What does it mean when you dream about your crush? (17 surprising meanings)

Let’s be honest:

Having a crush brings as much mystery as it does exhilaration.

There’s a certain thrill to not knowing whether they like you back — but that’s also where the worry can set in.

After all:

While they might smile back at you or laugh at your jokes, you can never really be sure whether they like you back or not.

But fear not, there is a silver lining.

If you’re looking for signs for your attraction to be reciprocated, then dreams might offer valuable insight to your situation.

Because the truth is this:

Dreaming about your crush could hold many potential meanings.

They could be just the signs you were looking for when wondering about your crush.

To help you fully understand what the dream about your crush meant, here are 12 possible meanings behind it.

1. First Off, You Want to be With Them

This is the most obvious possible meaning.

You’ve spent a good amount of the day thinking about them, and all the romantic things that you would do together if or when you finally become a couple.

It makes sense that that would seep into your dream world.

After all:

Dreaming about your crush here might be the way your psyche is trying to fulfill its real world desires.

You see in your dream that your crush is confessing to you that they like you back, and then you start holding hands, maybe even kiss at one point.

That’s definitely your subconscious just wanting its wish fulfilled.

2. There’s New Opportunities Ahead

This is the typical meaning ascribed to when you dream about one of your old crushes.

We’ve all been there.

Those crushes that you had when you were a kid and you didn’t even know what a crush even was.

Or that first person that you met in university, the one that treated you nicely, and made you fumble on your words whenever you were together.

The real kicker?

Dreaming about those old crushes can feel bittersweet because it makes you wonder what could’ve been.

But sometimes it’s important to look on the bright side.

After all:

Dreams of your old crushes might be a reminder that you’re capable of love, and there’s someone out there waiting to love you back.

3. You’re Falling Deeper in Love

Maybe your dream involved things beyond a mere kiss.

You might’ve gotten more intimate with them, even sleeping together in your dream.

The question is:

What does intiamcy really mean in a dream?

Well, the truth is, it probably means you’re falling deeper in love with your crush.

Couples become intimate as a way of expressing their true love with one another.

It’s when just the words, “I love you” isn’t enough to show how they feel. You might be feeling this way too.

Maybe even in your waking hours, you think about your crush in more intimate ways.

It means that you’re just about ready to do anything for them.

You may deny it, but your heart and mind will tell you otherwise.

4. You’re a Perfect Pair

This is the next step up from dreaming about your crush.

When you dream that you two are together and happy, it means that you think they’re your perfect match.

Sometimes, these dreams can even involve an old crush that you had long ago.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of them because subconsciously, your brain knows that you two make a great pair.

5. You Want to Meet Them in Real Life

If you’re dreaming about your crush and it feels real, particularly if you feel that you two were holding hands or even kissed, then you might want to meet them in real life.

This is especially if you can remember distinct details about them.

For instance:

You might’ve dreamt that they’re wearing a certain shirt, and you can remember every detail of it.

If so, then it seems as if your brain is trying to be your wingman in real life. It wants you to set up a meeting with them in real life.

6. You have a Positive Self-Image

Did your dream include you and your crush going on a date?

Were you holding hands, taking fun selfies, and being close with each other in your dream?

While that may be your subconscious trying to fulfill its real world desire, it could also be telling you something about yourself: you’re confident.

Maybe others might have dreams of their worst fears coming true: their crush rejects them, forgets their name, or ignores them for the day.

But not you.

You’re so confident in yourself that in your dreams you’re already going steady.

7. You’re Anxious about Your Relationship

You might have had a dream where your crush went on a date with someone else.

You might’ve caught them walking past you, overhearing their chats and giggles.

It’s a crushing sight, but thankfully it’s only in a dream. But the implications could be very real.

Seeing your crush with someone else in a dream could mean that you aren’t feeling very secure with your relationship with your crush.

You still have doubts in your mind, whether or not the two of you might even work out if it became real.

It’s your subconscious asking you to reevaluate what you see in your crush and what you actually want – a good time, or a long relationship.

8. Your Feelings aren’t as Strong as they Were

If your crush dies in your dream, it might be a sign that your feelings for them are slowly fading.

It might actually be more like a nightmare than a dream.

This usually happens when you’ve had a crush on someone for so long but nothing’s really come of it. No one made a move, so the feelings stagnated.

It could also be because maybe you saw a side of your crush that you didn’t like.

They were reckless, angry, or did something you found offensive.

9. You Might be Crushing on the Wrong Person

All is going well in your dream until, suddenly, they reject your advances.

You ask them to be exclusive but they tell you point blank they aren’t interested.

It breaks your dream heart – so much so it might even feel real.

You thought dreams were supposed to be fun; why must this pain happen?

This could be your subconscious preemptively preparing you for what it thinks might happen: you and your crush aren’t going to work out.

Maybe you and your crush have totally opposite personalities, or that you’re so blinded by their looks so don’t see the red flags.

Your subconscious is telling you to start finding someone else, lest you feel the pain of a real rejection.

10. You Have a Chance with Them

If your dream features your crush telling you that they like you back, that might be your confident subconscious telling you that you’ve got a real world shot with your crush.

You might’ve had your doubts before, but now you’re sure that there’s a possibility for the two of you getting together.

You still need to take into account real world circumstances.

If they’re only in the country for a visit and they’re flying back out in a few weeks, you might have a chance, but it might not become a long term relationship.

11. There are Unrecognized Parts of Your Personality

Ever dream of having a crush on someone you only slightly recognize?

Maybe you’ve seen them around the office or because you run in similar social circles.

You never noticed them, until you fell madly in love with them in your dream.

What’s going on?

That might mean that there are parts of yourself that you haven’t even discovered yet.

It’s as if you’re still a stranger to yourself.

You might not have known how confident you are when approaching someone, or how naturally flirting comes to you.

12. You’re Looking for Certain Qualities in a Person

We all have dreams of standing in the crowd in front of a celebrity, and suddenly locking eyes with them. Suddenly, in that moment, you fall in love and rise to stardom yourself.

While it’s a long shot, being with them would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Well, you might just have to settle for the dream world for that one.

While they may be someone that you have no real possibility of being with, dreaming about them could be your brain highlighting the things that you admire in someone.

Maybe you like the way they carry themselves, or their laughter, their gentleness with kids. It’s your mind simply reminding you of what you look for in someone.

13. You Admire Your Own Qualities

Maybe you were dreaming of a female version of your guy crush, or male version of your girl crush.

In any case, when you dream of having a crush on someone that isn’t usually the gender you’re attracted to, it’s usually a way for your subconscious to tell you there are things about yourself you admire.

Maybe that dream crush was someone who had a witty sense of humor, intelligent, kind, and had a really good relationship with their friends.

If that reminds you of yourself, that’s your brain telling you that you’ve got more good qualities that you might’ve realized.

14. They Might be Dreaming of You Too

It’s a common spiritual belief that when you’re dreaming of someone, it means that they’re dreaming of you too.

Your spiritual energies might be vibrating at the same frequencies.

Since your mind is more receptive to these incoming signals while you sleep, it can receive those frequencies, allowing your crush to appear in your dreams and you in theirs.

This might be the encouraging sign that you were waiting for.

If you’ve wanted to know whether they think of you in the same romantic way that you think of them, this is your brain telling you that they are.

Don’t get your hopes up, though.

Dreaming that your crush likes you or that you and your crush are together doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do something about it.

They are signs and symbols in your mind. Nothing is going to happen between you and your crush until you make a move on them in the real world.

Ask them out for lunch or to visit a local museum together.

Talk to them and learn more about who they are and what they like. That’s how you make your dreams come true.

15. You’re Thinking About Them More Than Normal

Dreams are often times reflections of some sort of conflict in our daily lives. If you’re thinking about your crush more than usual, then there could be more to it.

In this case, what you’re dreaming about them may matter to you.

Maybe it’s something that you don’t necessarily want to talk to them about in real life.

But during your dream, they become a different person, and you can have that conversation with them.

It’s like the dream is your way of talking about something with your crush, but it happens in the dream.

16. It’s a Premonition

Sometimes dreams aren’t just a reflection of our daily lives.

They can be messages from the subconscious to us.

And when we look at them as premonitions, it might mean that something is about to happen in real life.

This especially applies to those old crushes you had.

You could be subconsciously sending them a message (or maybe they’re sending one to you) that says, “I’m still thinking about you. I haven’t forgotten about us. So, meet me for a drink in our favorite bar and let’s catch up. I want to be with you again.”

17. You’re Ready for a Relationship

You could be dreaming about your crush, particularly if you’ve been crushing on them for a while.

If so, it may be a sign that you’re ready for a relationship. Your dreams might be trying to remind yourself of how much you like them, and that this might be the time to take the next step.

It might be your brain’s way of telling you that you’re ready to date again.

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Lachlan Brown

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