Dreaming about your ex with someone else? 8 spiritual meanings

Dreaming about an ex feels intrusive and unnecessary.

But to see them with someone else in your own dream? How is anyone supposed to feel about that?

If you’re here, I’m sure you have a ton of questions about this specific image in your sleep.

Does it mean something? Should you be worried about dreaming about this? Is there something you should know?

To know the answers to these questions, keep reading! Because in this article, we’ll be looking at 8 spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex (with someone else)!

1) You still have lingering feelings for your ex

I know this can be a hard pill to swallow.

But this is one of the more obvious reasons why you dream about them with someone else.

You’ll know this for sure when you observe what you felt in the dream. How did you feel when you saw your ex with another person?

Were you hurt or happy for them? Did you feel nothing? Was seeing him or her insignificant compared to the other elements of your dream?

If you said yes to the last two questions, then you’re most likely fine. You don’t have to worry.

Sometimes, we just don’t have control over the characters we see in dreams.

But if there is even the slightest sting in your chest upon seeing your ex with another guy or girl… Well, then I have news for you!

You may not want to admit it, but it’s highly possible that you still have lingering feelings for them.

Now, this may not necessarily mean you want to get back together.

But it’s possible that some part of you is still emotionally longing for your past lover.

And let me tell you: That is perfectly normal!

Sometimes, we meet someone. We love them with all we have. But still, things don’t work out. That’s how the cookie crumbles.

This meaning may be especially true if your ex is someone you can call “the one that got away.”

Of course, you still have feelings for them. But will that affect anything on your end?

Well, that’s entirely up to you.

2) You want to get back with them

We have discussed in the point above about not necessarily wanting to get back with your ex… even though you dreamed about them.

But another possibility is: What if you do?

You may ask, “How will I know that I want to get back with them?”

To answer this, let’s look back to your dream. What did you do after seeing your ex and the person they’re with?

Did you try to run to them and ask questions? Did you get angry? Did you storm off or cried? Did you tell them to stop?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then it is possible that you want to get back with your ex.

You may have been thinking about this for quite some time now. It’s just that you tried to push away the thought as much as you can.

But now you’re seeing the effect of repressing your emotions. The best thing to do now is to be honest with yourself.

When you’ve done that, ask yourself this question: “What am I going to do about it?”

Are you going to tell your ex about this desire? Are you going to act on it? Or are you going to repress it even more?

If you or your ex are not in a relationship currently, try talking to them.

Of course, that is considering that your ex isn’t someone who has manipulated or abused you in the past.

There really is no harm in giving things another go. Especially if the two of you ended on good terms.

Just make sure that on your part, you’re not going to show up on their doorstep as the same person when you broke up.

Be sure you have now grown. You have to be completely different now if you want things to work out.

3) You didn’t get closure and want some peace

Is your ex someone who left you high and dry? Did they ghost you?

Or maybe you just didn’t find the answer you were looking for when you broke up?

If so, then maybe dreaming about them is less about your ex and more about you needing closure.

This is possible when you feel like you are still stuck emotionally at the point when they left you.

People need closure for different reasons.

Sometimes, we want to know where we went wrong. Sometimes, we want to know why they did what they did. Other times, we just want to know that the end of the relationship is final.

Whatever the reason, it is valid.

I know people say that you do not really need closure.

For some people, that is true. But try to assess yourself if this no-closure thing is something that can work for you, too.

Because, if it’s affecting how you go about your everyday life, messing up your mood and your plans in the future, and– yes– making you dream of your ex with someone else… then maybe closure is what you need.

But before you go and demand this from your ex, make sure you are ready.

Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.

You should have the proper energy. You should practice what to say. Your mind should be clear when you do it.

Or else, you’ll just get more questions than answers.

But if you are ready now, and you’re just waiting for a sign to do it, then this is it.

Do it. You’ll be better for it.

4) You just plainly miss them

Sometimes, the reason behind a dream is not really as deep as we want it to be.

The reason why you dreamed about your ex may be very simple: You miss them.

And seeing them with someone else really isn’t affecting you in any way. Maybe you’ve accepted that they’ve moved on from you, and you’re fine with that.

It’s just that you miss how things used to be.

This may apply especially when you had a good history with your ex.

We miss old friends. We miss past teachers. We miss departed loved ones or those who now live faraway.

Maybe this is also the case with your feelings for your ex.

You just miss them. There really is nothing big behind it.

If this is you, then there’s nothing you need to do except feel your emotions.

You are allowed to long for people who are no longer in your life. This is how you know that your time with them is not something you regret.

Longing for someone and knowing when to set boundaries can coexist.

5) There are negative emotions that you’re just beginning to realize

There are times, though, when a breakup may seem okay at first. Until you stopped to look back at it.

Then one day you just find yourself feeling sad, feeling angry, betrayed, or defeated.

The faults begin showing their faces. And you realize, you were not treated as properly as you thought.

Maybe they made you second guess your every decision. Maybe they don’t help enough with the chores. Maybe they forced you to take care of them while they laze around your shared space.

Maybe you found evidence months after the breakup that they actually cheated on you.

And now that you are free of them, those unnoticed negative emotions become clear.

This is a common thing that happens to a lot of us. The cracks of a relationship become more apparent when we put some distance between it and ourselves.

Sometimes, the new negative emotions you are feeling can become overwhelming.

And then you find yourself crying alone. You feel cheated because you weren’t given a chance to feel what you should feel at the right moment.

Those emotions can leak into your dreams.

If you and your ex have completely cut each other off, then it’s possible that this is the reason why you’re dreaming about them with someone else.

Basically, your brain is creating a scenario in which you get to face your ex.

It’s okay if this only happens once. But anything more than that, and you got yourself a real problem.

I personally had a problem like this some time ago.

I made excuses for one of my exes. It ended up that my friends were right all along about the red flags they told me about him.

I was just so blinded about my love for him that I never saw the signs.

And then it became a problem. I would dream about him almost every night cheating on me and laughing about it.

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They gave me so much valuable wisdom about dealing with the subtle mistreatment of my ex, which kept me dreaming about him at night.

Let me level with you:

I’m still skeptical about most psychics, but the ones at Psychic Source are the real deal, and I can personally attest to that based on my own experience.

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6) You feel insecure about their happiness

In your dream, did you feel jealous? Of what, specifically?

Was it directed more towards your ex or their new lover? Or maybe towards seeing them happy together?

If this is you, then maybe you are having some issues about seeing your ex happy.

There can be a number of different reasons behind this.

  • They have mistreated you before and you haven’t exacted revenge
  • It hasn’t been long since you broke up, and seeing them happy makes you feel like you’re left behind
  • You have an inexplicable urge to stop any means for them to find happiness with someone else
  • You think that if they’re happy with someone new, they never really loved you.

There can be a lot of different reasons to feel insecure.

By the end of the day, all you want is to feel like you mattered to them. Or at least, that your time together is not a waste of time for you or for them.

But the truth is: This insecurity is more self-inflicted than anything.

There really is no reason for you to be jealous. Even if your ex may or may not be finding happiness earlier than (or entirely without) you.

The issue here is internal.

Ask yourself, why do you feel this way?

Why is it that seeing a former lover happy brings you pain?

Does it have something to do about them, or more about your past and things you haven’t come to terms with yet?

If this is you, then you will benefit from a lot of self reflection and meditation.

Doing this can answer your questions and give you more insights about yourself.

Try this out and see how fast you grow. And then you’ll find yourself not caring about the dream anymore.

7) You worry for the next person your ex will be with

This reason is more relatable to people who suffered from an abusive relationship.

There are times when the person we fall in love with turns out to be a monster. And we are too deep into the relationship to just run away.

For most of us who have been in this situation, our ex-partner will have some level of power over us that we cannot explain.

And that is a sad reality that is happening in this day and age.

When this has been your relationship with your ex, listen carefully.

Because it is possible that your dreams are manifestations of the trauma you got from your ex.

They have mistreated you so badly that it affects your dreams.

Why, you ask? Because they have left a deep wound in your psyche.

They may have manipulated you, gaslighted you, or ridiculed you all the time. Maybe they neglected you. Or it’s possible they got physical with you.

Whichever the case, you have been negatively affected by your time together.

And now there is a part of you that is worried about their next lover-slash-victim.

If this is you, I would suggest that you don’t immediately jump into contacting your ex’s new lover.

Instead, try to build your mental fortitude first. Heal yourself first.

I know you feel like it’s your job to save the next girl (or guy) from the hands of your abusive ex.

But these dreams you are having isn’t just something you can brush off.

They are manifestations of the damage done to you. And you can’t charge into battle when you are still down on your knees.

So I suggest seeking professional help first from a psychiatrist or a gifted advisor. They will be able to help you deal with the trauma you’ve experienced.

Take all the time you need until you are ready.

And trust that whoever the next person is who will love your ex, they can handle their own for now. Just like you did.

8) It’s time for you to move on

This last reason may be the most important to know.

It is possible that we dream about our ex because our mind is now ready to face a certain fact: We have now moved on from them.

Or at least, we are ready to.

Our mind does this in order to simulate some sort of test scenario. It is also possible that this is the universe’s way to let you know you are ready.

Whichever the case, dreaming about seeing your ex with someone else is a way for you to know for sure.

So how do you know that it’s time for you to move on?

When you see them in your dream and you don’t feel anything. Or when you feel happy for your ex and their new lover.

Or maybe once you accept that even though you still feel sad about the breakup, you know it was the right thing for both of you.

What matters is you are now on your way forward.

It’s your own way of unconsciously telling yourself: You’re going to be fine now.

Should you be concerned about dreaming about your ex?

Not at all!

There are tons of reasons behind dreaming about a past lover. And the points mentioned above only touch the general ideas behind the dreams.

But one thing is for certain: Most of the time, dreaming about an ex-lover is really less about them and more about you– what you feel, what you need, what you have to do.

So don’t worry about the dream. You are still in control.

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Dreaming about your ex can shake you up to your core. And sometimes you won’t be able to handle it by yourself.

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And the more you try to figure it out, the more confused you feel.

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