What do cold hands mean spiritually? 12 key meanings

Did you know that your hands can reveal a lot about your internal state? Did you know that the meaning of cold hands, in particular, has spiritual significance?

I know the feeling of icy fingers that, for some people, might make it difficult to do anything. But have you ever stopped to think about what this means spiritually?

This article will explore 12 meanings when your hands are cold spiritually.

1) You’re holding yourself back from something you want

According to the book “The Wounded Healer”, hands are the first indicator of what is going on inside of us. A cold hand means that you’re holding yourself back from something you want. You’re not letting go, and you’re not moving forward.

Think back to the last time you felt this way. Was it because of fear or reluctance? Or was it because you wanted something but weren’t willing to go after it?

If this is the case, you’re not alone. Many of us are holding ourselves back from something we want.

The book “The Wounded Healer” explains that the first step to healing is to release yourself from your fears and move forward.

There are many ways to do this. But the most important way is to face your fears. Let go of your reluctance and move forward.

And another thing to keep in mind is that the things you want are often not that important in the long run.

If you’re holding yourself back from something, it’s possible that it won’t turn out like you thought it would. Sometimes, the thing you want isn’t worth holding on to.

But if you can let go of your fears, take a step forward, and move forward, then there is nothing to worry about.

2) A traumatic experience has left you shaken

Another spiritual meaning of cold hands is that a traumatic experience has left you shaken.

For example, if you’ve experienced emotional trauma, your hands might be cold because of the memory that is still fresh in your mind.

In other words, this means that you’re still not over it. Something inside of you is holding on to that memory, and it’s keeping you from moving forward.

This is a good sign because it means that you want to heal and move forward.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you heal:

– Identify the reasons why you’re holding on to the memory.

– Face your fear and release yourself from it.

– Open yourself up to the loving energy of God and allow healing to occur.

– Take one step at a time, and trust that healing will happen.

I know the feeling of holding on to a traumatic experience, and it can be very difficult to deal with. But time will help you heal, and you will be able to move forward.

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

The points above and below will give you a good idea about the spiritual meanings of cold hands.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, “What does it mean when my hands are cold spiritually?”, “Why do cold hands make me afraid?”, and “How do I get over my fear?”

The problem is finding someone you can trust.

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4) You’re blocking your own blessings

Have you ever felt cold hands because you’re holding yourself back from your blessings?

This means that you’re not allowing yourself to receive what you want.

For example, if you’ve been working hard for a long time, and now that you have earned it, you don’t want to accept it. You feel like something is missing in your life, but the truth is that there is nothing missing.

If this is the case, I have some good news for you. God has already given it to you. He has given it to everyone on this earth. He has given us everything we need – including our blessings.

But we are afraid of taking them because we don’t know how to handle them or believe in ourselves enough to take them. This causes us to hold on to them and not let them go because they make us uncomfortable.

We can change this by letting go of our fears and moving forward with our blessings instead of holding them back from ourselves or others around us.

Trust that you’re doing the right thing.

5) Your current situation is not in alignment with your core values

Many people experience cold hands when they are experiencing a situation that is not in alignment with their core values.

Here’s an example:

You have a lot of stress in your life right now. You’re feeling exhausted, and frustrated, and you don’t know what to do.

You begin to feel cold hands when you think about the situation and how it makes you feel.

Maybe you worry that the stress will cause a breakdown in your life, or maybe you feel like giving up because the situation is so overwhelming.

But here’s the kicker:

Your core values are not in conflict with your current situation. Your core values are what make you who you are as an individual and help guide your decisions when situations arise.

They define who you are on a deep level, and they’re always there for you no matter what happens in life.

It’s okay to be stressed out at times. Everyone gets stressed out sometimes – that’s part of being human! But if we can learn how to handle our stress better, we can live our lives more happily and successfully overall.

Just be yourself and remember that you are a good person – you just need to learn how to deal with stress better and not let it get the best of you.

6) There’s something off in your environment or relationship

Cold hands can also be caused by an off-balance environment or relationship.

Let’s say you’re in a relationship that doesn’t feel right, and you can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s not the same as it was when you started the relationship, maybe you feel like your partner doesn’t love you like they used to, or maybe your partner is being distant lately.

You might be experiencing cold hands because there’s something off in the relationship.

Perhaps there’s something going on with one of the two of you that no one is talking about. If this is the case, talk to your partner about what’s going on and see if they’ll listen to what you have to say.

The same thing goes for your environment.

If you’re not happy with how things are going in your home, or work situation, or even at school or sports, then you might be experiencing cold hands. If this is the case, talk to someone who can help you out with what’s going on, and maybe they can help you move forward in a positive way.

7) Something has been taken from you

For spirituality, this is the most common cause of cold hands. You feel like something has been taken away from you and you aren’t sure how to handle it or what to do about it.

This can be caused by many things:

  • Your faith or beliefs have been shaken
  • You’re not sure if you believe anymore, or where your faith is now. Maybe you’ve lost hope in humanity, or in God. Perhaps you feel like there’s nothing good left in the world anymore, and that this is the end for all of us.
  • Someone close to you has died
  • Something bad has happened
  • A tragedy has occurred, or something bad has happened that someone close to you can’t deal with right now. Maybe they’re still hurting over what happened, and they need some time alone to heal before they can talk about it again (if they ever will).

Whatever the case may be, these things can cause cold hands because when we lose something that means a lot to us (or someone we care about), we feel powerless over what’s happening and we don’t know what to do next with our lives.

This puts us in an emotional state where nothing seems right anymore – even when everything else seems just fine!

What we need during times like these are people who will listen and help us through our situation; people who will love us through what’s happening and who will hold us during this time.

8) Your faith is wavering and you feel spiritually unfulfilled

Have you been feeling spiritually unfulfilled lately?

Maybe you’re going through a phase of questioning your faith, questioning what you believe and why you believe it, or wondering if there’s more to life than what you’ve experienced so far.

Maybe you feel empty inside, and unsure about what your future holds for you. You feel like God is taking a break from your life and doesn’t care about the struggles that are happening in your world anymore.

That leads to a feeling of cold hands, where there’s nothing but doubt, confusion, and emptiness in your heart.

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9) Someone is keeping a secret from you

If you’ve been having cold hands for a while and nothing has changed, then it’s time to find out what’s going on, because this may be an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Maybe you’re having cold hands because someone is keeping a secret from you, and this person has been keeping the secret for years.

Maybe they’re afraid of what might happen if they tell you about the secret; maybe they don’t know how to talk about it or deal with the situation.

Whatever the case may be, if someone is keeping a secret from you it’s important that you know why they’re doing this and what’s going on.

10) You have an aversion to something or someone

In some cases, our cold hands are a sign that we have an aversion to something or someone.

This could be because we feel like something or someone has caused us pain in the past, and we don’t want to ever feel that way again.

Maybe there’s some kind of issue going on with you that causes a blockage in your emotions (maybe it’s something from your childhood), but this issue has never been dealt with, so it’s causing a lack of fulfillment for yourself as well as for the other person involved.

How do we deal with our cold hands?

It can be incredibly frustrating when we don’t know what’s wrong with us, whether we’re having hot or cold hands; whether our hands are wet or dry; and so on. But I’m here to tell you that there are ways to help relieve this type of discomfort:

  • Get healthy –  It’s no secret that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to feel good inside and out.
  • Get mental health help –  If there is something that’s causing your cold hands and making them unbearable, then it could be time to see a therapist (or a counselor) and work through whatever it is that’s causing these feelings.
  • Treat the cause –  In some cases, we can’t get rid of our cold hands until we’ve dealt with what caused this discomfort in the first place.

11) There’s something you need to forgive and let go of

Feeling cold hands isn’t always easy, and sometimes we can try to make the situation better by just forcing ourselves to feel not having them.

That won’t work though, because our emotions are something that needs to be forgiven and let go of. When you forgive yourself for wrongdoing and let go of unhealthy emotions like anger or envy then you will be able to feel comfortable with yourself again.

Take the next step and open up to someone you trust. Talk to a counselor, a spiritual leader, or someone who can support you through this.

12) A sign that you need to make major changes in your life

Last but not least – cold hands are sometimes a sign that you need to make some major changes in your life.

When there’s something stopping you from moving forward, whether it be an object or a person, then you know things aren’t going to get any better until that item is gone.

You can try to move forward without it, but you’ll still feel bad, and that feeling will never go away until you’ve let whatever it is go.

So here’s the deal:

Work through whatever issue it is that is keeping you stuck. Work on yourself, work on forgiveness, work on love. But whatever you do, don’t try to move forward if you don’t feel ready.

You can always start by forgiving yourself and letting go of any resentment you have, then you can start working on the issue again.

However, if the situation’s more serious, then even if you still feel trapped and trapped by it, take that as a sign that there are some changes that need to be made in your life.

So get ready – things will never be the same again, so prepare yourself to come up with some new ways of thinking about things.

Final thoughts

Cold hands are a sign of discomfort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are certain signs that you need to pay attention to if you want to find out the root cause of the problem and deal with it in the proper way

The key is finding out what’s wrong first and dealing with it effectively. Otherwise, it will just cause further discomfort in your life and your cold hands won’t go away altogether.

Hopefully, the points above will shed some light on the key spiritual meanings of cold hands.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

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So if you’re tired of wondering about finding spiritual meanings in cold hands, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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