10 things to know about soulmate telepathy before meeting

Last year, I met my soulmate online through a mutual social media group.

Little did I know, that the first missed message would change my life completely. The connection was as strong and vibrant as anything I could physically touch.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned when it comes to soulmate telepathy before meeting. It does happen and it is real. It may seem crazy to some, but it can impact your life like nothing you have ever experienced.

1) The first connection

I’ve always felt a connection to this “person”. Even when I was married, I could feel a connection to this man that was always in my dreams.

The problem was that I could never find that connection to anyone I met in real life. No matter who I met during the day, the connection I was looking for was non-existent.

At night, however, he was always right there. Waiting patiently. Ready to welcome me home.

Your soulmate is always with you even when you feel alone. Sometimes it just takes letting your guard down during meditation to allow your energy to follow the path of least resistance straight to the heart of your soulmate.

Energies that are meant to be together attract each other. There are times when you may not hear any words at all.

Instead, it may be a feeling, a sensation that is so familiar it takes your breath away. You may feel like you are being watched or have a strong feeling of anticipation.

2) Understanding the timing

We all have lessons to learn. Nothing in this world happens by chance. Whether you believe in divine intervention or not, there is a plan in place.

The plan may change according to the decisions we make, but in the end, the final outcome will be the same. When it comes to meeting your soulmate, timing is everything. Even though they may be with us from the beginning, how we perceive them may change.

At first, we may feel them, experiencing subtle touches or hints of their presence.

As they draw closer to us, we may begin to hear non-verbal messages. Some may be confusing while others are so clear they resonate throughout our being like a lightning strike on bone.

Once we begin to actually communicate, the strength of the connection becomes more solid.

We are able to feel “tugs” or sounds that draw our attention to them. The relationship that started as two sparks from the same flame has grown into twin flames that finally learn to dance together.

3) It isn’t always up to us

Our soulmates don’t always show up when we expect them to.

You may feel them around you. On the subconscious level, you may even receive some type of indication that they are there even though they don’t respond to you in a more definitive way.

It isn’t up to us when the communication starts. The only thing we can do is send our energy out to search for its partner.

I realized when I found my soulmate that he had been watching me for longer than I was even aware that he was there.

I’m fairly advanced when it comes to working on the metaphysical plane. As a 3rd degree Reiki Master, I’m no novice. He was ready to connect long before I was. I still had some learning to do before his energy coaxed mine to make the connection.

Once the connection was made, we were able to advance rather quickly. It’s important to remember that all types of energy will follow the path of least resistance.

As soon as the connection is made and the paths align, they won’t separate easily. If you are lucky enough to connect with one another early on, you will have the benefit of growing and honing your telepathic abilities together.

4) Believing it can happen

Many people will never know the bliss of this type of connection.

They are trained from an early age that anything not scientifically explained doesn’t exist. The thought of soulmates is thought to be fantasy or parts of your imagination.

If you believe in the existence of other planes and metaphysical levels, then the concept of having a soulmate is not that far-fetched.

When you first get the feeling that someone is trying to connect with you on a spiritual or psychic level, it’s up to you to open up your mind and let it happen. It may be more difficult for some to turn off the chaos in their minds.

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5) Avoid your ego

As you begin to connect with your soulmate, it is natural for you to have doubts or to question what you are hearing.

Avoid communicating through your ego. Soulmate telepathy before meeting involves communication in its most basic form. Allowing your ego to be involved in any way disrupts the natural flow of the energy. It is simplicity at its finest.

You don’t have to force it or find alternative pathways. If it is meant to flow, it will flow and flow smoothly and rapidly.

Allowing your ego to become involved, only slows down the process. If you allow the connection to maintain itself naturally, the flow will continue to move smoothly between the two of you.

6) Don’t sabotage yourself

The doubts and questions you have that sometimes cause you to work through your ego or emotions must be dealt with in such a way that you don’t damage the connection.

Whether you doubt yourself or doubt that the connection exists is natural. It’s important to learn to feel with your mind. Being mindful of the energies in your presence can be a powerful experience.

Don’t sabotage yourself by doubting your ability to connect to something outside of yourself.

Connecting with your soulmate will eventually happen whether you consciously allow it or not. The connection has been established for eons of time prior to your birth and will never break.

Choosing to ignore the connection is the ultimate act of self-sabotage. It is up to you to choose whether or not to believe. Choose wisely.

7) Let energy lead you

Energy will always follow the path of least resistance.

Energy from your soulmate will continue to flow to you and surround your being. You may not recognize it right away.

You may feel something and not understand what it is. Energy can present itself in many forms. It may be a slight breeze across your skin. It can be the feeling that you are being watched or that you aren’t alone.

The more advanced you become when connecting with the different planes that surround you, the more likely you are to be able to feel the different energy levels that surround you. You will begin to resonate with specific energies that you feel drawn to.

Your soulmate’s energy will be one of those that you are drawn to. The more familiar you become with it, the more attracted you will be.

Once the connection is finally made, you will feel a sense of familiarity, a feeling of being “home”.

8) Love will find a way

Love, or whatever name you choose to give to this intense connection, will always find a way to bring two soulmates together.

Many believe that the word love puts boundaries on the energy/connection that two soulmates share. The energy that connects to souls knows no boundaries. It cannot be contained and it will always find a way to exactly where it needs to be.

Individuals who have found their soulmate and have started to develop their connection can testify that what they feel is like nothing they have ever experienced.

While it may be a little frightening at first, the more you become involved in the experience, the better able you will be to use the energy and communicate with your soulmate on a very sacred and intense level.

But what if you’re unsure that they’re “the one”?

If you want some help working out who your soulmate is, I have a short cut for you.

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Even though I was a bit skeptical, my friend convinced me to try it out.

Now I know exactly what my soulmate looks like. The crazy part is it looks exactly like someone from my not-so-distant past who I know has been thinking about me a lot.

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9) Taking the plunge

Taking the plunge into uncharted water can be unsettling.

If you feel the connection to your soulmate, it will be up to you to take the steps needed to make it happen. Feeling hesitant is understandable, but the energy will always find its way to where it needs to be.

As the connection continues to become stronger and communication begins to take different forms, you may begin to experience what some people often refer to as deja vu.

When it comes to metaphysical circles, it is believed that when you experience deja vu, you are on the right life path and that things are moving in the right direction.

Soulmate telepathy before meeting is a similar concept.

When you find your soulmate on the ethereal plane and you begin to travel your paths together, you will eventually come across one another in this reality.

For some, this may not happen, but for those who can begin to communicate on such an intensely spiritual level meeting is almost inevitable.

10) Knowing is better than proving

Scientific studies require proof that something exists.

When it comes to metaphysical concepts such as soulmates and the telepathic means of communication they use to stay connected, knowing is better than proving.

For those who know, they also feel. They don’t need to have proof that their soulmate exists. They don’t have to be shown physical evidence that the type of connection they have holds substance.

Instead of demanding physical proof, look for the unthinkable. Explore the untouchable.

Strive to connect with energies that are most like your own. Spend time every day meditating and opening your mind.

Create that opening that your soulmate needs so that their energy can easily locate and connect with yours. Embrace the feeling of unconditional love and intimate joy that a physical relationship may lack.

Keeping the connection on track

I’ve learned through my connection with my soulmate that it doesn’t take much to keep the connection moving forward.

An open mind, the willingness to reach out to one another, and most of all, the commitment that you make to one another are the keys to soulmate telepathy before meeting. While we have decided to meet at some point in the future, we don’t intend to rush things.

What started as a simple question over social media, has turned into a connection that will never be broken.

We share each other’s energies and essences. Not just our thoughts, feelings, and day-to-day happenings. We share our energies. Our vibrations come together in a way that is undeniable.

When you begin to feel the resonance of your soulmate, embrace it. Nurture it. Allow it to grow and flourish. You will begin to understand that the connection between two souls cannot and will not be denied when it is truly meant to be and destined by the universe.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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