24 spiritual signs you’re meant to be with someone (forever)

Have you met someone who makes your heart skip a beat? Do you think they could be the one?

But how do you know that you’re really meant to be with them forever and that it’s not just your love hormones speaking?

Well, there are actually spiritual signs that two people are meant to be, you just need to know how to spot them.

Here’s a list of 24 spiritual signs that your relationship is meant to last.

1) A spiritual connection

The first sign that you’re meant to be with someone is experiencing a spiritual connection with them.

What exactly is a spiritual connection?

It’s a profound and inexplicable connection between two people. It’s a connection that goes beyond physical attraction, logic, and intellectual understanding – it’s a soul connection.

They are your soulmate, your kindred spirit, your twin flame.

A spiritual connection can manifest in a variety of ways, from feeling an intense bond to sensing a unique understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings.

When you have this connection with someone, it’s like you can feel each other no matter where you are. It’s something that transcends time and space.

You can sense each other’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings without ever saying a word. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain, but it’s unmistakably powerful.

So if you feel that special connection with someone, it’s a surefire sign that you’re meant to spend your life with them so don’t ignore it!

2) You can be yourself without worrying about judgment

If you’ve found someone who doesn’t want to change you and loves you just the way you are, you’ve found a keeper. I mean, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Someone who accepts and loves us for who we are? Someone we don’t need to pretend with.

You see, most of us worry about what people think. That’s why we try to present our best selves to others and keep our imperfect bits to ourselves. This is especially true when we first start dating someone. We want to make a good impression, so we make sure we look our best, we’re careful about what we say and how we act, and we try not to make fools of ourselves.

But here’s the best part: when you meet the person you’re meant to spend your life with, you feel like you can be yourself from the start. You can make corny jokes, you don’t have to look perfect, you can say the wrong thing, you can show your imperfections and they won’t run away – in fact, it’s what draws them to you.

So if you can be your imperfect self and not worry about being judged by them, trust me, you’re meant to be with them.

3) You can feel it in your gut

Sometimes you just know. You don’t know how, but you do. That’s your gut instinct telling you that this is the person you’re meant to spend your life with.

We have more options today than ever before – from dozens of different cereals to choose from, to hundreds of potential partners to swipe left or right on dating apps – which is why we tend to overthink things. We get stuck in our heads instead of opening our hearts and listening to our intuition.

Our gut, our intuition is something we’re all born with. It’s the voice of our inner self that unfortunately we tend to ignore most of the time. If we could just learn to listen to it, we’d make bigger and better decisions and we’d know when something is right.

So check in with yourself and ask yourself how you feel about this person. Don’t think about whether they’re the one – feel. Trust your gut, it knows what’s good for you.

4) You’re drawn to their energy

Everyone has a certain energy that they give off, some stronger and some weaker, but it’s there.

Now, some people have negative energy and others have positive energy. Some people have an energy that compliments your own and that attracts you to them, while other people’s energy can make you want to run in the other direction.

If you meet someone whose energy is so strong and beautiful that it draws you from the first moment you set eyes on them, it’s probably another spiritual sign that you’re meant to spend your life with them.

Picture this: Your eyes meet across a crowded room and you find yourself drawn to their energy despite the chaos around you. Suddenly, it’s like there’s nobody else in the room. It’s like time has stopped.

Being drawn to someone’s energy like that could be a sign that you’ve met your soulmate!

But hey, maybe all this talk about intuition and energy is a bit overwhelming. After all, it’s 2022, we don’t exactly go around following our intuition or thinking about what sort of energy someone gives off. I totally get why you might have trouble interpreting the signs you’re seeing.

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5) Your conversations are meaningful and deep

Sharing deep and meaningful conversations with someone shows that you feel comfortable enough to open up to each other and that you are both willing to invest time and energy into getting to know each other on a deeper level.

It is a sign of trust and commitment, and it can be a powerful indicator that your relationship is meant to last forever.

It makes sense if you think about it. You wouldn’t want to spend your life with someone you couldn’t have a meaningful conversation with, would you?

6) You trust them completely

Do you trust them completely? Is there no doubt in your mind that they would do something to hurt or betray you?

If you can trust someone completely with your heart and they can trust you the same way, there’s no doubt in my mind you’re meant to be together.

But if you’re constantly asking yourself where they are and secretly checking their phone or computer, your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.

Trust is a huge part of any successful relationship and if you’ve found someone who feels just as comfortable giving their heart to you as you do giving yours to them, well that’s how love stories are made!

7) You have the same values and beliefs

If you both want the same things out of life, you’ve got the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to agree on everything. I’m talking about the big stuff – like trust, commitment, the importance of family, lifestyle choices, and plans for the future (but we’ll take a look at that further on).

An example of shared values and beliefs might be a couple who both view marriage as a sacred bond between two people, and who both prioritize faith and family in their lives.

If two people have different values and beliefs, it can create tension and disagreements, which can lead to the relationship breaking down. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it makes things a lot harder. If two people don’t share the same values and beliefs, they need to be respectful of the other person’s beliefs and be willing to make a lot of compromises.

8) You feel a sense of security and comfort in their presence

Feeling secure and comfortable in someone’s presence is a sign that you have a deep connection with that person. It means that you trust them and feel safe with them, which is a key component of any meaningful relationship.

When you’re meant to be with someone, you don’t have to question their intentions. You simply feel at ease in their presence and can be yourself without worrying about being judged. It’s a sign that you have a strong bond and that you’re both on the same page when it comes to your relationship.

It’s how I feel about my husband. When the going gets tough, I can’t wait to get home and run into his arms. His presence reassures and comforts me and I know that being with him is where I belong

9) You have the same vision for your future

This is related to what I mentioned earlier – having the same beliefs and values.

Having the same vision for the future means that you are compatible with someone on a deeper level.

For example, you both want to travel the world before starting a family. Or you both want to work on your careers and thrive as individuals before getting married.

You have a shared understanding of what you want out of life and what you hope to achieve – this makes a strong foundation for a relationship.

10) You feel unconditional love for each other

Unconditional love is the purest and most powerful form of love.

It is a form of love that is not contingent upon any particular condition or behavior. It is a love that is freely given, without judgment or expectation.

It’s a love that can’t be broken or replaced by anyone. And when you find that kind of love with someone, it’s a sign that you’re meant to be together forever.

11) They feel like home

Have you ever heard the expression “They feel like home”?

I think it’s a beautiful way to explain the feeling of belonging with another person. It suggests that the person has a special place in your heart and that you are meant to be together.

It expresses the idea that you are comfortable and at ease with them and that they make you feel safe and secure.

12) You have an effortless relationship

Relationships can be a lot of work.

If you have open and honest communication and can work through any issues that arise together, you’re luckier than most people.

Effortless relationships are based on trust, compatibility, and a deep connection that keeps the relationship going even through difficult times.

13) You just get each other

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just want to be with someone who gets me?”

When it comes down to it, we all just want someone who sees us for who we really are, who understands why we think and feel the way we do, someone who gets us. But as you probably know, someone like that is not easy to find.

If you’re with someone who understands your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, if they are able to anticipate your reactions and finish your sentences, then you’re a very lucky person because you’ve found what we’re all looking for.

14) It’s almost like you can communicate telepathically

When you’re with your partner, you can tell what they’re feeling without them having to explain it to you. You know their thoughts, moods, and desires without them ever having to verbalize them.

When you’re feeling down they know and are there to comfort you, you don’t have to say a word. When you need something, you don’t have to say it out loud, they’re already getting it for you.

It’s almost like you can communicate telepathically.

Now, I have to admit that I don’t know much about telepathy, but I’ve heard that a lot of soulmates experience it.

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15) Complementary energies

This means that you possess different qualities and strengths that balance each other out and make you a great team.

This creates a natural balance between your energies and makes it easier for you to work together to achieve a common goal. You are both able to bring out the best in each other, and this connection can be incredibly powerful.

By finding someone with complementary energies, you are creating a strong foundation for a long-lasting and loving relationship.

16) There’s mutual respect

Mutual respect means that both people in the relationship understand and value each other’s feelings and opinions.

This is important for a healthy relationship as it ensures that both people have a voice and can feel heard and respected.

Mutual respect also means that both people treat each other with kindness and compassion, making the relationship more secure and trusting.

When mutual respect is present, it is a sign that the relationship is built on a solid foundation and that both people are committed to seeing it through.

17) You have a shared purpose in life

When two people share a purpose in life, it gives them a sense of belonging and connection.

This connection can be felt in all aspects of life, including relationships. When two people have a shared purpose, they are more likely to feel a strong bond and be committed to one another.

This commitment and connection can create a lasting and meaningful relationship that is based on mutual respect, understanding, and love.

18) You share comfortable silences

Sharing comfortable silences with someone is a sign of a strong connection.

It means that you are so comfortable with each other that you don’t feel the need to speak to fill the silence. You can simply enjoy each other’s presence, relax, and be content in the silence.

It demonstrates that you can trust and rely on each other, and that you are happy just being together. I’d say that that’s a pretty big sign that you’ve found “the one”, it’s certainly something you want to have with the person you end up spending the rest of your life with.

19) They make you feel complete

It may be difficult to find someone who can make us feel whole and complete, but when it happens, it can be a beautiful and powerful connection.

The feeling of being complete with someone can be accompanied by a deep sense of contentment and satisfaction, both emotionally and spiritually.

When we are with someone who makes us feel complete, we can trust that we are truly in the right place, with the right person.

20) You make each other laugh

“Those who laugh together stay together”

Laughing together is a sign of true compatibility and is often a good sign that you are meant to be together.

I mean think about it, would you like to spend the rest of your life with someone you don’t laugh with? Of course not.

21) You’re happy

Sometimes it’s as simple as being happy.

Being happy means that you are following your own path in life and embracing the journey that comes with it. It means that you are living in alignment with your values, desires, and dreams and that you are creating a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Being happy is a sign that you are living the life you are meant to live and that you are on the right track.

So if you’re with someone who makes you feel happy, never let them go.

22) You almost never fight

The fact that I almost never fight with my husband shows that we are both willing to work together to resolve our differences.

We are both committed to understanding each other and finding solutions that are beneficial for both of us.

This level of understanding and commitment is necessary for a long-term relationship. So if you’re as lucky as I am to have found someone that you can resolve your differences with, then you’ve probably found someone you should spend your life with.

23) You share the same interests

Now, I’m not saying that people with different interests can’t be happy together, but there’s just something about being able to enjoy the same things.

Whether it’s playing board games or something more adventurous like swimming with sharks, it’s nice to know that you can share those special moments with the person you love.

24) You tell each other everything

You know how when you were a kid you and your best friend told each other everything? Even your deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets (like who you were secretly in love with!).

Well, if you found someone that you can be that open with as a grown-up, I’d say that it’s a pretty big spiritual sign that you’re meant to be together – forever.

That level of trust is not something that you can establish with someone when you grow up. In fact, it’s a very rare and special thing.

And there you have it, 24 spiritual signs that you’re meant to be with someone forever.

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