12 spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex-boyfriend

Dreams offer a glimpse of our subconscious mind and our connection to the divine.

That is why our dreams are seen as a gateway to the spiritual realm.

So if you’re dreaming about your ex-boyfriend, those dreams have spiritual meanings that can be both powerful and transformative.

How is it powerful?

Our dreams offer a spiritual insight into our deepest desires, fears, and spiritual being.

Your dreams could reveal what your ex-boyfriend wants from you and how he feels about you after the breakup.

How is it transformative?

When you understand why you’re dreaming about your ex, it can provide you with an opportunity to heal old wounds, release negative energy, and move forward on your path toward spiritual fulfillment.

But before your dreams transform you, you have to understand what your dreams mean.

Here are 12 spiritual meanings of your dreams about your ex-boyfriend:

1) You are suppressing your feelings

You have to be honest with yourself.

If you haven’t allowed yourself to feel the emotions the breakup or your ex caused you, dreaming about him could be the universe’s nudge to finally deal with the feelings.

It’s normal to feel different emotions after a breakup.

Sadness, anger, confusion, or grief – you’re allowed to feel them all.

If you have been avoiding them, these feelings may be resurfacing, causing you to dream about your ex.

The effects of suppressed feelings may also go beyond your ex appearing in your dreams.

They may prevent you from forming a deeper and more meaningful connection with other people.

That’s why you must allow yourself to feel and process these emotions in a healthy way.

By embracing your emotions, you can have a deeper understanding of yourself, how you can heal, and develop stronger connections with others.

2) You’re having flashbacks

If you’re dreaming of your ex, you could be reliving your moments with them in your sleep.

These moments can be good or bad depending on what kind of relationship you and your ex-boyfriend had.

If you had a toxic relationship with your ex, the emotional stress you experienced might be the reason you’re dreaming of him.

Dealing with the emotion that comes after the breakup can help you manage stress and eventually get over it completely.

Try meditation, journaling, or seeking professional help.

If it’s not a toxic relationship and you had a great time with your ex-boyfriend, the following reason may resonate with you.

3) You miss him

If you spent some of the best moments of your life with your ex-boyfriend, it’s completely normal to miss him.

You don’t have to deny it.

It doesn’t always mean you want them back.

Missing him is a normal and valid feeling after a breakup, especially if you shared many memorable moments together.

If you don’t miss him, maybe it’s reason #4.

4) He misses you

Just like the possibility of you missing them, your ex could also be reliving his moments with you.

Even if he doesn’t admit it to you, he could be thinking about you all the time.

By doing so, he is sending you signs he is thinking about you, intentionally or unintentionally.

One of these signs is appearing in your dreams.

But do you ever wonder if he is just missing you?

5) He is manifesting you to come back

Maybe he’s not just missing you! He wants you back!

Appearing in your dreams could be him sending you a psychic signal that he is manifesting you back in his life.

If the previous reasons don’t make sense to you, your ex-boyfriend manifesting you could be the real reason he is appearing in your dreams.

You may consult a psychic to confirm if he is manifesting you.

6) The universe wants you back together

If it’s not him manifesting you or you manifesting him, it could be the universe.

The universe has its own ways of reconnecting people who are meant to be together.

Your ex-boyfriend could appear in your dream as the universe prepares you for your reunion.

It could also be that the universe is reminding you of how great your bond was and is convincing you to get back to him (wink)

7) He is your twin flame

Have you explored the possibility that your ex-boyfriend is your twin flame?

This will support the previous reason, which is the universe is trying to reconnect you both.

Here are some signs you are twin flames:

  • You have an intense bond with them
  • They make you feel complete
  • They provide balance in your life
  • You feel you’re always meant to be with each other

Twin flame connections are believed to be intense, which may feel like you’re being pulled together even over long distances.

Not even a breakup can separate twin flames!

This could be true for you and your ex-boyfriend. That’s why they appear in your dreams.

8) Your ex is a symbol

Does your ex carry a symbol in your life?

Your dreams about your ex may be symbolic.

If you’ve exhausted all the possible reasons you’re dreaming of your ex, and nothing still makes sense, he could just be a symbol of what is happening to your reality.

What symbol could this be?

These symbols could be traits that your ex has.

If he is brave and takes on all the adventures life has for him, your dream could be encouraging you to be brave about what’s happening in your reality.

These symbols could also be symbols about your life’s journey.

He may symbolize a beginning of something or an end.

You have to put this in context for it to make sense to you.

As an example, my ex is the most courageous person I know until this day.

I dreamt of him the evening before I applied for my first public speaking opportunity.

I didn’t remember what the dream was, but I took that as a sign for me to take courage in what I was about to do.

True enough, I had the courage to apply and got the speaking spot.

You see, the dream isn’t always about them!

Check out reason #9.

9) The dream is about you

You have to remember it is YOUR dream.

It is natural to have people appear in your dream to complete the scene.

But that doesn’t mean the dream is about them.

You can think of your dream as your world; they are just living in it.

Dreaming about your ex could just be an outside perspective of how and what YOU were in your past relationship.

Isn’t that amazing?

You could use that dream as a reference when you reflect on past relationships.

10) You’re guilty

Did you cause the breakup?

Were there any actions you wish you didn’t take?

Feeling guilty could be the reason you’re dreaming about your ex.

When we’re guilty, we tend to think about the person or the situation all the time because guilt is an unpleasant feeling that is not easy to shrug off.

Thinking about him all the time because of guilt may have encouraged his appearance in your dream.

Have you tried talking to him about it?

Talking to him may help you resolve this unpleasant feeling.

Who knows? Maybe you’re just overthinking, and there’s nothing to be guilty about.

Even if you’re actually guilty about something, talking to him will not only help you.

Reaching out to your ex about what you did could also help them process their emotions about what you’re guilty about.

After communicating, you may feel a sense of relief and feel better about moving on.

11) You had a traumatic experience

Unfortunately, not all relationships are pleasant.

Some find themselves in situations that cause them trauma later on.

If you had an abusive or toxic ex-boyfriend, it is possible that you became anxious or scared of him and the relationship.

If he is living in your head because of your trauma, this may be the reason he appears in your dream.

If this is the case, you may want to consider seeing a therapist to offer mental support.

You may also speak to a psychic to help you with spiritual healing.

The next point may help you too.

12) He is asking for forgiveness… and you haven’t forgiven him

After having a traumatic experience with your ex, it may seem impossible to forgive him.

But you can look at it this way:

Forgiving him is not about forgetting or telling yourself that what he did is okay.

Forgiving him could be a kind gesture to yourself to release the hold your ex has over your emotions and find peace within yourself.

By taking the time to process your feelings and forgive your ex, you can break free from the cycle of hurt and anger and reclaim your power.

So, though it may be a difficult journey, choose to forgive your ex-boyfriend for your own well-being and growth. Your soul will thank you.

2 things you should know about your dreams

Dreams require context for you to make sense of them.

For example, dreaming about your ex-boyfriend after eating at the restaurant where you met him and dreaming about him the night before you get married to someone else could mean very different things.

Although dreams can be abstract, context will help you get close to what they could mean and weigh their impact on your waking life.

From the spiritual perspective, we can learn so much from our dreams about ourselves.

It is possible that your dreams reveal what your ex-boyfriend wants and how he feels about you.

But you should also look into the possibility that your dream is a guide to growing your spiritual being.

​​It’s important to remember that dreams are symbolic, and the images and emotions we experience in our dreams often hold more profound meaning and significance.

4 things you should do if you’re dreaming about your ex

Journal your dreams

There are two benefits to journaling your dreams:

  • It will help you process your emotion about the dream.

Dreaming about your ex may encourage different emotions when you wake up.

Journaling gives you an instant avenue to express your feelings.

  • It will help you document your dreams.

Journaling your dreams is going to be helpful for you to recognize patterns.

By documenting your dreams, you have something that will back you up when you talk to someone about it, leading to the next thing you should do.

Talk to a psychic

Psychics are skilled in interpreting the symbolism and messages within our dreams.

They can help you understand the emotions and patterns that may be affecting your relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

They can provide you with guidance and support as you navigate through the complexities of your dreams and help you to see things from a different perspective.

They are also a great help for any emotional blocks or negative energy, allowing you to move forward on your journey with clarity and peace.

If you’d like to go this route, I highly recommend Psychic Source. Their gifted advisors are highly intuitive and may be able to shed light on what it means when you dream about your ex-boyfriend.

Click here to get your own reading.

Reach out to your ex

Healing is a journey, and reaching out to your ex is an important step toward finding peace and closure.

It may seem daunting, but it’s an opportunity for you to express your feelings and resolve any lingering issues or emotions that may be holding you back from healing.

Talking to him can bring peace and closure to your relationship, allowing you to move forward in your life with a lighter heart.

Forgive your ex

The weight of other people’s actions is different for everyone.

Saying forgive your ex may be easier said than done.

But forgiving your ex doesn’t have to be for his benefit.

It could be liberating and life-changing for you.

If holding grudges against him is torture, even if you’re asleep, you have the choice to free yourself from the chain of negative emotions and reclaim your power.

Forgive him and trust that the universe has your back.

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