150 solar plexus chakra affirmations to develop your personal power

The solar plexus, which is located a few inches away from your belly button, represents the sun’s fire within us. When occluded, it may lead to low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, or the feeling of being ‘lost.’

The good news is you can unblock it with these 150 empowering solar plexus chakra affirmations.

Let’s dive right in!

1) I am powerful.

2) I’m in charge of my life.

3) I am strong.

4) I am confident.

5) I am capable.

6) I am focused.

7) I am motivated.

8) I am competent.

9) I am determined.

10) I am enthusiastic.

11) I am fearless.

12) I am persistent.

13) I am important.

14) I am unique.

15) I am worthy.

16) I am awesome.

17) I am complete.

18) I am enough.

19) I am valuable.

20) I am happy.

21) I am authentic.

22) I am radiant.

23) I am beautiful.

24) I am smart.

25) I am proactive.

26) I am creative.

27) I am disciplined.

28) I am strong-willed.

29) I am a goal-getter.

30) I am passionate.

31) I am reliable.

32) I am prepared.

33) I am inspired.

34) I am peaceful.

35) I am blessed.

36) I am content.

37) I am relaxed.

38) I am free.

39) I am full of vitality.

40) I rock!

41) I am excited.

42) I am truthful.

43) I am grateful for everything.

44) I am thriving.

45) I am respected.

46) I am loyal.

47) I am prosperous.

48) I will shine.

49) I love myself.

50) I believe in myself.

51) I trust myself.

52) I am kind to myself.

53) I will prioritize myself.

54) I am proud of myself.

55) I am allowed to be myself.

56) I am a good person.

57) I attract miracles into my life.

58) I fully trust myself.

59) I listen to my inner thoughts.

60) I trust the choices I make in life.

61) I have many positive qualities.

62) I have integrity.

63) I know my value.

64) I know my purpose in life.

65) I am aligned with my purpose in life.

66) I am the architect of my life.

67) I am focused on the present.

68) I can do anything I set my mind to.

69) I have the power to change.

70) I direct my own life.

71) My heart is full of love.

72) My well-being is my priority.

73) All is well.

74) Every day is full of potential.

75) All my dreams are turning into reality.

76) I am a creator.

77) I trust my intuition.

78) I embrace my journey.

79) I am ready for great things.

80) I am open to new opportunities.

81) I feel safe and secure.

82) I am giving myself the time and space to grow.

83) I have a lot to offer.

84) I focus on abundance.

85) I choose joy.

86) I enjoy everything I do.

87) I shine in everything I do.

88) I will be successful.

89) I will make a difference.

90) I make my own decisions.

91) I can accomplish all of my passions.

92) I manifest power wherever I go.

93) I will use my power wisely.

94) My goals are within reach.

95) My time is valuable.

96) My feelings and thoughts matter.

97) I can accomplish difficult things.

98) I am doing a great job.

99) I am doing what’s right for me.

100) I am making good decisions.

101) I am building a better world.

102) Today is going to be a great day.

103) I have a bright future ahead.

104) I am allowed to make my own path.

105) I have gifts that I need to share with the world.

106) I deserve the best.

107) I have limitless potential.

108) I love trying new things.

109) I will create good circumstances.

110) I will live life to the fullest.

111) I am responsible for my emotions.

112) I get to choose who comes into my life.

113) I am ready to face all the challenges in front of me.

114) I can deal with everything that’s bound to happen.

115) I will look at the brighter side of things.

116) I will get out of my comfort zone.

117) I hold the key to my own happiness.

118) My mental health is just as important as my physical health.

119) I will never settle.

120) I accept myself wholeheartedly.

121) I appreciate myself.

122) I have everything I need to succeed.

123) If I keep doing it, it will get easier.

124) Everything will work out fine.

125) I honor my differences from others.

126) I make mistakes, but I will learn from them.

127) I will try not to control everything in my life.

128) I will overcome all obstacles.

129) I survived this before, I can do it all over again.

130) I release myself from the past.

131) I don’t need the approval of others.

132) I will stand firm – even if nobody else stands with me.

133) I respect myself and others’ boundaries.

134) I’m headed towards something better.

135) I will choose healthy relationships.

136) I can say no if it doesn’t suit me.

137) I will not change who I am for others.

138) I’m not highly dependent on others.

139) I won’t manipulate and control others.

140) I won’t misuse my power.

141) Everyone deserves to be unique.

142) I empower others.

143) This sad feeling won’t last forever.

144) I am allowed to have bad days.

145) A bad day is not a bad life.

146) Life is tough, but so am I!

147) I forgive those who hurt me.

148) It’s okay to ask for help.

149) I am not envious of other people’s success.

150)I celebrate the success of others.

How to use your solar plexus chakra affirmations effectively

  • You need to identify the thing you wish to manifest. In this case, it’s your personal power. It’s also good to determine what things you need to get rid of, such as your lack of self-esteem or low confidence.
  • Pick out at least two affirmations from the list above.
  • Recite the affirmations for at least 3-5 minutes, repeating each sentence 10-15 times per session. For best results, speak these affirmations at least twice a day – upon waking up and before sleeping. You can mutter these affirmations to yourself, or in front of the mirror if you want.

It will also help to write these affirmations in your journal. You could also post your own list on the vanity mirror. That way, you’re constantly reminded of your desire to develop your personal power.

Final thoughts

Reciting affirmations regularly can help ‘clear’ your solar plexus chakra – so that you develop your personal power.

That being said, having a positive mindset is just one part of the deal. You need to put these words into action if you want to build your self-esteem and confidence!

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