The Raikov Effect Review (2023): Is it Really Worth it?

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt stuck in a total slump — when you really want to get your ass in gear and make changes — but it’s just not happening.

This was totally me at the beginning of the year. I really wanted to be doing more with my life, but I couldn’t seem to find the willpower or momentum to make it happen.

So when I saw the Raikov Effect advertised — and it promised to help me scientifically tap into the skills and abilities of any genius — I was intrigued enough to take a chance and buy the course.

In this article, I will be sharing my personal experience with the Raikov Effect, a fascinating method that promises to help you harness the power of your mind to become more like your heroes. 

As we delve into this intriguing concept, we will explore three key points: 

  • The foundations of the Raikov method, which involve “faking it until you make it” and learning to see the world from the perspective of the person you want to emulate
  • The science and psychology behind the Raikov Effect, incorporating techniques such as hypnosis, visualization, and neuro-linguistic programming
  • My own results and insights after completing the course, which include a boost in confidence, motivation, and a newfound appreciation for the “ordinary geniuses” that surround us in everyday life. 

This is going to be a comprehensive review, as I’ll discuss everything I believe you should know. But before diving into the details, allow me to share my personal verdict:

My Verdict

I found the Raikov Effect to be a genuine, scientifically supported program that helped me reshape my mindset, enhance my self-confidence, and make progress in different aspects of my life.

The course draws on psychological tools developed by Russian psychologist Vladimir Raikov and integrates them with borrowed genius and NLP techniques.

While it may not be suitable for everyone, those who are disciplined and open-minded are likely to benefit from the course.

At $137, I felt that the program was worth the investment, as it not only provided me with fascinating insights but also led to noticeable improvements in my life.

Now as we begin delving into the details, a common question that many people might have is: ‘What exactly is The Raikov Effect?”

What is The Raikov Effect?

If I could sum it up in a sentence the Raikov Effect basically works on the principle that “you are what you think you are”.

If you can convince yourself you are a total legend, then you’ll become one. It might sound like an oversimplification, but this isn’t actually such a revolutionary idea.

It’s fairly recognised that our confidence, motivation, and self-belief play a major role in how far we get in life and what we manage to achieve.

The point is that your brain affects your reality. So if you can tap into that, you can dramatically change your life.This isn’t just fluffy self-help talk, this is actually scientifically backed stuff

In fact, there is plenty of research which has shown how the power of your imagination has a tangible impact on your physical reality.

A good example is a study that found just thinking about exercising can actually build your muscles. How crazy is that?

The untapped power of our belief and imagination is also the reason for recognised phenomena like the placebo effect — where we think a medicine or treatment will work and so it does, even though medically speaking there’s no reason why it should.

Although the placebo effect isn’t totally understood in the world of science, it’s thought that it is our belief that gives it the power. It is our own brain that creates the positive effect from that belief alone.

This course is about arming you with the practical tools to think your way to a better life.

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What is The Raikov method?

It sounds like a great idea that we can just believe ourselves into becoming whoever we want. But you might have already started to feel a catch…what if I don’t believe it?

I know that this was one of my very first thoughts when I started the course.

If I already believed I was awesome, I wouldn’t need to have bought the program in the first place.

The good news is that it doesn’t actually matter whether you really believe it yet or not. A lot of the practical side of The Raikov Effect is based on “faking it until you make it”, which I think we are all capable of. The program explained this with the example of smiling or frowning.

Studies have found that smiling makes you happier. You don’t need to be happy to smile, you can smile first and become happier because of it.

Your brain eventually responds to the way you are behaving to create the desired effect you want. So you just need to imagine the person you want to be more like and ask yourself: How do they see the world?

You’re trying to look at things from their perspective to figure out how they would think, feel and act. Then you copy it.

Just like smiling for long enough makes you happy, this imitation of positive qualities is enough for you to really start to absorb those traits for yourself.

The Raikov Effect method basically brings together some of the most effective techniques to help shape your mind and become more like your heroes and walks you through 5 steps you need to take for this to happen.

Why I decided to do The Raikov Effect course

During all the Covid 19 lockdowns, probably like many people, I found I had a lot of time to think. What I realised was I wasn’t making the most of my life in a lot of areas really.

I could have done with losing a few pounds (not helped by lockdown either), my career and ambitions were nowhere near where I’d want them to be, and I‘ve not really tried learning something new for years.

I wondered why. At first, I assumed that it was because I was lazy. If I’m honest, I also didn’t feel like I had any impressive skills that really needed nurturing.

But despite that, I did still want to be a better version of myself I guess. I finally realised that being so down on myself could have a lot to do with it.

I decided to try the Raikov Effect as it sounded like a good way to boost my confidence, but also finally push me into doing the things that I’d only been sitting around and thinking about — never acting on.

A little later in the review, I’ll go into detail about my own personal results after taking the course.

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Who was Raikov?

Perhaps like me you’d never heard of Raikov before now.

I wouldn’t say he is a household name that’s for sure. So it’s probably worth briefly explaining a bit about the man behind the original method of this course.

Vladimir Raikov was a Russian psychologist who in the 1970s hypnotised college students to make them believe they were creative geniuses from history.

He basically wanted to see if people with no real experience could still go on to create masterpieces, become musical prodigies, elite athletes or brilliant inventors — through the power of suggestion.

And wouldn’t you know, it actually worked.

For example, one physics student started creating amazing drawings after being fed the suggestion she was the painter Raphael, living in the Italian Renaissance.

She wasn’t the only one either, time and time again he kept getting similar results.

And so the original Raikov method was born, from which this course has been built upon, adapted and updated using advancements in modern research and science.

Will the Raikov Effect work for me?

This was one of the biggest questions I had before I signed up for the course.

I got that in theory, it could work, but I wondered if it would actually work for me in real life.

I’d say the Raikov Effect definitely will work for plenty of people, but certainly not everyone.
After taking it myself, here’s who I think could be a good fit for this program and who I think might be better off not bothering:

Who I think will like this course

  • People who want to feel more confident in their mindset and believe in themselves.
  • People who want to take practical action to improve different areas of their lives, learn new skills and nurture new talents.
  • People who need some motivation to get out of procrastination or overwhelm.
  • People who enjoy learning about how the mind works and finding out science backed hacks to get their brain on side.

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Who I think might not like this course

  • People without any discipline whatsoever to actually take the course once they buy it. You know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
  • People who think mindset work is a complete hoax. I’d say it’s ok to be a bit sceptical, as the techniques will still work even if you are. But you do need to put your doubts aside to do the exercises properly. Part of this course is about harnessing your own belief after all.

How much does the Raikov Effect cost?

The Raikov Effect at full price sells for $237. But when I bought it they were offering it at a $100 discount.

I suspect this is a marketing tool to get you to buy it now, but hey, it works.

That means you will probably only pay around $137 for the course (if they’re still doing this offer, but I’m not sure how long it will last or if/when they will stop it).

You can also only buy the program through a private invitation, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. It’s just about using a special link.

They also let you download some free resources before committing, just so you know what to expect beforehand. These are the Placebo Effect, the Secret, and the Hack.

Finally, it’s worth highlighting that you do get a 365-day money-back guarantee when you buy it — which is good when you have some doubts (and don’t we all when we’re about to spend our hard-earned cash?)

What was it like to do the Raikov Effect and what will you learn?

So you know what to expect from taking the course, and what’s involved, I’m going to quickly run through how the Raikov Effect works.

We learned that the original Raikov method is based on seven principles. Which are:

  1. Hypnosis and deep trance
  2. Relaxation
  3. Visualization
  4. Suggestion
  5. Positive Thinking
  6. Believing
  7. Modeling

This course has created a “new and improved’ version which has fewer steps and you don’t need to be hypnotized.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Raikov Effect brings together parts of the original method and combines it with Borrowed Genius and NLP techniques.

Together these form five steps in total, which include imagining the genius you want to be, and using anchoring techniques to bring back those memories whenever you need them.

During the course you will learn about Neuro-linguistic programming, the “As If” technique, the Placebo Effect, the “Swapping Heads With A Genius” technique, and the power of the human brain.

One of the best things about what you learn in the course is that you can apply it to so many areas of your life, depending on what you specifically want to work on (you’ll find the full list of all my pros’ and con’s a little further down this review).

Some of the example areas they give for areas of life where the Raikov Effect can help you are:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Manage your weight
  • Increase your intelligence
  • Enhance your business skills
  • Maximize your creativity
  • Exploit your artistic potential
  • Improve your productivity
  • Become more charismatic
  • Eliminate unhelpful habits
  • Feel positive and motivated
  • Reach more of your goals

As well as generally learning what the Raikov Effect is and how to use it, you’ll also get five audio tracks within a library that focus on specific goals.

For example, there’s one to boost confidence and another for weight loss (the full list of these audios is directly below in the “what do you get when you buy the Raikov Effect section)

If you’re really enjoying the course and seeing great results, you can also “upgrade” to unlock a more extensive library of these audios — which includes 40 in total.

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What do you get when you buy the Raikov Effect?

  • The Raikov Effect Quick start guide (15 pages long but also available in audioformat)
  • Full Raikov Effect course (100+ pages)
  • Listen Along Raikov effect MP3
  • Raikov Effect cheat sheet
  • Five Raikov Effect “listen along audios”:
    1. Boosting confidence
    2. Heightened brain power
    3. Wealth and abundance
    4. Controlled weight loss
    5. Become a law of attraction magnet

What I liked about the Raikov Effect

  • This is scientifically backed information and not just wishful thinking.
  • You get a lot of information about how the mind works that I found really interesting to learn.
  • You weren’t just told what to do, they also explained why it works.
  • The course is user-friendly and not at all complicated to follow. I think most people will find it simple and fun to do.
  • There is a year-long money-back guarantee. I know that this was a game-changer for me when deciding to bite the bullet and buy the course in the first place. It’s good to know that if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t lost anything.
  • You’re given different versions of the course to work through. A shorter version if you don’t have as much time, and then the full-length course. You’re recommended to start with the full version. Although personally, I flicked through the short course first to get a feel for it and then moved on to the more in-depth version.
  • Once you’ve done the program, the short 10-minute Raikov Effect technique audio is super easy to fit into your life and make a part of your daily routine.
  • Whatever it is you want to improve, I’d say you can apply this simple method to pretty much every area of your life.

What I didn’t like about the Raikov Effect

  • Working your way through the course felt like a lot of reading, I personally would have enjoyed some of that info being given to me in video content just for entertainment purposes.
  • The course wasn’t interactive, once you’ve bought the program, you are left to work through it on your own without any additional support (but I’m not sure you really need it either if I’m honest).
  • Most of the information that you learn in the Raikov Effect is already out there, so you could probably find it for free online with a lot of digging. Having said that, what you’re really paying for is getting all this information in a fully comprehensive package that effortlessly guides you through the right steps to take.
  • You get 5 audio’s included with the basic package, but if you want to purchase the full library — which includes 40 audios — it’s an additional $97 when you sign up.

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Does the Raikov Effect actually work? My results after taking the course

I’ll be straight with you, I wouldn’t say I’ve reached genius level in life just yet, but then again, I don’t think I was particularly expecting that level of success straight away either.

What I did get from implementing everything I learned in this course was some noticeable improvements in how I felt about myself and the skills I then went on to learn.

I noticed an instant boost of confidence and motivation just from listening to the short audio visualisations. I found it a really nice way to start my day and put myself into the right headspace.

I realised how important it is to think in the “right” way when we want to achieve anything in life. I also finally understood that all those habits that allowed other people to be more successful didn’t come naturally, they created them.

The people I most admire didn’t have a “secret“ that I didn’t know about — they just were embodying core habits that I could also adopt.

Once I did that for 30 days straight, these habits didn’t even feel that difficult to stick to.

Before I knew it, I’d actually started putting my money where my mouth was and doing things, rather than just talking about doing them.

For example, I’d always wanted to properly learn Spanish. So, I thought about what all those people I’d met who seemed to be effortlessly great at languages might be doing.

From that, I created some simple habits to practice and improve — things like dedicated time set aside every day for learning and some more fun things like watching Spanish films.

It wasn’t rocket science really, looking back it’s common sense, but this course made it easier for me to understand that and actually follow through.

Another notable thing that I got out of this course was perhaps more unexpected. It made me realize I’d kind of been looking at success in the wrong way.

I thought in pretty stereotypical ways, idolizing those I thought who had “made it big” through money or fame etc. But what I discovered was that it was a lot of the so-called “ordinary people” I met in everyday life whose “genius” I wanted to tap into.

There were in fact a lot of people around me who were doing really impressive things —, as musicians, entrepreneurs, community leaders or even just being kinder, nicer human beings — that I knew I could learn a lot from.

It was a lot easier to see myself in these people and realize I could do whatever they were doing too.

Is the Raikov Effect legit? My overall conclusion

It might not be to everyone’s taste (hopefully this review has helped you figure out if it’s a good fit for you) but the Raikov Effect is definitely legit.
The techniques you learn are by no means mumbo jumbo, I found them totally credible and they’re backed by science.

These are psychological tools that make you feel good about yourself and inspire you to take action that creates positive change in your life.

Honestly, for $137 I did think it was totally worth it. Because I found this really fascinating stuff, personally I thought that the amount of information alone that you’re given access to was worth paying for.

But when you actually knuckle down and do the course too, I suspect like me, you’ll notice significant shifts in the way you feel and act — and let’s face it, that’s something money can’t buy.

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