What it means spiritually when you can’t get someone off your mind (complete guide)

We’ve all been there: there’s a person who gets under your skin and no matter what you do, you can’t get them off your mind.

Whether it be a co-worker, classmate, or friend, it’s honestly frustrating when someone is constantly on your mind, and you aren’t sure why.

The good news?

There are a few spiritual meanings to this confusing phenomenon!

So, next time someone keeps popping up in your thoughts, think of this article and you’ll figure out why:

1) You love this person

First and foremost, you may just love this person.

This doesn’t mean you need to get a ring and marry this person, although if you feel you’re ready for that, absolutely go for it!

It simply means that you have found someone who completes you in every way and you feel an intense love for them.

This person could be a romantic partner, or it could be someone you have a platonic love for.

The person could also be a family member or friend who fills you with intense love.

You see, love can be confusing, and when you fall for someone, you can sometimes obsess over them a bit.

This is normal, and it’s a sign that you are in love.

Now: it’s obviously not always healthy to think of the person you love 24/7, but sometimes, especially when you are going through an intense period with them, that can happen.

It’s important to be aware that this is normal when you love with someone.

If you find yourself obsessing over someone, however, try to calm down a bit and focus on yourself.

Take a break from the person you’re obsessed with, and do some self-care instead.

By taking a break I don’t mean you need to tell them that you need a break, simply take some space for yourself for a few hours to do something just for you!

This can really help!

But sometimes, thinking about this person simply can’t be avoided, especially when you are only just catching feelings for them, which actually leads me to my next point:

2) You are catching feelings for them

When we are around someone we like, we will sometimes feel a strong attraction toward them.

It can be confusing, and sometimes, it’s even hard to understand what we are feeling.

This is what’s often referred to as “catching feelings” for someone.

When you are around this person, you may feel that you can’t stop thinking about them.

You may also feel a bit obsessed with them, and this is a sign that you have caught feelings for them.

You see, this is not just a spiritual meaning of thinking of someone all the time – it’s just natural!

When you start to fall in love with a person and you are in the depths of the honeymoon phase, everything will be amazing and you will feel like you can’t get them out of your mind.

This is normal, and it’s actually a sign that you are in love with this person.

It’s also important to be aware that catching feelings is not a bad thing, even though it can sometimes feel like it.

Feeling this way simply means that you have found someone who completes you in every way, and who makes your heart sing!

This is a really fun stage of any relationship, so don’t worry too much about it and instead enjoy the feeling!

When you have feelings for someone and they are on your mind 24/7, that can be a really nice thing to think about!

Of course, this person could also be someone really special to you, like your twin flame!

3) They are your twin flame

A twin flame is a person who is meant to be with you for life.

When you meet this person, you will know immediately that they are someone who is incredibly important to you.

Instantly, you will feel as though you’ve known them for ages when in reality, you just met.

You may even feel a bit disoriented when you are around them because of their powerful energy.

While twin flames can come in many forms — a friend, a co-worker, a spouse or a lover — they always have a strong connection to you.

They are drawn to you because of your own energy, and they will not leave your side.

If you keep thinking about someone, there is a chance that you are experiencing this intense connection with them.

You may not be ready to pursue a relationship with them, but they will not leave your life forever.

They are there to support you and bring you peace in any way they can.

You see, twin flames are powerful. They can be extremely triggering, but that can be a good thing.

If you can learn to work with this person and their energy, you will be able to heal yourself from the inside out.

You will be able to let go of all of your old pain and move forward in your life with new confidence.

Now: the concept of twin flames can be confusing, especially for people who aren’t convinced of this theory.

One thing is for certain, no matter what you call it, there is some sort of deep connection between you and the person on your mind:

4) There is a deep connection between you

If you find yourself thinking about someone a lot, they could be your soulmate.

This person may be your twin flame, or they may simply be someone who you feel a strong and deep connection with.

You may not feel romantic love for them, but you will feel a very deep connection with them.

Wherever you go, their name will pop up in your thoughts.

You may find that you are having dreams about this person and are trying to figure out exactly why you are so connected to them.

You may not understand why they are there, but they will remain in your thoughts until you figure out their purpose.

The thing is, there will be many people throughout our life who we will have a deep connection with.

Sometimes, this connection might be romantic, other times, it may be a deep friendship.

Whatever the case may be, you need to be able to figure out your connection with this person and what it means for your life.

A lot of the time, these relationships will come later in life because we need these people in our lives to help us heal and grow as human beings.

They will help us learn new things about ourselves and how to better love others and ourselves.

These people will push us outside of our comfort zones so that we can grow into new versions of ourselves.

That’s why it’s so important to be open to this deep connection and not close yourself off completely from it!

And speaking of learning things about ourselves…

5) They need to teach you something

When you keep thinking about a person, it could be because they need to teach you something.

It may be a skill, or it could be a lesson that you need in order to grow spiritually.

Whatever it is, you will keep thinking about them until you understand what they are trying to show you.

You may also keep thinking about someone because you need them to understand something about themselves.

This could be a skill, a lesson or a fact.

You may not know why this person needs to teach you something or why they need you to understand them, but you will know when the time comes.

When this happens, you will know that the connection between you and this person is real.

The thing is, we learn a lot from other people – some lessons are easier to digest than others.

When you keep thinking about someone, the universe wants them in your life for some reason – it’s up to you to figure out what that reason might be.

However, you don’t need to feel stressed or like you have to figure out what lesson you will learn right away because frankly, it sometimes just takes a long time to realize that you learned an important lesson from someone.

It’s always easier to see these things in retrospect.

So, don’t get discouraged if you can’t figure out why you keep thinking about someone right away.

Give it some time and you may see that they are the ones who needed to teach you something.

If so, thank them for the lesson and then move on with your life knowing that you have learned something important!

Now, speaking of learning something important, there is one person who will teach you more than anyone else:

6) They are your soulmate

If you keep thinking about someone, they could be your soulmate.

A soulmate is someone who comes into your life to teach you something and to help you grow spiritually.

There is a strong connection between you and your soulmate, and you may feel a sense of déjà vu when you are around them.

Many people feel that their soulmate is a romantic partner. While this is true, it is important to note that you can have more than one soulmate in your life.

You may have one soulmate who is your romantic partner and another who is your friend.

You can also have soulmates who are people you have yet to meet in real life.

All you need to know is that when you meet your soulmate, you will know.

You will feel a connection to them that is unlike anything you have ever felt before.

And the best part?

Soulmates are people who you can rely on 100%. No matter what happens, they will be there for you.

They are the people you can tell anything and everything to and you know that they will not judge you for it.

When you have found your soulmate, your life is better in every way possible.

Not only that, but they will be like your best friend, sharing your sense of humor and making you laugh.

They will be there to support you and help you through everything.

And who knows?

Maybe your soulmate is the person who has been on your mind this whole time!

Now: sometimes, it’s less of an emotional connection that we feel with a person and more something that has changed our life in a profound way:

7) They have challenged your views in some way

When you keep thinking about someone, they could have challenged your world view in some way.

This could be because they have a different outlook on life than you, they have a different religion than you or they have a different view on a social issue.

You may keep thinking about this person because they challenge you to keep an open mind.

You may also be wondering how you can help them because they challenge you to find a solution to an issue in life.

Whatever the case may be, they keep popping up in your thoughts because they have challenged you in some way.

The thing is, when people challenge our perspective in a way, that intrigues us.

Sure, it’s nice to meet people we agree with, but it’s usually the people who have opposing world views who can open up our minds the most!

Think about it: when you talk to someone with a different point of view, you learn to see things from a different perspective and you also will maybe feel more confident in your own stance on the issue.

It’s a good thing to have your opinions challenged because that means you are able to see other viewpoints and make sure you are making educated decisions.

I know this is true for me: I’ve met people who have had different viewpoints on things than me and I think, “wow, it’s so nice to meet someone who has a different opinion,” but then I get to talking with them and it makes me think about my own opinions in a new way.

When you challenge your own views, that means you are open to learning new things and growing as a person.

This could be the reason they are on your mind so much – they have challenged your views and that makes you ponder them and the situation.

But sometimes, you might not have a positive relationship with this person, which brings us to the next point:

8) You carry anger or resentment against this person

Sometimes we get angry with people we are close to, even if we don’t mean to.

This could be a friend, a family member or someone at work.

If you keep thinking about them, there is a chance that you are carrying anger or resentment towards them.

This may be because they have said something that hurt you, or you may simply be holding a grudge because you can’t get over something they did.

Keep in mind that you are the only person who can let go of this anger. It is not their job to fix the situation, and it is up to you to let go of your negative emotions.

Think of this person when you are alone and try to release the negative emotions you are holding onto.

I know, it can be incredibly difficult to forgive someone, especially when you feel like they aren’t even sorry for what they did.

However, one thing that has changed my life for the better was realizing that forgiveness is 100% for me, and not for the other person.

Let me explain:

When you hold onto resentment and anger, you are the one who is suffering. Think about it: you are here because they are on your mind all the time, so this is negatively influencing your life.

Does that punish the other person in any way? No!

This is why forgiveness is so important for you personally, it has nothing to do with the other person.

And the best part is, you can forgive them completely, and still decide to cut them out of your life or have stronger boundaries!

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone what happened!

Now, onto something more positive:

9) They have inspired you

There may be someone in your life who has inspired you to be a better person.

This could be a friend, a family member or someone at work. They may have overcome a huge challenge, they may have defeated their fears or they may have found their passion in life.

Whatever it is that inspires you about this person, they keep popping up in your thoughts because of it.

All you have to do is look a bit deeper, and you will find the inspiration you have been searching for.

This person may not be someone you see every day, but they have been inspiring you from afar.

The thing is, we often look for inspiring people around us, it’s just something we like to do as humans I think.

This is a good thing – inspiration fuels action!

But no matter what the reason is for you thinking about them all the time, this last point holds true:

10) They are meant to be in your life for a reason

When you keep thinking about someone, it’s because they are meant to be in your life for a reason.

They may not be someone you want to spend time with or interact with on a regular basis, but you will always remember their presence in your life.

There is something about them that makes you feel good, and this is all you need to know.

And the best part is, they will never leave your life completely if they are meant to be there!

Final thoughts

So, who do you know who keeps popping into your mind? Do they inspire you? Do they make you happy?

Are they keeping you from being too negative or keeping old patterns at bay?

No matter who it is that is stuck in your mind on a daily basis, there is a good reason for it.

If it bothers you that they are on your mind, you can try to figure out why they are and then work against it.

However, usually, these thoughts will subside eventually!

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