14 spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you

Do you feel a little creepy-crawly when you see spiders?

If yes, and you actually feel them crawling on you, that’s even worse!

When that happens, though, don’t be alarmed:

The spider may have chosen to grace you with its presence for a spiritual reason.

Now, before you swat it away, consider these 18 spiritual meanings that this eight-legged arachnid may hold.

Let’s begin!

1) The spider crawling on you is a symbol of connectedness to the divine and universe

Since the ancient times, spiders have known to be symbols of divinity. The ability of spiders to weave webs and trick insects for their own consumption was seen as a representation of supernatural power.

Because of this, the spiders were seen as a link to the divine and mysterious ways the universe works.

Quite similarly, when a spider crawls on you, it could be a reminder that you need to focus on your connection to the world.

A spider’s web, in fact, is clear evidence of the concept of universal connection, of everyone and everything being interconnected.

For example, you are so focused on your personal achievements, struggles, and pain that you forget the existence of people around you.

Is it bad, though?

No, it’s not bad for you to prioritize yourself!

It is, however, important to also pay attention to the connections and relationships you have with others.

If you can maintain a deep emotional connection to the people around you, it will be easier for you to endure the pains of life.

So, rediscover yourself and reassess your relationships with others, especially your loved ones.

Invest in the people who matter most to you, and be there for them.

Doing so, you can create a meaningful network of support to help bring more stability and joy to your life.

These people are important to you, and you must protect them at all costs!

2) The spider crawling on you is a sign of protection against danger

According to a myth, if you see a spider crawling on you, it means it’s marking you for protection.

Sounds amazing, right?

Some cultures believe that a spider serves as a guard against negative energy. When it crawls on you, it may be a sign that you are being watched!

The spider may have sensed that something bad is about to happen, and is giving you a warning to repel the danger that’s coming ahead.

Of course, you also have to consider the fact that there are different colors of spiders, and each color carries different meanings.

In this case, if a blue spider crawls on you, there could be a threat aimed at you, your family, and your loved ones, and the spider is watching over you to protect you from any kind of danger.


Because blue is a color of peace and security.

What must you do about it, then?

You have to be careful about the possibilities and embrace the power of self-awareness. That’s why, if a negative influence suddenly enters your life, you’ll be ready.

That way, you can deal with all what causes you fear and anxiety.

3) The spider crawling on you means you’re dealing with fear and difficult circumstances

Are you stressed out right now because you can’t seem to get out of a jam?

If a spider suddenly crawls its way to your body, it’s possible that you might be standing in between stressful situations.

You see, one of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you is a lack of stability, either emotionally or spiritually. The brown-colored spiders typically indicate depression and a feeling of being stuck in a place you seem to have no control over.

That said, it’s giving you fear and anxiety!

When dealing with a difficult situation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it.

You can cry, you can hurl at the world, you can release all your negative feelings, and you can drain all the pain out of you.

It sucks, you know, but it’s essential for you to figure things out on your own. To do so will help you see things in a new light.

With the newfound perspective, you can challenge yourself to think of the best possible solution and look at the situation from different angles.

In most situations like this, depression causes people to believe that they are to blame and at fault.

To address this, you must take everything slow and be kind to yourself.

You have to work on your energy by allowing yourself to connect to the physical world.

Aside from spending time with the people you love, spend time with nature by going for walks in the park or taking hikes in the woods.

Embrace the warmth, beauty, and serenity of life.

4) The spider crawling on you means you are living a balanced life

Gray is the middle ground between black and white, where the two are equally represented.

The end result?

A cool, soothing shade that stands for tranquility and peace.

If such a spider were to crawl across your body, it would be a sign that your life is well-balanced. It’s also a reminder to keep a balanced view of everything in your life.

If, on the other hand, you believe that you’re in a state of well-being when in fact you’re not, this should serve as a clear reminder that you need to work on maintaining a sense of equilibrium in your life.

You could have been unjust to your husband because of a minor misunderstanding, or you could be upset with someone else and have your ears covered to hear all of their reasoning.

You can handle and respond to situations well if you are willing to see things from different points of view.

It might be hard for you to warm up or “be the better person” in the situation, but it will be harder if you’re in a rather restless and toxic relationship.

Start by being patient and listening to the other person’s point of view.

5) The spider crawling on you could be an indication of patience

Have you ever wondered how long it takes spiders to build their webs?

It takes them 30 to 60 minutes on average to craft their webs, using seven various types of spider silk for different purposes.

Because spiders are survivors, they spend hours meticulously creating their webs.

It doesn’t just speak of their creativity, but also of their patience and resourcefulness.

So, one of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you could be a sign for you to be patient.
Whether you’re waiting for job opportunities, a career shift, pregnancy, or something as simple as bags or cosmetics sales, it’s reminding you that good things come to those who wait!

With patience, you’ll be able to recognize hidden opportunities that could alter the course of your life.

On the other hand, patience has its limits. We all know that too little or too much can be harmful.

Most times, too much patience and empathy may appear like gullibility, and some people might take advantage.

It gets worse:

When a person takes advantage of you, they feed on your energy, leaving you drained and dry.

The sad fact here is that they are aware of what they are doing! They could be toxic, and it may even come to a point when they will not bat an eye just to see you hurt.

That’s right, it’s essential to understand when to say “yes” and “no”, when to wait, and when to take action.

This time, learn to prioritize yourself and know when it’s time to let go.

They could be toxic and will not hesitate to hurt you!

At some point, you may need guidance from the divine.

6) The spider crawling on you means you’re receiving guidance from the divine

When a spider suddenly lands on you, it can be a sign that you are being directed to the right path by a spiritual being.

There are three things:

Spiders are symbols of mystery and spirituality.

You could be in an unknown place in your life—you could be confused, out of place, or in the process of fitting in to a new job or career that you’ve always wanted.

You’re trying to figure out exactly what to do and how to adjust.

In a similar vein, it’s possible that a spider crawling on you is a sign that you’re on the right track.

A spider moves in a slow but sure manner. It could be a reminder to you that, while you’re at it, avoid making rushed decisions.

Lastly, spiders are seen as strong and independent beings who can be hostile and aggressive to show how powerful they are.

You could be someone who showcases independence and has the confidence to show the strength that you possess.

You can be a lion or a sheep, depending on the situation you’re in.

All these things considered, what’s the bottom line?

When you have to make a difficult choice on your own, take your time and think things through.

There’s no rush.

And if you really want something, don’t hesitate to show how you want it!

Even though a spiritual being is guiding you, you have the power to make these choices and make them count.

Aside from the power of a divine spiritual being, you can also rely on the power of the law of attraction to guide you…

7) The spider crawling on you is a sign of your manifestation

One of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you is a sign that everything that you’ve been manifesting is all in the right places.

Does it sound amazing?

Imagine that your long-held wish has finally come true. It might be the person you spend the rest of your life with or the well-paying job you’ve been hoping for.

Wherever you look, there is peace and harmony in every direction.

This is due to the fact that spiders have long been associated with zeal and excitement.

You’re at a point in life where you can shape the path you’re passionate about, and the future holds even more promising possibilities!

If you want to make your dreams come true and live out your destiny, you have to take charge of your life.

Others, however, think of this as luck!

8) A spider crawling on you is a sign of luck and prosperity

It has been established that spiders crawling on you are protectors against danger. The fact that they let you avoid negative forces makes them symbols of luck and good fortune.

This explains why many people don’t harm spiders.

Spiders, for some, may be seen as messengers of prophecy or good news. They represent hidden knowledge and wisdom that is only revealed to those who have the courage to look inward.

Aside from being messengers of good things, they are seen as embodiments of nature’s power and unpredictability.

You could be broke, in the down-low, or at bottom of the food chain.

Suddenly, a spider crawls on you and everything shifted 180 degrees, and you’re now at the top—talk about spiders being reminders of the mysterious powers of nature.

If it’s not sheer luck, what is?

Not to mention that gold spiders, for some reason, represent wealth and abundance! That’s why, when you experience a spider crawling on you, specifically gold ones, you’re on the right path.

Once you do, take it as an opportunity to create extraordinary things.

9) A spider crawling on you is an opportunity to create something unique

One of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you might be a sign for you to explore your creative side in new projects or situations.

Spiders are very creative, as shown by the fact that they can make webs of different sizes and levels of complexity.

They create webs of beauty from abdominal glands. Their webs are used to trap their next meal, destroy them afterwards, and then, look for their next meal.

So, aside from exploring your creative side, if you experience them crawling on you, the spider could be sending you a message to think outside the box.

Here’s a story:

Once, I was in the bathroom, and suddenly this big spider crawled to me from the corner of the room.

Unlike some people, I’m not afraid of spiders, cockroaches, or any insects (just frogs, to be honest).

So, I didn’t shoo it away. After a while, it did go on its own…

Now that I think about it, the spider could be trying to tell me something.

At that time, I was struggling to find a solution to all my debts—I was broke and laid off. My father was undergoing chemotherapy sessions ($800) every three weeks, while I only have a side hustle that earns me $200 per month.

I was the only one helping out, while also caring for my senior aunt at the same time.

So there I was, finding solace in the bathroom, with my dog comforting me,licking my “emotional wounds”.

I realized now that the spider was sending me a message—to think creatively and outside the box!

I asked a friend at the time if he knew of any job opportunities for me.I brushed up my LinkedIn profile and Upwork to look for clients, even subscribed to Premium.

I don’t need to tell you how everything changed from there.

The bottom line here is this:

Creativity isn’t just about painting, sculpting, or anything else involving works of art.

It’s about creative thinking as well!

The spider crawling on me was giving me a message to use all my rather insignificant resources and do something unspeakable.

Once you apply this to yourself, you’ll have the freedom to consider which paths to take, and you’ll feel the enlightenment from your inner wisdom!

10) A spider crawling on you has a link to your inner wisdom

Did you know spiders are revered as spirit messengers?

That’s right, in fact, they hold a special connection to the human psyche.


Out of all the things they symbolize, inner wisdom is one of them.

You see, when a spider crawls on you, it could mean that your intuition is communicating with you or sending you a message.

The spider connects to your inner self and tells it to take over.

In short:

Listen and trust your intuition!

Spiders have a long history of being linked to wisdom, and the fact that they crawl on you means the wisdom of the mind and understanding of your inner self are being revealed to you.

Here’s the thing you need to remember:

Self-awareness is everything!

It’s the key to unlocking the power of your intuition.

Once you know what your inner wisdom is, you’ll be able to use it more effectively and make better decisions.

11) A spider crawling on you is a sign that you’re healing

Now, have you seen orange-colored spiders?

If you’re wondering, yes, there are orange-colored ones!

In fact, they are associated with positivity, energy, and warmth.

If an orange spider crawls on you, it may indicate that you are experiencing a state of contentment or satisfaction with how things are going in your life, after having been through emotional, physical, and psychological trauma.

It could be a sign that you’ve made progress and that you’re armed with such strength that it allows you to heal and transform into a much better version of yourself.

12) A spider crawling on you means you’re about to experience transformation

One of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you is that you’re undergoing a period of personal transformation.

For example, a spider crawling on you may be sending you a message to be patient and trust yourself during this time of transition.

As you go through life, you will face different kinds of transformations. Your attitudes change; your values change; your priorities change; even your perspectives change.

For some reason, these all don’t change for the better.

You could have some past habits or beliefs that hurt people around you to the point of being toxic in your relationships.

So, like spiders, you must adapt and change in order to reach a new level of awareness.

A spider crawling on to you is a reminder of how you must constantly adapt and change in your life, much like the spider’s ability to adapt and change as it weaves its web.

13) A spider crawling on you could be an indication that something will improve

Since you’re changing into a new person, it’s important to understand that a spider crawling on you means you’re growing in the right way.

You might be in a constant battle with your “shadow self,” a part of yourself that you try to hide or a dark side of your personality.

Recognizing the spider is a reminder that this process of growth and change isn’t easy, and acknowledging and accepting this side of yourself is important.


Because even your dark side is an essential part of becoming who you are meant to be.

Once you realize this, it will be much simpler for you to accept others, including their flaws and imperfections.

14) A spider crawling on you is a signal intended for you to take responsibility for your actions

Either you’re stuck in a problematic situation where a tangle of stories makes you feel trapped, or you’re not.

One of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you is that you must take responsibility for your actions.

The spider’s ability to trap its next meal into its web can be interpreted as a reminder to take control of the actions and decisions in your own life.

Because the truth is:

In today’s society, everyone has an opinion about what you should do.

They will try to overpower you and dictate what your next step must be.

But that doesn’t mean you should listen to them.

Instead, avoid letting the commotion and confusion distract you.

Remember this: These people can’t be held responsible for your failure.

So instead, take ownership of your actions and take steps towards creating the life you desire.

Keep in mind that a spider’s web is a symbol of organization and structure. Take the spider’s message to heart and take control of your life today.

Let the spider be your spirit animal

All of the spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you may be a lot, but one thing is for sure:

The spider is a reminder that you are never truly alone.

The fact that it crawls on you when you need protection, healing, and luck when everything goes haywire means you have a tight support system to rely on in times of need.

It may come in the form of family, friends, or even a higher power that watches over you.

Regardless of what it is, it’s there to help you find your way.

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