16 subtle ways the universe sends you messages (signs to look out for)

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Although it may not always seem like it, The Universe is trying to communicate with us all the time through signs.

But not everyone is able to pick up on the subtle (and even very obvious) ways that the universe is trying to send us a message.

Disconnectedness, distraction, and doubt often cloud our better judgment and keep us from truly understanding these messages.

Not being able to understand the universe’s intent can pave the way for confusion and suffering.

Realigning yourself with the universe and tapping into that frequency can improve your life.

By learning how to read the signs and decipher messages, it’s much easier to experience the world through the universe’s guidance:

Messages From The World

1) Dreams

Dreams have been the source of mystery and meaning for as long as humans have been around.

While science may try to explain dreams as simply the subconscious acting up while the mind and body rest, the spiritual community understands that dreams are almost always a spiritual experience and obvious links between the individual and the universe.

Dreams are a bridge between the personal and the collective.

They give us the opportunity to connect to something greater than our individuality and hear messages in the clearest way that the universe can speak to us.

Through dreams, the universe can communicate with us, and we can communicate back.

The difficulty lies in remembering and interpreting your dreams.

The universe speaks to us in mysteries, a labyrinth language that can take a lifetime to decipher.

Sometimes it could be showing you butterflies in your dream to show you a new beginning.

Finding patterns and consistencies in your dreams is essential towards understanding what the universe is trying to say, which is why it’s highly recommended to always keep a dream journal within arm’s length as you sleep.

When you wake up, immediately jot down your dream as specifically as you remember it, so that over time you can see the way your dreams try to speak to you.

2) Psychics

Psychics have unique abilities that can help you interpret the meanings of the messages the universe sends you.

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of the different ways in which you receive these life-changing messages.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? In this day and age, it’s so important to stay away from fake ones.

I recently tried Psychic Source after going through a bad break up. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable they were.

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Not only will a genuine psychic help you identify these signs from the universe, but they can also reveal what they mean and how they’ll impact your future.

3) Deja Vu

We all experience deja Vu — those strange, perfect moments where we feel like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly into a puzzle we didn’t know was there.

Everything becomes familiar in one fleeting moment — what you smell, hear, see, and feel; your current mindset and purpose and intent.

Deja Vu can be an enlightening, terrifying, and confusing experience because the familiarity of a single moment that you shouldn’t be familiar with overwhelms your mind, and you just don’t understand why.

Some people like to think of Deja Vu as proof that you had a premonition or dream in the past of this exact moment, and you’re living it out.

But there are others who say that Deja Vu should be interpreted in the same way as Angel Numbers — it’s a confirmation from the universe that you are on the right path, and your life is going exactly as it should.

Stay the course and ignore any feelings of doubt or second guessing voices, because you are walking the path you were meant to walk.

4) Angel Numbers

What exactly are Angel Numbers? Angel Numbers are the accidental (or coincidental) synchronicity of numbers in our vision.

When you haven’t checked the time in ages, and all of a sudden you get a feeling to look at your phone or watch and you see that the time is all the same numbers: 11:11, 2:22, 5:55, and so on.

While there are times when you might just be seeing these numbers as a coincidence, it’s more often a case of Angel Numbers, in which the universe is trying to send you a sign of alignment.

Whatever you may be doing, feeling, or thinking, the universe is telling you to keep going as-is, to believe in yourself and keep pushing forward, and to ultimately have faith in your actions.

To take initiative and make the most of Angel Numbers, close your eyes after you see them, and use this brief moment of synchronicity to speak to the universe.

Wish for the alignment you seek, and mentally push those thoughts out into this temporary bridge of connectedness between you and the greater collective.

5) Sudden or Random Thoughts

Do you ever get those moments where you might be doing one thing, and all of a sudden and out of nowhere you get a random, completely unrelated thought?

The thought is so different from whatever you may be currently engaged in that you have no idea how it popped into your head at all, but you know it’s the kind of thought you need to hold onto.

There are many spiritual individuals who believe in the idea of thought frequencies.

That our consciousness is typically plugged into the normal frequency, but there are times when we can either accidentally or unknowingly slide into other frequencies, or the universe connects with us by reaching us at a personal frequency.

Whatever your sudden or random thought might be, it’s important that you act on it.

If you suddenly remembered to call your mom, do it; if you have an important business idea, write it down.

These thoughts don’t come as often as they may seem, and it’s crucial we appreciate these small gifts from the universe.

6) Synchronicity

What exactly is synchronicity?

Another word for synchronicity is serendipity, or the random occurrence of seemingly unconnected events with very similar traits, appearing at you almost directly.

It can be difficult to describe synchronicity because it’s something you tend to feel rather than understand.

An example of this might be the following situation: you see a child holding a red balloon as you drive to work.

You then see a coworker later that day receive red birthday balloons. And finally, on your way home you see a red balloon in front of a “Grand Opening” store sign.

It’s not always easy to understand why we might experience synchronicity; if the universe wanted you to know, it would speak it to you more clearly.

But the significance of synchronicity is in your awareness of it — the more your soul awakens, the more you will notice these tiny, seemingly random hints of universal synchronicity or serendipity in your day-to-day life.

7) Intuition

Sometimes you just know something. Every cell in your body feels a certain way, even if there is no logical explanation for that feeling.

Some people call this a gut feeling; others know it as intuition. But whatever it is, it’s a deep and obvious sign from the universe: if it truly feels right, then it’s what you should do.

Remember: there is an infinite number of things we still don’t understand about reality, about the universe, and about our connection with the Universal Truth.

We don’t understand our purpose, why we exist, how we even came to exist, or whether any of this is even real.

And therefore we can’t expect every feeling to make sense; we can’t expect to explain to ourselves the foundation for every choice we make.

Sometimes if a choice feels so right that it eats up every part of your body as you hold yourself back from making it, it’s because the choice is right.

This is something the universe doesn’t want you to miss, and you need to do everything in your power to follow through with it.

8) Through Other People

Have you ever felt like a certain person bumped into your life at the exact right moment you needed them?

Even if you didn’t know it at the time, your path aligned perfectly with theirs at the ideal time and place in your life, making a change — either directly or indirectly — that set your life on the right track, in whatever capacity.

We don’t know how it happens and we don’t know why it happens, but enough people have experienced it that we can’t deny it: the universe works through people, using human vehicles to send out the necessary messages to individuals who need it.

Let these waves flow through you when they occur. Allow yourself to feel the energy of others and let it guide you.

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9) Nature and Animals

What better way for the universe to communicate with you than by using the most natural elements in the world around you?

Civilizations all throughout history have attributed meaning to various signs from nature — colors, flowers, crystals, rocks, feathers, animals, and more.

If you see:

  • Unusual natural patterns appearing over and over
  • Natural elements appearing to you in places where they shouldn’t be
  • An animal or any other part of nature that catches your eye and keeps it for some reason you can’t explain

Then you might be the recipient of a message from the universe.

If certain elements — a certain animal, a certain flower, a certain color — keeps catching your attention, do some research on it and figure out what it means.

For example, a feather falling into your lap from above is traditionally thought of as a “hello” from your angels and the universe.

10) Songs

Music can be the strangest thing.

You might be going through something in your life — a breakup, a tough career move, a decision between two choices that will both drastically change your path for years to come — and out of nowhere you hear the perfect song to help you find the answer you need.

And it’s not always about the lyrics itself.

Sometimes you might just feel this unshakeable connection to the music; the melody, the pace, the tone, the beat, and of course, the lyrics.

You feel like — “I need to drop everything else and listen to this song”, even if you’re already in the middle of something pretty important.

Pay attention. When these feelings happen, it’s because the universe is trying to help you figure out your best path.

It’s one of the quickest and clearest signs we can receive from the universe, and it may only happen a handful of times in your life.

Listen to the song, breathe in the music, and let your mind wander to the places where the music takes it. Remember what you need to remember.

Messages In Your Life

11) Setbacks In Your Life

From the seemingly perfect job interview getting canceled to getting so sick you can’t attend the party, these sudden setbacks, delays, and interruptions to your life might be the universe’s way of telling you “This isn’t what you should be doing.”

Some things are just beyond your control, no matter how much you try to bend the world at your will.

Instead of finding some loophole just to make what you want work, take a step back and consider how these setbacks may be what the universe has intended for you.

You may not see it now, but the roadblocks could be there because the universe is trying to reposition you into something better.

Instead of trying to force closed doors open, listen to the low vibrations in the universe.

Not everyone is in tune to the signs around them so actual setbacks in your life may be the universe’s way of trying to get your attention and physically blocking off paths that aren’t meant for you.

Job interview not panning out? How do you feel about your second option? Can’t seem to make the time for a trip? Maybe the universe is trying to get you to focus on your career first.

12) Physical Manifestations To Your Body

The universe isn’t always subtle.

Sure, signs in the form of angel numbers, messages from nature, and songs could be avenues for the universe’s bidding.

However, if you’re unable to see the subtle signs for what they are, the universe might try sending you a message that you can’t possibly ignore.

Not everyone is attuned to the signs of the universe. And when all things fail, the next thing you need might be a stronger nudge.

The mind and body are in constant communication with each other. The body acts as a bridge between the spirit, the mind, and our conscious experiences.

Spiritual messages, vibrations, and abstractions you would otherwise be unable to perceive might translate into something more palpable: in the form of aches, sickness, and sudden bodily conditions.

Sudden, unexplainable illnesses could be the universe’s way of giving you some form of wake-up call.

Heart hurting?

That might be a sign to rethink your lifestyle. Developing a skin rash?

Could be your body’s way of physically manifesting the “itch” to do something else.

Mental, physical, and spiritual health are all interconnected. Sometimes syncing up with the universe is as easy as listening to your body.

13) Things Falling Into Place

Good opportunities and experiences, as pleasant as they already are, may link to something higher if you pay close attention.

If you finally find yourself in a position where you are able to feel good about yourself, manifest your dreams and desires, and continue on a path confidently, take this flow of positivity as a surefire sign that you’re travelling down the right road.

Alignment is an important prerequisite to the universe. It’s not always easy piecing your life together. The long series of disappointments may even feel like the universe is working actively against you.

When things start taking a turn for the positive, sometimes we can’t help but feel like it’s only going to get better from here.

That’s when you know your good fortune isn’t just luck. When the universe is helping you achieve great things, you’ll feel right at home without any doubt in your mind.

14) Repeated Disappointment

You’ve been planning something for a while. You’ve done everything in your power to make things “right” and somehow things are still not going your way.

This pattern of overplanning, making sure everything is perfect, only for things to fall through in the end is all too familiar to you at this point.

The real kicker is that you’re not just experiencing disappointment; you’re experiencing a series of let downs and pitfalls with seemingly no end in sight.

But despite this, you’re not really that disappointed. Deep down, if you really tap into your intuition, you might even feel relief because you know there’s a better path ahead.

Bad experiences are just as symbolic as good experiences. It could be that the universe is testing you and strengthening your character.

Maybe the timing is off and the universe is just waiting for more things to align in your life before opening a new chapter in your life.

No matter the reason, repeated disappointments could be the universe’s way of telling you “Take a step back. There are better things elsewhere.”

15) Thoughts During Meditation

When we meditate, we quiet down our conscious thoughts and tap into the subconscious.

Without fixating on biases or worries, the subconscious is able to perceive signals from the universe we otherwise wouldn’t recognize in a more self-conscious state.

Meditation is one of the best ways to tune in to the vibrations and connect with the universe’s energy wavelengths.

Heightened feelings, sensibilities, ideas, or even sudden bursts of passion are different ways the universe tries to relate to us and express its intent.

Pay attention to what happens in your mind when you meditate. Are you instantly drawn to a specific solution?

Do you feel as though your mind is clear and you suddenly understand what to do in your life?

Meditation paves the way for unobstructed communication between us and the universe.

If you feel something in your gut when you meditate, chances are the universe is trying to tell you something important.

16) Unplanned Success

Seemingly out of nowhere, things have begun going well in your life. Too well in fact that you’re starting to get suspicious.

Cosmic karma is one of the ways the universe tries to steer us toward the right direction. You don’t have to do something amazing to be deserving of success.

If you find yourself in a position where your dreams are finally manifesting, this could be the universe’s way of rewarding you for something as small as being a courteous neighbor or a compassionate person.

Instead of dwelling on what could go wrong form here, think of this as an incentive from the universe.

You might be down in the dumps and this unplanned success might be a pat on the back, convincing you to be steadfast with what you’re doing.

The next time you stumble upon some luck, consider how the universe might be working to build your confidence and let you know you’re not alone.

The Universe Is Talking: Now What?

You finally realize that the random occurrences and coincidences in your life are more than just chance.

Now that you’re sure the universe is trying to communicate with you, what do you do next?

The truth is, the signs don’t always mean you have to do something life-changing.

Sometimes it’s just a reminder to slow down and be more self-aware; to take care of yourself and your thoughts and hold out for the good things ahead.

As telling as these signs are about the universe’s plans for you, you shouldn’t overhaul your life because of a single message. Listen to the universe, but use it as a guideline instead of a hard rule.

Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown

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