16 revealing signs of twin flame divine masculine awakening

Before we even begin, let’s get one thing straight:

There’s a divine feminine and a divine masculine in you, regardless of your gender.

However, as a twin flame, you have your roles. Before becoming one with your counterpart, you experience the chaser and runner dynamic.

Typically, when the divine masculine awakens in a twin flame, they become the runner. So, what changes should you expect when this awakening happens?

Let’s see what experts and twin flames have to say about this!

1) You will feel more powerful

The first thing you will notice is that you feel more powerful.

Here’s what Oneira, a person who experienced twin flame divine masculine awakening shared on Quora:

“You will feel more powerful. You will finally be at ease with yourself and radiate confidence and inner strength. You will have taken your life into your own hands, realizing you are the creator of your own reality.”

In other words, you’ll be more confident in who you are and what that means for the world around you.

What’s more, you’ll have no doubts about what you’re capable of.

2) You’ve reached a point of self-sufficiency

The second thing you’ll notice is that you’ve reached a point of self-sufficiency.

Twin flames have a very passionate connection to one another – which can lead to emotional dependency.

However, when the divine masculine awakens in a twin flame, he or she becomes more independent.

“As the divine masculine awakens in your twin flame bond, it may feel like you are being pushed further and further apart,” said a friend of mine, while her counterpart was experiencing a divine masculine awakening.

Simply put, if this is you, this could be a sign that you might start running soon.

3) Ask a spiritual advisor to look for signs

In my experience, twin flames are very intuitive. They may be feeling something or have a vision that they just can’t shake.

For example, when my friend started feeling pushed away by her counterpart, she did something I’d never do. She signed up for a professional twin flame reading.

She knew something was going on, but she could align herself with her twin flame’s energy, so she looked for answers elsewhere.

The advisor she spoke to is part of Psychic Source, a highly reputable psychic service known for giving straightforward answers and practical advice.

They helped her understand what her twin flame was going through and reassured her that he will come back to her.

And guess what? He did!

So, if you’re having doubts about what’s going on with you right now and don’t know which signs to look for, click here to talk to a gifted advisor.

4) You feel like running from your twin flame

“The Divine Masculine is usually referred to as the “Matrix Twin” or “Runner Twin”. This is because this is the side of the connection that is stuck in the 3D matrix where everything needs to make logical sense,” says Sarah Leist, awakened runner twin flame for Quora.

What does this mean?

It means that you might feel like running from your counterpart. You can feel this energy coming in, so you might want to take some space from your counterpart and give yourself some time to process it.

And while this will definitely hurt your twin flame, it’s part of the journey.

5) Your twin flame is more spiritually aware

Another sign that you are experiencing the divine masculine awakening in your twin flame journey is that you are spiritually less aware.

Or, maybe you’re lost in your faith.

The point here is that you’ve taken steps on a path that doesn’t really take you closer to your spirituality, but rather closer to logical, analytical, and objective views.

Sarah Leist confirms it:

“The Divine Masculine is usually the one who is less spiritually aware or lost in their faith.”

Remember: You don’t have to feel bad about the changes you’re going through. They’re inevitable.

However, you have the power to properly navigate them and use them in your favor.

6) You become a person of action

The sixth thing you’ll notice when the divine masculine awakens is that you become a person of action.

The divine masculine is a powerful force that pushes us to action. This could be anything from moving to a new place to taking on a new job.

The divine masculine energy invites (or even demands) action and readiness… being alive. Moving, doing, being in the moment.

So, if you’ve been feeling like you want to make a change or do something different, this could be your opportunity.

7) You will feel visible and more in control

Let’s move on to the next thing you’ll notice: You’ll start feeling more visible and more in control.

This could result in having people drift away from you, or maybe you’ll finally find the niche that’s been calling to you for a while.

But most likely, this will be one of the more subtle signs to tell you that the divine masculine is awakening.

You see, as the divine masculine starts to awaken, you become a lot more aware of your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

You start questioning yourself instead of just reacting. You’re starting to gain some self-awareness.

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8) You get a little cocky

Just like people who are experiencing runner’s high, you’ll experience something called divine masculine high.

This will affect your twin flame journey differently, but it could result in you running harder and faster than ever.

You might be so self-assured that you’re ready to do or go anywhere. You might believe there’s nothing (and no one) that can hold you back.

And the truth is… there isn’t!

Even though this is not a positive sign for your counterpart, it is a good thing. It means that your twin flame journey is on the right track and you’re heading in the right direction.

9) You have issues opening up to anyone

You might feel like you have issues opening up to anyone.

This could be due to your divine masculine awakening, but it could also be due to a very real protection mechanism.

You’re used to being alone and supporting yourself, so subconsciously you keep away from others for their own good.

But again… this is a positive sign! It shows that your twin flame journey is going in the right direction and the divine masculine energy is starting to take over.

While it might be a difficult time for you and your counterpart, you’ll soon realize that this is all part of your journey.

10) You find your relationship with your twin flame confusing

Here’s another revealing sign of twin flame divine masculine awakening: You feel intimidated and confused about your relationship with your counterpart.

Alka Chowdhary, writer, poet, and painter, explains this with a few words:

Divine masculines find the twin flame connection “intimidating and confusing. They are not able to understand the confusion of the overwhelming emotions within. They avoid going into that space rather. They are not able to give it a structure by their logical mind that they have so much in predominance.”

So, if you’re starting to realize that your relationship is confusing and intimidating, there’s a reason for it.

It could be because the divine masculine energy inside of you is waking up.

11) You become more impatient

One of the biggest side effects of divine masculine awakening is impatience.

Using this energy in your twin flame connection could lead to either a smooth ride or a bumpy one.

Either way, you’ll feel like you’re heading in the right direction. There’s a certain flow that will take over your body and mind, making it hard to stop at any turn.

So instead of feeling impatient with others, this could be a symptom of divine masculine energy awakening within you.

12) You feel the need to protect your twin flame from yourself

To better understand this point, Xandar Gordon, writer for Nomadrs and a twin flame himself, provides an explanation:

“Most often, the runner is deliberately moving away from their twin flame because they feel the need to “protect” their twin from harm. From themself, because they believe they’re damaging.”

But why?

“This has to do with the fact that they aren’t spiritually ready, and need to face some personal demons to grow.”

In other words, a sign your divine masculine awakens is when you feel an unstoppable urge to protect your twin flame. However, you might think they need protection from yourself.

13) You start thinking you’re not good enough for your counterpart

Although you might feel powerful, in control, and confident due to the divine masculine awakening inside you, you might also feel that you’re not good enough for your twin flame.

This is another important sign of a twin flame divine masculine awakening.

You might also feel that your twin flame is better than you and you’ll never measure up to them.

Xandar Gordon confirms it:

“Feeling unworthy in a relationship can be difficult and cause a lot of strain, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

As is true with most things, the fact that this is a twin flame relationship only amplifies those feelings and makes them more challenging.

If you’re feeling unworthy, it’s male twin flame feelings that you can overcome and learn from.”

14) You’ll get a lot more stubborn than before

The list of symptoms of twin flame divine masculine awakening keeps growing, and this time we’re talking about stubbornness.

When the divine masculine awakens inside of you, you’ll feel like you need to control everything that’s happening in your life.

The truth is, however, that you’re not controlling anything… your life takes care of itself and you’re just riding the wave with it.

But while you’re at it, you might have a tendency to become stubborn when it comes to your twin flame and your relationship.

15) You crave adventure and freedom more than ever

The feelings you’ll get due to this energy awakening inside you might lead to a higher sense of adventure and freedom.

This might be the result of changes taking place in the realm of spirit, or it could be a product of your divine masculine awakening.

Either way, it’s a sign that something is happening and while it might not feel like you’re doing something right, you are definitely on the right track.

16) You’re starting to feel like you don’t need anything from your counterpart

One of the biggest signs of twin flame divine masculine awakening is the lack of need from your counterpart… or maybe a lack of feeling like you need them.

Feelings such as jealousy, insecurity, and attachment might go out the window after some time.

You might start to feel like you don’t need anything from your counterpart anymore. But remember… you still need them.

This is a result of the changes taking place inside you when divine masculine energy awakens.

Can the divine masculine awaken first?

The divine masculine energy is a powerful force in your life.

When this energy awakens inside you, you’ll gain a sense of power and freedom that’s hard to explain. It’s a process that takes time to understand, accept and then turn around for the better.

But is it possible for it to awaken first?

It’s hard to know whether the divine masculine wakes up first or the divine feminine, but you’ll have to do your best to find out which one is manifesting inside of you.

In any case, remember that both masculine and feminine energies can’t be awakened at the same time.

The awakening of each energy leads to opposite emotions and feelings. If you start feeling like some of the signs above are true for you (or a few of them), this might be a signal that your divine masculine is waking up.

So, it might be time to stop being so hard on yourself and start enjoying the ride.

How does the divine masculine feel about the divine feminine?

As mentioned before, a balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine should be achieved in each of us.

Especially in the case of twin flames, the energy of the two sides should be perfectly balanced, or there’ll be a chance that twin flames won’t have their complete connection.

As you already know, the divine masculine and divine feminine can’t be awakened at the same time.

When one of them is active, you’ll feel positive changes taking place inside you: all those feelings you’re feeling right now, are a result of the awakening of your divine masculine side.

You might start to experience certain signs we talked about above. If so, make sure that you don’t rush things and give this energy time to do its work.

When the divine masculine awakens, you might think that your twin flame is no longer as important, or that your relationship won’t survive.

But trust us… it’s not true. What you perceive, is just how you’re feeling right now.

The divine masculine awakened inside of you will help you to push through the difficulties and discover what’s actually happening inside of you.

No matter whether it’s your divine masculine or divine feminine that awakens first, trust that this is part of a process that will take you where you need to be on your twin flame journey.

Your divine masculine has awakened – embrace it

If the signs above are true for you, we want you to know that you’re ready.

Your divine masculine energy has awakened and you’re now feeling like a whole new person. While it might not come with the best changes, it’s part of your journey.

So, try to embrace this new opportunity to do better and discover how your feelings will evolve over time.

Even if it means going through some tough moments, trust that what’s happening is for the better and learn from these experiences.

Especially if your divine masculine has awakened, you’ll start feeling like you’re in control.

With a little help and guidance, you can turn this energy into something positive for yourself and your twin flame.

This emerging energy might cause some of the changes we talked about, but these will be temporary ones.

As mentioned before, the divine feminine is there to balance the divine masculine inside of all of us and the other way around.

In conclusion

By now you might have realized that you’re at the beginning of a long, hard journey. Twin flame divine masculine awakening isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

There’s an awesome power inside of you and within your relationship. Don’t ignore it or feel bad about it, but embrace and accept all the changes that come with your divine masculine awakening.

Look out for all the signs of twin flame divine masculine awakening and try to embrace the process. You’ll be glad you did.

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Daniela Duca Damian

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