21 weird signs he’s definitely in love with you

What are men like when they fall in love?

We all know the common signs when it happens to a man. He might buy you flowers, or he’ll send you funny messages that make your heart skip a beat.

But what about those unusual and somewhat weird signs that could mean he’s falling in love?

It’s weird to admit, but sometimes people can really struggle to tell if someone is falling in love with them. There are a lot of weird and unusual signs that you might be ignoring.

This article will go over 21 weird signs a man shows he’s fallen in love with you and help you read the signs better!

1) He has a picture of you saved as his phone wallpaper

Sometimes weird signs of love are simple ones to spot. But this weird sign of love is actually a really obvious one!

If he’s got your picture on his phone, there’s no denying that you’re special to him.

This can be weird if you’ve just started dating or even if it feels like the relationship might not work out in the long term.

He wants to look at how beautiful you are when he wakes up every morning, when he’s waiting for you in a meeting or when he wants to give himself a confidence boost.

It might seem weird, but it’s a good sign that shows he loves and cares about you, even if this isn’t an official relationship yet!

2) He stares at you non-stop

Some people say that staring isn’t nice; They find it to be rude.

Can you imagine how you’d feel if a guy has his eyes constantly on you? It can be very uncomfortable.

So if you catch a guy making eye contact and constantly staring at you, and when you look at him he suddenly looks away, that could be a weird sign that he has fallen in love with you.

To be honest, he might not even catch himself staring at you. He could be unaware of his weird attraction to you and that makes him all the weirder!

It can also mean that he has this real connection with you, likes what he sees, and wants to remember those features so he doesn’t forget about how great they are.

Staring at you non-stop could mean that whatever else is going on in his life, all he can think about for those moments between pauses and pauses again is you!

3) A gifted advisor attests he’s crazy about you

The signs above and below will give you a good idea if he’s in love with you.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions about his actions and real intentions.

The problem is finding someone you can trust. 

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with unique insights into different aspects of my life.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate and helpful network of gifted advisors out there.

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Not only will a genuine advisor explain the signs, but they can reveal all your love possibilities too.

4) He makes a big deal out of every little thing you do

Making a big deal out of every little thing you do could be another sign that a guy is definitely falling in love with you.

This could be something as simple as when you get a haircut, or when you eat a burger at a fancy restaurant.

But if a guy makes a big deal out of your daily routine and tells you he’s never seen anything more beautiful than what you’ve just done, that might be weird!

For example, maybe he sees you getting a drink in the kitchen, and then comes to sit next to you on the couch and then suddenly says something like, “You’re amazing,” or “I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.”

A guy who’s into you could weirdly make a big deal out of even the smallest things that you do every day. It’s because he’s falling in love with you.

As weird as it might seem, he does this because he appreciates and notices your presence and what you do, and loves being around it.

5) He gets really into the music you like

Madonna said it – “Music makes the people come together.”

But isn’t it weird when a guy suddenly listens to the music you like even if it isn’t really his jam?

He’d create a playlist just to add your favorite songs. He’d even make an effort to learn the lyrics and sing along to them.

It can be a little weird at first if it seems out of nowhere. But then again, love is weird sometimes.

If a man is falling in love with you, he’d make an effort to share your interests, and that includes the music you like.

It may be weird, but he’d be into your music because they’d remind him of what a great time he has when spending quality moments together. It’s just your guy’s way of showing you how much he cares.

Who knows, maybe this could well lead to some awesome parties with the two of you hitting the dance floor.

6) He’s always around when you’re around

Love is all about being in each other’s presence. It’s the most important thing. And a guy who’s falling for you would make sure that he always finds ways to be with you no matter what.

It doesn’t sound weird, to be honest.

But what could make a weird vibe to this is that he’s falling in love with you is when he doesn’t want to literally miss a single second that he can spend with you.

It could be a spontaneous trip somewhere for lunch, or an impromptu retail shopping at the mall. It could also be his idea to join you in your next piano lesson.

Now, you may be wondering: Why does this guy seem to have a lot of free time on his hands? Doesn’t this guy have a life?

The answer is yes, he does. But what makes this sign weird (in a good way) is that his life doesn’t appear to be as important as spending time with you.

He’ll start canceling appointments and won’t even think twice about doing it because all of this will pale in comparison to the opportunity of being close to you for just one more minute.

And don’t worry – after those few minutes are over, he’s likely going right back into canceling plans again!

Needless to say, weird signs of love like this is a great start.

A guy who’s definitely falling in love with you will show you he’s willing to go the extra mile just so you can have more time together.

That could be the start of true love right there.

7) He brings you presents even though he knows you aren’t into gifts

Giving gifts is a great way to show someone you appreciate them. It’s a gesture of any kind of love, and it’s also an expression of romantic love.

But what if you aren’t into gifts and a guy still brings you presents? Do you get upset and give him a hard time? Or do you appreciate the sentiment behind it and thank him for his thoughtfulness?

If a guy brings you presents even though he knows you don’t really care about gifts, it could be because that’s his language of love. He’s putting in extra effort to show how much he cares by going through the trouble of finding gifts that are perfect for you.

He wants to shower you with love and affection that way, no matter what it takes.

8) He finds excuses to keep you up all night

If you’re in the early stages of your relationship, or if you’ve been dating for a long time, then this weird sign is a good one!

If a guy is into you, then he’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible. And to do this, he’ll be willing to put aside sleep!

It could be weird because it’s not something that most people would want to do. Others would allow some space to let you recharge (and maybe miss them a little bit), but this guy would want to make sure he gets his time with you, too.

It doesn’t matter what’s keeping you up – a late work deadline, or maybe you were having a bad dream. The point is, it doesn’t matter what the reason is.

The thing is, he’ll try to make sure that the two of you will be able to connect every single time you’re together. And if you’re still awake after all the texts, calls, and video chats have stopped, then he’s definitely into you and may even be falling in love with you.

It may not be the most romantic thing, but if a guy’s trying to keep you up all night this way, then it’s a clear sign that he’s falling in love with you.

If you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings. 

So instead of trying to figure out why he is keeping you up and spending so much time with you, speak to an advisor who’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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9) He shows affection by playing with you like a child

If you’ve been dating a guy and he suddenly starts to let loose, to be playful and child-like, it could be a definite sign that he’s falling in love with you.

For example, you’re both at the grocery store and he initiates to play hide and seek until you reach the check-out counter. Or you’re walking at the mall and he suddenly pulls you to the fountain steps to dance.

Here’s the thing: things can be weird and off-putting if you’re not used to being playful or child-like, especially if it comes from a guy who’s been around the dating block before and knows how to behave himself properly.

But wouldn’t it be incredibly fun to just be silly without caring about who’s watching?

If a guy is being child-like and playful with you, it could mean that he has started to let his guard down and he isn’t afraid of being silly around you either.

If your relationship is clicking, there may be more room for playfulness in your time together. This could bring you closer, it could remind both of you what it was like before the stressors of life came in and complicated things.

It’s definitely a weird sign that he’s in love with you, but it could be the start of something beautiful, too.

10) He tells you you’re pretty even when you’re upset

If you’re upset about something, the last thing you need is for someone to distract you from your emotions with compliments.

You’ve seen it in movies. A man suddenly smiles at a woman who’s crying her eyes out. She tells him to go away, but he keeps smiling at her and telling her she looks pretty even when she’s upset.

It doesn’t help one bit, right?

The truth is, it won’t be the perfect moment to pay you a compliment. He may seem like a jerk, but when a guy tells you you’re pretty at the height of your anger, it could definitely be a sign that he’s falling in love with you. Allow me to explain.

A lot of men get thrown off when they see women get upset. They don’t know what to do or say. They also get frustrated when they can’t make a woman feel better, especially if she’s crying.

If a guy who has been through all of that turmoil can tell you he thinks you’re beautiful, it could be that he’s taking control of the situation by attempting not to be influenced by your feelings.

At least in his eyes, you’re the most beautiful when your emotions are all over the place. He will look past your puffy red eyes to tell you exactly that because it’s the truth.

So when this happens, don’t get all weirded out. Take it as an encouragement to keep your chin up and tell yourself you’re beautiful even when you don’t feel like it!

It may seem strange, but he’s showing that he’s in love with you because his feelings of love are stronger than any negative emotions of yours.

11) He’ll help you do your hair

If a man is falling in love with you, he’ll want to spend more quality time. And one of the weird things he may want to do is (wait for it) your hair.

You may be thinking: “What’s so special about my hair? And why would he want to spend time with it?”

Well, many folks may not realize it at first, but hair has a deep relationship with image and identity.

As the crowning glory, your hair and hairstyle can represent how you see yourself, as well as what others think of us in society today. The way your care for your hair has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself.

That’s why when you’re stressed and having a bad day, you know you’re having a bad hair day.

Here’s the kicker: although it may be true for other things a guy wants to get involved with you in (like cooking and helping around the house), he understands that hair is a big deal to you.

So when a guy wants to get more personal with you by helping you out with your hair, you know it’s a definite sign of love because he wants to be involved with you on a deeper level.

It may seem weird, but it can go a long way in your relationship. Imagine what this will mean and what it can do if it grows on you.

12) He already has a good idea of your plans for the day

This sign may seem normal, but it can be weird because it means he’s paying close attention to your daily routine.

Let me clarify.

When someone is paying attention to the things that are important to you, you feel loved because they’re caring for what matters most to you. And internalizing your day-to-day activities is a way for him to get to know you better.

Knowing your schedule can help him get a better understanding of what you have going on and can encourage him to be a part of it.

So even if this seems small or normal, it means something bigger—he’s genuinely interested in your life.

Who knows, he may show up a few minutes before your lunch break ends and might sneak in a kiss, in the hopes of brightening your day.

13) When you’ve been dating for a while and he doesn’t get physical

Getting physically intimate is not always a defining factor of love, but it’s definitely an important one.

So you’d say it’d be weird if a guy’s holding off on getting physical with you even though you’ve been dating for a while.

In fact, it may even make you think that he isn’t that into you.

But here’s the thing: people need to feel the physical connection in a relationship. And believe it or not, a lot of men find physical intimacy to be a big deal. They want to feel a strong emotional connection with their partner before taking things further.

And that’s normal.

So if a guy doesn’t get physical right from the start of your relationship and doesn’t go beyond a peck on the cheek or a big bear hug, try not to get weirded out and don’t worry about it.

Chances are it’s because he’s holding back out of respect for you, and he doesn’t want to cross any boundaries too fast (even if he wanted to).

Remember, you’re not just any woman. You’re special to him and he doesn’t want to treat you like everyone else.

Weird as it may be, if a guy’s definitely into you, then there’s a good chance that he’ll wait for that perfect moment to take things forward.

And before you know it, you’ll be all over each other.

14) He eats the leftovers from your dinner

Food always brings people together.

And when you’re dating a guy, eating together is always a fun way to connect and get closer.

But what if you suddenly catch him eating your leftovers? Wouldn’t that be weird?

To be honest, it can be weird. It can be a red flag and throw you off. But there’s something pretty cute about it. Strange as it may be, eating your leftovers can be a definite sign he loves you.

When a guy eats the leftovers from your dinner, it could mean that he wants to be close to you as much as possible. He’s physically and emotionally trying to connect with you through your food.

It’s unconventional, but he may be trying to figure out what you like and what you’re into when it comes to food.

On a deeper level, eating your leftovers shows that your guy’s reached a certain level of comfort. He trusts you enough to be close to you and get a taste of your life.

So if you happen to encounter this situation, remember how good it makes him feel and take pleasure in the fact that he’s showing his affection for you.

15) He has a habit of calling your friends and family

In the world of relationships, there’s an unwritten rule that engaging with family and friends only happens when you’ve reached a place in your relationship where you’re comfortable building relationships within your network.

So if you’ve been dating a man for a short while and he seems to be spending more time with your people, then that could be weird, but a definite sign that he’s in love with you.

Why is that weird?

Well, to begin with, if you’ve only been dating for a few weeks,  it could be too soon for him to be meeting your loved ones. Secondly, it could be a sign that he’s trying to stake his claim and build some form of social proof with the people who matter most to you.

Spending time with your family and friends, he’s making a conscious effort to get to know the people who are most important to you.

But a different, deeper meaning is because he’d like to get more acquainted with you through them. And if done right, he might even win your heart this way.

It’s weird and unusual, yes, but it’s definitely a sign a guy’s in love with you.

16) He appreciates your crazy, weird habits

Admit it: you know you have a weird habit or two. Maybe you like to wear your pajamas to the grocery store, or you eat your pancakes with ketchup.

For some guys, they may be a turn-off. He could slowly distance himself until he breaks up with you.

But if the man you’re dating has seen these crazy, weird habits and still wants to keep seeing you, it’s a sure sign he’s head over heels in love.

It may be an odd sign, but hear me out.

He understands and appreciates the quirks that set you apart from everyone else. They are what makes you special. They are what makes you, you.

When a guy’s in love, he finds your quirky habits cute and fun for him. He won’t care that your fridge has a stack of tea bags, or that your feet stick out from the covers every night.

He’ll find those odd quirks more endearing than irritating.

In fact, he may even love your weird habits more than you do, because he can see the beauty in your heart behind them.

Don’t you want a guy who loves everything about you, even when you have a weird side?

17) He copies your body language

Some people think that copying your body language is weird.

In all honesty, you may even be put off by it because it could seem that you’re being ridiculed.

But if a guy you’re dating starts to copy your body language, it could have a deeper meaning than you think.

You see, sometimes, when you start to fall for someone, you subconsciously try to mimic their behavior and speech. It’s as if you’re internalizing their mannerisms so that you can become closer to them.

This doesn’t mean that he isn’t his own person anymore.

He doesn’t become your carbon copy, but rather more in sync with you. He copies your hand gestures, finishes your sentences, and leans in when you do.

It’s one of the weird, telltale signs a guy’s fallen in love with you because he’s more connected with you and deeply invested in your relationship.

18) He likes and comments on all of your social media posts, even the mundane ones

Most people can get very particular with which social media posts on which they like or comment. It’s because they either genuinely want to support you or they’re just trying to be polite.

But if your guy’s always liking and commenting on every post, even the ones that seem trivial and irrelevant, it may seem odd and unusual.

Why would you be that active on your social media accounts, anyway?

Here’s the thing:  if a guy’s in love with, and crazy about you, he’d want the world to see how much he loves you and how great you are. He’d also want to make you feel that, even online, he’s with you.

So next time you wonder why he’s always liking and commenting on your social media posts, whether it’s by coincidence or design, then that’s just a sign of how much he cares about you.

19) He defends you from others

Gone are the days when acts of chivalry were done to defend ladies. Nowadays, women would rather be seen as equals and not someone who needs to be defended.

So when you’re put in a situation where your man is standing up for you and answering back to someone who’s trying to attack, then that means he loves you.

It may seem unusual and weird, in this day and age, but defending you and your honor means he wants to make sure that no one speaks ill of the woman he deeply cares about.

Think about his hero instinct and his natural tendency to protect and defend the one he loves.

Fact is, if he takes the time to be your knight in shining armor and stand up for you when he doesn’t have to, it’s a clear sign that shows his love and respect for you and your opinion.

It might give a different impression to some people, but he won’t care. He willingly sticks up for you and that’s all that matters.

20) He has a term of endearment for you

Has your guy recently been calling you names like ‘darling,’ ‘babe’, or ‘honey?’ Or even something more cutesy and off the wall? What about a nickname that came about from an inside joke only both of you know?

Did you find it weird and awkward? It’s probably because he’s fallen head over heels in love with you.

Coming up with a term of endearment is a way for a guy to personalize his affection for you. It’s his way of expressing how much he’s connected with you.

When he starts calling you things that nobody but him calls you, it’s because he wants you and the entire world to know how much he cares about and loves you.

21) He’s always nervous around you

A guy who’s fallen in love with you will be noticeably more nervous around you than he is around other people. He may have a hard time hiding his feelings, and will often stare at you longingly or blush when you make eye contact.

Why is this sign weird? It’s because, most of the time, when you fall in love with someone, you’d want to tell the person how you feel. You’d want to be around them more, not less.

What’s good about this is that it’s a clear sign that he cares about you deeply and wants to make a good impression on you.

He understands how important your feelings are about him. He wants to make sure he does things right so you won’t reject him.

Weird can be Wonderful

Falling in love can be one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a person. When you’re head over heels in love, it feels as if nothing else matters in the world. Your guards are down, without any fear of rejection, and all you want to do is be yourself around your loved one.

How awesome is that?

So if you’re dating a guy and he starts to act weird around you, don’t freak out. These may be obvious or subtle signs, but it’d be best to take a step back with your love life and think about why he might be acting like this.

Whatever the case may be, if a man acts unusual and shows weird signs that he’s in love with you, quirks are bound to happen! All that matters is that he’s making an effort to show you that he cares.

The next time you notice any of these odd signs, allow yourself to enjoy these moments and embrace them!

What matters is that he’s true to you as his beloved. Who knows, he could end up being a keeper and you’re one step closer to a blissful and healthy relationship.

Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion

Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion

Frankie was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She is a graduate of Humanities from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Frankie is a seasoned Customer Success and Human Resources professional. She is also a certified Life Coach and Career Strategist. She helps people young and young at heart to simplify their lives by creating emotional awareness. She also loves working with people who have a genuine interest in breaking their inner limits through their journey of self-discovery and authenticity in their personal and professional lives. Frankie’s recent venture into writing is fueled by her passion for human connection and meaningful relationships at home, at work, and basically everywhere. She enjoys the research, discovery, and reflection that go into each article as much as she writes about them, in the hopes that her words resonate with, and give perspective to her audience. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn: Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion

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