The Silva Ultramind System review: My verdict (September 2020)

The Silva Ultramind System on Mindvalley revolves around one of the most famous teachings in the field of self-improvement and “brain hacking”: the Silva Method by José Silva.

Does Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiana do a good job of repackaging the Silva Method in his new course? Is it worth your time and money?

I wanted to find the answers to these questions so I took the Silva Ultramind System myself.

In this review, I share my experience with this Mindvalley course, and whether I think it’s worth it for you.

Why I decided to take this course

As a regular on the Mindvalley platform, I’ve been introduced to quite a few influential thinkers and life-changing courses for the first time, but I can’t say the same about José Silva and the Silva Method.

For most people who’ve dabbled in and out of the self-help and meditation scene, it’s near impossible to have not heard of the Silva Method, which has been around since the 1960s.

This also isn’t the first time Mindvalley has offered a course or quest surrounding the Silva Method, although the Silva Ultramind System is the only course currently up on the platform, and from what I’d read from other users, it’s the best one they’ve made yet.

Mindvalley previously offered two other courses — The Silva Life System and the Silva Mind Body Healing System — and while I didn’t have the chance to take either course, as someone new to the Silva Method, the Silva Ultramind System gave me everything I was expecting.

So why did I decide to check the Silva Ultramind System out?

Honestly, I didn’t know much about the course or José Silva going into it, but the name recognition and existing popularity and success around the Silva Method were enough to get me to sign up immediately.

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Is the Silva Method just hype?

The Silva Method has been around since the 60s, and while José Silva himself isn’t teaching current courses like the Silva Ultramind System on Mindvalley, there’s an entire school of instructors who are officially licensed and approved to pass down the Silva Method to eager students.

So for a system of classes to keep going strong for the last 60 years, there’s definitely to be something to it.

Millions of people have studied the Silva Method in one package or another, and you can read countless reviews online on how Silva Techniques have changed lives, improved general well-beings, and helped people achieve things with their life they never thought possible.

Sure, there are a few courses on Mindvalley that can seem a little questionable (although almost all of the courses I’ve taken personally have helped me improve as a person in one way or another).

But the Silva Ultramind System might be one of the strongest courses on the site, as it’s backed by decades of teachings and development, wrapped in a tight and clear package as taught by Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani.


What the Silva Ultramind System is all about

So what exactly is the Silva Ultramind System and the Silva Method in general?

As I explain further below, José Silva wasn’t exactly just like anyone else.

As an expert in radio technology, Silva really believed in the importance and power of frequencies; specifically the brain’s various frequencies, including Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Beta: The level of consciousness we live at most of the time, which you’re probably in right now.

Alpha: The receptive and calm state that we generally experience while we’re relaxing or daydreaming. Studies have found that this is the optimal state for self-improvement, where growth and learning potential are at their highest.

Theta: The state of deep sleep and prolonged meditation. Although we are generally unconscious in the Theta frequency, this is the optimal state for introspection, mind-body healing, self-hypnosis, and more.

Delta: The deepest state that can be achieved, which very few people can reach consciously. This is the state that most of us only ever experience during dreamless slumber.

José Silva first began studying these brain frequencies in the 1940s, and believed that the brain could achieve higher levels of perception and functionality if we could learn how to willingly activate our peak frequencies whenever we want.

With the Silva Method, Silva found that the brain is at its highest potential in the Alpha and Theta states.

So his mission was simple: learn how to leave the default Beta state and actively and consistently engage the world in the Alpha and Theta state.

In short, the Silva Method revolves around a general philosophy and understanding of controlling your brain and “switching on” your peak performance by learning how to force yourself to activate the ideal brain frequencies.

With Silva’s Techniques, students learn the obstacles preventing them from going “deeper” into their brain, and the day-to-day practices and lessons they can incorporate in their lives to more deeply engage the brain and ultimately create significant changes to their life.

Who is the Silva Ultramind system for?

You would love the Silva Ultramind System if… The Silva Ultramind System might not be for you if…
This is your first time hearing about the Silva Method, and you want a course that gives a tight summarized lesson plan encompassing all of it You aren’t looking for another “daily chore” to engage with everyday, and would prefer a less involved approach to learning
You’ve heard about the Silva Method before or even tried some lessons in the past, but would like a strong refresher course You don’t really buy the whole brain frequencies theory and you’re not completely sold on the Silva Method
You are interested in learning more about brain frequencies and how to push your mind and productivity beyond what you thought was possible You would like a more personal 1on1 approach with a teacher in-person

If you’ve followed me before, you know I’m an active student of the Mindvalley platform, but that doesn’t mean I think they’re perfect and amazing.

Sometimes they do go a little overboard with their promises and their “hype”, and it can sometimes be off-putting if you feel that the course didn’t help you out as much as they said it would.

But with the Silva Method, you get the guarantee of an age-old method that exists beyond the Mindvalley platform.

This isn’t just hype, and signing up for the Silva Ultramind System doesn’t just mean you’re putting all your trust in the Mindvalley team.

Millions of people have benefited from these teachings, and there are tons of different packages out there.

So why choose Mindvalley’s version specifically?

Here’s why I specifically recommend the Mindvalley package of the Silva Method in the SIlva Ultramind System:

  • You’re the high-functioning type who wants to get even more out of your mind and body
  • You’re looking for a way to improve yourself beyond the basics
  • You’ve tried the Silva Method before, but would like a tight refresher course with daily activities
  • You’re into daily challenges and lessons, and love being part of a daily system and community
  • You believe in Silva’s thoughts around the power of brain frequencies and would like to undergo the same transformation

Why learn from Vishen Lakhiani and Jose Silva?

If you haven’t heard of the late José Silva, the only thing you need to know is that his Silva Method is one of the main proponents of meditation in the US.

Before projection and spirituality became mainstream, Jose Silva was already invested in his research on brain wave studies in unlocking the mind’s full potential.

The Silva Method is the basis for a lot of the brain hacking and subconscious unlocking that we see today.

Practices such as guided imagery and subconscious rewiring are deeply rooted in Silva’s teachings.

If any of these concepts are already familiar to you, you’ll fit right in with this quest. Otherwise, there’s plenty of stuff you can definitely learn considering you’re getting it from the source.

Jose Silva’s unique background

Silva’s background as a brain hacker is a little bit different compared to your average expert considering his trade was mainly in electronics, specifically radios.

He signed on with the Signal Corps during World War II where he advanced his understanding of electronics.

Silva’s introduction to parapsychology is actually because of his experience with the Signal Corps.

One interesting anecdote notes that Silva’s interest in hypnosis and learning in altered states was sparked after seeing a hypnosis book on the psychiatrist’s shelf during his Army entry psychology exam.

Since then, Silva has devoted his life exploring the different states of the brain, and how to utilize the alpha brain wave, the state associated with deep learning, typically occurring during relaxation or sleep.

The challenge, then, was getting the brain to reach the alpha state without using hypnosis or any other techniques that would undermine the subject’s consciousness.

Silva’s continuous refinement of his method has evolved into the Silva Method.

His first subjects, mainly his own daughter, reported having extrasensory perception (ESP) abilities, or what Silva would refer to as psychic abilities.

His own training with his daughter has since been consolidated into what is now called the Silva Method.


What I like about Mindvalley

As I mentioned, the Silva Method isn’t particularly unheard of. It’s one of the most imitated meditation and brain hacking techniques.

It’s widely available on different platforms but having it on Mindvalley is a whole different story.

For this quest, you’ll be working with Mindvalley’s CEO, Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen is a certified Silva instructor and credits the method for the foundation of his successful career.

Vishen’s remarkable story is not only an inspiration, but is a testimony to how life-changing the Silva Method is.

Under Vishen, the Mindvalley platform, one of the biggest learning platforms today, grew into a $100M company without any venture capital funding.

On top of this, Vishen is a recurring keynote speaker inspiring companies like Google and Facebook.

Ultimately, that’s what makes The Silva Ultramind System quest different from all the other courses on the Silva Method.

You’re not getting it from a spiritual or learning expert who only understands this in theory; Vishen Lakhiani is exactly the kind of self-starting, passionate, and successful person the Silva Method wants to create in each individual.

What you get with the Silva Ultramind System

The Silva Ultramind System costs $399 but with the all-access pass you can get it and have access to nearly all of Mindvalley’s other quests for just $599 (check out my review of the All-Access Pass here).

This includes:

  • 28 days of coaching with Vishen Lakhiani to help you perfect the Silva Method
  • Alpha and beta sound waves engineered to help your brain get into learning mode
  • A pre-recorded call with Vishen to help you understand the program on a more intimate level.

(The All-Access Pass is terrific value if you want to take more than one Mindvalley course. Click here to see all the benefits of the All-Access Pass).

The quest is divided into four parts, with each part designed to set you up for success.

Part 1: Your Ultramind Foundation

The first week is all about adopting the core practice of the Silva Method. Whether you’re a beginner or a novice in visualization techniques, this course has something to offer every learner.

Part one is all about establishing techniques and practices to help bring your mind to the alpha level.

This is a great introduction to the course for people who have no prior experience with meditation. There’s also a guided section about projection, which is really all about projecting your consciousness outside of your physical body to gain greater perception.

All this might sound difficult at first but Vishen’s guidance makes it less intimidating. The techniques are easy to follow and aren’t explained in a vague way at all.

Part 2: Knowing The Unknown

The Silva Method is big on unlocking your subconscious and essentially removing that barrier so you can make better decisions.

In week two you’ll learn how to become more perceptive of your surroundings through creative visualization and psychometry.

Part two is all about developing your intuition for improved problem solving.

One of the exercises involves visualizing your obstacles and dissolving them in your mind, effectively preparing you to remove it in real life.

Part 3: Attaining Your Soul Desire & Healing

In part three, the program zooms in on the manifestation capabilities of the Silva Method. If you’re not familiar with manifestation, it’s the spiritual practice of making a goal or an achievement come to you by “attracting it” with your mind.

Again, one of the best things about the Silva Method and this quest in particular is that the exercises and tools you’re equipped with are precise and actionable.

You don’t just close your eyes, meditate, and hope for the best. In this part of the program, Vishen provides a framework on how to focus on your innermost desires (goals, friendships, career, happiness) so that you can make them happen.

Since goal setting is one of the most important themes of this quest, you’ll learn techniques on jumpstarting inspiration and motivation on your own so you can achieve your goals faster.

You’ll learn how to speak your dreams into existence (with Law of Attraction) and you also learn that finding your purpose goes hand in hand with healing.

Personally, I think the practicality of the “healing” method is fixated on keeping up with relationships and creating habits that promote good health.

Part 4: Channelling Your Ultramind Into Your Life

By week four, you would already have a solid foundation for meditation, allowing you to tap into your brain’s altered states for better learning.

Think of it as having a nifty superpower where you put your brain on a different frequency to help you learn better.

The quest culminates by guiding its students into applying the Silva Method in real life. Vishen reminds us that it’s a tool you can use to help not only yourself but also your loved ones in achieving their life’s purpose.


Is the The Silva Ultramind System worth it?

As I said, I didn’t really know what to expect going into the quest.

Although I’m fairly familiar with concepts like projection and The Law of Attraction, quests like that earn a lot of skepticism because of their vague approach to the subject.

But the Silva Method offers something different. If you get past the jargon of parapsychology and the semantics used, the quest does offer sincere insights into brain hacking.

The exercises covered by Vishen are simple and easy to follow. They don’t involve anything too odd or too specific.

He guides you every step of the way, from step one to the finish line.

For the most part, I enjoyed learning more about deep meditation and the different brain states.

I don’t know if it was the Silva Method exactly or just the fact that I know how to meditate better, but I feel like I can quiet my mind a lot better now.

Before this, I always felt like I had to have a transition between something and work so I could prepare my mind for a more serious task.

But after getting used to Vishen’s techniques, I feel like getting into the “zone” is a lot easier now.

Granted it’s not as easy as pressing a button, but it’s a process that helps me tune out outside noise when I need to.

Throughout the course, I got the sense that the Silva Method is really about putting your mind on a better level of focus to avoid any distractions.

I’m not sure I particularly agree with the healing philosophy; from what I read from other students, that’s not really their main takeaway either.

Will the Silva Ultramind System instantly transform you into a person like Vishen? Definitely not, but I think that’s the beauty of it.

The system doesn’t promise instant results. It doesn’t make you think that you’ll wake up successful and motivated one day.

Instead, it equips you with tools, techniques, and exercises that you could get into whenever you feel like your mind needs a little boost.

Despite being a regular on the Mindvalley platform, I was never big on meditation or any of the spiritual practices.

After taking this quest, it feels more natural to me because I have practices I can actually follow.

All in all, I think this course was enjoyable from start to finish. Vishen is an engaging instructor who not only understands the source material but embodies it wholeheartedly.

If you’re a Mindvalley regular like me, definitely don’t miss out on this quest.

I recommend the Silva Ultramind System for people who are just feeling a little lost, as well as those who know where they’re going and just need better focus to get there fast.


Lachlan Brown

Lachlan Brown

I'm been through a lot, come out the other side, and I'm here to reveal everything I've learned. If I can help even one soul from my spiritual reflections, then my work here is done. Some people call me a spiritual warrior or an enlightened soul, but I'm just a humble guy that wants the best for humanity. If you want to get in touch with me about my writings, don't hesitate to hit me up on my Twitter (@lachybe). Namaste.

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