16 spiritual meanings of tension in law (complete list)

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The law is a strange and complex thing.

Complex enough that even though it’s constantly changing, the basic principles have been around for centuries.

And one of these principles is tension.

It’s that balance between seemingly opposites that make the law work in opposition to its intentions.

The tension of opposites means everything is possible and nothing is safe, but it can also mean peace or even enlightenment through the paradoxes of being alive.

This blog post will serve as a compendium of the spiritual meanings of tension in law.

Here are 16 spiritual meanings of tension in law.

1) Law is an expression of duality, and thus, the universe.

As a creation of the human mind, laws reveal themselves through us as the creators but also through us as their creations.

The tension between these two roles reveals the spiritual essence of their dual nature: we are both makers and made; both cause and effect.

Everything is thus caught in the split between duality and unity.

2) The laws of nature, including gravity and entropy, are expressions of our human spiritual meanings.

The human mind has a desire to express itself through everything that it creates, and the laws of nature are no exception.

As a result, all natural laws reflect the duality and tension between maker and made in their very essence.

The law that governs entropy or decay is the law that guides our aging process; the law that governs gravity is the one that keeps us from floating off into space; etc.

A breakdown in these laws indicates a breakdown in our state of being; especially when we experience discord with others or ourselves during a health crisis or other stressful events.

3) Law has authority, but that authority is only as reliable as its creator’s inspiration.

This includes whether or not the creator was a divine being or just another man who saw himself as divine.

The ideal of law is the judge who is impartial in its application.

When the law is not true and just it bears false authority, but when it is true and just it bears only truth.

4) Law can be beautiful, but so can the art of living in tension.

When the law begins to dance with duality and rebellion, there is also beauty to wonder at as we reach for greatness through unity with opposites: love/hate; good/evil; justice/death; truth/lies.

The spiritual path that law reveals is one of tension and the paradoxes that arise from it, but there is also beauty in the resolution of our differences.

5) Law can drive us to be more than we are in an unequal battle with the world around us, or it can teach us to be who we are in a graceful reconciliation with it.

The tension between who we are and what we want to be lead us into a dark night of the soul where there is only conflict and judgment within as well as without.

But when we learn how to live with tension rather than fighting against it, every problem begins to resolve itself.

This is how learning how to fish can turn into being able to feed others all at once.

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6) Law also has influence based on its longevity, and this can be considered an alternative source of authority.

Law can be so old that people have forgotten who made it (or are convinced it was made by God), which gives it an air of authority over time—even if that air is pure illusion.

But if something is old and true, it has a wisdom to it that comes from the experience of life itself.

7) First there is objective law, but then there is subjective law.

Objective law is when the rule applies to everyone with no exceptions because it is those exceptions that are being singled out for special treatment.

This means no one gets special treatment, which makes for an equal playing field on which everyone has the same chance in life whether or not we believe in such an ideal.

A higher objective law would mean a higher standard of justice that treats all equally based on their actions alone (thus also upholding morality).

Yet, the higher the standard, the less effective it becomes through time and corruption.

Subjective law, on the other hand, is dependent on custom, tradition, and sometimes even fear.

It is the compromise that is found in the middle of objective law and personal opinion or tribalism.

It is often the driving force behind religious or nationalistic pride and the best way for any law to maintain its authority in an ever-changing world.

8) Law can be arbitrary but also absolute.

This is a combination of God/man as judge and jury or even as victim/victimizer (though many people like to think of that last one as an example of unjust law).

The ultimate arbitrariness is when there is no real authority to provide context for the law, but the ultimate absolutism is when there is no context for anything because there is only God.

9) Law can become a reflection of the culture it was created in, but for it to be effective, it needs to transcend both its cultural context and its subjectivity.

When the law is only a reflection of the culture that gave birth to it, then it’s as if we are looking at ourselves in a mirror.

Instead—when the law transcends both itself and others—then we can see all perspectives as equally valid: All are subjectively real on their own and objectively true for all.

You see, Law can be a good reflection of a culture’s values, beliefs, and practices—but it needs to be taken out of context so that it becomes applicable to any situation.

If we make law only applicable to our own cultures then it becomes an instrument of cultural oppression rather than liberation.

10) Law can be oppressive or liberating, depending on how it is applied.

Law is often an abstraction not found in the real world, which allows those in the system to apply it however they want.

This means we can hide behind a multitude of exceptions to the rules that never actually go away even when we do (think of all the waivers and allowances people sign before going on a flight).

But if the law is tied to real-life experience, then it can be truly liberating.

11) Law has an effect because there is cause and effect; both are needed to create results.

If there is no cause, then there is nothing to effect.

But if there is a cause but no effect, then the effect is merely an illusion.

Law is thus a product of our actions, which means it’s in our hands to change—or to hold on to old ideas that are destructive or even outdated.

12) Law is based on principles, but these principles must be verifiable through time and experience if they are to have any validity at all.

Law without principles is a meaningless waste of time (like any ideology based on non-evidenced faith).

Yet, it’s also true that without principles there is no law.

This is why law itself is always a temporary and constantly changing product of our ideas about the human condition (at least in the Western religious tradition).

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13) Law can help us to transcend duality, but it can also reinforce it.

Any law can be used to reinforce the duality of black and white (or good and evil) or the duality of gain and loss—if we let it.

To transcend duality, we must start by changing our ideas about the world and our place within it.

This can start with something as simple as knowing where to draw the line on taking advantage of each other in business.

Or how to create a more just economic system that serves all people rather than the few at the expense of many (and continues this business model in political structures).

14) Law does not exist independently of underlying principles; these are in turn derived from truth.

Law without principles is a meaningless waste of time (like any ideology based on non-evidenced faith).

Yet, laws based on principles can only exist when they are universal and universally acknowledged by all who hold them.

Law cannot exist on its own, as it is always a product of principles.

And principles can only be created from the truth (i.e., the realization that there is a source that underpins the entire creation).

Revealing the truth can be painful for us to endure, but without it, we cannot become whole again.

15) Law can be a personal prison if we choose to live by it.

All of us are free to make our own choices, but when we do, then we must accept the consequences of those choices.

Law is just such a choice-based personal prison and when people continuously choose law over love, then they are doing so because they don’t care about themselves or others.

16) Law can never be perfect; therefore, people will always try to break the law.

The law could not be a complete and perfect set of rules, because then everyone would have to follow it.

Law can only be a reflection of the general will of the people, which means there are always imperfections in any law, like loopholes that criminals can use to their advantage.

But if we continue to make new laws to fix these problems, then we simply create new problems that someone else will have to fix.

And there you have it.

Everything we see in the world, everything that happens, and all that can happen are all represented by tension in law.

So if you have a problem with something, the solution is somewhere inside the tension of two opposites: feminine or masculine, weakness or strength, etc.

There’s no way to see life through a partial view or slice of it; you have to look at it whole or nothing will make sense.

The thing about tension in law is that it can start taking up all your time and energy.

And the more you try to figure it out, the more confused you feel.

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