What does a soulless person look like? 16 signs you’ve met one

Have you ever met someone with no soul?

Most of us have met and known a few. These people never fail to cause uneasiness, so avoiding them is a natural inclination. These people, devoid of the most essential human emotions, could cause a lot of damage to everyone else. That’s a scary thought.

So, what does a soulless person look like? Here are 16 telltale signs that should sound an alarm.

First, what does “soulless” mean?

“Soul” doesn’t mean the same to everyone, so “soulless” won’t either. Let me clarify what type of person I’m talking about.

We’ll stick to Merriam-Webster’s definition of soulless:

“…having no soul or no greatness or warmth of mind or feeling”

A good synonym for soulless is heartless or even cold-blooded. You could say these people “without a soul” are like puppets or robots. They lack the traits that make us all human. Like I said earlier, scary.

16 signs a person has no soul

1) Non-empathetic

Lack of empathy is the biggest thing to look for in someone with no soul.

Empathy is a deep word with a simple meaning. A person with empathy understands that other people have feelings. Empathy means we are connected to others because we get why they feel the way they do.

Have you ever seen a friend go through a terrible breakup and your heart hurts for them?

Do you know what it’s like when someone dies and we feel sad for their family?

These connections help us understand what other people feel.

A soulless person simply does not have this feeling. They’re desensitized to anything external. They don’t get why you feel sad, happy, scared, lonely. They can’t relate to what you’re going through or why you react the way you do.

2) Fake

Soulless people tend to look very fake. If they do show emotion, there is no authenticity to it. These people don’t feel emotions of their own or anyone else’s, so their only option is to pretend.

When some social situation requires “normal” emotion, a soulless person can and will pretend. Some are highly convincing with fake smiles or fake care. But, if you watch closely, you can spot something off about how these emotions come off compared to others.

Just a note, psychopaths and sociopaths are often extremely good at faking emotions. They lack empathy but can be good at deceit. Ted Bundy, a diagnosed psychopath, is the perfect example of a soulless person who deceived many people.

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea if you’ve met a soulless person.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? In this day and age, it’s so important to stay away from fake ones.

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I was actually blown away by how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable they were.

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Not only will a genuine psychic tell you more about this soulless person, but also how best to approach your interactions with them.

4) Scripted conversations

Have you ever talked to someone who said all the right things or did not speak one unexpected word?

Soulless people are really good at this. Normal people converse with feelings. They emote, react, and interact.

Soulless individuals want to fit in with normal people, so they will spend time studying how to converse normally. These people may watch movies, observe how other people talk to each other, and even study books.

The thing is, just like scripted reality TV never hits quite right, neither does a soulless person in conversation. They, too, sound scripted. Emotions can be lacking, verbal cues can be off, and even body language can be unfitting.

5) Uninterested in connection

The human brain is hardwired to crave connection to others. Some research suggests this need is related to our actual desire to survive. Soulless people don’t have this ingrained need.

Soulless people don’t care if they have romance in a relationship. They may play pretend with romantic interest to feed their physical desires for sex. But they will also have no qualms about cutting ties with someone without reason.

Likewise, having no soul means no interest in making friends or even nourishing family relationships. This person won’t care about their siblings, pleasing their parents, or building rapport with others. They simply don’t care.

In the mind of a soulless person, they are the important ones. No one else matters and emotions don’t even register.

Narcissists actually fit these criteria in many of their relationships. They have this sense of entitlement, so their relationships tend to be superficial with no real concern about their partner’s wants.

6) Untrustworthy

Trust is a big deal for people with a soul. People with a soul strive to build connections to other people, and those connections are supported by a foundation of trust.

A person with no soul does not rely on anyone else. They don’t need trust and don’t care if you trust them. They will:

  • Lie without remorse
  • Do the opposite of what you expect
  • Pretend to get what they want

Recognizing a soulless person is not always easy. What people do notice more often is a certain person is a “liar” or “fake”. This person may have an unpredictable personality. You never know what to expect from them in terms of how they act or even what they say.

As a side note, animals seem to sense soulless people. Studies into animal cognition have shown dogs sense when someone is untrustworthy.

7) Aloof

Soulless people have no interest in relationships. They don’t need or want friends, don’t care about a romantic connection, and disregard the importance of family.

For these reasons, a soulless person usually looks aloof, cold, distant. They’re not interested in building connections, so they are not friendly and can seem detached.

At a family gathering, the soulless one is often in the background, annoyed to be present.

At work, the soulless person interacts with coworkers only when forced or to feed their own needs.

At home, the soulless person has no warm connection to their partner or family.

8) No ambition

When you have a soul, you have desires and passions. You want to do things that make your soul feel happy or content. As humans, we make plans and create goals because we desire to feel content. Soulless people don’t do this.

You may see a soulless person working at the same job for their entire life. You may notice a soulless person never makes plans to have fun or do anything fulfilling. They don’t care if they see the ocean, climb a mountain, or sleep under the stars.

A person with no soul has a lack of interest in actions with no tangible, physical reward. They don’t care how they make money as long as they make it. They couldn’t care less about enjoyment, fun, or soul-rewarding life changes.

9) Egotistical

Soulless people only have an interest in self-preservation. Most are bigoted and highly self-centered. Because the soulless person has no connection to anyone else or regard for another’s emotions, their ego takes center stage.

Most people with no soul have narcissistic tendencies and can have this grandiose sense of self.

Your basic human traits like feelings and higher thinking make you “less than” the person with no soul. They may treat you as weak or stupid because they see themselves on some higher ground.

10) Dead eyes

What does a soulless person look like in a literal sense? Check their eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. They show life, light, and emotion. Eyes let you know inner thoughts or even intentions.

Therefore, a soulless person’s eyes are easy to spot. With no soul, you will see nothing in those eyes. Their eyes may look:

  • Dead
  • Cold
  • Void
  • Empty

Most people find it difficult to keep eye contact with a soulless person. Something’s missing and staring into the eyes of an empty shell of a person can feel unsettling.

The soulless person may stare at you with no discomfort at all, but they may also refrain from eye contact as if they have something to hide.

11) Like everyone else

Soulless people can seem like everyone else on the surface. You may not notice when you see them in a room full of people.

People with no soul are good at mimicking people around them to blend in. Soulless people are not ignorant; they realize they are different in the fact they can’t connect with the people around them.

The solution, for them, is to act like everyone else.

At a party, if everyone else is mingling, laughing, and flirting, the soulless does the same.

Outwardly, you may assume the person is no different. However, if you get close enough to interact, you’ll catch cues that this person is playing off of what others are doing. You won’t see any true personality there.

12) Uncomfortable with touch

When you approach a soulless person for a hug, don’t be surprised if they grimace or step back. They may react the same to an arm caress, a pat on the back, or even a handshake.

Lacking a soul means a disdain for caring touch. Why? Human touch is the language of compassion, according to science.

These human gestures convey emotions, something someone without a soul despises. They have no interest in receiving your love, compassion, or feelings. Even further, this person has no interest in being forced to mimic these emotions to appease you.

While some people are naturally uncomfortable with touch, a soulless person will truly seem awkward or cold when you try to touch them.

13) Materialistic

Soulless people are interested only in things that feed their own egos.

When possible, these people wear the most expensive clothing, drive the flashy car, live in the biggest house. These people go to great lengths to obtain these things, even if that means stepping on others in the process.

Material items are tangible. Things don’t require feeling or emotion to gain, but they paint a picture for onlookers about the person that owns them. This outward appearance is important to the soulless.

Not because they want respect or admiration, but because they like feeling above everyone else.

14) Disinterest in creativity

Music, art, philosophy, prose, imagination — these things won’t be interesting to a person with no soul.

Creativity is driven by highly emotional aspects of being humans, such as mood and motivation. Not surprisingly, people without a soul don’t have much of either. Therefore, most won’t enjoy or find meaning in anything creative.

If you spot a soulless person at a concert, they won’t be there to enjoy the music.

A person with no soul would never get poetry or appreciate a fictional story. To them, movies are pointless, art is non-provoking, and philosophical ideas are a waste of time.

15) Manipulative

In the world of the soulless, all that matters is what they want. These people will do anything to get what they want, even if that means manipulating other people to get it.

Using others as pawns and being controlling are common traits of the soulless person. All people are tools that can be used at will and their lives or emotions have no importance.

16)No Morals

Morals drive decision-making for most people. We as humans want to do what we perceive to be just and right, according to our beliefs in what makes something just and right. Someone without a soul has no compass to point them toward what’s just or right.

Most soulless people act in self-interest only, especially when making decisions.

This is why many soulless people effortlessly step into high-ranking corporate roles; they have no problem making hard decisions even when a decision made can be damaging to other people involved.

The bottom line

Soulless people can blend in when they try hard, but when you understand how different they are, they are easy to spot.

How do you deal with a soulless person when you meet them?

Simply put, don’t.

People with no soul have the power to cause a lot of hurt, frustration, and distress.

Sadly, most don’t change either. So trying to change them can only end in disaster, especially for the person trying to bring the traits of a soul out in a person that has none.

In the end, your discernment to point out the soulless is a form of self-protection for your own soul. Hopefully, you now know the traits to help you along the way.

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