Top 17 telepathic signs it’s over

Is your relationship stuck in a rut?

You’re wondering if it’s just a passing phase or it’s time to go your separate ways.

There are unspoken telepathic signs to look out for if you want to know if your relationship is over.

Keep reading to find out more.

17 telepathic signs that it’s over

1) You can no longer tell what the other is thinking

It used to be that you shared such a strong connection that you would constantly be finishing each other’s sentences and making your jealous friends roll their eyes at you mockingly.

Being able to read someone like an open book is one of the top signs of telepathic communication.

Now, you no longer have any idea what the other is thinking. The psychic connection that you shared, which connected your thoughts and feelings, is no longer there.

You used to be so in tune with each other’s energies that you’d know what the other was going to say before they said it. Now you stare at them as if they were a complete stranger.

This broken connection between your hearts and minds is a telepathic sign that it’s over.

2) You no longer feel connected

  • No more picking up on their positive vibes that make you smile when they think about you.
  • No more goosebumps when you have romantic thoughts about each other.
  • No more sensing when they are about to call.
  • No more texting each other at the same moment.

The psychic connection is gone. This is the universe telling you that your relationship is over.

3) You feel lonely in their company

When you are with your partner, you no longer feel that strong bond that you used to share.

It’s quite the opposite: you feel lonely when you are together.

Even though you are together in the same room, sharing a meal or watching a movie, it feels like you are miles apart.

You used to love being in each other’s company, doing any old thing together. Being together made you feel whole.

Loneliness in a relationship suggests a breakdown in telepathic communication.

It’s not enough to be together, to live together, go places together, or even raise kids together.

If your hearts and souls are no longer as one, and you feel alone when you are with each other, your relationship has, unfortunately, run its course.

4) Their eyes reveal nothing

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul.

Two people that share a telepathic connection can read each other’s thoughts by simply staring into each other’s eyes.

You’d be together at a party, for example, part of a group conversation, when suddenly you exchange a look which means ‘they’re crazy, they have no idea what they’re talking about, let’s get outta here!’

Sadly now when you look into each other’s eyes, there’s nothing. Their eyes reveal no thoughts or emotions. It’s a sure telepathic sign that it’s over when you look into their eyes and feel like you are staring into the eyes of a stranger.

Yet another connection has been severed. Another communication channel closed. It’s time to close this chapter of your life.

5) Dreaming about somebody else

While scientists and psychologists are full of various theories about why we dream, there’s no one explanation.

People tend to be uninhibited and relaxed when they are asleep.

This is why dreams are a perfect medium for psychic communication.

You used to often dream of your loved one. The psychic connection that you shared and the love you felt for each other naturally resulted in them appearing in your dreams.

Turns out that on several occasions, the two of you even shared the same dream! This only happens between two souls that are deeply connected.

Now, not only can’t you remember the last dream that you shared, but you can’t even remember dreaming about them at all.

What’s more, you keep dreaming about other people, romantically. You seem to be reaching out to old flames or people that you met recently and felt attracted to.

Simply put, the psychic connection that you shared and that brought you together in your dreams is broken. It’s time to move on.

6) Uncomfortable silence

You used to be so comfortable in each other’s presence that you could spend hours on end not speaking, just enjoying each other’s company.

The telepathic connection that you shared was so strong that there was no need for words to communicate.

Now, the silence is deafening. This is a clear telepathic sign that it’s over. It’s as if you are with a stranger, and it’s weird to keep silent.

You feel the need to talk about anything, even if it’s nonsense, to avoid the uncomfortable silence.

Unfortunately, the silence that used to connect you now just highlights how disconnected you have become.

7) Negative mood swings

Picking up on each other’s moods is quite common when two people are in a relationship.

You see, when two people who are in love have a psychic connection, they usually share their positive, happy energy.

You’d be having a bad day but then you’d feel their good vibrations and your day would suddenly start to look a lot brighter. This is because you were picking up on their good mood.

Now, instead of picking up on their good mood, you seem to find yourself picking up on their negative moods more and more.

Their negative energy will get you when you least expect it.

You won’t know why, but you will feel more and more:

  • sad
  • angry
  • suffocated
  • hopeless
  • lost
  • scared

These random mood swings are a sign that your partner is no longer happy in your relationship and you are picking up on that.

8)You don’t miss them

Being together used to be wonderful. It used to make you feel happy and whole.

When you were apart, you could telepathically tell when you were thinking about each other.

You knew that they were missing you by getting a sudden urge to be with them.

Now, they could go away for a week or two on a business trip and you would be okay, you wouldn’t miss their presence at all. You may even be glad to have the space away from them.

It’s a telepathic sign that it’s over if when they come back, you don’t feel relief. It means that the connection that you used to share is gone.

9) Itchy nose and sneezing

An itchy nose followed by an uncontrollable bout of sneezing is often a telepathic sign that someone is thinking or gossiping about you.

To be sure that this is the case, first rule out the possibility that it is:

  • a cold or flu
  • allergies
  • a reaction to dust
  • pollution
  • or any other environmental factors

There is an easy way to find out whether someone is having good or bad thoughts about you, and whether they are saying nice or nasty things about you:

  • If you sneeze once, it is said to mean that someone is thinking or saying positive things about you.
  • If you sneeze twice, they are thinking or saying some not very nice things about you.
  • Lastly, if you sneeze three times, it’s a sure sign that someone either doesn’t like you or is angry with you because they are thinking or gossiping some horrible things about you!

Turns out that if your nose starts to itch like crazy for no apparent reason, or you start having sneezing fits in groups of twos and threes, it is very likely a telepathic sign that it is over, that they don’t love you anymore. Maybe they’re even angry at the thought of you.

10) Hiccups

Hiccups can be caused by many different physiological reasons, such as:

  • drinking too much alcohol
  • drinking fizzy drinks
  • eating too much
  • eating hot or spicy foods
  • chewing bubble gum which causes you to swallow a lot of air
  • stress factors

Where I live, whenever someone has hiccups, we immediately say ‘someone’s thinking about you.’ We consider hiccups to be a telepathic sign.

And it doesn’t stop there. In some parts of the world, it is believed that you get hiccups only when someone is thinking negative thoughts about you.

Maybe you should start keeping track of every time you get random hiccups and take note of the people around you.

If your partner is the one common person there at each time, they are probably the ones directing negative energy towards you, causing you to hiccup.

Next time you start getting hiccups, ask yourself, is there a physiological factor here, or could your hiccups be a result of your partner thinking bad thoughts about you.

Perhaps they are sick of you and the relationship and want to get out of it. Hiccups, in this case, are the universe passing along the message to you that it is finished between you.

11) Tense mind

A tense mind could be another telepathic sign from the universe signaling the end of your relationship.

Have you ever found yourself having a drink that suddenly goes down the wrong pipe and leaves you gasping for air?

Or maybe you were having a nice relaxing dinner, carefully chewing your food, when you start to choke?

These are psychic signals that someone is thinking ill of you.

No wonder you feel the tension in your mind and body.

You may feel your lips clasped and your jaw tense, this is because your name is coming out of someone’s mouth, and not in a positive context.

This is a warning, your mind has picked up on the signs and is trying to open your eyes to what is happening.

Coupled with some other signs, this is surely coming from your partner. You should definitely end it.

Free yourself, there’s no reason to suffer anymore.

12) Talk to a psychic

If you are not sure whether you should stick around or whether your relationship has run its course, it could be time to consult a psychic.

Here’s the thing:

A psychic has a lot of experience and knows what telepathic signs to look out for, they will be able to tell you if it’s over or if you should give your relationship another chance.

Be cautious when choosing your psychic, there are a lot of fakes out there who will take your money and leave you as clueless as ever.

Ask around, maybe one of your friends or family members knows a reliable psychic, someone that you can trust.

Psychics have their ways, from tarot cards to horoscopes to picking up on telepathic signs you might have missed.

They also have a surprising amount of empathy and compassion.

Have faith, put yourself in their hands, and let them show you the right path.

13) Someone is trying to warn you

Perhaps a close friend or family member knows how your partner feels and has been watching your relationship disintegrate.

They love you and they hate to see you suffer, they want only the best for you.

So, they decide to send you a telepathic sign, to warn you, to help you understand that it’s over.

You may get this strong feeling that someone is watching you or feel like you can hear someone whisper ‘it’s over’.

It’s not always easy to be objective when we are the ones in a bad relationship. That’s why it’s important to be open to the help of others, let them guide you.

14) Blushing – a slap on the cheek

It feels like you have just been slapped. The increased blood flow causes redness to the skin as well as a burning sensation.

You are blushing but aren’t feeling embarrassed, shy, or hot. What’s going on?

It could be a telepathic sign that it’s over.

Here’s why:

Sudden redness or a burning sensation on your cheek is a sign that someone is negatively thinking about you.

They could even be gossiping about you behind your back, so it feels like they are slapping you with words rather than with their hand.

If things haven’t been going well between you two, and your partner has gone out with friends, the sudden blushing sensation could be them talking about you.

15) Eye twitching

If your eye starts twitching out of the blue, this is a sign that someone is thinking about you.

For women:

  • A twitch in the left eye means that someone is having good thoughts about them.
  • Conversely, a twitch in the right eye means that they are having bad thoughts about them.

For men, it’s the opposite:

  • A twitch in the right eye means that someone is thinking positive thoughts about them.
  • And a twitch in the left eye means that they are having negative thoughts about them.

Paying attention to these telepathic signs could help you find out where you stand in your relationship.

16) Feeling discomfort during a meal

This has nothing to do with what you are eating or indigestion. Something else is at play.

During a perfectly normal meal, you suddenly feel like the food is not going down. It’s getting stuck in your throat.

Or maybe after each bite that you swallow, you feel discomfort or pain in your gut.

If your partner is unhappy and tense, you could be picking up on that negative energy and it could be manifesting itself physically in your body.

The fact that they are feeling all these negative feelings and that you are picking up on them is unfortunately a telepathic sign that your relationship has run its course.

It’s over.

17) You just know

Finally, it’s quite possible that you already know the answer to your question.

You feel it in your gut.

Think about it:

Sometimes people intuitively know something, even if they don’t necessarily know how or why they know it.

Intuition can be difficult to explain, it could be said to be a psychic ability, a sixth sense.

The body feels it, the brain knows it. There’s no logical explanation as to how, but, you’ve picked up on the telepathic signs that the universe was sending to you.

You know that the relationship is over.

Now that you know that it is definitely over, it’s time to have a talk with your partner.

You want to be gentle and clear and avoid getting into fights.

Who knows, you might even be able to remain good friends.

How to gently tell them it’s over

1) Don’t drag it out

Once you are sure that the relationship is over, don’t procrastinate telling your partner just because you are scared of their reaction or of being alone.

The sooner you rip the band-aid off, the better.

2) Do not end things by text message, email, or phone

It can be scary to break up.

They may say some things that you are not ready to hear. There could be tears. Maybe there will be name-calling and shifting of blame.

Be brave!

You used to love this person very much, the least you can do is respect them enough to break up in person.

In my own experience, it will be a lot easier and quicker to explain in person rather than through messages.

You will also be able to look each other in the eye and read facial expressions, which is a good way to avoid wrongfully guessing the tone of a message.

Breaking up in person is a lot clearer and will help you say goodbye and move on faster.

3) Be honest about the reasons

Do not make up excuses.

Just be honest, tell them how you feel. That you are no longer happy in this relationship. That you no longer have feelings for them.

It’s important to be straight and clear, do not give them false hope.

If you are both to blame, acknowledge that. Don’t just put all the blame on them.

By now you have gone through the telepathic signs that it’s over, and have felt your partner’s disconnect. Your partner is probably ready to accept that the relationship is over.

Now having ended the relationship, you feel a bit lost. You don’t know what to do next.

How to accept the end of a relationship

Even if you know that it was for the best, it can sometimes be difficult to process the end of a relationship. It’s strange that you are now alone. That a big part of your life is behind you.

But let me tell you something. It’s best to think of the past relationship as part of your life. Something that you went through, with its ups and downs. Now it’s time to look forward, to the future. It can also be a good time to reacquaint you with yourself.

1) Take the time to recognize and accept your feelings

You should be aware of the fact that your breakup will probably take you on an emotional roller-coaster. This is quite normal.

It’s only natural to feel emotional after ending your relationship.

Trying to deny or control your emotions will probably have the opposite effect and you’ll only end up feeling them more.

Take your time to grieve. The end of a relationship is, after all, a loss.

Be patient and kind to yourself.

2) Avoid negative thoughts

Of course, you should recognize that your relationship had its problems.

You might have had some terrible experiences. You might have suffered.

However, it’s very important that while you recognize that your relationship had some negative sides, to accept them as something that happened and not dwell on them.

Think about it:

It will be of absolutely no use to you to be constantly thinking about your partner’s negative attributes and what they did or didn’t do. Dwelling on anger and regret serves nobody.

As a matter of fact, if you focus only on the negative aspects, these could become obsessions that will affect your mental health and keep you from moving on.

Instead, try to balance out your thoughts. There were some good times as well as some bad ones. That’s just life.

3) Cultivate new relationships, find new hobbies

Often, when people are in a long-term relationship, they tend to live in a bubble:

  • They see their friends less.
  • They hardly ever meet new people.
  • They put aside some dreams that their partner might not have shared.
  • They spend most of their time and energy with their partner, often doing something that their partner was into.

Now that you are newly single, you can do whatever you want, with whomever you want:

  • Catch up with your friends more.
  • Go out and make new friends.
  • Flirt with someone you find attractive.
  • Take a trip.
  • Sign up for a course.

Is there a project or plan that you had put to the side? Time to pursue it again.

Ask yourself, ‘what is it that I want to do now? What will make me happy?’

4) Be positive

Although the end of a relationship can feel depressing and gloomy, there are actually a lot of positive things that come with it. You just have to be prepared to see them.

Here’s the good news:

People are constantly changing and evolving. The you that you are now may be quite different from the you that you used to be before the relationship. Now that you are alone, use this chance you have been given to get to know yourself.

Reacquainting you with yourself will show you that there is a whole you and a whole world outside the relationship you have left behind.

Just remember that while you embrace the positive, you don’t deny the negative feelings. It’s a balancing act.

Being positive might not come easily to you in this situation, so don’t be hard on yourself. It takes time.

There is a lot to look forward to.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the telepathic signs listed above will help you figure out if you should give your relationship one more chance or whether you should break up.

If it really is time to move on, be grateful for the good times that you shared with your former partner and be open to new experiences and more love coming your way.

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Jelena Dincic

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