The spiritual meaning of itching: What is the connection?

It happens to the best of us—you’re sitting in bed, about to go to sleep, and it hits you.

Suddenly, that itch is back, the one you just scratched a thousand times already…it just won’t go away!

Here’s a thought: This is no ordinary itch you’re having, there’s a spiritual meaning behind it.

The spiritual realm is communicating with you through your body, and it’s going to take more than just a dollop of Calamine lotion for you to solve your problems.

You’ll need to understand the spiritual meaning of itching to get your itch to stop.

Though the Universe may communicate itself in different ways throughout our lives, the most common way for us to understand it is through metaphor and symbol.

Which means, in the spirit world, what you see is rarely what you get. It’s never about the oil on our skin, or how many pores we have. It’s what those things symbolize.

So if we intend to get anywhere, we need to start decoding first. In this article, I’ll show you what it all means!

Important messages from the universe

A logical question to ask would be, “why do we ever itch at all?” (spiritually speaking, of course).

In some religions, itching is said to be a sign of good luck or a message from our spirit guides. It could also be another soul or spirit trying to interact with you, or an urgent message from your past self in a previous lifetime.

Meanwhile, other cultures see itching as a sign of growth, and the person who’s itching should pay attention to their growth and development. Where you are itching is also important.

In some cultures, itching is associated with bad luck and omens. For instance, it is believed that having an itchy chin means you are having problems with your health, while having itchy lips means that someone is rude to you behind your back.

Spiritual meanings behind itchy body sensations

All those meanings can get confusing, for sure. But that’s exactly why we are here!

In order to lessen the confusion, let’s go over each meaning below, from each body part.

Keep reading!

1) Belly button itching

Follow your gut

Did you know the location of your belly button is actually connected to its spiritual meaning? Many cultures believe the itching of the skin around the belly button is a gut-level indication you shouldn’t trust a certain person.

If your gut tells you that something is strange, you should look into it to see what the issue might be.

Here are other spiritual meanings of belly button itching:

Observe your environment

Your itchy belly button is a sign from the Universe to pay closer attention to what’s going on around you. The people around you are having a difficult time because you aren’t being as sensitive to your environment as you should be.

Organize your life

If the itching is severe or lasts for a long time, it can be a sign that your life is chaotic and it’s hard for you to focus on what’s going on.

Make peace after a fight

Some people believe that if your belly button itches after a big fight,  it’s a sign that you’ll reconcile with the other person.

2) Ears itching

Right ear

The meaning behind your right ear itching is different from the meaning behind your left ear itching.

Whenever your right ear begins to itch, it’s a reminder to use reason in trying to solve a problem.

As we all know, our brain has two sides. Our right brain controls attention, memory, problem-solving, and reasoning, while our creative skills and how we respond to emotions come from the left side of our brain.

When the ear on your right side starts to itch, it’s time to pay attention to your inner voice of reason. This is how to stay true to yourself even if those around you are deceiving you and acting in a dishonest manner.

Left ear

When your left ear starts to itch, this is what the Universe is telling you:

Listen and obey

The Universe has been trying to get a message to you, but you haven’t been listening! You know it’s there, but your insensitivity or disobedience prevents you from comprehending it and responding to it as you should.

Be open with your emotions

Another spiritual interpretation of the left ear itching refers to giving our emotions free rein. Boxing up your feelings has an impact on your spiritual vibration, particularly if it’s a bad feeling like fear.

Therefore, because the left side of our brain is associated with our creative and emotional sides, the Universe may be using the itching in your left ear to encourage you to let all of your feelings out.

You must learn to let go of your suppressed emotions. This will assist you in ridding yourself of all bad energy and raising your spiritual vibrational level.

3) Itchy hands

Itching hands are believed to be a sign of something significant in the spiritual realm.

According to the eastern astrology of Nepal, itchy hands are a sign of future financial gain, or good luck on the horizon.

Meanwhile, in African tradition, an itchy hand is associated with a burning desire to complete a task.

It could also mean that you should be more charitable with your time, money, or resources in order to assist others.

Not only that, itchy palms could also be a sign that your intuition or inner direction is directing you toward something significant, and you should pay attention to it.

Left hand

Believe in yourself

As a whole, in the spiritual realm, an itchy left hand is a sign of untapped and unexplored potential. The universe is showing you how special and important you are!

What should you do when this happens? Your best reaction is to be open to this energy. An itching left hand is a manifestation of spiritual encouragement. It is usually directed at individuals who have given up on life.

Calm down

However, if your left hand starts to itch while you’re upset, it’s a warning that you need to calm down. The itch on your left hand is there to distract you and direct your emotional energy elsewhere.

The reason is that the energy might induce emotional imbalance if it is not correctly diverted away from the situation. So instead of having the energy focused on your heart, which could be dangerous, some parts of the energy are brought to your hands.

Right hand

Having your skin itch uncontrollably sucks 100 percent, but if it’s your right hand that itches,  you’ve at least got something to look forward to. The reason for that is – an itchy right hand could indicate you will receive something unexpected soon!

Get ready for some money

In many cultures, an itchy right palm is a favorable omen for wealth. It could mean that someone is about to pay you money, or you might receive financial assistance like a raise or a new job.

You’ll meet someone new

Don’t buy a lottery ticket just yet, though. An itchy right hand has other spiritual meanings; it may instead indicate you’re about to meet someone new.  He or she will become a friend or lover.

Decide now

For its final possible meaning, an itchy right hand could also indicate that it’s time to make a difficult decision. The right hand is related to decisiveness and action; therefore, it could be a sign that it’s time to make some difficult decisions for your happiness and prosperity.

Have you considered quitting your job, beginning a new relationship, or relocating? If you’ve been putting it off, now is the moment to make a decision!


If you want to vastly elevate your spiritual awareness, an itchy thumb might mean you’re on your way there.

This is a sign that the Universe is really concerned about what’s happening in your life and wants to make changes in important areas of your life.

And since your life will change in critical ways, your spiritual guides see the need to warn you ahead of time.

4) Itchy chin

Having an itchy chin can be pretty annoying, mostly because you can’t hide it when you try to scratch it. You can pretend to think, but it won’t take long for people to notice you’re bluffing.

If you can’t find physical reasons behind your itchy chin..surprise! It looks like the Universe is giving you a message once more!

So here it is:

In the spirit realm, the chin is a sign of spiritual power. You can manifest it greatly if you have a keen sense.

This does make a lot of sense, actually. Don’t men with broad, square chins appear stronger and more reliable than those with round chins?

Now, when your chin starts to itch, it starts to take on a different meaning. Across several traditions, it is believed that having an itchy chin is designed to make you more patient and spiritually sensitive.

Maybe you thought you were so powerful, you could handle things on your own without any help from above. Your itchy chin is a call to reflection. It could be an indication that you need to take stock of and reflect closely on your life.

In addition to this, an itchy chin could mean that you are not paying enough attention to your health. Your health might be under spiritual attack. Therefore, take some time out to pray for your health.

5) Itchy forehead

One of the numerous uncommon means of spiritual communication is an itchy forehead. Because this is uncommon, many people overlook it. This should not happen, though, because it has a very special spiritual meaning behind it.

According to Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, an itchy forehead is a sign your third eye is opening or developing. This is due to the fact the third eye is placed between the brows in the center of the forehead. It houses the Ajna chakra, which is associated with intuition, perception, and psychic skills.

An itch on your forehead could also signify you’ll soon be coming into contact with new information or insights you didn’t previously have access to. Your mind will soon be expanding with new knowledge.

Another spiritual meaning of an itchy forehead is that your brain is overworked, and you need a vacation from thinking. Take a quick walk to renew your mind.

6) Itchy elbows

As you read this, you are probably thinking, “Really?”

And quite frankly, it’s a common reaction. Some individuals can’t seem to comprehend what their elbow has to do with the spiritual world. It’s unlikely that the Universe would connect with them through an itchy elbow.

We forget that we are, in all actuality, spiritual beings—every inch of us. And since the Universe speaks to us through a spiritual connection, it can use any part of ourselves to communicate with us, even our elbows.

Be fair and objective

Across many cultures, when you’ve got an itch on your elbow, it carries the following spiritual meanings, beginning with a reminder to be mindful.

Perhaps you’ve got an important decision to make, but you’re not looking at all sides of the equation. Consider how your decision will affect others. Weigh the pros and cons or visualize the effects of each choice.

Like the other body parts on the right and left sides of the body, what it means to have your right elbow itch is different from the significance of your left below itching.

Itchy right elbow

So, what does it mean when your right elbow itches?

Practice empathy and compassion

First up, it’s a sign to not stop caring about other people’s feelings. The right side of the body is strongly linked to both reasoning and intuition. As a result, people who are connected to this side tend to be cold and indifferent to how others feel.

You will lose friends if you don’t care about other people’s feelings, so if you don’t want this to happen, you must learn how to be in touch with your emotions to demonstrate true empathy and compassion.

Be patient

Next, the Universe might be telling you not to be in a rush all the time. If you’ve recently grown more impatient, the Universe will give your right elbow an itch to tell you not to do this.

If you lack patience, you may find it difficult to learn the life lessons you need to grow and change. So, a scratchy right elbow is a divine warning. It’s also a test of your spiritual endurance.

Itchy left elbow

When your left elbow itches, there are many potential meanings that can apply.

Don’t trust easily

First and foremost, you run the risk of being betrayed. You have placed your trust in someone who is likely to betray you, so do what needs to be done as soon as possible. Giving people too much information is something you should do less of.

Clear your mind

Meanwhile, if your elbow starts to itch at midnight, it’s an indication that you’re confused, and the Universe knows all about your predicament.

Sometimes, a confused mind could be to blame. So, take some time to meditate, hang out in nature, or do other relaxing activities to clear your thoughts. When your mind is calm, you will be able to think and hear from the Universe more clearly.

7) Itchy lips

Since ancient times, lips have been traditionally connected with three basic human activities: kissing, eating, and conversing.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people’s lips, and what we can do with them, are reflected in popular spiritual beliefs.

Watch your back

As an example, it is said that if there is itching on the lips, someone is being disrespectful to you behind your back.

Meanwhile, other cultures believe that it’s a sign you’ll soon get to eat good food of your choice. I like the sound of that!

Get ready to kiss someone

Here’s another good one –

Since one of the main functions of the mouth is to kiss or smooch the ones we love, those itchy lips could mean that you’ll go on a date soon with someone you’ll definitely kiss!

Itchy upper lip

But wait, there’s more: if the upper lip itches, it’s a sign that your kisses will be long and romantic, and you yourself will initiate them.

Perhaps you’ll be the first to flirt with an attractive young man or woman on a date, or you’ll take the appropriate moment to entice a long-term spouse, resulting in passionate sensual feelings.

Itchy bottom lip

Meanwhile, if your bottom lip itches, it’s a sign that someone will kiss YOU. Your partner will initiate the kiss, not you. It will still be wonderful, though!


Whenever the spirit world uses parts of our body as signs, don’t ignore it or cite biological and medical explanations when it’s proven to be not from a physical source. As admirable and beneficial as medical science is, there is a lot more to understand about spirituality as well.

Itching may be the Universe’s way of telling us to wake up and pay attention to something or to get going with what we are supposed to be doing.

Ignoring those messages and continuing life as usual only results in bigger sensations and bigger problems. The message is still there; it’s still something you have to face and pay attention to. Don’t be afraid to take the necessary steps in the right direction.

Who knows—what appears to be an inconvenience might lead you on a valuable path you haven’t been walking before. Remember, everything happens for a reason!

Talk to God, reach out to your angels and spirit guides. Communicate with your body in a loving way instead of ignoring it, and trust that you’ll figure out how to take care of the issue in a new and better way than what you’ve done so far.

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