How to tell if someone is really spiritual, or just full of sh*t

In the age of the Internet, we often come across individuals who claim to be ultra spiritual. They say they’ve found the path and can help guide you to it. But how do you actually know if they’re telling the truth?

Being ‘Spiritual’ is Different In India Compared To The US

India is a religiously diverse nation. Growing up here means being open to different religions – where a Hindu person attends a Catholic school, Krishna, and Jesus Christ is studied and discussed in the same room. This amalgamation of religious discussion, and views, defines spirituality.

Dress The Part To Become Spiritual In The US?

In other countries, like the US for example, being spiritual is all about knowing and practicing yoga, discussing spiritualism and reading countless self-help books. Today, being spiritual is confined to dressing the part. Being spiritual is sharing your enlightening thoughts on social media.

There is also an unfortunate ‘New Age Spiritualism Trend’ which involves bashing someone who is not of the same opinion or one who does not follow what the majority deems right. So, if you are Vegan and voicing against those who are not, is that spiritual?

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When Being Spiritual Is Not Being Spiritual

When we step into the process of finding spirituality, vulnerable souls can get messed up by a ‘cult mentality.’ Here, there are no questions to ask, no answers to be told. As a result, we act with our eyes, our mind shuts and we sacrifice our values and conscience in the process.

We experience suffering in the world and within ourselves in the absence of true spiritual guidance. By simply getting a symbolic tattoo, transforming into a vegan or chanting mantras and slokas, one does not become spiritual.

A True Spiritual Person has the following traits:

  • Is not judgmental
  • Loves without conditions
  • Practices spirituality but does not show-off
  • Heals others
  • Is expressive
  • She/he seeks and practices detachment

When you are yourself, you are a spiritual person. When you are kind, compassionate and caring, you become a spiritual person. All you need to do is discover the truth that lies within you and channel it towards attaining bigger goals in life.

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