18 telepathic signs he’s into you

“I just met this guy, and I am still not sure if he likes me. How do I find out?”

The vagueness of the question about telepathic signs might be the reason why many people who would like to meet someone get stuck in the waiting game.

Even if you want to get your feet wet and not wait to meet someone at all, the fact is that oftentimes, we don’t know how to read the clues.

If you’ve met someone who seems to be interested in you, but can’t tell how he feels, below are some telepathic signs that will help you find out if he’s really into you.

The ultimate list of telepathic signs that show he’s into you

1) You feel more alert

For a telepathic person to be more attracted to someone, they will approach more often and try to get familiar with you.

Being in the company of telepaths is like being in the company of a good friend. The person feels at ease and likes it because he knows how to deal with you.

As much as telepathic people are naturally attracted to the presence of others during a conversation, you will notice that he wants to be closer to you when talking.

It is not because he needs to see you clearly in order for him to listen. It is because his attraction for you drives him that way. It’s a way for him to make sure he doesn’t miss anything important.

If this person keeps looking at you while listening, it means he is capable of deducing what you are saying and trying to understand your point better.

Does talking come naturally to him? Pay attention because the way he talks to you will tell more. He will be focused on each word and will try hard to keep eye contact as well.

2) You wonder if you’ve acquired a new superpower

Did you notice that he suddenly smiles at you without realizing it? And did you know how important this sign really is?

There are two reasons for this. First, it is a way for him to show interest without coming on too strong.

Second, it is a sign that he is not trying hard to impress you but wants to be your friend as well.

If the person smiles without realizing he does so, and yet when he does notice, he stops smiling and acts like nothing happened, then this could be a sign of shyness.

On the other hand, a person who really likes you will always smile back if it’s appropriate and never shy away from doing so.

Sometimes as soon as he sees you in the distance, he will walk towards you and strike up a conversation.

When someone thinks they look good and yet isn’t sure if they are loved, this can make them feel uncomfortable.

They don’t know what to do with themselves and their thoughts wander toward the person they are interested in, so they might end up smiling in unusual situations.

3) Your eyes itch or twitch randomly

When your eye twitches or itches, it’s usually because you have something on your mind.

This could be worry or anxiety. Sometimes, this is a sign of love as well.

So, if you catch yourself doing that, ask yourself what you’re worried about. Is there anything on your mind?

If the answer is yes, then see if you can think of someone who’s been on your mind lately and try to analyze if it makes sense that someone is trying to tell you that he likes you too.

4) You recognize him

From time to time, does it feel like you actually know this person from before? Like the first time you met, did his face or even overall mannerism seem familiar?

Perhaps these thoughts crossed your mind already and you are wondering if this is destiny knocking on your door.

So how can you know that you’ve met “the one”, your true soulmate?

Let’s face it:

We often waste a lot of time and emotion on people we’re not suited for. Recognizing your soulmate isn’t always straightforward.

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5) You feel like you are being watched

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is watching you? An anime fan will say this is the sensation they get when they see a cute character on TV.

And while this feeling can be fun and exciting, it can also be scary. If you get the sensation that there are aliens from outer space monitoring what you do, it could be because someone is interested in you.

If you have never felt like someone is watching you until now and it’s uncomfortable, try to figure out who could be watching you or more likely thinking about you.

Is it your crush?

This can be a good sign, especially if the feeling is accompanied by other signs mentioned in this article.

6) You wonder why you can’t turn your head quickly

This is actually an important telepathic sign. When you try to turn your head too fast, you will notice that it’s more difficult to do so.

This is because your body decides to stop you from being so impulsive, knowing that you are trying to get a better view of someone. And if it happens when you see him, he probably is aware of this as well.

If this happens frequently, it could be because you want to get a better look at something and can’t take your eyes off of it. Or it could be because you want to hide something from someone else or yourself.

If you think that this person likes you, then it is possible that he might be trying to get a better look at your eyes or face as well.

If he can’t trust himself yet, this could be because he wants to make sure that the initial attraction will not be replaced by something else.

7) Your internal clocks seem to align

Suddenly you find yourself in the same place. For the fifth time this week. Synchronicity much?

Ask yourself the following first:

  • How many times do you go to a given location?
  • How many times does this person go to the same location as you?
  • Do you also find that you go there around the same time most of the time?
  • Is there any pattern in this?

If there is no pattern to this, it could simply mean that you both love going to the same place or you are searching for something in common.

But if you’re not sure, do an experiment. Go to the same place for five consecutive days. And see if you can’t find something.

If it’s not a coincidence, then this could be a sign that there is a certain level of compatibility between you and this person, which is why you both tend to be in the same place at the same time.

If this happens often, then your internal clocks seem to be aligning.

Even if this isn’t the case and this might just be a coincidence, it could also mean that he’s trying to get your attention and perhaps he is not even aware of this energy at the moment.

8) You catch yourself daydreaming about him

Most people have a habit of thinking about others even when there is nothing going on between them and the other person.

But for telepaths, this habit can be much stronger than usual and affect their behavior in several ways.

If you catch yourself constantly daydreaming about this person, then try to figure out why. Are you interested in him or is it something else?

Is he the right person for you? Or do you just need to feel wanted again so that you get over your ex?

Sometimes, we are afraid of being alone, so we often create an imaginary relationship with someone even if there is no reciprocal interest.

If you’re really interested in this person, take note to see how often you think about him and analyze further whether that frequency changes depending on your mood.

Are you thinking about him when you’re happy or when you’re sad? Do you picture a future with him? Do you picture yourself telling him off for something he did and why did that image come to mind?

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9) You feel like someone is trying to reach out to you

This person might be telepathic as well and when they are observing you, their eyes might fall on the back of your neck, or your fingers might start twitching once in a while.

If you find yourself looking for someone and suddenly you begin to think about him, you might be picking up on his thoughts.

And while they might not be clear enough to understand at first, like a distorted radio signal, they will become clearer with time and practice.

This is because you are practicing your telepathic skills and as a result, they will develop faster.

10) You feel pain in an unusual location

If you have been thinking about this person often and he has done the same, there is a chance that you might start transmitting physical symptoms when either of you is feeling pain.

If you happen to be in the same room with him, he might notice that you’re feeling uncomfortable and unusual physical symptoms might develop over time.

So, if you feel like something is wrong with your body, it’s probably because someone has been thinking about you.

Signs of love can be very subtle and not always expressed verbally. With some people, this may not be obvious at first.

But with others, it can risk leaving scars on their minds if they ignore it or take too long to deal with it.

However, it can also be exciting and something to look forward to once you understand what is going on.

11) The air gives off a different vibe

You may also notice an unusual electric feeling.

But this is not only caused by a physical touch. It is also caused by a person who’s trying to tell you that he likes you as well by sending off his emotions and thoughts.

If you notice how this feels with someone, try standing up to see if this feeling increases or decreases. If it increases even more, then try to get closer to him and see if that feeling remains the same.

Keep in mind that this feeling can be triggered by several factors such as attraction or nervousness.

The person might not be expressing his feelings verbally or in body language, but he can still feel similar emotions.

Don’t forget that telepathic signals are an important part of this, but so are feelings that can be transmitted to others through our skin.

12) Abrupt mood swings

Besides being able to communicate with each other through thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you can also communicate through senses.

For example, if you’re feeling happy, then your brain might be telling different parts of your body to feel the same way and someone else’s mind can read that.

So, if you suddenly begin to feel a lot of emotions and they appear to come out of nowhere, they may be the result of someone thinking about you.

He might even feel confused about his own feelings, which is why he’s trying to get out of this dilemma by sending conflicting signals through the air.

It’s possible that the person who’s attracted to you is somewhat aware of this and this can cause them to feel nervous or confused about their own feelings.

13) You keep noticing recurring numbers

When you hear or see strange numbers like 3, 7, 11, 13, 43, and many others; this could be a sign of someone being attracted to you.

Numbers can have a lot of different meanings behind them, but they can also be signs from our angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed on.

So, if you see or hear any of these numbers at any time during the day or night, pay attention to how you feel.

Seeing those numbers could mean that someone has been thinking about you recently. It could also mean that an angel is trying to send you a message about them.

One of the main reasons why these numbers appear to us is because most of us are subconsciously aware that our lives are cyclical.

So, if you live a life with a lot of ups and downs (like what happens in many relationships), these numbers can represent that to us.

They might also indicate something more about our personalities or relationships in general.

These angel numbers are certainly important, but did you know that your birth date and name also hold significant power?

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14) A new Schmetterling sensation

If you’re feeling butterflies and your stomach feels like it’s doing a somersault all of a sudden, then this could be because someone has been thinking about you and their thoughts have transformed into physical sensations.

If your brain is sending a lot of mixed signals, it will eventually cause you to feel strange.

However, if you pay attention to those feelings, they can help you understand what is going on. It’s like they are trying to tell you what their mind and heart are feeling at the moment.

This could cause those emotions to increase and intensify.

15) You are drawn to subtle vibrations

This has happened to me many times and it is one of the most common signs that someone feels connected with you, regardless of language barriers.

If you’ve been thinking about that person for a long time and think about them often, your brain will start transmitting signals across space, time, and even dimensions.

You might even experience déjà Vu moments.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how two people can communicate without being in the same physical place at the same time with no verbal or body language communication, this is how it works.

It’s also possible that they are not even aware of this connection. So, they may be simply thinking of you because they want to get to know you better.

16) His date of birth appears in your dreams

Another way that we can experience love is through dreams.

This is because our dreams happen in our subconscious state of mind and the conscious part of our mind has no control over them. But there are more reasons why his date of birth may appear in your dreams.

Remember that everything happens for a reason and whenever someone appears in your dreams, it could have multiple meanings and messages behind it.

If you are comfortable with this person, you might begin to see him in your dreams.

But if this person has been thinking about you or is attracted to you, then their subconscious might be trying to send out a message through their dream state as well.

17) Tunes seem to hold hidden messages

If you’re in the middle of a song and hear a faint whistle or something similar, this could be the result of someone thinking about you.

There are several different kinds of songs that we can hear in our heads.

They could be about you, your family, or relationships in general. So even though the person is not thinking about you right now, you may be hearing their thoughts later on or during other moments.

These songs can remain in our minds for days or weeks and sometimes even longer.

If you turn on the radio or play your favorite songs, you might start hearing a song that reminds you of someone.

If this happens, it’s possible that the person who’s thinking about you is playing those songs on purpose. They might have picked up on a particular song playing in your mind and decided to listen to it.

18) Butterflies enjoy your company

If a butterfly flies around or lands on your hands, then this could be a sign that someone is thinking about you.

Butterflies like to stick around people who feel good and have positive energy so they can feed off of it. They can also bring us beautiful messages from our loved ones who have passed on.

This is because butterflies are often symbolic of thoughts, dreams, and memories that we want to be able to stay close to for a very long time.

If you notice a butterfly near you or around you, pay attention to the way it makes you feel.

Does it make you feel energetic, calm, strong, and/or confident? If so, then this could mean that someone has been thinking about you a lot lately.


To conclude, if someone is thinking about you, this can result in a lot of different feelings and emotions.

Sometimes these feelings will be strong, subtle, or even unconscious. And sometimes they will be obvious and easy to recognize.

Either way, these signs can help you get an idea of what is going on with the other person.

If this person is feeling any kind of a connection with you, then it could improve your relationship and make it easier for you to understand one another.

Sharing thoughts on a soul level can also help you get to know someone better without having to speak or face your fears if you’re just starting out in a relationship or friendship with them.

Nevena Glogovac

Nevena Glogovac

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