Twin flame dreams before reunion: Everything you need to know

When you’re separated from your twin flame, it is completely normal that your souls meet in the dream space.

However, if you’ve been experiencing an increase in the intensity and instances of twin flame dreams, chances are that you’ll shortly be reunited with your divine partner.

Read on to find out about the importance of this spiritual journey and what your twin flame dreams before the reunion with your soul partner may mean.

Kundalini rising

In the present time of crisis on this earth, a spiritual awakening is starting to take place in many people. This spiritual rebirth, or ascension process, is essentially a mystical journey towards Divine Union.

If you’re on a quest to find meaning in your life, you’ve probably embarked on this mystical journey, which is often referred to as the hero’s journey.

Or, you may have heard of a kundalini awakening, which is the Hindu description of this spiritual process.

The chakras in our bodies are energetic vortexes. By purifying and balancing these energy centers through, for instance, yoga, meditation, and healthy eating, you can raise your positive vibrational energy.

This will allow you to access higher existential planes and experience unprecedented personal growth and transformation.

Ultimately, our aim is to attain spiritual bliss and enlightenment, which in Vedic tradition is denoted by the opening of the crown chakra.

What are twin flames?

So why all this talk about Divine Union when we’re actually focusing on your reunion with your twin flame?

Well, reuniting with your twin flame is about more than just entering into a meaningful relationship with a soulmate. It is an essential part of your spiritual journey, which will ultimately lead you to a state of enlightenment.

Mystical communion with the Divine is based on the alchemical marriage between the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies.

Let me explain.

In Jewish mysticism, and other doctrines, twin flames, or twin souls, originate from the same spiritual essence, and are separated into the divine feminine and divine masculine when they manifest on earth.

This means that you and your twin flame are divine lovers that share the same soul and that there’s an unbreakable bond between you.

After humanity’s “fall,” a gradual disintegration of true marital love has taken place over the ages.

Now, in the time of our awakening as a collective on earth, it is more important than ever that we reunite with our twin flames.

Twin flame dreams before reunion

Before your reunion, it is very likely that you and your twin flame will make contact with each other in the dream space or the astral plane.

Firstly, because of the soul contract, or energy bond, you share with your twin flame, there’s always a psychic connection between you, even if you’re miles apart. There are also different types of twin flame relationships.

Even if you don’t know what your twin flame looks like, you’ll be aware of and in tune with their energy signature.

Secondly, as you start moving towards a reunion in the physical plane, your twin-flame dreams are likely to intensify and become more frequent, seeing that your energies will start to harmonize.

Basically, these dreams are a way in which our higher selves inform us that we are about to enter into the final and true unconditional love stage with our twin partner.

In these dreams, you and your twin flame may be talking and touching more than you normally do. They are also likely to be more detailed, and you may remember these details in your waking hours.

In addition, you may notice other manifestations such as numbers, signs, and symbols appearing in your twin flame dreams. These are all indications that you’re about to meet your soul partner in the 3D space.

A real psychic confirms a reunion is approaching

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of whether your dreams signify a twin flame reunion.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

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Can I initiate twin flame dreams?

Twin flame dreams are a wonderful source of support, comradery, and love, so it’s normal to want to have these dreams.

Fortunately, you can initiate these meetings with your twin flame by firstly setting the intention to communicate with them.

Meditation is also a useful way to channel your energy and thoughts towards meeting with your twin flame in the dream space.

Most importantly, you need to accept the spiritual space in which you and your twin flame commune and must also completely surrender to the unconditional love between you.

Two Types of Twin Flame Dreams

It’s important that you realize that there are two types of twin flame dreams.

1) The ego-driven dream

The first type of dream is entirely driven by your ego.

These types of dreams are essentially about your egoic mind playing out your fear and anxieties.

This means that if you wake up from a twin flame dream and you’re experiencing negative emotions such as insecurity or anxiety, you most likely didn’t really connect with your twin flame.

For instance, if you’re dreaming of your twin flame acting in a hurtful way, such as hooking up with your best friend, chances are that it’s a dream in which your ego is playing out one of your fears.

Be warned: these dreams can be really vivid and you may feel like you’re really seeing or interacting with your twin flame. However, these dreams don’t contain spiritual messages.

It is quite normal to have these dreams, especially when you’re first starting out on your spiritual journey towards awakening. This is because when we start connecting with our twin flame, we experience what is referred to as the ego death.

The ego, however, doesn’t like this one bit and will resist — not only in your waking hours but in your dreams too.

Ego-driven dreams are useful, though, since you can learn about your fears and insecurities and can take steps to remedy these issues. Doing so will also bring you closer to your twin flame.

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2) The real twin flame dream

You will instinctively know when you’ve had a real twin flame dream.

These dreams contain clear messages and communication from your twin flame. There’s also no chance that you’ll be left with any negative emotions after you’ve met with your twin flame in the dream space.

The higher love that you share between you is completely unconditional and true. Negative vibes and insecurities do not exist in this dimension.

You will either wake up feeling exhilarated and happy from a real twin flame dream, or you may feel a deep sadness and longing for your soul partner.

Most common forms of twin flame dreams

When you’re separated from your twin flame, your soul is bound to reach out to theirs and theirs to yours through dreams.

When your souls start to harmonize as you’re moving towards your reunion in the 3D plane, you’re likely to have more twin flame dreams.

Here are a few of the common forms of twin flame dreams:

1) Receiving signs and symbols

These are twin flame dreams in which you notice distinctive events or objects that stand out to you.

You may, for instance, notice an animal, such as a snake or an elephant, or a location, such as a forest or a beach.

If it’s a real twin flame dream, there’s a reason why your soul partner is sending this particular symbol your way. Your higher self, if you allow it, will be able to recognize what the symbol means.

For this reason, it’s important that you follow your intuition when it comes to deciphering these dreams.

If you want, you can Google what the symbol means, which will likely provide you with many explanations. Listen to your heart and go with the interpretation that resonates with you the most.

2) You recognize them

If your twin flame reunion is close, then chances are you’ll recognize them in your dreams.

But how do you know if someone really is your twin flame?

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3) Being with your twin flame

Dreams in which you met with your twin flame will leave you with a profound emotion when you wake up, even if you do not remember much detail from the dream.

These strong emotions are due to a form of emotional telepathy you have received from your soul partner.

You may wake up with a deep longing for your twin flame, which may mean that your partner is reaching out to you and letting you know that they’re missing you.

Or, you may wake up just feeling loved and positive because of the strong connection and unconditional acceptance you felt in the dream.

4) A Message

A common twin flame dream is where you receive a clear message from your soul partner.

They could, for instance, inform you that a reunion is imminent or may provide you with advice regarding an issue that you may be experiencing in your life.

These messages can be taken at face value, so you don’t need to dig around to try to find deeper meanings.

However, you should pay attention to these concrete messages. There’s definitely a good reason why your twin flame is bringing you a message in the dream space.

5) A real meeting

Then there are those dreams where you wake up wondering whether you were dreaming or whether you actually really had an encounter with your twin flame.

These dreams are extremely realistic — and for a good reason.

In some sense, you did really meet with your twin flame. These dreams appear when you and your twin flame meet in the astral realm, which happens when your souls leave your bodies simultaneously.

The amazing thing about these dreams is that if both of you remember the astral meeting, you can actually confirm this with each other once you wake up in the physical plane.

However, there’s also the possibility that one or both of you will forget the incident. Even if you do, you’ll still have a feeling that you’ve been in contact with your partner.

What happens when twin flames reunite?

The reunion of twin flames is in essence an alchemical marriage since it’s a bonding of duality.

Through the union of the divine feminine and masculine energies, the duality of life, death, time, and eternity is transcended.

When twin flames meet, they instigate in spiritual awakening in each other.

Since they share the same unique blueprint of identity, they are able to purify and transform each other during both physical and dream-space encounters.

What’s more, their reunion initiates a synergy that raises the collective consciousness of humanity.

Why are twin flames separated in the first place?

Twin flames are separated when they manifest on earth. However, the separation is actually only an illusion.

Yes, you may miss your twin flame terribly once you become aware of them and will long to be reunited.

But in truth, your souls have always been and will always be connected and the two of you will experience perpetual energetic communication.

Before you can be reunited with your twin flame in the physical plane, you will face what seems like insurmountable life obstacles.

However, the longing for your soul partner will motivate you to tackle trials and temptations head-on and move along your personal hero journey with determination.

Whereas worldly love and marriage are essentially based on egoistic desires and physical lust, you need spiritual maturity before you can participate in higher love.

Your main lesson is to completely fall in love with yourself. Only then will you be ready to receive and give the unconditional love that characterizes a twin flame union.

What are Karmic Relationships?

Karmic relationships refer to the worldly relationships we typically enter into in the physical plane. These relationships are typically not based on real love.

Instead, we often allow our egos to guide us when it comes to choosing karmic partners.

People tend to construct an image of their ideal partner and then feel disappointed when their partners don’t live up to this idea.

Karmic relationships, however, serve a purpose as they teach us valuable lessons about ourselves.

We live in a world of low vibration where many things can keep us from accessing a higher vibrational frequency where we can find our twin flame.

Fear, negativity, stress, alcohol, and drugs are all factors that contribute to keeping our souls locked away.

In order to break away from karmic relationships, we need to think positively and should engage in activities that help raise our vibration to match that of our soul.

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