15 ways to speak your dreams into existence (with the Law of Attraction)

The law of attraction teaches us that the universe is always listening to our hopes and our dreams.

But only those who know how to properly speak to the universe will get a reaction from it, so you have to ask yourself: are you actually using your voice?

Are you truly speaking with the universe to turn your dreams into reality?

Never underestimate the power of your words, and how simple mantras can change your life forever.

In this article we discuss 15 ways you can speak your dreams into existence:

1) Speak Confidently

The universe responds when it is asked to respond.

To manifest anything first requires the desire to manifest it, and possessing that desire means more than just quietly wanting it in your heart.

It means displaying your dreams and your goals with the full confidence they deserve, every single time you speak about them.

Think back to the last time you were asked to present something in front of class or at work, or any time when you either spoke in front of others or watched people speak in front of a crowd.

Try to recall the difference between the speakers who were most convincing, most intelligent, and most inspiring, versus those who didn’t seem to know anything about what they were talking about.

The biggest difference between them? Their confidence.

You must speak of your dreams in the same confident manner as Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone.

Even in the smallest instances, have absolute faith in your path, in what you intend to create or produce, and make every conversation about your dream into a pitch that you are throwing out into the universe with absolute confidence.

As we said: the universe responds when it is asked to respond. The universe will show you if you’re on the right path.

And you cannot ask the universe to help you if you do not have the confidence to raise your voice above those around you.

2) Let The Universe Know Through Your Words

All too often, we keep our dreams to ourselves. Even if we have confidence in our dreams and our ability to turn these dreams into reality, we tend to avoid speaking about them.

Maybe you’re afraid of counting your chickens before your eggs hatch; maybe you just don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your friends and family should your big dreams never actually come true.

But when we hide our dreams from those around us, failing to even say them out loud, we end up hiding those dreams from ourselves, and consequently, the universe.

We cannot manifest anything if we don’t speak about it, even if you speak to no one but your four bedroom walls.

When you speak about your dreams, you give your mind new opportunities to visualize them, to weigh them, to understand them.

You map out the journey between where you are now and where you need to be for this dream to become real, simply by turning those hidden thoughts into words spoken confidently and loudly.

And the universe will hear you as you repeat your plans to yourself every single day, helping you attract the things and people you need to help manifest these dreams into existence.

3) Speak Out Your Visualized Plans

There are few things more useful than a simple to-do list.

To-do lists or numbered step-by-step lists turn the mess of a huge, sprawling, endlessly gigantic dream into a process partitioned into hundreds if not thousands of smaller steps, each with their own smaller yet infinitely more achievable beginnings, middles, and ends.

So stop talking about your dreams as if they’re just goals instead of what they actually are: a culmination of years of discipline, commitment, and focus.

If you only ever say things like, “I’m going to have a huge company someday!”, or, “I’m going to be a famous musician someday!”, or even, “I’m going to build an amazing family someday!”, then you only ever see the last stop of an excruciatingly long and troubled process.

Break down your goals; turn those wishes into steps and those dreams into journeys.

Don’t just imagine the end and the final results. Talk about all the little things you need to do to get there.

Show the universe — and more importantly, yourself — that you have actually thought this through, giving your dreams the actual time and energy they deserve beyond simply wishing for them.

4) Minimize Your Verbal Interactions with Naysayers

Some of us have simpler dreams.

Maybe you dream of becoming a teacher someday, or you dream of graduating from university.

Others have bigger dreams, like dreaming of becoming an astronaut and walking on Mars, or dreaming of building the next big start-up.

But regardless of the size of your dream, your dream is yours for a reason: it’s something you truly want to achieve.

And no matter how big or small your dream may be, there will always be naysayers out there telling you that you’re wrong for dreaming your dream.

There will be people who say that your chances of becoming an astronaut are astronomically low, so why should you even bother?

There will be those who say that you would be a terrible teacher, or you’re too stupid to graduate from university.

Manifesting your dreams into reality means avoiding hearing these words, because they can hurt you and make you stumble.

You might not think it when you first hear them, but the power of constant negativity from naysayers can discourage you, and even the slightest discouragement can stop you from reaching the heights needed to achieve your dreams.

5) Surround Yourself with People You Dream of Becoming

A foundational teaching of the art of manifestation is to begin seeing yourself as the person you dream of becoming, and what better way to truly see that than by surrounding yourself with the people who already are where you want to be?

As the old saying goes, “If you’re the smartest person in a room, you’re in the wrong room.”

While it can be tempting to surround yourself with the same people you’ve always known, this can sometimes be the biggest thing holding you back — you will never learn anything new, never expose yourself to different ideas, never figure out different ways to think about your thoughts.

If you’re looking to manifest your soulmate, it may make it more difficult.

The simple act of talking to people you aspire to become is enough to push you down the right path.

They may not always say something completely novel to your ears, but just hearing it from them and engaging in discussion with them can help you process your own thoughts, and ideate your own visions.

6) Speak With Those Who Will Be Real With You

We’ve discussed the importance of avoiding naysayers who do nothing but try to bring you down, as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have become what you dream of becoming.

While the first group may be entirely too negative, the second group can also be problematic for exactly the opposite reason: they might be too positive and steer you in the wrong direction.

Which is why it’s also crucial that you find people who will always be real with you, giving you the unfiltered advice you need to hear.

These people will keep your feet on the ground.

They will listen to your dreams, hear the confidence in your voice, and then poke holes in your plans wherever they may seem weakest.

These people don’t shoot you down because they’re jealous of your passion and your drive the way that naysayers might be; they question the exact steps of your plan, helping you see flaws you might have overlooked.

The law of attraction demands positivity, but it also demands properly converting dreams into reality.

You might be a thousand percent confident and optimistic in your plan, but does it truly translate into the real world?

Only those who aim to keep you grounded can help ensure that your dreams actually have the logistical blueprints to enter the real world.

7) Avoid Sulking When You Fail

Failing is a natural part of the journey towards success. You’ll never achieve anything without first failing a dozen times on the way there.

Even if the universe will ultimately help you manifest your dreams, it’s impossible to tell what the exact timeline may be, and however many failures you have to experience before you can become the person you need to be to make those dreams real.

But it’s easy to lose hope and to become discouraged when you try and try again, only to fail each and every time.

You might think, “This time I’m finally going to make this work!”, only to fall short once again.

The aggravation and frustration can build up until you eventually find yourself breeding negativity and self-doubt inside of you.

Don’t lose hope, and always avoid sulking.

Sulking leads to negativity in your words and actions, and as you lose faith in yourself, the universe loses faith in you, too.

8) Embrace Humility As You Succeed

There’s a point in every success story where you start to feel that all the work is finally paying off.

The long night is over, and all the countless hours you spent working on your dreams are finally starting to happen.

It’s at this point where you need to control yourself.

It can be tempting to start bragging about yourself — posting on social media about how amazing you are, about how you deserve everything you’ve achieved, about all the hard work you put into this.

But this is when you need to start learning something new: humility.

You must stay humble, even when you start to experience the success you deserve.

You’ve spent years working towards this goal; don’t erase all that by bragging too early or being too obnoxious.

Remember: you worked for your dreams for you, not for anyone else.

9) Watch the Way You Say Things

In the pursuit of something grand, you can’t help but stumble along the way.

And when your failures loom closer than your dreams, it’s easy to shift your attention to the negatives.

Before you know it, one bad day effortlessly turns into a bad week, all because you couldn’t get your head out of such a negative space.

Speaking your dreams into existence involves a lot more patience and restraint than most people realize.

To truly manifest your dreams and channel your intent to the universe, you need to be consistent and steadfast in your desire to make your dreams happen, especially when things are rough.

The next time you want to complain about something, try to find a positive spin on it and focus on that instead.

Instead of saying “I hate it when my co-workers do their work” you can say “I enjoy being a leader for my co-workers”; instead of “I’m having a hard time getting over this problem” say “I’m glad for this opportunity because it’s testing my character”.

And if you can’t put a positive spin on your situation? Just focus on something else entirely.

The universe listens to what you say, and the things that you do vocalize eventually become your reality.

If you can’t watch the things you say, take a step back and breathe. It’s perfectly fine saying nothing at all.

10) Speak with Optimism

Dreams can feel big and impossible. At times, you might even feel like it’s too big for you.

But that’s exactly why they’re dreams: they’re supposed to be these larger-than-life things propelling us forward.

When most people realize the sheer gravity of their dreams, they start doubting themselves in the process.

Questions like “Am I the right person for this?” or “Am I just overestimating myself?” often crop up.

Over time, these small doubts can come to define your general disposition and even put a damper on your self-confidence and ability to manifest.

Speaking your dreams into existence isn’t enough.

To truly manifest your hopes and desires into reality, you have to speak it as if it’s already yours.

Don’t say “I hope”; say “I will”.

Claim your dream as if it was your birthright.

Maintaining this optimistic attitude keeps you ambitious and maintains the momentum you’ve already built up.

Ultimately, confidence is a self-sustaining resource that feeds on itself.

Once you establish a good baseline, it becomes easier to make good decisions and stay on course to make your dream happen.

11) Avoid “Don’t”, “Not”, and “No”

Some words are more powerful than others.

With the universe constantly listening, you want to choose words carefully and become more intentional with manifesting.

If you thought you could get away with defining your dreams according to the don’ts nots, and nos, then think again.

When you say “I don’t want to have a hard time at work”, it doesn’t always hear the negative; it might even just be hearing “I want to have a hard time at work.”

Avoiding don’t, not, and no is more than just semantic practice.

Practicing mindful usage around these words forces you to think of other alternatives to communicate your intent.

For instance, instead of saying “No, I don’t want to pursue that project right now” you can say “I would like to focus on improving my skills through this specific project.”

This way of thinking forces you to recalibrate your thoughts and prioritize solutions over problems.

You’re forced to understand why you don’t like something and end up vocalizing the things you do want for your life.

When you start communicating more clearly, your connection with the universe becomes stronger.

12) Think Twice About Bragging

There’s a fine line between manifestation and arrogance.

The main difference is that manifestation is founded on confidence, trust in the universe and to yourself, and mutual respect for other people’s beliefs.

Saying you’re confident about landing an amazing job or that you’re going to make waves in your industry someday isn’t the same thing as arrogance.

Arrogance is rooted in competition.

You talk about your dreams and what you may or may not have achieved not because you want to inspire, connect, visualize; you do it because you want other people to feel smaller.

You brag about achievements you don’t really have, of wealth you’re still hoping to pursue, or a life that you dream of having.

The universe doesn’t see this as eagerness.

All you’re doing is adding to the noise reverberating throughout the planet, making it more difficult for the universe to channel through you.

The universe tunes in to people who respect their place in the universe as well as other people’s place in it.

Bragging for the sake of bragging isn’t going to get you where you wanted to go.

Be happy about your dreams, yes.

Tell them about everyone you meet, yes, but don’t do it for the sake of putting people down.

Stay true to yourself and stay confident in the process.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because then you’ll never grow to become the person you have to become.

13) Vocalize Your Dreams With Others

Dream manifestation is amplified when you share your journey with others.

Dreaming with others allows you to connect with other positive human beings, magnifying your energy than if you were doing it alone.

Think of this as some form of signal boosting: the more people that are aware and conscious of your dream, the more concrete, physical, and real it becomes.

Too often, we dream privately because we’re scared of how our dreams would sound to other people.

Alone, in our heads, with no one to judge us, we feel the freedom to claim amazing things and believe that we are capable of impossible feats.

So why downplay it when you’re around others?

Modern society breeds contentment and decries ambition.

Don’t fall into the trap and settle for anything less than the grandest schemes you could think of.

To truly manifest your desires and turn it into your destiny, you have to be unabashedly secure in your dream.

The next time you see a friend, talk to them about their dreams and share yours with them.

Embody the identity of a proud captain steering his ship across all waters.

14) Ease Into New Habits By Limiting Your Words

As you move forward in your journey, you’ll soon realize that new habits and attitudes need to take center stage so you can continue building your character.

During your transition from an unsure, negative, and doubting person, pressures and the looming threat of failure will trigger you to fall back on your old attitudes and knee jerk reactions.

In the face of adversity or uncertainty, it’s so easy to fall back into the things you used to do just because it’s your safety net.

But doing so is like digging a hole in the pit; you’re stuck in there digging in the same spot, not realizing you’re already a couple of feet below the ground.

So instead of giving the mic to the Old You and voicing out your concerns, just take a deep breath and say nothing at all.

Transitions are hard and you can use the power of words to ease your mind, body, and soul into a new version of you; one that is more open and ready for change.

15) Be Compassionate Towards Other People’s Words

In every story you’ve ever read, you’ll notice there’s always an antagonist for every protagonist.

Unfortunately, that’s not limited to fairy tales.

As you cruise towards your dream destination, you’ll find people who will want to sway you off the course and make you believe that you’re not as worthy of your dream using their own words.

Just as you don’t let your own words take root and control your reality, you don’t let in negativity from other people.

Words are powerful as they are, regardless of whether they’re coming from you or someone else.

Block this negativity to preserve the state of mind you so carefully cultivated.

Dream manifestation is probably one of the best applications for the phrase “kill it with kindness”. Instead of retaliating, take a minute to breathe and see things from their shoes.

Most people never find the courage or even just the purpose to dream big dreams. A lot of humans are content going through their 9 to 5s, doing what is necessary instead of going above and beyond.

So when they see someone like you — a resolute, inspired, and positive individual — they can’t help but feel a little intimidated.

The fact that you have naysayers only goes to show that your presence and impact is known. If other people take notice, chances are the universe does too.

Say The Right Words, And The Rest Shall Follow

Your words are one of the most powerful things in your arsenal. Language bridges the barrier between intent, desire, and manifestation.

Words are our way of writing out the destiny the universe has planned out for us.

Speaking your truths confidently, respectfully, and with humility allows you to carve out your future towards success.

Be mindful of what you do and don’t say, and the universe will listen to your intentions, pick up on your sincerity and confidence, and deliver what was always waiting for you.

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Lachlan Brown

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