16 telepathic signs he is thinking about you

Here is a funny story.

I met a college friend I initially disliked, but as we spent more time together, our energies became in sync.

We could almost read each other’s thoughts without saying a word, without our eyes giving anything away.

It was as if our connection was so strong that we could communicate telepathically.

Have you experienced something like this? A sign, perhaps, that someone is talking or thinking about you? What if someone special can’t take his mind off of you?

In this piece, we’ll lay out 18 telepathic signs he is thinking of you. We’ll also share the meanings of the signs you’ve experienced!

1) Your nose suddenly itches

You don’t have any allergies that you know of, but suddenly, your nose starts to itch like crazy. You checked—it is not hair nor fur, so you tried washing it away.

You try to resist the urge to scratch it, but before you know it, you’re sneezing not only once, but three times in a row!

Some see it as a sign that you’re flushing out negative energy from your body.

For some ancient reason, some others assume that when you sneeze, the devil tries to claim your soul! This could be why the elderly say “bless you” when it happens, for your protection.

While the Dartmouth Folklore Archive confirms that the Greeks associated it with omens leading to either luck or misfortune, they also believed that sneezing meant you were in someone else’s thoughts.

If you sneeze twice, someone is thinking negatively about you. Sneezing three times is one of the telepathic signs he is thinking about you.

Although no specific data or study supports the meaning of sneezing, it is also essential to single out other reasons, including exposure to irritants such as pollen, dander, dust, or molds.

2) You get flushed cheeks or ears

The universe sends us different premonitions through bodily sensations, such as flushed faces or ears.

In an interview with express.co.uk, Semra Haksever, an eclectic witch, confirms this. Like sneezing, the blushing in your face or ears could mean both positive and negative omens—”left for love and right for spite”.

If your right ear is flushed, you can call out the name of the person you think is talking negatively about you. If it is the correct name, the itching will end.

If it is the left ear, it is one of the telepathic signs he is thinking about you.

When someone is thinking about you or has a crush on you, his incredibly deep energy sends a signal to yours, like a spiritual transmission of his feelings.

You can consult a spiritual expert if you intend to confirm this belief.

3) A gifted advisor confirms

The signs we discuss in this article will give you a good idea of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you. Our list of signs may not apply to you, or you have doubts about your feelings.

Since your situation is unique, the best thing you can do is get tailored advice.

That is why we recommend getting a personalized psychic reading to address your issues.

The key, however, is finding a credible and trustworthy person to speak to!

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you whether he is thinking about you, but they can also reveal all of your future love possibilities.

4) You choke on water or food

Growing up in an Asian household, my family lives with superstitious beliefs.

One time, while I was savoring my dinner, a piece of food unexpectedly lodged in my throat, causing me to choke. My aunt immediately commented, “Someone might be thinking of you.”

Like sneezing and blushing, choking on your food can be an energy transmission or extrasensory communication of feelings from someone else’s mind to your body.

It’s not wrong to think that you might be eating or drinking quickly or swallowing a big lump of food.

Nevertheless, you should also know that it is your body’s way of picking up other people’s feelings. A guy’s feelings for you, for that matter.

5) You bite your tongue

There are many instances when we bite our tongues accidentally. It could be while eating, sleeping, thinking, etc.

Accidentally biting your tongue might mean someone close to you is badmouthing you or planning something against you.

Either way, it’s essential to be self-aware and cautious of your surroundings, as an accidental tongue bite might be the universe’s way of sending you warning signals of what’s going to happen.

Now, other than stress or anxiety (primarily due to cramming), someone who likes you, adores you or loves you may be the one to blame.

If you are dating someone special, biting your tongue presents itself as one of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you.

Like the other signs, the feelings he transmits through his mental channel find their way through yours, manifesting through your body. Hence, a tongue bite.

6) You get goosebumps

Imagine you are going through your usual everyday routine. Suddenly, you feel a surge of goosebumps that make you shiver.

It is not the air conditioning unit. It is not the cold weather but one of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you.

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7) You can feel him around you

When an energy vibration is intense, you may feel an unfathomable physical connection or touch, even if there is no one near you.

If you and your partner are apart, your partner may be longing for your physical proximity. His intense desire to be with you may translate to the warmth you feel, despite the cold room or weather. Distance, even.

Of course, as the energy receptor, your body knows if the signals transmitted to you are good. Otherwise, you will feel tense or nervous.

8) You suddenly have the urge to reach out

Have you ever experienced an image of someone slipping into your mind out of the blue? It could be someone you know who misses or loves you dearly.

Then, you immediately need to communicate with the person, only to find out he has thought about you, too!

Most of the time, the yearning in his mind causes you to feel the tension (or vice versa). If you have a strong spiritual connection, the tension translates to a mental image of him in your mind.

You must remember that if you and your partner have a profound connection or a unique bond, it might be because you are meant to be together. This is why it is easy for him to mentally and spiritually communicate with you.

9) You can’t catch sleep

Every evening at 11 p.m., you go to bed. Tonight, however, is different.

You asked yourself if you had forgotten or were subconsciously thinking of something, but you answered ‘no’ to both questions.

It is also possible that you are carrying so much negative energy within you that a good night’s sleep will not suffice.

If, on the other hand, you have romantic feelings for someone or the other way around, this could be one of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you.

10) You dream of him

Dreams are an essential aspect of who we are. We can think about anyone in our dreams—a friend, an ex, or someone we do not know. 50% of our dreams include people we don’t exist.

That is why we may dream of someone with whom we have a strong spiritual and emotional connection.

It could be one of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you, mainly if he is your soulmate.

When two soulmates are apart, the universe will always find a way to cross the distance between them.

It is like a spiritual longing for your presence in your soulmate’s life; that is why he appears in your dreams.

11) You see or hear his name over and over

You might be wondering: Why do you constantly see someone’s name, like on a billboard or a poster? While walking in the streets, you hear someone’s name repeatedly. Did you turn around and check if it was the person you knew?

If all of these happened in a day that freaked you out, don’t worry. This could be one of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you.

When a person is your soulmate, you tend to feel their presence when you least expect it. Seeing and hearing his name multiple times a day could be a sign from the universe telling you that he misses you!

12) You see angel numbers

Do you know what angel numbers are?

Angel numbers are messages from angels containing number sequences of spiritual significance. According to belief, these numbers are thought to be a way for angels to communicate with humans and to offer guidance, encouragement, and support.

When you repeatedly see the same number sequence on your phone, clock, table numbers, or anywhere, it just means that the angels communicate with you.

Angel numbers are believed to be one of the telepathic signs he is thinking of you!

13) You suddenly smell his perfume/scent

Studies have shown that familiarity can impact brain functioning and affect how we perceive and respond to things. We seek comfort in anything familiar, which is why we are more drawn to them.

That is why if you suddenly smell the perfume of someone you recently broke up with or someone you used to know, it is possible that subconsciously, you are thinking of him. And he is thinking of you, too!

14) You see him a lot of times

It may seem scary, but, sometimes we tend to hallucinate that someone is there even if they are not. Usually, this happens when you have a telepathic connection with someone.

If you see an image of your partner or soulmate anywhere, it could be one of the signs he is thinking of you.

A telepathic connection with someone means you can sense their presence or thoughts or even communicate with them mentally. Therefore, if you are constantly in a man’s thoughts, your mind and body will act as receptors for the same energy, so you will think you have seen his presence.

15) Anything you see reminds you of him

Breaking up with someone, whether a romantic partner or a close friend, can be emotionally painful.

Even after the relationship has ended, the memories of your ex may still linger. It is not just you who might be longing for them—they may be missing you too.

Everywhere you look and everything you hear brings them to mind.

16) You feel a sudden surge of emotions

Telepathic connections do not only channel longing and desire for proximity; they also send other emotions!

If you experience a sudden change of mood, from being in a bad emotional state to a calmer one, it could be a surefire sign a love interest is thinking of you.

As mentioned in the other signs, we receive an extrasensory connection from the people who think of us.

Such feelings are channeled through our emotions.

What would a gifted advisor say?

If you are wondering if all these are telepathic signs he is thinking about you, it is essential to pay attention to their actions, words, and behavior. These can often provide concrete clues about what someone is thinking and feeling.

However, the most reliable way to find out if someone is thinking about you is to communicate with them directly.

Do not be afraid to ask them directly if they are thinking about you or if they have any feelings for you.

It is always better to be open and honest with your communication rather than relying on assumptions or guesses.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea if you are ever in a person’s thoughts. But if you would still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to do so.

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So, if you want to get to the bottom of telepathic signs he is thinking of you, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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