10 spiritual meanings of dreaming about the same person

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” ~ Marsha Norman

One of the questions I get frequently asked is, “Why do I keep dreaming about this one person over and over again?”

Well, it’s normal for anyone to dream about people they know; it’s easy to get sucked into daydreams about how amazing a certain person is.

And that’s no bad thing, because in order not to miss out on anything — you’ve got to live in the moment every now and then!

But if you can’t stop dreaming about someone, there may be cause for concern.

For one thing, this kind of obsession with a specific person could mean that you’re jealous or envious of them. Or it could mean that you’re in love with them.

Let’s try and find out the truth!

What do recurring dreams mean?

According to Lucid Dreaming and Dream Interpretation, you can learn a great deal about yourself by analyzing your dreams.

Like anything else in life, the relationships we have with other people have the potential to be very beneficial or harmful.

In fact, you may find that you tend to repeat certain patterns in your relationships throughout your lifetime.

That’s why it’s so important to come to terms with these patterns by learning how to recognize them in your dreams.

When you become fully aware of these patterns, you can gain the power to change them.

Sometimes, you might even be able to use these recurring patterns in your conscious life to benefit yourself and others.

So, let’s look at the example of something recurring in your dreams: a person that you dream about on a regular basis.

Why do people dream about the same person?

This question is open to interpretation. People often dream about people they know, such as family and friends.

But what is the recurring character in your dreams really about? The answer depends on your relationship with the person, who they are to you, and what happens in the dreams.

Some examples of recurring dreams and their meaning:

1) Dreams of someone you don’t know

If you dream about someone that you don’t know, it can act as a reminder of your oneness with the universe. It may also help you to tap into your intuition and inner beliefs.

It shows that you’re thinking about the universe and finding answers to your questions.

The person that you dream about might be a reflection of something important that’s already in your conscious self.

Furthermore, if you dream about someone that you’ve never met, it could be a reflection of the future.

It may mean that there is another lifetime in which the two of you will meet and become close friends or even care for one another.

2) Dreams of a friend

If you’re dreaming about someone you know, such as a friend, it’s very important for you to make sure that the person is healthy and happy.

This is why these types of dreams are known as the “protector” type.

If you dream about a close friend, you might want to take the opportunity to express your friendship in your dreams.

This kind of dream might also be telling you that you need to reconnect with them or spend a little more time with them in your conscious life.

Dreaming about your friends could be about how you treat them, and whether or not you are living up to your own expectations.

These dreams seem to be a very personal experience.

If you find yourself being hurt by a friend, you might want to consider talking to this person. It might be that they are hiding something from you.

On the other hand, if you dream about someone who is more of an acquaintance rather than a close friend, it can be a fairly neutral dream.

Since you most likely don’t have strong feelings towards this person, dreams can be just that – dreams.  In this case, she/he is just a character who visits your mind as an ordinary human being.

3) Avoidance type of dreams

Dreams in which a person repeatedly appears can also be used as a sign that there’s something missing from your life.

In a dream, you’ll always meet your own shadow self.

Usually this is the person that you’ve been ignoring in the waking world, or someone who you don’t want to feel angry or rejected towards because they remind you of your mistakes.

A dream in which someone simply appears and then disappears can show these negative feelings. This can also be solved by working through any anger or aggression that you’re feeling in waking life.

Your conscious mind — and your dreams — might have had a number of encounters with this person in the past (and possibly present), and they’re still making an impact on you…

The person in your dreams can be a reminder that you need to learn more about them; about their intentions and goals, and the ways in which they impact you.

The information in this article will give you a good idea on how to get a better understanding of your dreams and their connection to your waking reality.

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4) Dreams of your lover

If you’re dreaming about the person you love, it can be a wonderful dream. You’ll find it comforting and confidence-building to know that you really are strongly in love with them.

You might even find yourself in bed with the person in your dreams, although this can be a sign of lust and a desire to act on these feelings.

It can also remind you of the love you’ll have for them in the future, even when the two of you are apart.

The same dream can also be a nightmare if your relationship is unstable, or if you’re afraid that your true feelings are not as strong as you had hoped.

One reason for dreaming about your current partner over and over again could be that two people have an unhealthy connection, like when one person is abusive or controlling towards the other.

This could possibly be because the dreaming person is actually in a similar relationship in the waking world.

For this reason, you might want to consider if you have an intimate connection that needs to change.

5) Dreams of an ex-lover

If you’re dreaming about a person who used to be your lover but is no longer in your life, it can be quite challenging.

You might feel abandoned or rejected by this person, and you might also feel angry or sad because of the situation.

You’re encountering this person in a new way in your dream because you’re confronting a part of yourself that you typically keep locked away.

But most dream analysts believe the reason you dream about the same person over and over again is because they represent a part of you.

The thing is, our subconscious memory contains all of the experiences we have had throughout our lives.

And when we dream about a certain person, it’s because they remind us of something from our past.

By analyzing your dreams, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the life you’ve lived.

6) Dreams of your mother or father

If you dream about your mom and dad, it might be a good time to re-establish the connection you had with them in the past. You might also wish to ask them for guidance or advice.

These dreams can also be nightmares. If you feel angry or hurt because of the way they treated you when you were a child, you can use your dreams as an opportunity to move on.

Alternatively, if your relationship with them is difficult in real life, it could be because of unresolved issues with your parents from past lives, as Spiritism teaches.

Dreams are a great time to see these issues and work through them in a safe place.

Dreams involving your deceased parents are healing to the conscious mind because you get to bring your deep loss back into consciousness.

You can also work through your grief by talking to them in the dream world.

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.” ~  Sydney J. Harris

7) Dreams of a soul mate

If you’re dreaming about a stranger, it can be a challenging topic, especially if you feel as if you know that person on a soul level, but their appearance is not familiar.

There could be many different situations and meanings to it, depending on the circumstances of your dream.

If you are a person that is searching for your soul mate, yes, this dream can show you that person, not only when you see them in your dreams but also when looking at other people.

In my opinion this was the most amazing and helpful dream I had ever had. It gave me the answer to my question of love; I felt so safe and so loved when I woke up.

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The only thing I knew at the time was that some people dream that they have known their life partner since they were children, or even before they were born.

They had never met each other, but somehow recognized each other in their dreams.

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8) Dreams of your secret crush

Unlike in the previous situation, you may be seeing a very well-known face in your dreams every night.

One answer might be that this person means a great deal to you: that he or she is a significant part of your life, perhaps you’ve even already met your soulmate.

Another answer might be that you’re in love with this person: but only in the world of dreams.

The Ancient Greeks believed that people who regularly dreamed about the same person were in love with them, and that this was their way of opening their hearts.

This could be true: after all, it’s easy to fall in love with someone who you know so well. If you’re constantly dreaming about them, it must surely mean that you have strong feelings for this person.

Do you find this person undeniably fascinating? In fact, it might be impossible not to think about them every time that you wake up!

Even if you try to put an end to the dream, and it keeps recurring, then this is usually a sign that you’re in love.

The actual realization of this feeling may be something that you need to think about carefully.

The best thing to do is to take your dreams seriously. Only when you actually fall in love will you understand why this person pops up in your mind so often, even when you are asleep.

9) Dreams of your boss

If you’re dreaming about your boss, the universe could be telling you that you’re holding back on your job.

In some situations, you don’t want to give your all at work because it can be hard to do so.

You might also feel anxious about putting your most creative and imaginative ideas into action.

In some cases, being in a dream with your boss can reflect that you’re not taking enough responsibility for your job. But there are many alternative explanations as well.

The message here is that you need to step up and take charge of your life and your career.

You also need to realize that others are watching what you do, and they will respond when they see how well you handle yourself in the workplace. Sometimes taking a small risk can pay off big.

“The information received from dreams is truly the greatest guidance anyone could ever ask for.” ― Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco

10) Dreams of a child

Dreaming about children is a common theme, but there are many different ways to interpret the meaning of having a dream about a child in your life.

There are many types of dreams involving children.

You could be dreaming about your own child, or someone else’s. It could be related to your own childhood, or someone else’s. The age of the child can also make some difference in interpreting the dream.

If you have children of your own, it could be that you are subconsciously trying to find a way to view certain situations with your own eyes rather than from the standpoint of a parent.

It can also mean that they have a lesson for you that they are trying to teach, or a message they are struggling to convey.

If you dreamed about your own child, it could mean that you want to be more like them.

Seeing that your dreams are in fact showing you their innermost thoughts can be a very positive thing for you.

The message is that you need to pay attention to the particular things they think and say, because they bring information and knowledge that is not out in the world.

What do you feel in your dreams?

When you dream about someone constantly, it is best to look for the feeling associated with the dream.

If you found yourself dreaming about a particular person often then it is highly likely that you want to know the truth about this person. This could be for any number of reasons.

Mingling of emotions and feelings is a common occurrence during dreams.

It is because the subconscious mind is busy experimenting with the relationships that you have experienced in the past.

If you are identifying with the dream in some way, then you will have a feeling, and it may show up as a feeling of love.

Or you may feel jealous. Or it could be other emotions like fear or depression.

When you’re dreaming about someone, it’s often the case that there is a story behind your dreams.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What does it feel like?
  • What does the dream look like?
  • What do you see when you wake up?
  • How does it feel when you wake up?
  • Is there a sense of relief at being free from ‘the attraction’?

When something is different than what you expected, it always shows that something profound and powerful lies at the heart of your dreams.

If you feel obsessed with someone, think about how they’re treating you at work or in your daily life.

“Recurring dreams for some may seem like a punishment; the reality is it is done out of love to enable your spiritual enhancement.” ― Pamela Cummins

Connecting the dots of the subconscious mind

Numerous authors point out that recurring dreams of the same person seem to be connected to our spiritual evolution.

This is not unusual since dreams have always been used as a portal into different levels of consciousness. It’s even possible to get messages by dreaming about things in the future, or events that have not occurred yet.

You might be dreaming about something that is about to happen, but you might also be dreaming about a person who will not appear for another few months or years.

It’s all about the work of your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is like a guard dog, keeping everything in and out of your life.

When you have dreams that are clearly outside the context and the bounds of normal thinking, it shows that this is not something that you are looking at using your conscious mind.

Your unconscious mind takes over when it feels a connection with you. It will take this role even if it feels like a negative or obsessive one at times.

Your dreams are haunted by the past, and they seem to be a keen reflection of your innermost thoughts.

Sometimes you will have a dream and then you will wake up feeling different. In many cases, the difference is that you realize you’re having this dream, because that’s what the dream was about- your innermost thoughts.

When a bad thing happens, or even when something good happens, we often don’t realize what it means just yet. Sometimes we are not even sure what the meaning of a dream is at the time.

But you’ll find that there is always more to uncover with each successive dream. They illuminate the complex designs that are in your subconscious mind.

In order to interpret your dreams correctly, you need to understand the story behind them.

By taking a careful look at the story behind the dream, you will gain insight into your subconscious mind and its thoughts.

You’ll also realize that there are many different ways to interpret dreams. And it’s always important to remember that there is often more than one layer or type of dream associated with a particular situation in your life.

After all, it’s hard to explain your dreams in words because they often seem to come out of nowhere.

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How to interpret dreams about the same person?

“The notion of dream interpretation far antedates the birth of psychoanalysis, and probably served an important function in most, if not all, historical societies. In having lost this function, modern man has also lost the best part of his nature, which he obviously passes on to the next generation of dreamers.” ― Neel Burton

So, what is Neel trying to say?

Well, it is important to analyze your dreams so that you can understand them in detail.

Dream interpretation is a great way to connect with ourselves and get a greater sense of self identity than we normally have.

All of us have had the same or somewhat similar dream at some point in our lives, yet each of us has a different explanation. However different the story is of each person, there’s always an important meaning behind it.

The key is to be playful and creative when trying to figure out the meaning behind each individual part of your dreams.

They are a form of prophecy, and some dreamers come to realize that what is being given to them while they are asleep has a strong relationship with the truth of their lives.

Dreams about the same person are sometimes surprisingly complex, depending on your relationship.

The main point to remember when interpreting a dream about a person is to first try to figure out what the person has done for you in your storyline.

Ask yourself:

  • How did you treat them?
  • How did they treat you?
  • Did they have a huge impact on your life, or were they a person you had only just met?

It’s also important not to try too hard or make assumptions.  Without a doubt, it’s easy to jump to conclusions based on your own reference points and knowledge.

But if you let yourself go with the flow of the dream-world, you can often find out much more about the dream characters than you could by just reading their “descriptions”.

When interpreting dreams about a specific person, it’s also very important to take their persona and appearance in your dreams into account.

The main things to keep in mind:

  • Everything matters when it comes to the interpretation process.
  • Don’t be afraid to delve into the details when it comes to analyzing dreams.
  • Remember that in the dream world, nothing is what it looks like.

For example, if you are dreaming about a person who is angry with you, it could be that they’re not being direct with their feelings because they’re afraid to be vulnerable.

So, in your dream-world, on the surface it’s possible that they are mean and angry towards you. But what’s happening on a deeper level is that this person feels bad about something, and they don’t know how to express it.

But don’t worry.  In your work on the self, it’s very important to understand how you can be vulnerable with other people without being hurt in the process.

Take the time to do this work.

All the answers have always been inside you, but you just had to come out of your own shell and open up to them.

Final thoughts

So, if you have a dream about the same person, it is important to be careful in interpreting this dream.

Dreams need to be appreciated as a gift that reveals something deep inside your subconscious mind.

Without a doubt, this unusual state of mind is a very special part of all our lives. We can learn a lot about ourselves, but more importantly, we can also learn about other people.

I wish you the best and hope that this article provides a little help in your personal growth and understanding of this world.

As always, if you want to read more great content, check out the rest of our blog.

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