Should you have no contact with your twin flame during separation?

In the initial stages of getting to know your twin flame, you will probably experience a strong connection with them, as well as an intense longing to be with them.

However, this doesn’t always happen and the two of you might end up spending some time apart. The twin flame journey isn’t easy and it can be challenging at times.

There are many reasons why you need to have no contact during separation and you needn’t with your twin flame during separation.

Below are 5 reasons why you will need to have no contact with your twin flame during separation.

1) You need to spend time apart for your spiritual growth

Since you will now be moving through the higher vibrations and closer to the realms of enlightenment, you are going to need more time for yourself in order to achieve this.

Being together with your twin flame will be incredibly tempting and you might find yourself spending all your time with them, which is not something that you should indulge in.

You will need to spend time meditating and doing your spiritual exercises to move through the higher vibrations.

When you are spending more time alone, this also means that you will have more clarity, as well as be able to hear the guidance from the Law of Attraction and The Universe more clearly.

2) You need no contact for your healing

Think about this for a moment:

When you are with someone, they have a great influence over you and your emotions. The things that they say and do will also provoke certain emotions in you.

Your twin flame will know how to push all of your emotional buttons, especially if they want to make sure that you are going to stick around for the long term.

So when you can be together with your twin flame, it is not impossible for them to manipulate your emotions in order to get the best out of you.

When this happens and the two of you spend time together, this will only lead to further confusion because your twin flame is more likely to be projecting their emotions onto you rather than being truly aligned with yours.

While it is important that the two of you spend time together as well as understand each other, it is just as important that there is no contact between the two of you when it comes to being intimate or getting into a relationship right away.

You need time apart in order for each of you to become stronger individuals and sort out what is real within you.

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4) You need to transform into higher versions of yourselves first

Just like an onion that needs to shed its outer layers before becoming a sweeter version of itself, so do we.

While some people believe that their purpose here on Earth is simply just to have fun and learn more lessons while they are alive, they don’t realize that there is also another purpose behind it all aside from just experiencing life as human beings:

We need to evolve.

Our souls have already experienced many lives as human beings as well as many different aspects within humanity itself.

And yet, we still haven’t learned everything there is out there because our souls keep wanting more experiences and opportunities in order for us to grow even more than we already are today.

Therefore, when the two of us meet and merge as one, it can be difficult to do so because there is so much baggage that goes along with our past experiences.

So make sure that you don’t ignore this important truth and give it the time to come and find you – it’s almost like being in a library and not knowing which book to take out!

5) You need to be prepared for the bumpy road ahead

Twin flame relationships are the subject of many myths and urban legends about how it’s going to magically happen for us after we meet our twin flame.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all.

Think about it this way:

You’re in a relationship but there are still things between you and your partner that you both need to work on together. The two of you were meant to meet and work through these issues before going full-steam ahead into the next level of your relationship.

Not only will it be difficult for each of you, but it will also be much more challenging for the two of you because one person might decide to take on the role of a “cooperator” while the other one decides to take on a “controller” role in your relationship. In order for everything to work out, it has to start with equal roles between each person.

As you can see, not every relationship is going to be full of love and happiness even twin flame relationships have boundaries and issues as well.

You just have to accept these things and be willing to work through them.

And it’s not your responsibility to make sure that they are resolved at all costs because you cannot change the way your twin flame is and cannot make him or her magically fall in love with you if they have no feelings for you already!

5 Reasons you shouldn’t have no contact with your twin flame during separation

1) Spiritual connection with your twin flame could be lost if you stay away from them

Twin flame love is often described as a spiritual kind of love.

This means that these types of relationships are not easily defined, they are simply a feeling that you can’t describe with words.

Because of this love, you shouldn’t try to define it with physical distance. Because when you are too far away from your twin flame, it can make the communication more difficult and disconnect you from their spiritual connection through the process of communication.

2) You could be subconsciously sabotaging your twin flame relationship

Another reason not to have no contact with your twin flame is that when you don’t hear from each other, you could be subconsciously sabotaging your relationship.

In order for a twin flame relationship to work, there has to be abundance and harmony between the two people. If you don’t fully trust your twin flame, you subconsciously could be sabotaging the relationship by not talking to each other.

That could cause a lot of anxiety and stress in your relationship because your twin flame is having the same feelings about you.

The more drama that is created in your relationship, the more it can destabilize your twin flame relationship. The more you are fighting over nothing, the more you are going to experience a lot of tension within your relationship.

If you can’t trust each other, then you can’t let go of each other because they might need to feel safe in their relationships as well.

3) Negative thoughts can get more in your mind and cause you to have more self-doubt

The more negative thoughts you are having within your heart, the more it can make your mind think that they are only making things much worse than they already are.

Self-doubt can be a very big danger during separation from your twin flame because it could make you feel insecure about the relationship that you once had with each other.

This can cause even more stress and anxiety for both of you because you don’t want to lose the connection that you once had together.

Think positive thoughts during separation time. Focus on trusting each other and work on being more open with each other in order to have peaceful communication.

4) Your twin flame could be experiencing emotional distress as well

Of course, you can feel the same way too. If your twin flame is experiencing some sort of emotional distress during separation, then it could be because you are having the same feelings that they are feeling at the moment.

The heart can feel like it is being torn into two separate parts without even having a conversation with each other. When you are separated from each other for even just a little bit, then you might start to have doubts about seeing each other again.

However, even if your twin flame’s heart is being torn up within them during separation, then it could still be a good sign of a new relationship coming into their life.

Your twin flame could also be having negative emotions within them because they are feeling guilty about something that they did or something that somebody did to them.

If you see he/she weirdly acting out or doing something strange, then it could be because they are having some kind of emotional response that is coming from their mind.

Think about how you would feel if you were the one feeling bad about something that has happened to another person.

Emotions can hurt feelings just like anything else.

It feels very awkward and uncomfortable when emotions come into play in your relationships, but at the same time, it can completely make things better too.

You have to learn how to handle difficult situations properly so you don’t create unnecessary drama within your relationships. Learn how to keep each other safe and trust each other in order for their relationship to work well again after separation time.

5) This could lead to even more separation

Once you start a separation, then it could be easy to continue the process of separating from each other after some time passes.

This could lead to spending even more time apart from each other, possibly even years apart in the future.

It gets worse if your twin flame has any negative thoughts about their current relationship. If you think back to how horrible it is being separated from each other, then it could be easy to feel like there is nothing that you can do anymore.

At this point, there might also come a time when your twin flame feels like they want to end their current relationship instead of giving it another chance.

The worst part about all of this separation between two people that love each other so much could be that you might never see each other again in the first place.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you can have a better understanding of how to deal with separation from your twin flame. Hopefully, you can start to feel a positive change within yourself that makes you feel better about all of this separation time.

Just remember that the best way to deal with separation is through talking to your twin flame directly. It could be difficult at first because it involves talking about what happened and what caused this relationship to separate from each other.

Keep in mind that understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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