10 spiritual meanings of dreaming about being chased by zombies

Seeing zombies in movies is scary enough– those rotting faces, protruding joints, and limbs twisted in odd directions. Being chased by these undead creatures in a dream is another level of frightening!

But while dreaming about the walking dead seems absurd, there can be a reason why you saw them in your sleep in the first place.

Now: If you want to know more about the meaning of being chased by zombies in your dreams, read on!

Because in this article, we’ll discuss its 10 possible spiritual meanings, and what you should do when you see them again.

1) You have long-unresolved trauma

If you’re being chased by zombies in a place very familiar to you in your waking life, then chances are, the zombies represent some traumatizing event from your past that’s still trying to be part of your present.

This goes especially when you recognize one or some of the zombies trying to run after you.

It could be that these people have hurt you or did you wrong in the past in ways you may or may not have recognized until now. And what they did before is greatly affecting how you live your life now.

Have these people humiliated you when you were younger? Did they break your heart in a way that you think you’d never love again? Did they touch you when you didn’t want to be touched?

If so, your dreams might be telling you to deal with the trauma once and for all in order to move forward with your life.

Because if not, they’ll just keep coming after you wherever you go, no matter how long you run from them.

But take your time, because dealing with trauma can be a landmine when not handled properly. Talking to a professional psychiatrist, a psychic, or a spiritual leader can help you deal with trauma at your own pace.

2) You’re running away from your present problems

In your dream, are you being chased by an unfamiliar zombie? Can you not seem to shake them off no matter how fast you run?

If it’s a single zombie or a small group, then it’s possible they’re representing present problems you have that you haven’t dealt with yet.

The existence of zombies is always enveloped in conflict. The epidemic they carry and danger they pose are problems which need to be solved. Because if not, they’ll quickly take over everything and turn their immediate environment into a wasteland.

The same goes for the problems we have in real life.

Think about the things you’re deliberately running away from and choose to face them.

Now, you don’t have to deal with your problems all at once. I understand that their weight or quantity may be the reason you haven’t dealt with them yet. And that’s fine.

The secret to getting them out of the way is to do them one-by-one, starting from the easiest or most urgent issues to solve. Then move your way through your list.

I guarantee you’ll work through your problems more easily than you thought. Like outrunning zombies, all you need is momentum.

3) You are repressing your emotions

Now: There are instances when the zombies in your dreams won’t have a discernible face at all. Also, they tend to exhibit some extreme emotions.

Try to remember the ones closest while running after you. Are they screaming in rage? Are they letting out shrieking wails? Are they laughing hysterically?

Usually, these types of dream zombies indicate emotions you’re repressing. They’re chasing you to remind you that they should not be pushed aside and dismissed.

You may be able to sweep them under the rug in your waking life, but you can only do that for so long. If left unprocessed, they’ll one day catch you and infect your entire life in ways you won’t easily be able to recover from.

So before their claws reach you, face them. Deal with them. And put them to rest.

4) You are constantly worried or stressed

If you’re being chased by a horde of zombies, each one trying to claw their way through the horde to get in front, then this is an indication of your constant stress or worry while awake.

The way each zombie in your dreams tries to get ahead of the others just means there’s a lot on your plate right now and you can’t catch a break.

This kind of dream pertains to those stressors which are external, instead of internal like the ones mentioned in the points above.

If the zombies are walking, inching towards you, then they may be small, yet pressing external worries in your everyday life that you haven’t sorted out yet. How’s your relationship with your daily chores and responsibilities? Are you still on top of them?

If they’re running towards you, then keep on reading further, because it might be one of the next four points we’ll discuss.

5) You are burdened by unwanted people

This point is related to both the first point we discussed before. The difference is: In this kind of dream, the zombies you recognize are chasing you in places you’re not familiar with.

If so, then it’s possible that it’s not an event involving a person which you’re trying to run away from but the person themselves.

Ask yourself: Are you comfortable with this person in your waking life? Are they trying to influence your opinions or the way you think? Do they make your skin crawl with disgust or your scalp itch in annoyance whenever they’re around?

Then, maybe it’s time to cut ties with them.

These people only represent beliefs and ideas you may have outgrown now. And you should not feel bad for cutting them off if it means enriching your own soul by doing it.

A surefire way to know for sure if your relationship with these people is still beneficial? Speak with a gifted advisor. Find someone you can trust these conflicting feelings with.

I personally recommend Psychic Source. When I signed up for a reading, they provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I am meant to be with and who to stay away from.

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Not only will a genuine advisor tell you how to sort through the people in your life right now in the healthiest way, but they can reveal how maintaining relationships with them can enrich your soul in the long run.

6) You (or some people you know) are abusing substances

Try to recall the way the zombies in your dreams are trying to pursue you. Do they want to consume you or do they want to turn you into one of them?

If it’s the latter, then it’s possible you or someone you know are involved in substance abuse.

A zombie is a creature born of an epidemic. They can easily pass on their undead habits with others through unhealthy means.

And much like the undead, people who suffer from substance abuse are in a state between life and death. They’re trying to feel alive by doing something that harms their bodies.

If you or someone you know is suffering from this, then it is best to ask for help. What you’re going through is not something irreversible. In fact, it’s something good guidance and rehabilitation can solve!

But, first, you or the people you know have to want recovery. Otherwise, it’s just going to become a downward spiral instead of a forward cycle.

7) You have a crippling financial problem

Another interpretation of a horde of zombies running after you: You’re being overwhelmed by a crippling financial problem.

Financial problems and zombie outbreaks have one thing in common: survival.

Just as survivors of zombie apocalypses live, people with financial problems tend to scavenge and meticulously plan for ways to survive and make it to the next day.

It’s a sad reality, but a great population of people, especially in developing countries, live this way. A lot of us have been surviving for years with little to no means of actually living a life.

So if this applies to you, just keep your head up and do whatever you can to just be out of reach of the zombies in your dreams, trying to consume you. If you’re a student, apply for scholarships, take some odd or freelance jobs. And trust that things will get better eventually.

If this does not apply to you, try to offer a hand to those who are. Your help may just be what others need to keep their head above water.

8) You are dreading some recurring illness

In some cases, the horde of zombies chasing after you act as a unit, as if parts of a hive mind. If so, then your dream may be revealing something about a recurring illness you’ve been dreading.

Their motives may differ. They may all want to consume you or infect you. It may also be possible that they want to do both.

One thing’s for certain: They won’t discriminate in what they want to do. Their only goal is to catch you with whatever means necessary.

Recurring illnesses have the same way of working.

Do you have a serious illness in your history? Or maybe a chronic ailment which won’t go away?

If your answer is yes, then do your best not to overlook your health. Just because things may seem more manageable now doesn’t mean something’s not happening beneath the surface.

It is always best to be three steps ahead of matters like these as they may, quite literally, mean life or death.

9) You want to change the dead routine of your daily life

Unlike the points discussed above, there are zombie dreams which are not as extreme. Sometimes, the undead chasing you are not even running, just wobbling their way towards you.

This kind of zombie dream may just mean that you’re sick of the dullness of your daily routine and want to shake things up.

Maybe you’re working at a dead-end corporate job wherein you don’t get any promotions or recognition. Maybe you’re living in a small town where nothing changes. Maybe you’re in a relationship which has grown stagnant and unexciting.

If so, then your dream is telling you to pick up your bags and go, because life doesn’t exist in that environment anymore.

This is one of the more positive meanings of a zombie dream and may just be the right push you need to get your life going again!

10) You are due for some much-needed alone time

If you’re running away from zombies from a familiar place to a secluded, faraway spot where you can lose them or look down at them safely from a distance, it can only mean one thing.

You’re due for some much-needed alone time.

Usually, this zombie dream comes up when you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all the social interactions you went to, the stressors you’ve dealt with, the problems you’ve solved, and the constant pings of your phone from people who want to ask you for favors.

The need to be away from all those is not a laughing matter. A little “me” time and self-love are a necessity we all must indulge in order to be a more functional member of society.

A time to get away, to recharge, or to breathe may be just what you need to be able to face your ordinary life once again.

Facing the undead in your dreams

By now you should have a good idea of the spiritual meanings behind dreaming about being chased by zombies. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor.

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So instead of sitting with your uncertainty, especially when you feel like your issues involve someone else, then I suggest talking to an advisor to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

Zombie dreams tell us a lot about survival, change, and living a healthy life with ourselves or with others.

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