7 surprising health-benefits of hugs: scientific studies


1. Hugging protects you from stress and infection

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Research revealed that receiving hugs from a trusted individual can bolster resilience against illnesses caused by stress, reducing the risk of infection and sickness.

2. Hugs can lower blood pressure

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A study found that warm contact between couples, such as holding hands and hugging, increased oxytocin levels and decreased blood pressure, especially in those with supportive partners.

3. Hugs decrease fear of dying

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A simple hug or even touching an inanimate object can alleviate the fear of death, as shown in a study involving participants touched on the shoulder blade who reported reduced death anxiety.

4. Hugging lowers heart rate

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A studyrevealed that hugging for 20 seconds can lower blood pressure and heart rate, particularly beneficial for older individuals, as it provides comfort and reduces stress.

5. Hugs can help to treat insomnia

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Studies suggest that sleeping with weighted blankets can benefit insomniacs by mimicking physical contact, leading to relaxation and improved sleep.

6. Hugs can help you lose weight

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Romantic partners who show physical affection can help their girlfriends curb food cravings and lose weight by increasing their oxytocin levels.

7. Hugs help your sex life

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Extended post-coital cuddles significantly improve sexual and relationship satisfaction, according to a two-part study, emphasizing their lasting positive impact.

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