10 spiritual signs someone is thinking of you sexually

Modern dating can be quite confusing. With so many rules, political correctness, and various circumstances to adapt to, it can be challenging to understand if someone is sending you signals that they want you.

Fortunately, there are spiritual signs that someone is thinking about you sexually. These signs can help you figure out if someone is interested in you in this way, even if they don’t express it explicitly.

Let’s dive into these 10 spiritual signs and explore how they manifest in different situations.

1) The energy shifts

One of the most telling spiritual signs that someone is thinking about you sexually is the shift in energy when you’re around them.

Pay close attention to how you feel when the person you like comes closer to you. You’ll be able to sense if they want to deepen the connection and move to the next level.

This is because when someone is not interested in you, they will try to keep their distance, and the energy will be stone cold.

On the other hand, if there is genuine interest between you, you will feel like there is a source of heat between you that is impossible to ignore.

Even if you’re not sure what this energy shift is about, the people around you may notice the changes and the energy between you that feels like glue.

Your friends can play a significant role here. Ask them to keep a close eye on you two when you’re together, as things are much clearer from an objective standpoint.

But it’s essential to note that this energy shift doesn’t necessarily need to happen when you’re close together. When someone thinks about you in a sexual way, you may start feeling their energy even if you’re miles away.

2) The desire for physical touch

Aside from energy shifts, observe if the person you like constantly finds excuses to touch you.

Does the person you like hug you a little bit longer than necessary? This lingering touch can be an indication of their desire for a more intimate connection with you.

Does the person gently remove the hair from your face and just look at you? These looks can also tell you a lot about their intentions and their interest in taking your relationship to a more physical level.

This is because when humans are craving a sexual connection, we simply cannot keep our hands to ourselves because the cocktail of hormones starts intoxicating us, and we can’t resist it.

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs listed in this article will give you a good idea about whether someone is thinking of you sexually. However, you can get even more clarity by speaking to a real psychic.

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4) Awkward conversations

But even after you’ve gotten your personal psychic reading, it can still be frustrating since you’re not a mind reader after all… What if you find yourself lost again, reading between the lines?

What if there are awkward conversations? For example, you suddenly start talking to the person you like, and you notice that they’re losing focus often, or they might seem distracted.

Stay calm. This might be a sign that they are thinking about you while you try to talk about something important to you. This distraction is not disrespectful; it is just the way biology works.

We all fight and think about getting closer to the person we desire, and sometimes it’s impossible to think about anything else.

All the sexual tension between you may become an obstacle to honest conversation because everything can be understood in more ways than one.

So when someone is thinking about you sexually, it can affect your interactions and create awkward moments in conversation. But again, this isn’t a certainty. Context is still important.

5) Feeling good around them

And despite occasional awkward conversations, most of your interactions would still bring you positive vibes.

If the person you like makes you laugh all the time and likes to see you happy, this is a sign they are trying to put you in a mood so you start wanting them as much as they want you.

So if you feel good around them, you can be sure that they are making an effort to relax you and show you what it would be like if you were together.

Sex starts with the look, the touch, and the communication you have. The better you feel, the better the connection will be. If the person is trying hard to make you feel good, and you can see that it’s important for them, then you can know for sure that they want to be with you in a more intimate way.

The best thing you can do is to enjoy this wonderful energy and let your connection become deeper to the extent you want it to go.

6) The magnetic pull

And with all of these positive vibrations, the magnetic pull would be so strong. Sexual energy is a vital aspect of our nature. It is a force that pulls us to explore, conquer, show our abilities, and embrace our true raw nature.

Once there is an attraction between two people, it feels like a magnet is pulling you closer. If you start noticing that magnetic energy between you, it means that the person you like is thinking about you emotionally and sexually.

These two aspects are intertwined, and in most cases, they cannot go without the other.

There’s no doubt that being intimate with someone we like and love feels good, so if you suddenly start sensing sexual energy coming your way, it is because the person you like is ready to take the next step.

7) Feeling like you’re not alone

So what happens when they start to pull your energies closer?  When someone starts thinking about you sexually, you may start feeling their presence even if you’re alone at home.

This happens because sometimes people can send us their energy and thoughts telepathically, which is especially strong when there is sexual tension involved.

It can get overwhelming at times, but it’s not something that you should be afraid of… But it may be hard for you to accept that this is just the energy sent by the person who can’t wait to be with you.

Open your mind to this kind of energy and think about the possibility of taking your relationship to the next level. If you’ve been showing that you care but staying on the side without doing anything concrete, this can be a great time to do something about it.

8) Mood swings

Another sign that someone is thinking of you in this light is mood swings. How, you ask?

If the person starts thinking about you sexually all the time, their thoughts may come to your energy field, impacting the way you deal with your emotions. This can happen frequently in the beginning, before you realize what it is about.

Telepathic communication is very frequent, and in cases of strong sexual tension, you may start feeling it in the moments when you are busy with something else. You may start feeling happy for no reason, sad in the others, but also aroused.

This sudden arousal may come as a surprise, but it can be great if you are interested in pursuing a sexual relationship with this person. The fact that they’re showing you in all possible ways that they want you will surely be a boost of confidence necessary to push you in the right direction.

9) Frequent gazes

And with the rising tension, of course, the gazes will be more frequent when you’re in each other’s space.

This can be incredibly difficult if you can’t do anything about it in the meantime – probably because of priorities or schedules…

Whatever it is, if the person is trying really hard to respect your boundaries and give you time to show them what you want, you’ll see in their eyes that their desire for you increases by the minute.

The fact that the person doesn’t want to push you or rush you into anything shows just how much they’re willing to wait for you.

10) Jealousy

And finally, you’ll feel the negative vibe of jealousy around you. To be honest, it’s not a healthy feeling and is a sign of insecurity, but people are far from perfect.

If you notice a lot of jealousy when someone else gets near you, it’s probably because this person wants to get intimate with you and cannot stand anyone else around you.

If you spend your time and energy with someone else, it can hurt their feelings and put them in a challenging position. Being possessive is not a nice feeling and is certainly not ideal, so if the person wants to sleep with you and you don’t feel the same way, you should clearly let them know.

Final thoughts

One of the most complicated things in life is trying to find out if someone sees you as a friend or thinks of you intimately. And these 10 spiritual signs can be potent clues that someone is considering you sexually on a psychic level.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you should always interpret these indicators with your own common sense and intuition. Follow your instincts and  your inner compass!

Remember to be honest and considerate when dealing with someone who may be thinking about you sexually.

Be open to the energy and the possibilities it brings, but also be prepared to set boundaries and communicate if you don’t feel the same way.

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