Want to truly know someone? Ask them this one simple question…

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Imagine sitting in a stadium filled with 20,000+ supporters cheering for their favorite team. Each fan has taken a different journey to be in his or her seat watching the game unfold.

Ever wondered what their story is?

Not what they do for a living but who they are as a person. What was their upbringing like? What achievements do they have under their name? What are some of the toughest life lessons they’ve learned?

These are the important questions to ask, and yet we never get around to asking them.

Don’t Ask “What Do You Do?”

This is a common question people ask. When you think about it, a person’s career is a smidgen of who they are as a person. It illustrates a portion of their life and often the most meaningless bits!

If it’s meaningless, why do we continue to ask this question?

The reason is simple; we want to know what a person is contributing to the world around them.

However, does it provide value or is it a way of comparing oneself to others? Instead of treating it as a competition, why not learn about the person’s story? Why not normalize the idea of learning where people come from and how they’ve become the people they are now?

Think about the questions you’re asking and put away “What do you do?” for another day.

The one question you should be asking

“What are the most important life lessons you’ve learned?”

This is a brilliant question because you will begin to understand what makes the person tick, why they behave in a particular manner, and why they’ve made the choices that have brought them to this point standing in front of you.

Forget about asking about material things such as cars, houses, and other items you’ll forget about in seconds. Instead, take the time to ask important questions that will teach you more about life in general. This is the magic of asking appropriate questions that reveal more about people around you.

Don’t only ask, but share who you are too. Let people know this is a healthy subject to talk about and one that is worth their time. Share your story to those who are ready to listen because you will be surprised as to how many are. Everyone wishes to learn about others as long as it seems okay to do so.

You need to make it normal!

So, why not begin with my story to get things rolling?

I was born in Toronto (Canada) and spent most of my childhood living in a two-room apartment. It was a low-income area as my parents struggled to make ends meet. I now reside in a larger home with my family after we switched multiple houses around the city.

I find joy in the little things of life whether it’s going to the local ice cream shop and picking out my favorite flavor or watching as my sports team (Toronto Maple Leafs) wins. I feel this is what happiness is all about and each person has something unique which betters their day.

I feel the best lesson I’ve had the chance to learn was to never doubt myself. It’s not failure that you should be scared of because the idea of not knowing “what could have been” is a far scarier route to take.

I find my deepest fear to be making a major decision and then regretting it as soon as things are official. This could be related to anything whether it’s going to a particular university or choosing a career path. I’ve always had this fear deep inside.

My greatest dream is being able to travel the world and see the beauty this planet has to offer because there’s so much of it. Some of the places I wish to visit are Italy, France, Greece, and Australia. While, I have had the opportunity to see various parts of Canada, USA, England, Netherlands, and Dubai.

So, there you go, I have started things, and it is time for you to pass things forward by telling your story!

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