve this, just the same as you eloped with your crush without much fear of the consequences.

31) When you dream about your crush falling in love with your best friend

Dreams about your crush falling in love with your best friend have more to do with your best friend than your crush.

In these dreams, your crush becomes a symbol of everything you’ve always wanted, and them falling in love with your best friend means that you’re terrified that the things that should be yours will instead go to your best friend.

That is to say, you have strong insecurities towards your best friend. It could be that you’ve always thought of them as more popular, or charismatic, or attractive. You’re afraid of being overshadowed and left behind.

32) When you dream about your crush becoming your father

Dreams can get really weird. And one way they can get weird is when you start dreaming of your crush turning into your father.

You might be dreaming about being on a date with your crush, for example, only to look at them and realize that they’re wearing your father’s face. Very uncanny, disturbing, and you’ll probably wake up a bit confused and disgusted.

But wait! Not so fast. This doesn’t mean that you’re in love with your dad. Rather, it could mean that either your crush reminds you of your father one way or another.

If your relationship with your father is bad, it might be a warning sign from your unconscious telling you that a relationship with your crush will end badly. If your relationship with your father is good, it means that a relationship with your crush will go well.

Your crush reminds you of your home and your childhood. Think about it and assess why you feel this way.

33) When you dream of your crush more frequently

Dreaming of your crush once in a while probably means nothing, but if you dream of them often—we’re talking about once a month or more—it’s possible that your crush is trying to connect with you on a spiritual plane.

If you notice weird stuff going on in your life like seeing Angel Numbers or any synchronicity, then it might be a sign that you’re meant to be and that you’re bound to be united as one.

If your feelings for your crush when you dream about them are consistent or it’s growing stronger, then it’s probably a message for you to pursue them in real life.

Dreaming about someone so often doesn’t happen to everyone, and doesn’t happen all the time. They must be something special, and you should find out.

Last words

Dreams can be very random so it’s better not to obsess over their meaning.

But if you have dreams that have been repeating, then there’s definitely meaning lurking behind it.

You might be wondering what it is that you should be doing now.

The answer is simple enough: use your dreams as a guide for your waking life. Dreams are a compass, and not a GPS.

They point you in a general direction, but you will still need to make your own decisions.

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