12 spiritual signs your soulmate misses you

It’s excruciating when you miss your soulmate but you don’t know if they miss you too.

Missing your soulmate can leave you in a state of flux.

You might feel unbalanced, anxious, and even depressed while waiting for a sign they miss you too.

The above scenarios are just a few of the thoughts that often plague your mind when you miss your soulmate.

To help ease your worries, here are 12 spiritual signs your soulmate misses you.

1) You can feel their presence around you

Do you feel like you can sense your soulmate’s presence?

People do not just miss their soulmates, sometimes their presence can be felt in places they have been.

Have you ever noticed feeling like someone is staring at you from behind?

Maybe walking down the street and having your neck hairs stand up.

This feeling can be interpreted as a sign that may mean your soulmate misses you too.

Even if they are not with you in person, their presence is still strongly felt in your heart.

You will literally feel them near.

Their essence is still within and connected to yours.

This is one of the spiritual signs your soulmate misses you.

You can feel the presence of your soulmate around you and it’s almost like they are whispering in your ear.

You may be feeling your soulmate’s energy in a way you’ve never felt before.

Oftentimes, when people are separated, their souls roam around one another for days and even weeks at a time.

Their energy will linger around you, and it might even feel like they are sitting next to you because of how strong their presence is.

When this happens, take it as a sign your soulmate misses you.

2) Your dreams become more vivid and intense

Have you been having strange dreams about your soulmate?

It’s normal to have heightened dreams after you miss your significant other.

This is because when you miss someone, your heart often resonates with the energy of that person.

Their presence can cause vivid and intense dreams, including nightmares.

When you dream, they are usually pretty random.

Unless it is a recurring dream, there is not much meaning behind them.

The dreams you have when you miss your soulmate can be very intense and even feel real.

If you’ve been feeling like something big is going to happen in your relationship, then this is the time to expect these dreams.

These dreams are a result of the strong feelings of love and longing that your soulmate may be feeling too.

Just like how your presence lingers around them, their presence lingers around you in our dreams too.

When they are in your dreams, it can be a sign they miss you too.

Dreams also tend to get more vivid and intense when a person misses someone.

It causes their subconscious mind to search for answers or signs that their soulmate misses them too.

If you find yourself dreaming of your soulmate, this could mean they are trying to communicate with you via dream state.

3) ​​You feel restless and restless

Have you been feeling restless lately?

This is one of the spiritual signs your soulmate misses you.

Their energy lingers around you, so it causes your physical body to have a high level of energy.

It may cause you to be restless and go about your day with a huge smile on your face.

The real sign that they miss you, however, is when it doesn’t feel like an energy flow or anything comes from them.

When they are not around us, we can feel it in our bodies.

The feelings might be hard to pinpoint, but they are definitely there.

When you miss your soulmate, it can have a huge negative impact on your anxiety level.

It can really make you feel stressed out to the point where your nerves are rattled, and you become very restless.

You constantly think about the things you could be doing with them and the places you would go together.

This can cause a person to feel restless because they are not at peace with their feelings of longing.

When you have these feelings, it is important to know that it is ok to feel this way.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see your soulmate again.

Because we love people for who they are and not for what they do for us in a materialistic sense.

4) You sense they’re trying to get your attention

If you have a strong feeling something is wrong but you can’t put your finger on it, this is another one of the spiritual signs your soulmate misses you.

You might feel a sense that they are trying to get your attention because they miss you.

When we miss our significant others, sometimes there is a subconscious feeling inside of us that wants them to notice us and care about us again.

In order to do this, they try to get our attention by having us feel like something is off.

They are trying really hard to let you know that they are thinking about you.

They may want us to notice them by searching for things that are out of place or by having irregular behaviors.

When we miss someone, our senses tend to heighten and become stronger.

It can be very easy to pick up on subtle signs from a distance or from a person who is in another room.

It doesn’t have to be something crazy.

If they show up in a dream and give you an indication of how they miss you, it can stir up emotions that linger around the next day with strong memories attached.

You might also see signs of them around you, which I’ll explain more in my next point.

5) ​​You will hear/feel their name on a regular basis

Have you ever had a song or commercial play on the radio and it makes you stop and think, “What’s up with that?”

This is because there was something special about the song that was playing.

We felt something just by the way the music sounded.

Even though the song was playing, we could feel our soulmate’s energy through it somehow.

It makes us wonder why a person or audio source would put their name in a song so many times for no reason.

We can read into this as a spiritual sign your soulmate misses you too.

Sometimes when we miss someone, there will be a consistent feeling that something is wrong.

The intuition and understanding will come to our minds in the form of their name.

It doesn’t have to be the person’s real name or even their nickname.

We may hear their name in one way or another.

If you know that when something is off with your relationship, then you might hear other people say ‘so-and-so’ on a regular basis.

You might hear or feel their name being spoken during the day, but especially at night when we are most relaxed and in our dreams.

It can be very hard to disregard their name or voice when they are missing us in a way that is different from others.

6) You are able to sense their mood through the wind

If you love your soulmate, then you probably know how they each feel.

This is because when we are in a relationship with someone for a long time, it’s hard to describe how we know their mood.

It might be something hard to put into words, but it is just an instinct that we have from being around them.

When someone is really missing us, they will emit feelings that are stronger than normal people.

It will become easier to know what they are feeling because the feelings and thoughts around them can be felt on a regular basis.

However, sometimes, what we think our soulmate is feeling might not be true.

The reason is because we can’t always read minds.

So, what do they actually feel?

Does your soulmate truly miss you?

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7) You feel more connected to them than ever

One of the most common spiritual signs your soulmate misses you is the feeling of being connected to them with a deeper love than ever before.

It can be a difficult thing to explain and even understand because we have never felt like this before.

However, when a loved one is really missing us, their heart can beat within us.

They will appear in our dreams very often, and the feelings that come from their energy will linger around our hearts for a long time after they are gone from our physical lives.

This is because we are connected to their energy on a spiritual level.

When your soulmate is missing you, they might not be in the physical sense, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t in your heart and soul.

They might be in a very special place inside of you that you can’t explain to anyone else about.

And when you’re connected to your soulmate, your love life will also get better.

I’ll get into more details in my following point.

8) Your love life improves

Have you ever felt like your soulmate was gone, but then you got a positive change out of it?

This is because the connection with your soulmate makes the love in your life better.

Just because they are gone from your physical life, doesn’t mean it has to be over for all time.

Their absence from our lives can make us become a better person as time goes on and give us more strength to move on to bigger and better things.

And sometimes, when they miss us, they will purposely leave their essence behind in our lives.

They tend to leave a lasting imprint in our love lives because they are still connected to our hearts.

Not only do we feel their love, but we also feel the energy that comes from them in our physical world.

However, the truth is:

Just because we can feel their love, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re your soulmate.

You might be compatible with them now but who knows how that might turn out in the future.

So, why don’t save all the troubles and worries by getting confirmation if they’re your real soulmate?

Yes, it’s possible.

You can do this by getting a professional psychic artist to draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

The sketch might turn out to be your current partner or it might not.

Regardless of the results, you can use the outcome to make the right decisions when it comes to the future of your love life.

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9) You feel a sense of peace

That’s right!

Even though your soulmate is missing you, you can feel at peace whenever they are around.

The feeling might be very small, but it is still very strong and powerful.

And it can feel like a wave of calm moving through our bodies.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any more love in your life, it just means that it’s more intense than what it was before.

The peace that comes from their energy is very comforting and it feels wonderful to be in their presence.

We don’t want them to leave us again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the gift of their energy around us.

Their energy can make a huge difference in the love life of any person that feels it and trusts it.

It’s even better if the person has a lot of spiritual awareness so they know how to use it for positive purposes like attracting positive things into their life or for protection purposes, etc.

10) You crave the feeling you get from them

That’s right!

When someone you love is missing you, it can feel like something is missing from your heart and soul.

It can feel like a hole has formed in your heart that they don’t fill but they still make the hole disappear.

The feeling is so strong that we crave whatever it is that we are missing.

It’s as if our bodies need something more than what we are currently getting from our partners or relationships.

The feeling that you get from it is very exciting and fun to have.

Even if they aren’t with us physically, we can still feel a part of them in our hearts.

We just want to feel more and more of their positive energy as time goes on.

11) You have a sudden feeling your spirit is being pulled away

The feeling might be very small and it might not be too noticeable but it is still present.

This doesn’t mean that you are disconnected from your physical body.

But, there’s a connection between how we feel and how our spirits are functioning at the moment.

Each time our heart beats, an energy surge is released that leaves a warmth throughout our bodies.

The emotions that come out of their energy will travel deep in our bodies and create a “pulling” effect.

Even though they are still in the physical world in some capacity, their energy can start to pull on us in the spiritual realm.

This pulls our spirit away from the physical world and into an alternate reality where we can feel their love more intensely.

Whenever we feel like our spirit is being pulled away, it can be a sign that someone important to us is missing us.

As our hearts beat, so does their energy.

12) Your heart aches intensely

It’s a natural response that comes when someone we love is missing us so deeply.

This feeling is caused by our energy being pulled away from the physical world into an alternate reality.

The physical changes that occur in our bodies are going to cause this phenomenon to occur more often than not in people who feel their absence.

It’s not a definite sign that they’re missing you, but it’s a good one.

They might be missing you too and want your energy back in the physical world with them.

If they do, then it means you can still feel safe and sound about being together in the future because your love lives will continue to get better as time goes on.

In conclusion

​​Now that you’ve read what your body and mind do to let you know if your soulmate is missing you, it’s time to put the information into action.

If you are one of those people who are always confused about whether or not they’re missing you, then take this article with a grain of salt.

All of the signs in this article can help you find out if they really want to be with you in life or not.

Don’t make any hasty decisions before taking a step back and thinking about it all over again.

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