8 spiritual meanings of dreaming about the same person romantically

Dreams can be a little tricky to understand.

But we can look at them this way:

Every night, as we close our eyes and drift off to sleep, we enter a world of fantasy.

Our dreams are like movies about our personal lives, filled with characters, adventures, and sometimes drama.

But what does it mean to have the same person play a romantic role in our dreams repeatedly?

From a spiritual perspective, dreams are seen as a gift from a higher power.

When our dreams play in our heads while we sleep, they are not just there to entertain us.

Our dreams allow us to get messages and guidance from our spirit guides through our dreams.

These messages may come in the form of symbols or stories that do not make sense at first but can reveal messages that are important in our waking life.

To help you with trying to unfold what message your guides are trying to tell you, here are eight spiritual meanings of romantic dreams about the same person:

1) You see yourself in them

It is not every day that you encounter people that share the same value and outlook in life as you.

So when you meet people that make you feel like you are looking in the mirror, they almost immediately win a special place in your life.

Why is that?

It’s because of the relief, the sense of ease, comfort, and even fulfillment that someone finally gets you.

Finally, someone is at the same level of thinking and understanding as you.

You feel heard and understood.

When you meet someone like you, it’s also possible to feel a sense of belongingness.

You feel as if you have found a place where you are accepted and understood.

If you relate to this, it’s a great reason to consider why you dream about them romantically.

2) They are different

If it’s the other way around and they are very different from you, it could still be the reason you dream about them.

Wondering why?

They may have challenged your beliefs and provoked your thoughts like no one has, and this sets them apart from the crowd.

Being different makes them unique.

So it’s natural for you to be drawn to them when they offer new perspectives and experiences that make an impact on you.

When I meet those people whose thought processes are different than mine, it is likely that I will remember them.

I think about them more often because they challenge my way of thinking.

Other than this challenge is the impact on how they help me foster empathy and understanding of things that are outside the world I perceived.

So if you’re dreaming of someone who is very different from you, this could mean that they left a mark on you.

3) They complement who you are

You are the best person to know if this is true.

Whether you feel one with them or you are two different individuals, it’s not impossible for you to complement each other.

If this person feels like the missing piece to your life, you may be thinking about the possibilities of you being together.

This may be the reason you dream about them because you are already thinking of how well you would go together.

4) You admire them

Your admiration could be the reason you are dreaming about them romantically.

They may have particular traits and qualities that stand out to you, such as being kind, smart, genuine, graceful, creative, and many more.

Now, this does not always mean you want to date them.

Admiration is a feeling of respect and appreciation for other people.

So if you keep dreaming of the same person but being romantically involved with them in your dream is weird, it is just your admiration, and you do not have to take it literally.

But if it is more than just admiration…

5) You have an intense feeling for them

Remember, dreams offer a glimpse into our subconscious mind and often reveal our secret desires.

Your feelings can create a strong connection and attraction to them, which could be why they repeatedly appear in your dreams.

These intense feelings could be an emotional, physical, or sexual attraction.

These attractions then encourage fantasies.

Do you see how these create a domino effect?

Check out reason #6.

6) You daydream about them

We get it; you can’t get them out of your head because of how intense the feeling is.

It is possible for your brain to take all the things that you have seen, thought, and felt during the day and replay it while you sleep.

So if you spend your day fantasizing about them, your dream is just a continuation of that.

7) The Universe is encouraging your thought

You met someone incredible, and now you think about them constantly.

Imagine the universe being like – yes, you are right about this person.

Every feeling and every thought you have about them is meant to be.

I am confirming that by having them show up in your dreams.

How crazy is that!?

The universe is validating your thoughts and feelings about this person through your dreams.

The universe is using its power to bring you together, which could be the reason you keep dreaming about them romantically.

Have you explored the possibility that the person in your dream is your twin flame?

Twin flames are believed to share a strong and intense connection that no one else can explain.

Romantically dreaming of the same person over and over again could be the universe introducing them to you as your twin flame.

8) The universe is encouraging you to take action

Your dreams could be your sign from the universe to act.

The universe is using your dream to tell you that you need to do something about your feelings and thoughts.

They could not and should not stay as thoughts, or else, they will keep appearing in your dreams as torture.

You may end up with frustration having the same person appear in your dream without them having a real part in your waking life.

It is normal for you to feel scared or doubt yourself when wanting to act on your thoughts.

Your conscious mind could be playing everything that could go wrong when you do something about it.

But your dream is there to push you, like your friend giving you a dare to come up to your crush.

You know what they say, you miss all the shots you do not take.

How to find out the spiritual message of your dreams

Dreams are personal, and they are unique to each one of us.

It is important that you study every underlying factor that causes your dreams.

As always, putting context in your dreams will help you make sense of them and get really close to what our guides are telling you.

If you don’t, they will remain silly dreams that are make-believe, and you might miss the messages that could be transformative for you.

Studying the narrative and the characters who are involved in your dreams may help you find out what your dream is about.

Just like watching a movie, you have to understand the relation of the settings, actions, and characters to help you make sense of the whole storyline.

When you get to the end, you know what the movie is all about.

You must do the same to understand your dreams.

Here are prompts that might help you unfold the spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person romantically.

What is the narrative of your dreams?

The person is chasing you

If you’re dreaming of the same person chasing you, your dream could be showing you your desire for them to go after you.

This could also be a representation of your desire for them to reciprocate your feelings and actions.

The person liking someone else

Your dream could reveal to you your insecurities and worries in relationships.

One of them is losing the person you like in many ways.

The person rejecting you or hurting you

Your dream could be about your fears and anxieties in relationships.

This person does not necessarily mean they would hurt you.

They are just a reflection of your feelings.

Getting married to the person in your dreams

If you’re dreaming about marrying someone, it could be an indication of your readiness to meet the right person for you.

How did you react to your dreams?

If you were happy, it could mean you’re open to the possibility of meeting the right person.

But if you felt the opposite, your dream could be reflecting how you struggle with accepting your union with someone.

It could be trust issues, trauma, or you are simply not ready.

Who is in your dreams?

Your crush

It is not uncommon if you dream of your crush romantically.

I bet you daydream about them, too!

Are you even surprised you dreamt of them?

It is important to note that our dreams have internal and external triggers.

Internal triggers are what we feel, and external triggers are what we see.

When you see your crush or you think of them, it may feel like they light up a fire in you.

This emotion and perception are your dream’s triggers.

So it is natural that they appear in your dreams and play a romantic role.

Your ex

Your former lovers were a part of your life, and showing up in your dreams from time to time is normal.

But if you are romantically dreaming of your ex repeatedly, it could mean a lot of things.

Some of those meanings are:

  • You have not moved on
  • You miss them
  • They miss you
  • You are reliving your moments together
  • You had a traumatic experience with them
  • The universe wants you back together

It is best that you reflect on what dreaming about them could mean.

Your dream might be telling you something crucial as you move on with your life.

Your celebrity crush

I wish Chris Evans and I would date, even in my dreams.

If you are like me, who spends her free time watching fan edits and movies of her celebrity crush, or you also fantasize about dating them, it could be the reason they appear in your dreams.

Celebrities have a high possibility of appearing in our dreams.

They pose a great image that is desirable, and they give us intense emotions whenever we see them or think of them.

These emotions then strongly trigger our emotions, encouraging their appearance in our dreams.

A stranger

Were your dreams about someone you have never seen before?

Dreaming of a stranger could mean three things:

  • They symbolize unknown aspects of yourself

Strangers in your dreams could represent parts of you you have not accepted or discovered yet.

For example, if you dreamt of an artist you have never met before, it could be that your dream is pushing you to pursue the artistic skills you have been putting off.

These strangers in your dreams may also be representing a feeling or chapter in your life.

If the stranger is causing you fear, they could be reflecting your stress, fear, or anxiety.

If they are friendly and helpful, they reflect a positive change coming or a new opportunity in the future.

  • You are desperately finding love

If you have been open to the idea of finding love and have been eager to find the right person, you are dreaming of someone romantically because it has been your desire.

Remember, our dreams like to remind us of what we desire.

  • They are your twin flame you have not met yet

There is a chance that the universe is preparing you for your twin flame through your dreams.

They may be indications that a twin flame union is happening soon.

This is the time when you should be most open to meeting people and recognizing the connections you may feel.

If you are not sure what dreaming of a stranger means, you may speak with a psychic to have a better understanding of the message in your dreams.

Psychics are experts in understanding the messages in our dreams.

They can also provide you with guidance and support as you find your way through the complexities of your dreams and help you to see things from a different perspective.

Someone you just met

Dreaming of someone you just met could mean that both your conscious and subconscious mind is processing the information and the new experiences you shared with them.

Do you catch yourself recalling how your day went with this person?

Your brain is doing the same!

You are reliving the whole experience you had with him in your sleep.

Your dreams could also symbolize a special connection.

Was your first meeting with them unique and special?

Did you feel a connection or a pull you can not explain?

Your guides could be leading you to a spiritual message you need to unfold.

Why do spiritual guides communicate in our dreams?

When we sleep, our conscious mind shuts down.

Why is this a good thing when revealing spiritual messages?

Without our conscious mind, we do not have a “filter.” We have our guard down.

This allows us to fully experience our deepest desires and express feelings in our dreams that our conscious mind suppresses.

When we are awake, and our conscious mind is working, we tend to doubt, worry, and hold ourselves back.

With our subconscious mind, we are more truthful with our feelings and desires.

This is a great opportunity for our guides to communicate with us as we are more open to what they could be telling us.

One proof of that is you reading this.

You had a dream, and you want to understand what it is trying to teach you.

Do spiritual guides communicate to us when we are awake?

Yes! One of the many ways you can see these messages and guides is through angel numbers.

Angel numbers are repeating numbers that you see when you are awake.

It looks like this: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999.

Each number has a specific meaning and significance.

If you are seeing repeated numbers like this, it could mean that your angels are trying to communicate with you.

You may want to look into what the specific number is telling you the moment you see them.

Another thing you can look into is spiritual awakening.

Spirit guides communicate in ways that we may not understand if we do not embark on the journey of spiritual awakening.

I myself had a hard time understanding the cues presented to me in my daily life.

It was easy for me to label happenings in my life as luck or a coincidence.

It took acceptance and commitment to understand how spiritual messages are revealed to me every day.

The journey to spiritual awakening is not easy but worth it.

Through spiritual awakening, we will realize that we are not alone in navigating the complexities of the world.

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