17 spiritual meanings when you can’t sleep

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You’re tired, but your tired mind can’t switch off.

You toss and turn, and try to convince yourself that you’re going to get some sleep.

It seems like hours since you last tried sleeping and it feels like time is standing still.

You’re bored of being awake. If this sounds familiar, then keep reading about the spiritual meaning behind why you can’t sleep and what to do about it.

1) It’s time to reflect on your life

If you’ve been experiencing insomnia for a long time, it’s possible that it’s time for you to reflect on your life and the choices you’ve made.

While it can be uncomfortable to think about your past mistakes, it’s important to do so because it will allow you to move forward and be a better person.

If you find that you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about your past and how it has impacted your life, it’s likely that you want to apologize for some of your actions.

If you’re beating yourself up about something you’ve done, you need to forgive yourself for it.

When you are able to forgive yourself for your past mistakes, it will be easier for you to move on from them and be a better person.

2) You feel guilty about something you’ve done

If you find that you can’t sleep because you feel guilty about something you’ve done, it might be time to apologize to the person you wronged.

Feeling guilty about your actions is a normal response to poor decision-making, but you won’t be able to move past it until you’ve reconciled with the person you hurt.

You may also want to apologize to the people in your life who were negatively impacted by the thing you did. When you apologize to those you’ve hurt, you will be able to move past your guilt and start feeling better about yourself.

When you are able to forgive yourself, it will be easier for you to move on from your past mistakes and be a better person.

3) You’ve been around too much negativity

Whether it’s a coworker, a toxic friend, or a family member, there’s always that one person who seems to have a black cloud hovering over their head, and their bad vibes are starting to rub off on you.

The advice? Oh, try not to let it get you down, and be a better person blah blah blah…

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4) You are worried about something in your future

With the way things are going in the world, it’s quite normal to feel worried about what’s in store.

If you find that you can’t sleep because you are worried about something in your future, you should try to manage your anxiety.

When you find yourself thinking about your future, it’s important to consider how realistic your worries are. Worrying about things that are unlikely to ever happen is a waste of energy, and it will prevent you from enjoying the present moment. If you are worried about something in your future, try your best to let it go.

You can’t control what happens in the future, so worrying about it won’t do you any good. When you learn to stop worrying about things you have no control over, you will be able to sleep again and enjoy your life in the present moment.

5) There is a change coming and you’re excited

Remember being 7 years old on Christmas eve?

It’s the same thing but only if you’re an adult and it’s not Christmas.

If you’ve been struggling with insomnia for a long time and are suddenly able to sleep again, it’s possible that there is a change coming in your life that you are excited about.

Whether you’re waiting for a new job or exam results, an acceptance letter to arrive, or a loved one to come home, a change in your life will likely cause you to think about it a lot.

If you’re thinking about a change in your life and are excited about it, it will be easier to wait for it because you know it’s coming. When you’re prepared for the change and know it’s coming, you will be able to sleep again.

 6) Someone you love is suffering, and it’s your fault

If you find that you can’t sleep because you feel responsible for someone else’s suffering, it’s important to apologize.

When you are in a close relationship with another person, it is inevitable that you will hurt them and they will hurt you. Relationships are messy, and no one is perfect.

However, when you hurt someone and cause them suffering, you need to apologize for your actions. When you apologize for your mistakes, you will lift a weight off your shoulders and be able to sleep again.

It will be easier for you to forgive yourself when you know you’ve acknowledged the pain you’ve caused another person.

7) There is an imbalance in your life – an area that needs work

If you find that you can’t sleep because there is an imbalance in your life, it might be time to rearrange your schedule or reevaluate the things you do each day.

When you feel like something is off and can’t put your finger on it, try to go back through each day and think about how much time you spent on each activity.

Are your activities disconnected? Did you spend too much time on one activity and not enough time working on another?

If part of your life is off-balance, try to un-do it. When you recognize the things that are out of balance in your life, it will be easier for you to sleep again.

8) Your goal is unattainable

If you’re struggling to fall asleep because your goals are unattainable, it might be time for a change. If you’re not sure what your goal is or how to achieve it, don’t think too much about your goal.

It could be something as small as losing weight or as big as getting a promotion.

If you find that thinking about your goal keeps you awake at night, try thinking about how to go about achieving it. When you know how to go about achieving your goals, it will be easier for you to sleep again because you’ll feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

9) You feel anger about something that has already happened

It’s like a movie scene looping over and over again in your mind. It’s so fresh that you feel the rage well up within you.

If you find that you can’t sleep because you are angry about something that happened, it might be time to forgive yourself.

Feelings of anger are normal after a mistake or bad event in your life, but they can prevent you from moving on. You should try to forgive yourself and realize that no matter what the reason for your anger is, it doesn’t mean that what you did was right.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember that you are a good person. When you forgive yourself, it will help you move past your mistakes and sleep again.

10) You’re about to undergo a spiritual awakening

You feel different. You can’t explain why or how, it’s just there.

Do you feel like your whole life is changing? Are you feeling more connected with the universe? Are you becoming more aware of your surroundings?

This is common when you’re undergoing a journey of spiritual awakening because your mind is becoming more aware and open to different realms and dimensions.

A spiritual awakening is different for everyone, but if it’s happening to you, it will be difficult to sleep. When you know that you are about to undergo a spiritual awakening, try your best to let it happen.

You can’t control when you have an awakening, so worrying about it won’t do any good. When you are able to embrace the changes in your life and go with the flow, they will be easier to handle and will make sense in time.

11) You are repressing a memory that is too painful to think about

If you find that you can’t sleep because you’re repressing a memory that is too painful to think about, it’s time to bring it to the surface and let it go.

If you’re not sure what your repressed memory is, try thinking about your life and the things that have affected you most deeply.

What traumatic event first comes to mind? What was the worst thing that happened to you growing up? You can’t let go of memory if you don’t acknowledge it fully. If you deny the existence of a traumatic event, you will find it nearly impossible to move past it. When you acknowledge the source of your anxiety and let it go, you will be able to sleep again.

12) You’re grieving the loss of a loved one

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, then your mind will feel restless at night because it knows that something has changed.

Your conscious mind will try its best to grieve and come to terms with this loss, but the subconscious is aware that an energetic presence is missing from your life.

It’s going to be restless until it finds this presence and feels support from it. It might make you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep, but in reality, your mind is trying to heal and bring back together what has been broken apart.

13) You’re experiencing inner struggles

If you’ve recently been through a traumatic incident in your life (such as divorce, abortion, or major illness) or are going through a challenging period in your life (such as financial problems, redundancy or health issues) then it’s likely that you’re going to have these thoughts at night when your mind is restless.

Your subconscious will be aware of this and will make it so you can’t sleep. If any of this is happening to you, then talk to a therapist or look into different methods of therapy until these things have been dealt with.

Your Subconscious Mind The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that contains all the things that you’ve learned throughout your lifetime.

It operates independently from the conscious mind and makes decisions for you without your knowledge. It’s imperative that you understand how the subconscious mind works because it will affect your ability to sleep.

14) You’re stuck in a rut

Remember that movie Groundhog Day? Well, it feels like you’re the main character.

If you’re stuck in a rut, that means you’re repeating the same behavior over and over again. This can happen to you when you are settling into a routine or doing the same thing day after day.

You might feel like something is missing when you haven’t done what you usually do each day, but try not to worry about it too much because it might cause your mind to become restless.

When your mind is restless, this can be an indication that there’s something missing in your life and you need to change things up. It’s different for everyone, but whether you change your routine or your job, try to find something new in your life. When you do something new, it will be easier for you to sleep again.

15) You are about to meet your twin flame

I bet you didn’t even realize it, but it’s a very plausible spiritual meaning of why you’re not able to sleep.

If you’re about to meet your twin flame, that means that there’s a vibration in the universe that is vibrating closer to them.

Your unconscious will try to detect this and thus increase your desire to transition into a different state of being.

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16) Something is really bothering you

You might find that your inability to sleep is related to something that’s really bothering you, such as home issues or a personal problem.

Maybe you want to move on from certain people in your life, but can’t because of the pain they’ve caused you in the past.

If this is happening to you, then you will find it difficult to sleep. Your mind will try its best to process this problem so that you can let it go.

The anxiety and stress might be too much for you to handle, but try your best not to fret about this situation at night when it’s time for bed.

Focus on anything else that’s positive and healthy instead of the negative things in your life. Think about nature and how beautiful our planet is instead of the issues that are bothering you.

17) You’re in the middle of a major life transition

If you’re in the middle of a major life transition, that means that you’ve experienced something significant in your life to where you don’t know who you are anymore.

This can happen when someone has had a sudden awakening and is trying to sort out their life.

Your mind will be restless as it tries to figure out what’s going on because it will be unsure of how this change will affect your life. It’s going to be difficult for you to sleep if you are going through this because your mind will be busy processing all of these things.

Try to focus on the positive parts of your life rather than the negative and know that this transition is a positive one.

8 ways to help you sleep better when facing spiritual worries

So now you know the spiritual reasons why you’re struggling to get some zzzs, let’s look at different methods you can use to help your body and mind prepare for rest.

1) Meditation

Meditation can help you learn to control your mind. If it’s difficult to try and think of nothing, then that’s fine.

Just try and give it a shot. It might be difficult at first, but the more you do it the easier it will get.

There are a lot of positive benefits to meditation because it helps calm your thoughts and allows you to see things clearly.

2) Positive affirmations

Sometimes we can run around in our minds all day like a chicken with its head cut off and lose sight of what’s real.

In order to make sure that you’re not feeling negative, try giving yourself positive affirmations in the mirror or close your eyes and say things to yourself which are on the positive side of the scale.

You don’t have to be religious about it; it just helps put you back into a better state of mind every once in a while.

3) Reframe your thoughts to make them more positive

If you find that your mind is always negative, then try to reframe these negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts.

The first thought that you have in the morning can be a way to start the day, so write it down and read it at least twice a day or even just think about it.

You can also use affirmations as well in order to silence your negative thoughts by creating new ones which are on the positive side of the scale.

4) Exercise

Exercise is not just a physical thing, it is an emotional release as well.

When you exercise, you are exercising both your body and mind, so it’s a win-win situation.

If you’re not getting enough sleep then try your best to go for walks or do some light exercises throughout the day which will help with your sleep habits by releasing the stress in your body which has built up over the day because of being otherwise occupied with other important things in life.

5) Take a hot bath before bed

A hot bath can help you relax and get into a better sleep mood. The heat will warm your body and help ease your tension so that you can fall asleep more easily.

6) Stay away from electronics

If you find that you’re not tired after watching tv or playing with your mobile phone, then it’s likely that you are more stressed than you think.

The more time spent on screens, the more your mind will be unfamiliar with the lack of sleep and maybe anxious about it.

Try your best to stay away from computers at least an hour before bed so that you can relax and allow yourself to fall asleep.

7) Reduce bright light and noise

Bright lights and noise can inhibit your ability to sleep so try turning off the TVs and lowering the brightness of your lights.

Have a comfy place to relax right before you go to bed and make sure that you don’t have any bright lights in your room either.

8) Journaling

Journaling has a lot of good benefits because it allows you to express your thoughts on paper.

Having a clear mind and writing down your thoughts will help you to relax.

Wrapping up

So now you know why you’re struggling to sleep! I hope this article has given you some great insights as to why and also, what you can do to help you sleep better.

You should find that your sleep quality will gradually improve as time goes on after you start using these methods.

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