17 causes of spiritual headaches (revealed)

Are you tired of dealing with headaches that seem to come out of nowhere?

Is this the kind of headache that paracetamol won’t help with?

You’re not alone.

I, myself, have dealt with the same kind of pain. The problem was, I didn’t know why!

Spiritual headaches can be a real pain, and in this blog, we’ll reveal what causes them!

1) You’re thinking too much about problems

Excessive worrying is one of the causes of spiritual headaches.

When you worry, you get an overwhelming feeling of stress. Once this happens, it might lead you to feel depressed.

This depression will often cause mental strain and can also lead to physical health issues, such as headaches.

This is why it is so important to take the time to recognize when you are worrying too much and try to stop yourself from doing so!

We all know what happens when you’re depressed:

2) You’re not getting enough sleep

Spiritual headaches are a physical sign of mental and emotional exhaustion.

These may be caused by not getting enough sleep for a long time.

For instance, you may have been awake for a while, mostly thinking about things that you can’t change. The frustration here, however, is what keeps you awake.

You may be able to feel a sharp pain in your head. You tried different medications to no avail.

It can feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of trying to fall asleep and then having the same worries and thoughts when your mind starts to wander.

One way to fix this is to sit still, take a deep breath, and relax.

Your physical body may be different from your spiritual, but they make up the totality of your being.

Once your physical body has reached a relaxed state, it will be easy for you to divert your thoughts and eventually ease the headache you’re feeling.

However, if it’s not you lacking sleep, one possible reason could be:

3) You’re feeling disconnected from your Higher Self

When you feel disconnected from your Higher Self, it can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

What is your Higher Self?

The Higher Self is often thought of as the spiritual aspect of a person, and it can be associated with a sense of inner peace, guidance, and understanding.

When you’re disconnected from it, you may feel lost and confused with whatever you’re doing.

Everything you do and whatever gains you reap may feel like they can’t satisfy you.

That’s because your Higher Self is connected to your purpose or values, and if you’re leading a life without them, it can cause you stress and tension.

Hence, the spiritual headaches.

What can you do about it, then?

Yes, it’s hard to be faced with a unique situation that you don’t know if you’ll get out of.

When I was in the same situation as yours, I realized that I couldn’t solve this on my own.

I needed help. That’s why I reached out to a gifted advisor who can provide me with all sorts of advice.

From my experience, they didn’t only give me the answer to the spiritual headaches I was feeling; they also provided me with the thorough guidance I was searching for.

When I spoke to someone from Psychic Source, they really helped me out.

After months of headaches, I was finally able to see that my situation didn’t need a medical professional—it needed extensive soul care.

In contrast to what some people may have thought when they first heard about my problem, the advisors from the Psychic Source approached it with compassion and understanding.

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In my reading, a gifted advisor told me that I may not see it, but my soul needs to be cherished, loved, and fed with positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Do you feel the same about yourself? Or are you used to feeding your soul with negativity?

4) You’re bombarding your soul with negative self-talk

It hurts to admit that most of us suffer emotional trauma in some way or another during our lifetime.

Most of these traumas are caused by abusive parents or other family members, friends, violent situations, discrimination, or death.

It gets worse:

These traumas do not always end.

If left untreated, the ones who suffer will feel guilt and self-blame, thinking they don’t deserve kindness and compassion.

This is one of the causes of spiritual headaches.

Yes, physical bodies suffer, and the emotional aspect does, too!

It’s important to remember that physical and emotional pain are two sides of the same coin. Over time, physical pain heals, but emotional ones stay raw, especially if we are the ones who caused them.

Moreover, it’s important to deal with these issues rather than allow them to build up over time.

You can start by practicing self-care in order to give yourself the best chance of dealing with both physical and emotional pain. It comes in many forms. You can:

  • Go for a walk
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Practicing relaxation techniques
  • Do some light exercise
  • Listen to calming music
  • Get a massage
  • Meditate and give yourself time to process your feelings

Once you release trauma, the energy in your body will shift to a higher emotional state and ease your head from the negative emotions in your brain.

One of the other causes of spiritual headaches might also come from spirits trying to enter your soul…

5) You’re allowing other spirits to enter your world

Have you had a pressing headache in your head?

To interpret this sign accurately, it’s important to consider which side of the head is hurting.

A headache on the left side of the head could be caused by a migraine, vasculitis, or cluster headaches.

However, in a spiritual context, it’s an omen.

Strong or bad energy may be trying to enter your world, and a headache is a warning that something bad is about to happen.

For this reason, maintain a strong spiritual defense.

Trust in your intuition to help guide you to a place of inner peace and understanding!

6) You’re ignoring your intuition

If the left side of the head is a warning against evil, the right side of the head is where the sense of logic is.

Logical thinking allows an individual to identify inconsistencies in a person’s story or behavior.

So if you have a pressing headache on the right side of your head, it can indicate that someone is lying to you!

A spirit nearby may sense that someone is deceiving you; that’s why they overwhelm your senses with their presence and give you a headache.

Essentially, your mind tells you to stop believing all of the lies and to trust your gut.

In these cases, it’s always best to listen to your intuition and allow it to lead the way forward.

This, however, may become a problem if you’re the type of person who tries to control everything.

7) You’re being a control-freak

Well, are you?

Do you push yourself so hard when everything doesn’t come your way?

Do you typically stress about work and even bring the problems home?

Too much is always hard to control.

And too much might be why you have these spiritual headaches.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of life and lose sight of the importance of taking time for oneself.

When this happens, you also lose sight of your priorities and values.

The best way to deal with this is to slow down and evaluate your priorities.

Earlier, I mentioned how speaking to a gifted advisor saved my life.

A few months ago, I was also self-sacrificing. I work hard for my family, my dreams, and my future, not really sticking to my values and such.

In short, I was lost, and the consistent, dreaded, and throbbing spiritual headaches didn’t do much help.

An advisor from the Psychic Source didn’t just help me; they “gifted” me with the clarity and care I needed when I felt I was the only one fighting my battles.

Want to know the best part?

They don’t just offer advice; they provide you with guidance to make the right decisions.

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8) You’re overloading yourself with work

If you are self-sacrificing, as mentioned, you may have tried to multitask too much.

Here, your brain suffers from constantly switching between different tasks at the same time.

How is it one of the causes of spiritual headaches, then?

Multitasking for so long can have long-term side effects on your body and cause stress, among other things.

It’s important to remember that all the aspects of the body work together. When the brain is overworked, the other parts of the body can begin to suffer, even the spiritual aspect.

Imagine it as an overflowing cup; when too much stress is put on the mind, it can spill over and cause problems in other areas.

To solve this issue, you might want to:

  • Take time off to relax from home and work.
  • Enjoy social interaction anywhere—grocery, mall, everywhere!
  • Spend enough time alone while reading a good book or praying.

9) You’re living in a negative space

Being in a toxic environment could be one of the causes of spiritual headaches.

If you’re in a toxic environment that makes it hard for you to grow and be yourself, it’s time to leave.


When you’re constantly surrounded by bad things and stress, it can affect you not just physically but also spiritually.

Imagine how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t reach your full potential.

A person’s sense of well-being can also be drained by being in a toxic environment where there is always bad energy.

Once drained, it can cause a feeling of spiritual imbalance or disconnection from your well-being.

In such cases, it’s necessary to look for a new environment that can offer support and understanding, one that allows you to be your true self and flourish.

Which makes you wonder:

Do you have any idea where you’re headed?

10) You’re hanging in uncertainty

If you’re unsure about your purpose or direction in life, it could be because you’re in a state of uncertainty.

Physically, it’s frustrating to not have a place to be, just wandering aimlessly and not knowing where to go or what to do.

It may be even harder on your mind and spirit, and you may feel spiritually out of balance or disconnected.

It’s like a dog catching its tail and running in circles, unsure of what happens next.

For this reason, spiritual headaches are your body’s way of asking you to pay attention. It could also be your body’s way of telling you to deal with problems that are stopping you from moving on.

11) You have unresolved conflicts

Past traumas may be one of the causes of spiritual headaches.

These traumas hinder you from moving forward, keeping you in an unbalanced emotional state.

Let me tell you a story.

Growing up, I never really “knew” my parents.

My mom left to work abroad when I was just a month old. My father, on the other hand, had his own struggles.

Even though my parents were not physically present, I still had my aunt and grandparents, who were there for all the important milestones in my life.

Despite the role models I grew up admiring, I always wondered what it would have been like if my parents were there for those special moments.

Over the years, I have come to accept that my parents’ absence was not a reflection of their love for me but rather a result of their own struggles and limitations.

I didn’t rebel or make a scene because I realized I didn’t need to fight what was natural. I can’t keep holding too much anger in my heart or dwelling on something that causes me stress and worry.

If you find yourself in me and you haven’t undergone the healing process, don’t let the spirit of anger and hate overpower your body.

Let go of regret and guilt! It’s possible that the reason you’re getting these recurring headaches is that you need to forgive and move on.

Your next step?

Keep emotions in balance and accept what’s going to happen.

Past traumas will always be there, but it’s your choice if you’ll let them linger. If not, you’ll just keep on having these types of headaches again.

12) You have unfulfilled desires, spiritual quests, or goals

Both the mind and the heart are interconnected, and when either is unhappy, there will always be frustration.

It gets worse:

If you’re focused on a goal but it ends up incomplete, it can either make you physically, mentally or spiritually ill.


While contentment sends positive emotional signals to the brain, dissatisfaction sends a negative message.

Your body receives triggering stress hormones that can affect physical health and impair cognitive functioning which leads to spiritual headaches.

To fix this, you need to release these energies into good use such as through meditation and prayer.

Once you’ve released the pent-up energy inside, all the aspects of your well-being will fall into place, and your negative energies will not be stored but travel to your head and improve your mental faculties.

As opposed to hunger for accomplishments, you may be experiencing spiritual headaches because:

13) You’re focusing too much on material things

You know, when you’re constantly chasing material things, you can lose sight of your spiritual well-being.

Ironically, your obsession with getting more can leave you feeling empty, like you missed something important.

This may be one of the causes of spiritual headaches.


Spiritual headaches happen when you don’t feel spiritually fulfilled because you’re too focused on material and shallow desires.

Your values are misaligned, making you feel like you have no sense of direction at all.

Imagine driving on a bridge with an overloaded truck. You’re more focused on how to get through the bridge without realizing that the weight you’re carrying is way over the bridge’s capacity limit.

When you’ve lost track of all your goals, you are out of focus and easily distracted. When you’re distracted, it will be easy for negative emotions to take over you.

14) You’re allowing negative emotions to take control

When we repress emotions and negative energy, they manifest in our physical bodies, causing spiritual headaches.

These physical sensations meant that your heart is not aligned with your spirit. In other words, your chakra points are not in balance.

What are chakra points?

Chakra points are places in the body where energy flows. They are thought to be along the spine. It’s believed that when the chakras are balanced and open, energy can flow freely from your mind, body, and soul.

When these chakras are trapped or blocked, it can lead to physical sensations, including headaches. As the blocked energies are released, your body will relax and you will experience a renewed sense of well-being.

However, this spiritual rebirth will be nonsense if:

15) You don’t have time for a spiritual practice

Negative energy is one of the causes of headaches. If you’re busy focusing on worldly things and material endeavors without time for any spiritual practice, the negative energy builds up over time.

This can cause a range of physical symptoms, such as neck pains, stress, and even spiritual headaches.

You can start by doing spiritual cleansing, prayer, and meditation to purify the mind, and self-reflection to give your soul clarity.

16) You’re not used to self-reflection

Are you a fast-paced type of person?

If you are, have you tried pausing for a while to self-reflect?

If the answer is no, consider that as one of the causes of spiritual headaches.

Paint a picture of yourself running as fast as you can without stopping. If you do this, you can create anxiety and exhaustion in both your mind and body.

Take time to pause, breathe, and self-reflect!

You’ll never know how this can be beneficial in many ways you can imagine.

Self-reflection is also a way you can meet your spiritual needs.

17) You have unmet spiritual needs

Because you lack spiritual practice and time to self-reflect, your spirit is falling short of nourishment.

Without spiritual sustenance, you will become confused and experience a spiritual headache.

For this reason, try exploring spiritual beliefs and values, or meeting spiritual advisors.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find a way to connect to something greater than yourself.

A journey toward spiritual rebirth

In the end, whatever is causing your spiritual headache will require you to sit quietly and reflect.

Taking time for yourself can be the best medicine for any spiritual struggle. It can also provide the opportunity to find insight, peace, and understanding.

It may take a while, but you’ll get there eventually.

I know because I did!

With the help of Psychic Source, I was able to face the spiritual issues I encountered. That’s why whenever I hear of someone struggling with a spiritual headache, I immediately tell them to check them out. A consultation with one of their experts can help you figure out what’s really going on and go forward with confidence.

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