10 surprising spiritual reasons for different types of back pain

‍Back pain has got to be one of the most annoying and sometimes excruciating pains out there.

It limits your quality of life and you simply can’t move around a lot.

If you’ve been dealing with persistent back pain that just doesn’t want to go away, there could be a spiritual reason behind it!

You see, some back pains are not from an actual physical source!

Knowing the spiritual reason behind your back pain can help you with choosing a treatment that will help so that you’ll live a pain-free life in no time!

1) Sacrum: you live somewhere you don’t feel like you belong

The sacrum is where we store our sense of belonging and security. It relates to the root chakra, which is the chakra of survival and security.

If you’re feeling like you don’t belong in your environment, it could be because you actually don’t.

If you have moved a lot in your life and are not feeling like you truly belong in your current place of residence, this can cause back pain!

Moving to a new place can feel like a huge shift in your life and can cause stress on your body.

If you are in a place where you don’t truly feel like you belong, you might notice pain in the sacral region of your lower back.

If you notice this kind of pain, try to explore your feelings about your current living situation. Are you feeling a sense of belonging there?

The thing is, as humans, we need to feel a sense of belonging in order to be at home.

If we don’t feel like we belong in our environment, it can cause us to feel insecure and not safe.

This means that our body takes this as a threat and will try to protect itself from the perceived danger.

This is why you’ll notice pain in your lower back if you’re not truly feeling like you belong somewhere.

The first thing to do with this pain is to figure out what it is you truly want and need.

If you’re feeling like you don’t belong in your current environment, then it’s time to make a change!

You can start by making a list of what you need to feel secure and safe and then figure out how to get those things.

Once you’ve found a sense of belonging somewhere, the pain will go away!

2) L4: grief and strong emotions

L4 is the lumbar vertebrae number 4, and it is where we store our grief. It’s right above the sacrum.

The lumbar spine is where we store a lot of our emotions.

Depending on what is bothering you, you could be storing grief, anger, or sadness.

When we experience a big emotion, our bodies store it as if it were a physical injury.

This can lead to lumbar region pain.

What are you feeling right now that you might still be holding onto?

What event caused you to feel this way? What have you been ignoring or pushing down?

You can also experience lumbar pain in vertebrae number 4 if you have been bottling up strong emotions.

Try to notice what you are feeling and talk about it with someone. Write it down or do whatever you need to get those emotions out!

You see, I never would have believed it myself, but emotions can literally manifest as physical pain.

Once you’ve gotten those emotions out, you’ll feel a lot better.

You’ll be ready to move on and release the pain in this area of your body.

3) L3: you are struggling with a life choice

This is also an emotion-related pain, but it’s more specific than lumbar pain in vertebrae number 4.

L3 is again a tiny bit further up the back (you can feel it out yourself or let a professional tell you where it is exactly).

If you have been struggling with a major life choice and don’t know which direction to go, you could be experiencing lumbar spine pain in this region.

Think about a decision that you’ve been trying to make or something that has you stuck in your life.

It could be a job choice, a relationship, leaving a toxic environment, making a big move, etc.

This pain is from your body holding the stress of that choice. Has something been bothering you in your life?

Perhaps you are struggling with a choice and your body is trying to tell you that!

Now: Big life choices are never easy to make.

And sometimes it’s hard to know what the right choice is.

So, if you have been struggling with a choice in your life, just know that it’s okay to take your time and make the right decision.

The pain will go away once you’ve made that choice and moved on.

Sometimes, pushing a decision away can cause more pain than making it.

So, try not to procrastinate.

Accept that you are feeling pain and know that it will pass once you’ve made the decision and moved on.

4) L2: lack of stability

The lumbar spine is where we store our sense of security and stability.

If you find yourself constantly in a state of instability, you might notice lower back pain in the L2 region!

This is yet a bit further up the spine and it can be really uncomfortable.

What are you lacking stability in?

Are you having to do too many things at once?

You might also be lacking stability in your relationships. Are you constantly having to be the one to fix everything?

Are you experiencing some insecurity in your relationships? This can cause lower back pain as well!

You see, we need some sort of stability in our lives to feel secure.

And if we don’t have that, it can cause a lot of tension and pain in our bodies.

Think about what you are lacking stability in and work on being more stable!

This could relate to anything – finances, relationships, work, etc.

Sometimes, life is simply uncertain, like in the recent COVID pandemic.

In those times, when things are literally out of your control, it’s important that you understand that you can always rely on yourself!

5) Back of the heart: you are not receiving enough energy and self-care

The back of the heart, so your middle back, relates strongly to your heart chakra, of course.

This is another area where we store our emotions.

If you are constantly feeling like you are not receiving enough energy or care for yourself, this can cause pain in your back in the region of your heart.

You might also be storing grief or sadness in this area.

Are you having to do too much and not giving yourself enough rest? What are you constantly putting off taking care of?

You see, while the front of the heart is often associated with giving love and sending out energy, the back of the heart is associated with receiving love and energy.

If you aren’t receiving enough, it can cause pain in your back!

Receive some self-care and loving energy from others!

Maybe you haven’t taken enough time for that self-care lately!

6) Upper middle back: pain from the past

This type of pain is from old trauma wounds that have not healed properly.

This can also be a sign of old emotional pain.

What injuries have you been carrying around with you? What emotional wounds has your body not been able to properly heal?

Try to think back to a time when you felt hurt or experienced pain. Does any of that pain still linger?

If so, try to acknowledge and release it.

You wouldn’t believe how long the body can store trauma and emotional pain!

If you never processed your emotions regarding a specific event, you might find yourself literally manifesting that emotional pain into physical pain in your body.

It’s not always easy to identify what is causing the pain, especially if you are in pain right now.

However, make sure to not dismiss your past, it could have a very important impact on your future.

7) Shoulders: you are carrying a big burden

The shoulders are where we store our burdens and responsibilities.

If you’ve been trying to carry too many responsibilities, you might notice shoulder region pain.

You might also be carrying a lot of emotional baggage.

Try to notice what you are trying to carry.

What are you constantly thinking about? What are you constantly worrying about? You might be carrying a burden that you don’t need to be carrying!

You see, you’d be surprised how many of us hold onto things that weigh us down without realizing it.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, take a look at what you are carrying around with you.

Do you have too much on your plate? What is weighing you down emotionally?

When you understand how much you are holding on to, you might realize that you don’t have to carry this much pain around.

You can release it and let it go! It’s time to take off that heavy backpack and give yourself some relief.

This actually brings me to my next point:

8) Shoulder blades: you need support

These are the wing-like bones at the top of your shoulders.

If you are constantly needing support or feeling like you are unsupported, you might notice shoulder blade pain.

You might also be feeling like you are not receiving enough love or support in your life.

Try to pay attention to what you need right now. What is bothering you? What could you use some support with?

However, as I just mentioned in the point before this one, we often carry around a lot of burdens that we don’t need to carry.

When you are aware of what you are holding onto, you can release it and let it go.

You might find that the shoulder blade pain will subside when you let go of the weight that is on your shoulders.

However, you might need support in order to do this.

One of the biggest lessons to learn is that you don’t have to carry everything yourself.

You are not alone! We all need support from one another.

Understanding that and letting others help you is the greatest support of all.

When you do that, you will find that you feel much lighter, and your shoulder blade pain will subside.

9) Neck: you have been focusing on your limitations

The neck is where we store a lot of our beliefs and ideas about ourselves.

If you have been constantly focusing on your limitations, you might notice neck pain!

What are you constantly thinking about? You might also be feeling like you are not good enough.

What are you constantly comparing yourself to? What are you always worried about? What are you always focusing on?

These things can really weigh heavy on you and cause your neck to feel stiff and sore.

When you are constantly thinking about all of the things that you can’t do or what you don’t have, it can really weigh you down.

Now: you can, however, identify these limiting beliefs and then work on them!

You can change your thoughts and your life.

Think about what you DO have, rather than what you don’t have.

For example, if you think that you don’t have enough money, think about what you do have.

What do you already have that can help you? What resources do you already have?

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are a lot of things that are helping you!

You might notice a decrease in your neck pain after doing this exercise for a while!

You can do more than you give yourself credit for.

10. Upper neck/head: you worry a lot

The upper neck and head are where we store our worries and anxieties.

If you’ve been worrying too much, you might notice upper neck/ head pain!

What are you constantly thinking about? What are you always focusing on?

What are you always trying to control? What are you always trying to solve?

You might also be feeling as though there is too much on your shoulders.

What do you feel you have to do?

Anxiety can really be a thief of joy, take it from someone who knows.

When you are constantly focusing on all of the things that you have to do and all of the problems that you have to solve, it can start to weigh on you.

You might also be feeling as though there is too much on your shoulders.

Although anxiety is something that we all have, it can really hold us back from living the life that we want to live.

We can become consumed by our worries and anxieties.

Now: you can, however, figure out ways to deal with your anxiety that will help you to ease the back pain you’ve been feeling!

That brings us to the next phase of this article:

How to heal your back pain

Of course, everyone’s back pain is different, and so there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are a few ways that you can try right now, that might help alleviate your pain, especially if it is rooted in spiritual problems.

Use your breath

Your breath is so much more powerful than you know.

When you are in a stressful situation, your breath can be very shallow and quick, or vice versa, it can become very deep and slow.

This is because your breathing is actually controlled by the nervous system and whether you are calm or stressed.

So, when you are in a stressful situation, your breath will often change without you even realizing it.

Now: when you are in a constant state of stress, that has a detrimental effect on your back pain, believe me!

You will feel terrible and you might even feel worse than ever.

So, the first thing you need to do is start to take control of your breathing.

You can do this by following certain breathing techniques, or breathwork.

One of my favorites is actually this free masterclass “The power of your breath“.

In it, you can learn real shamanic breathwork that can help you increase your creativity, and vitality, and also improve your back pain!

Breathwork has truly changed my life, in regards to back pain, but also in general!

Give this free video a try and see how you feel!

Work on your issues

After we just talked about what could be causing your back pain, you now need to start doing the actual work!

You can’t keep ignoring your problems, you have to face them head on.

This might be difficult to do, especially if you have been ignoring your problems for a long time, but it is the only way – that I know of – to really get better.

You need to start working on your issues and learning how to deal with them.

The best way of doing this is by starting a journal and writing down all of your issues in there.

This will help you to see how much pain you are in, and where your problems might be rooted in.

Then: once you realize the extent of these problems, and how bad they are, that is when you start working on them!


One of the biggest things when it comes to back pain is tension.

No wonder – our lives are getting increasingly hectic and stressful, and we are so caught up in all of our problems, that we often forget to relax.

This is really bad news for your back pain because it is probably the thing that will make it worse!

If you don’t relax your body enough, it will get tense and you will feel even more pain.

So: if you want to get better from your back pain, you need to start doing a lot of relaxing!

Relaxing does not necessarily mean sitting on the couch and watching TV for hours on end.

Instead: try taking a bath with some candles or essential oils.

Or: go for a walk in nature (if possible) or just take some time to sit outside.

For me, this has been one of the most effective ways of dealing with my back pain!

But warmth always helps, too! A hot water bottle, a hot shower or bath, a heating pad – all these things can help you with your pain!

Don’t do it alone

Last but not least, you don’t have to deal with all that pain on your own.

There are thousands of people out there who have the same issues as you do, and they can help you out!

But not just that, your friends and family would love to be there for you, too.

Just don’t forget to be kind to yourself, because back pain is terrible.

Reach out to loved ones and talk to them about your back pain, but also about the underlying reasons for it.

You’d be surprised how much a simple talk can help you!

Pain is a very subjective thing, and it is impossible to understand another person’s pain but you can definitely try to understand where it comes from.

And your friends and family might be able to offer you a perspective you hadn’t considered before!

Final thoughts

Back pain is very common and can be caused by a variety of reasons.

However, not all back pain is caused by a physical problem!

Now that you know the different causes of back pain and how to actually combat it, I hope that you will be able to get rid of your pain sooner rather than later.

One last thought: try not to hate your body for bringing you pain. Instead, be grateful, it is simply trying to bring attention to something within you that needs healing!

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Anna Scheucher

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