17 incredible signs of twin flame reunion after separation (complete list)

Being separated from your Twin Flame can be extremely painful.

After all, it wasn’t so easy finding that one person who truly gets you to the core…and then BAM, they’re out of your life.

But don’t fret, twin flames are like magnets that always get pulled back to each other.

If you’ve been separated for a while now, you’ll definitely be reunited again, and probably sooner than you think!

Below are some strong signs that your twin flame reunion is getting closer.

The nature of twin flame relationships

A twin flame connection is harder to find than that of a soulmate connection, and definitely much harder to maintain.

Your twin flame is the only person that has the same spiritual DNA as you—there is only one soul that can be considered your twin flame. So if you’ve found yours, consider yourself lucky.

But while it’s good to find someone who’s a mirror to our soul, the Twin Flame relationship is not at all smooth-sailing.

It’s oftentimes complicated and strenuous, with having roots in chaos and change. If your relationship is too chill, they’re probably not your twin flame.

You experience the highest of highs, and lowest of lows with your twin flame. It’s exhilarating, but that’s because you need friction and change for both of you to grow and become the best version of yourselves.

Why twin flames go through a state of separation

Twin Flame separation is a necessary stage of the twin flame relationship, and arguably the most difficult.

You see, the Twin Flame relationship can easily lead to conflict because it has a mirroring nature. You are capable of reflecting each other’s flaws so it’s only natural that you clash and explode!

Unlike toxic relationships though, this kind of friction is a constructive one. It helps both of you become aware of your flaws, deepest insecurities, and fears. It can even bring out repressed emotions that neither of you were aware of.

And, experiencing a Twin Flame separation forces each of you to confront your weaknesses and evolve separately so you come out stronger as a couple and as individuals when you finally reunite.

Signs of twin flame reunion after separation

Because Twin Flames have a strong spiritual bond, you can sense each other as your reunion gets closer.

Here are some of the most common signs you should watch out for:

1) You get excited for no apparent reason

A big sign that your twin flame relationship is heading towards a reunion is when you start getting excited out of nowhere.

You would be washing the dishes and generally just having a boring day when you would suddenly feel the world brighten up, and your heart start beating faster.

It’s like you’re expecting to receive a delivery of your favorite ice cream but it’s ten times stronger and there’s actually no ice cream.

You’re not going nuts. It’s your subconscious!

It can sense what’s going on even when the conscious mind doesn’t, and this puts you in a good mood. Your souls are excited to be together again, and that excitement crosses over to the conscious world.

2) You encounter things that remind you of them

When you begin to notice things that remind you of someone, oftentimes that means that you’re thinking of that someone—either consciously or unconsciously— and that your mind is eager to latch on to the smallest reminders of them.

When a twin flame reunion is approaching, you would find yourself thinking about them all the time surely, but it’s not the only reason why you’re seeing those things.

Seeing things that remind you of your Twin Flame could also be the universe’s way of leading you back to them.

After all, you could be the one who should reach out to them for you to reunite. You’re 50% of the equation here!

Seeing these objects could then lead you to reaching out to them, or welcoming them again when you cross each other’s paths.

3) You see angel numbers everywhere

A big sign from the universe that your twin flame reunion is coming is that you’d begin noticing angel numbers everywhere.

They can appear at any time, of course. What heralds the coming of a reunion is when you see angel numbers literally everywhere, all the time.

Angel numbers are the universe’s way of speaking with you, and with a bit of understanding for what each angel number means, you can figure out when your twin soul is coming.

The angel number 1122, for example, bears themes of growth and purpose. It basically stands for the twin flame separation and might just be a sign of its end.

4) A gifted advisor says that you will reunite soon

All the signs indicate a twin flame reunion. But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can interpret the signs and the signifance of the angel numbers.

The problem is finding someone you can trust. 

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with unique insights into different aspects of my life.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate and helpful network of gifted advisors out there.

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Not only will a genuine advisor explain what is about to unfold, but they can reveal all your love possibilities too.

5) Synchronicities happen way more often

Moments of synchronicity happen more often between you and your twin flame than they would do with everyone else.

This is because the two of you are so strongly spiritually bonded and compatible that you just can’t help but influence each other.

They might spend all day thinking about kicking back and relaxing with a tub of vanilla ice cream, for example. And guess what, you want the same thing at the same time, too. You might even buy from the same ice cream shop!

Or you shared a meme on Facebook at almost the same time.

Synchronic events happen less often during your separation, because the separation phase happens when your souls step out of sync.

But as you get closer to your twin flame reunion, your souls and minds would slowly begin to synchronize again, which means that synchronistic events will happen more often than before.

And like as not, the two of you would also be more aware of each other in general, so you would also begin to notice synchronistic events that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

6) You keep dreaming about them

Another sign you have to look out for is that you dream about them.

I mean, sure, if you have this deep connection with someone, you’ll probably find them in your dreams once in a while, right? But if your twin flame is about to re-enter your life, you’ll dream about them more frequently.

We’re not talking about once every three months here, we’re talking about almost every month or even every week!

And what makes this even more creepy is that the dreams are very vivid. It’s like you’re actually experiencing them in real life. Colors are vibrant, you can recall the details, and you feel your intimate bond in your dream.

You wake up feeling creeped out by just how real it all felt.

7) You keep seeing images of your twin flame

Watch out for when you suddenly get vivid images of your twin flame in your mind, and at the most random times.

You might be getting ready for work when all of a sudden you would see their smiling face flash in your head. And it’s as clear as a photograph. Or maybe you’d be taking a walk in a park and you would see their face in random passers-by.

It’s almost like you’re dreaming while awake, and it can even be frightening at times.

Imagine tapping someone’s shoulder, thinking it was them because they have exactly the same profile, only for it to be some random stranger.

It’s almost as if your twin flame is trying to connect with you to catch your attention, and is going overboard with it.

In a way, the two of you are already projecting to each other all the time without knowing it. The strength of your bond means you don’t have to try as hard as  you would with anyone else.

That bond is diminished during your separation as the two of you learn to mend your own internal flaws, and then grows stronger as your reunion draws nearer.

8) Your insecurities have diminished

You’ve always had some troubles with your insecurities and attachment.

Before your twin flame separation happened, you used to be always worried about your worth. You might have become very clingy in your relationship that’s why you clashed and separated.

But now? You’ve embraced your flaws and found your self-worth!

You developed a newfound confidence in yourself because of your separation and now you’re not at all worried whether they think you’re great or not—because you just know that you are.

What’s funny about it is that your newfound confidence might just be what will draw your twin flame back to you. You will ooze an aura of strength that’s just irresistible.

9) You’ve learned to let go

When you were still together, you always had a fixed idea in your mind on how you’ll both progress in the relationship.

And even back when you had just parted ways, you would find yourself lost in fantasies. You would find yourself thinking things like “if only I did this, then it would have been different…” or imagining situations on how you’ll be together again.

Now, however, you’ve accepted the fact that those things might not happen, and that you’ll just take what the world throws your way.

You’re now more focused on the present, instead of obsessing about the future and the past. This means that you’ve grown a lot since then and, knowing this, the universe will try to lead your twin flame back to you.

Funnily enough, this has the biggest impact when you are the chaser in your twin flame dynamic. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have given up the chase, either.

It means that this time around, you are both ready to try again. You aren’t as desperate to go after them and, at the same time, they have begun to come to terms with your relationship and no longer feel the need to run away.

10) You think about them even on the most stressful times

You would be doing something that has completely nothing to do with your twin flame.

Maybe you would be rushing deadlines, trying to thread a needle, or deal with having to hear your neighbors fight with each other for days on end.

But despite that, and even in stressful times where you should probably focus or try to explode from frustration, you would find your thoughts gravitating towards them anyways.

It’s your Twin Flame trying to connect with you. If they’ve found a way to enter your mind during the most stressful times, your paths are about to cross. Count on it.

11) You’re suddenly inspired to look good

You might have not cared for looks that much, but all of a sudden you want to start looking good. And if you’ve always been meticulous about your looks, you’re now even more obsessed!

It’s almost like you feel like something’s coming soon and you want to be ready for it.

And the funny thing is that you do. Your soul knows that the reunion is coming and is trying to make sure you are ready for it.

That’s the reason why you feel so compelled to look good and feel good lately.

It’s as if you’re always preparing to go to a party. And a twin flame reunion is going to be even bigger than any party you can put together in the world.

12) Your habits have changed

It’s not easy to go through a twin flame separation phase and not be changed. And that’s how it should be. The separation phase is supposed to be transformative.

We spend most of our lives largely ignorant towards our negative habits and patterns, and we go through relationships without really noticing them. But the separation pops that bubble and forces you to live with the harshness of reality.

It’s an ordeal of its own, but you do things differently now. Not everything is necessarily obviously positive. The hurt might have made you a little colder and calmer on the outside, for example.

And that’s fine. What matters is that you’re no longer completely that person they parted ways with when they return.

When they do return, they have a lot to learn all over again with you.

13) You’ve realized your mistakes

Your twin flame separation may have left you an emotional wreck, causing you to not truly see your mistakes for some time.

But in the time since then, you have calmed down and truly understood where you went wrong, and how you should have dealt with those problems better.

For example, you might have thought that your problem then was that you were too impatient. Now you realize that you were impatient because you were insecure.

This is one of the reasons why twin flame separations are important.

If you never separated, you would have remained insecure and jealous, and it will eventually make your relationship toxic.

Now that you’ve both made your realizations, the universe is ready to bring you back together.

 14) You can clearly see how you’ve become a better person

Simply knowing about your problems doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t do anything about it.

The universe might like it when it sees that you’ve seen and understood the lessons it’s been trying to teach you. But it’s going to want to see you actually do something with that understanding and knowledge.

The moment you could see just how much you’ve grown and acknowledge just how bad you were means a lot. On top of it saying that you’ve matured, it also means you have matured enough emotionally to look to the past and acknowledge that you indeed needed improvement.

15) You’ve forgiven them

The separation phase is very likely to have caused you some frustration and anger. You might have thought to yourself “this is unfair, I’ll never forgive them!” and then swear by it.

But anger, you realized, is like a piece of hot coal—by holding on to it, you’re only hurting yourself. And not only that, hot coals cool down eventually and burn down into ash with time.

And now you’ve had enough time to find it in you to forgive your Twin Flame. You understand that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be back then and that you both needed to grow some more.

16) You feel their presence

You feel your Twin’s presence all the time.

They’re so close that it’s almost like you’re haunted by a ghost—except that they’re still alive, of course. Let’s hope!

It’s that uncanny feeling where you would swear that they’re right behind you, only for you to turn around and see that there was nobody there.

But while the feeling seems to be quite persistent, it seems to be much stronger when they’re nearby, even if you don’t know that they are.

You might suddenly feel especially haunted while taking a stroll through the park, only for you to hear from your friends a week later that your twin flame had been in another part of the same park on that day.

17) You just know they’re coming back

To cap it all off, you simply just know they’re returning to your side.

You might think that you’re just fantasizing again but when you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that’s nah, that’s not the case..

It’s not that you’re wishing they’re coming back. You don’t even feel that desperate to see them by your side again.

Instead you just KNOW deep in your soul that they’re coming. It’s as clear as day. It’s strange because…where does this confidence come from?

You see, there’s a lot your soul knows that your conscious self doesn’t, and these feelings are because it’s trying to reassure you and inform you that it’s going to happen, and very soon too.

What to do when you finally reunite with your twin flame

Reuniting with your twin flame after a separation is just the preparation. The real work begins when you finally reunite with them!

You want to be sure that you won’t go back to the same cycle.

There are at least three basic ways to go about this so your reunion would last for life.

Be better for each other

As mentioned again and again, your separation was necessary for individual growth so be that better person. Apply the lessons you’ve learned about yourself and your relationship during the separation. Try with all your might to not fall back on the same toxic patterns so you’ll have a better chance of making things work.

Find the right way to love each other

Your Twin Flame is very important in your life so keep them close to your heart. Although the focus of this article is mainly romantic love, that isn’t always the case with twin flames.

Sometimes, twin flames don’t end up together but still have that profound connection with one another. You should find the relationship suited to your bond. Maybe you can consider having an  open relationship or just stay friends.

Redefine the rules of your relationship

You didn’t go through all that hardship not to make improvements on how you handle your relationship—whether platonic or romantic. Make sure that you communicate well what you want from them, make sure you set clear boundaries, and make sure you vow to each other to commit to having a healthy twin flame relationship.

Last words

If you’ve experienced most of the signs in this list, watch out! Your twin flame is about to walk into your life again—this time better, but probably with even more lessons to give.

And yes, sometimes having your twin flame can bring out the worst in you, they’re also the only one who’s capable of bringing out the best in you.

Nurturing this once-in-a-lifetime connection might be tedious—sometimes a little toxic— but it’s extremely rewarding if you know how to handle it.

For now, all you have to do is open your senses and be very aware of the things around you, because they’re on their way.

I hope you’re ready.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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