17 weird and unusual signs he is definitely your soulmate

It’s not so easy to recognize a soulmate.

We’re always waiting for “the one” to sweep us off our feet, but what if our soulmate comes to us in an inconspicuous or unusual way? Or what if they’re already in our life but they just don’t check the boxes we have for what constitutes a soulmate?

To help you assess your new beau, I put together 17 weird and unusual signs that can tell you that someone is definitely your soulmate.

1) He gets on your nerves sometimes

When you find your soulmate, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride. It’s not just a calm kind of love where everything’s cool and dandy and you never fight, no siree!

Soulmates do get on each other’s nerves sometimes.

That’s probably because you know each other to the core too well so you know exactly how to make them deliriously happy and, at the same time, you know exactly which buttons to push to annoy them like a toddler.

Be careful, though. You have to know when your bickering is still healthy and when it’s become toxic already.

One way to easily figure out when it’s still healthy is using Gottman’s “magic ratio.”

It means that for every one negative interaction during conflict, a happy relationship should have at least five positive ones. If you notice that your negative interactions are more than the good ones, they’re probably not your soulmate.

But if they annoy you occasionally, that’s a good, albeit weird indicator, that he’s indeed your soulmate.

2) You do some things the same way (and you know you’re unique!)

The two of you just do some things the same way.

It might be the way you do the dishes, the kind of music you listen to, or the way you pause and look up at the ceiling when you speak.

Now, this can happen with all people to some degree. If you hang out with geeks day in and day out, you’re going to start sounding and acting like a geek. It’s a normal phenomenon and it’s called mirroring. We can’t help but copy the people we’re around with.

But it’s more than just that for soulmates!

You do things the same way even before you even met. Somehow the two of you just end up shocking each other at just how many things you share between the two of you.

The explanation might be simple.

How we do things—our posture, manner of speaking, how we sip our coffee, etc— are outward expressions of who we are inside. These things are directly affected by how we think and how we feel, and our very core personality.

For example, if a person is somewhat insecure and shy, you will see this shyness in how they eat, how they sit, how they pack their bags, etc.

If you really are soulmates, that means you’re more or less the same inside and that explains why you do some things the same way.

3) A real psychic confirms he is ‘the one’

The unusual signs above and below will give you a good idea if he is your soulmate.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real love advisor.

However, I know how important it is to stay away from fake “experts”.

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. They provided me a unique insight into where my life should go, including who I was meant to be with.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable psychic network out there.

Not only will a genuine, gifted advisor tell you whether he is your soulmate, but they can reveal all your love possibilities.

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4) You find his physical flaws endearing (even if everyone disagrees)

This is actually surprising to you because you have high standards and you’re a little bit judgmental sometimes. But here you are, loving this man with all his flaws that you used to consider as dealbreakers.

He might be balding or sweaty and he makes strange noises in his sleep. But, for some unfathomable reason, you actually find these features so adorable! Just thinking about them makes your heart melt.

People might tell you “Girl, you’re settling for someone waaaay below your league” but you just shrug because you know that’s not true. They tell you you’re blinded by love but you think they’re the ones who are blind!

You like him for who he is, especially with his “flaws” because they are his…and yours now, too.

His balding head is your balding head.

His “ugly” feet are your ugly feet.

The noises he makes at night are now your lullaby.

You feel lucky that you’re able to love someone so profoundly that he’s sexy and hot to you no matter what.

5) You find his quirks adorable (and it’s not just because you’re in love)

Aside from the physical features, you find his “character flaws” lovable, too.

He might be a bit too stubborn or emotional, or he might be prone to overthinking. But to hell with that!

He’s your person and he gives you much more than these little flaws. And you’re not just lovestruck because you’re already over the honeymoon phase.

Look, you’re a smart girl. You are skilled at dating and relationships. You don’t take this to mean that you should be willing to give him a pass on everything. You don’t want a codependent boyfriend.

If he does or says things that are genuinely harmful—like picking fights with strangers or overdosing on illegal drugs—then you know it’s not just a quirk and take necessary steps.

What makes this different is that his flaws are the kind of flaws that you find forgivable…and even adorable.

Besides, there can be upsides to things we normally think of as flaws.

You might have figured out the upsides to these ‘flaws’, and appreciate them for what they are. Someone who is stubborn can use that stubbornness to get things done. Hyper-fixation can make someone good at keeping things spotless and clean.

You see this working in your relationship. The slight annoyances and flaws are like the stones that become pearls.

6) You are generous with him (even if you’re the type who keeps score)

Some people only give people things because they want something in return.

You yourself are guilty of this to an extent, and you’re normally very picky on who you give gifts to because you don’t want reciprocity in any relationship.

But with him? None of that matters!

You don’t care about what it will cost you or what he’ll give you in return. If you think he’ll appreciate it, you’ll give it to him one way or another. For you, love is a verb so you express it. Period.

What’s strange is that you really don’t want him to pay you back in any way. For you, he doesn’t owe you anything! You love making this person happy and that fact alone makes you happy.

It’s not limited to material gifts either. You’re also willing to give more in almost everything!

You want to be the one who’s more understanding.

You cook really good meals just to see his face light up.

You wash the dishes when it’s actually his turn to do so.

You’re usually not like this with your previous lovers so you’re surprised with yourself. You’re actually capable of loving fully, without expecting anything in return.

But do you know why that is?

The answer is once again simple: Because they’re worth it.

You feel strongly about this person more than anyone in the world and making them happy makes you happier tenfold.

7) You enjoy doing “nothing” with him

Even though you love doing fun and exciting things with him like camping and skydiving, you’d be perfectly happy to do nothing but just laze around so long as he’s with you.

I’m talking stuff like being lazy together on the same couch, just sitting there with the lights out. The TV would be out, and you can’t be bothered to pick up your phones.

It just feels…comfy.

It’s like you’re alone but not actually alone. And that’s because you’re soulmates.

You can just imagine your friends going “Did you really just waste your vacation doing nothing?!” if you tell them about it, but to hell with that noise.

For you, doing simple things with him feels like home and sometimes you want it more than any adventure.

8) You recognize him

Want to know for certain whether he is your soulmate?

Let’s face it:

We can waste a lot of time and energy with people who ultimately we’re not compatible with. Finding your soulmate isn’t exactly easy.

But what if there was a way to remove all the guesswork?

I’ve just stumbled upon a way to do this…  a professional psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

Even though I was a bit skeptical at first, my friend convinced me to try it out a few weeks ago.

Now I know exactly what he looks like. The crazy thing is that I recognized him right away,

If you’re ready to find out what your soulmate looks like, get your own sketch drawn here.

9) He knows how to “bully” you

Your soulmate knows how to annoy you without making you actually angry. You might ask yourself whether this is a good thing. After all, isn’t it bad to be annoying?

Well, that’s the thing. It’s all supposed to be just lighthearted fun. Small jabs that can maybe annoy you for a few seconds before he makes it a thing both of you laugh at.

Think of him pointing out that your chest is so flat that he doesn’t need to buy a new chopping board… and then hugging you and telling you that he likes it this way because your heart is closer to his when you hug.

And on the rare occasion he pushes too far, you don’t act like children over it and put in some effort to reconcile and do better.

When you’re obviously already in pain, he apologizes endlessly and tries to be better.

Then you laugh again.

What’s cool is that you can actually do the same thing to him because you’re 100% sure that no matter what comes out of your mouth, they know that at the end of the day, you love each other to bits.

10) You apologize even when it’s not your fault

You’re a person who’s full of pride. You don’t say sorry unless it’s really your fault. In fact, even if it’s your fault!

Oddly, it’s so easy for you to apologize to this guy.

You are in deep pain when you see them sad.

You don’t mind apologizing even when you know he’s the one who was at fault sometimes. You simply don’t care about who’s correct or not anymore.

Even in big conflicts, you can manage to avoid turning your discussions into blame games.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re a doormat either. You don’t let him get away when he exhibits abusive and manipulative behaviors. You don’t let him get away if he’s clearly wrong, especially in big things.

11) You’ve been apart before…and it was hell!

A common thing I have found among soulmates is that there’s some element of distance involved.

You were in a strong, loving relationship but you broke up for some reason, but it’s definitely not because your love and fondness for each other waned.

Maybe you had to move to another country for work.

Maybe they had to break up because they’re depressed and they want to grow.

When you separated, that’s the first time in your life you felt real pain. It was so excruciating that you even vowed not to fall in love again.

But that time apart can be necessary for you to realize just how much you mean to each other…that you can just find the same feeling in other people.

But life had to go on so you tried…but failed and failed again. Because they’re not your soulmate.

No one can beat the feeling you have with this guy!

12) There were no hard feelings when you broke up

Unlike Twin Flames which are known for having really rough, volatile relationships, your separation from your soulmate is a calm one.

And usually, once your relationship is over, you want to be totally over your ex by hating them. But not this time!

Now I’m not saying that there are absolutely no bumps in the road or any short-term grudges. You’ll have those, as with any other relationship. So don’t fall into despair if your relationship with him wasn’t perfectly smooth and flawless.

You might have been away from each other for some time, or had just gotten out of a massive argument…

But the thing is…there are no hard feelings. At all!

You understand and respect their mind and their decisions and you know they don’t mean no harm.

Besides, while you’re together, grudges are just not a thing for the two of you. You might grumble for a bit, but they fade before they become full-blown grudges.

Soulmates just know how to handle things, even the hardest ones.

If you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings. 

So instead of trying to figure out these weird and unusual feelings and signs on your own, speak to an advisor who’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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13) You can’t bear to hate him (even if you clearly should)

You can tell yourself that by all rights, you should be angry at him and hate him whenever he does something that you don’t like.

Maybe he had left you hanging last night, or maybe he had forgotten about your anniversary.

And you might pout and try stewing in hate… and just maybe, you can even convince yourself that you’ve actually managed to hate him for a while.

But the moment you see his face or hear his voice?

All of that just pent-up fury just evaporates like it was never there in the first place, and you’re in his arms as usual…smiling and happy.

You wonder if you’re in an unhealthy relationship sometimes, but what can you do if you’re just full of love for this person and you’re actually happy?

14) You talk a lot with him (when you’re usually silent around other people)

It’s rare to find a connection wherein you feel like you can talk nonstop about anything and they’d actually get you, especially if you’re rather eccentric.

With your soulmate, one sentence or one word would make him get the whole picture unlike with other people wherein you have to spell out everything. He just gets you.

Your conversations are just so smooth that you sometimes forget what you’re doing. You even forget the time. You are usually lost in your thoughts and imaginations and

With your soulmate, you’re also not afraid of being judged.

All those thoughts and ideas you’re too afraid to share with others you discuss with him without worry. He sees right through you so even if you say something a little off, he still knows you’re awesome.

15) You see him as a friend

One way to know if you really like someone is to remove the romance in the equation.

If you know you can’t have sex with them or kiss them or say sweet things to them, would you still be excited to hang out with them?

If the answer is yes, then you genuinely like and respect this person. You like who they are, some argue that like is definitely stronger than love or lust. Like is about the individual, not something you shared.

And let’s say you’re just really friends.

Just his presence alone is all you need to feel warm and comfortable no matter how bad things are for you. That is exactly how your soulmate should make you feel. And, here’s a secret: you can totally be ‘just friends’ with your soulmate.

The world is big, and sometimes we find—or identify—our soulmates long after we had already committed to be with someone else. And that’s perfectly fine.

You shouldn’t abandon your current relationship just to chase after your soulmate.

There’s no universal rule saying that you should be soulmates with your boyfriend or husband, or that you can only feel true love with soulmates. Moreover, there’s just no point in destroying a working relationship just to chase after who we think is someone better.

In fact, soulmates would be perfectly fine being in a “best friends forever” kind of relationship, and would actually be mad at you if you broke someone’s heart simply so that you can be with them.

They won’t mope about being married to other people because being there for one another is the only thing that matters.

16) You don’t feel like you have to rush things

Some people might feel like they have to make their move now. To propose now, or take you out on a date now or else you’ll slip through their fingers. And you can feel it, too.

But not him. He doesn’t try to put your relationship on the fast track and just lets it go at its own pace.

You both know you can take your time with your relationship because you just know he’s going nowhere anyways.

There’s just this sense of security in your relationship that even when he’s far away from you, or you haven’t seen him for a while, or you’ve been together for so long…you’re just not too concerned that he’s going to disappear.

You truly believe in the saying “Nothing good gets away” and yours isn’t just good, it’s great. This gives you no pressure to “level up” and make things better. You’re already awesome together.

17) It feels like your love is “normal” and even boring

The popular notion of the soulmate is that he’s some guy who just walks into our lives out of nowhere and sweeps us off our feet.

And that does happen from time to time, but what’s more likely is that your soulmate is someone who’s been in your life for some time now. You’ve just become so used to having each other in your lives that you might not even realize that there’s something special going on there.

You might have thought at some point when you’re younger that it’s ‘boring’ and decided to try looking for more exciting relationships with others.

But even if you do manage to find something in others that you’ve been ‘missing’ in your relationship with him, there’s just so much that you had to give up that you just can’t bear it. Those things were the ones you assumed were ‘normal’ but were actually special and unique to your relationship with him.

So in the end, you’ll come rushing back to him, because you will find that your relationship and connection with him just can’t be beaten.


Hopefully, the unusual signs above will shed some light on whether he’s your soulmate.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional love advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending; Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about whether he is your soulmate, get in touch with a legit advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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