10 big signs you’re an earth empath

With a complete connection to nature, earth empaths are tied to the flows and energy movements in the world.

Their moods can be affected by the weather and they feel stressed if they’re away from natural settings for too long.

I never considered myself to be an empath of any sort until I learned more about earth empaths, and suddenly my 28 years on earth started making much more sense.

Could this be the case for you too? Read on to find out more about what makes you an earth empath and how it differs from being an ‘empath’ in general.

What are empaths?

Before we get into earth empaths, let’s quickly run through what the general term ‘empath’ means.

Are you highly in tune with the emotions of others? Does it feel like you absorb the energy of people around you?

If so, there’s a good chance you’re an empath.

Empaths have a unique ability to pick up on the feelings of others, even if they’re strangers. For example, an empath can sense the energy in a room the moment they walk in.

They’re often labeled as ‘overly sensitive’ but there’s a lot more to being an empath than just being sensitive.

They make incredibly kind and caring friends, and they’re often the ones who will stick around just to make sure you’re okay after you’ve been through a tough time.

But being an empath can be both a blessing and a curse.

Empaths find it hard to have relationships because intense emotions can be overwhelming for them.

They also need a lot of space to recharge and spend time alone, because they’re so stimulated by the environments around them.

I never really considered myself to be an empath until I started researching what an ‘earth empath’ is.

That’s because there are different types of empaths, and only one category makes up empaths who feel the energy of people around them.

Other types of empaths include:

  • Animal empaths
  • Plant empaths
  • Dream empaths
  • Emotional empaths
  • Intuitive empaths
  • Physical empaths

So…what are earth empaths?

Like the title implies, earth empaths are people who feel a strong connection to the universe.

Their connection to the earth is strong – so strong that they can often sense small shifts and changes in nature.

Being an earth empath is a beautiful thing, but ultimately mother nature has the last say. Earth empaths are at the mercy of the seasons, natural disasters, and changes in the environment.

Pollution and heavy fumes can send earth empaths into a dizzy spiral of sickness, whilst lush green valleys and running water can make them feel at peace and content.

It sounds extreme, but earth empaths can’t control their reaction to nature.

I know from first-hand experience.

Having lived most of my life in an ordinary town in the South of England, I took any chance I got to be at the local beach or in the national forest nearby.

My mood would change drastically with the weather, and I remember being laughed at by family and friends when I would point out the link.

I don’t blame people for not understanding, because at the time I didn’t either.

But after coming across the term ‘earth empath’, everything started falling into place.

Suddenly, my move to the mountains in Spain made complete sense. The feeling I get from walking through the forest isn’t just a casual stroll, it’s a necessity. The views aren’t just pretty; they were my savior during the lockdown months.

Sitting by the ocean doesn’t just relax me, it soothes my soul and I draw upon that energy even when I’m back at home in my flat.

And, when the air becomes thick with the promise of a storm, I sense it in my stomach with a mix of dread and excitement.

The body of an earth empath is connected so deeply to the earth that it can’t be separated, and although non-empaths may still feel a connection with nature, an earth empaths pull towards it is much stronger.

Let’s have a look at some of the signs which make up an earth empath.

Signs of an earth empath:

1) You’re very in tune with changes in your body

Are you aware of how your body feels according to your environment?

For example, does your mood change when you’re in a crowded, built-up city compared to when you’re out in nature?

Earth empaths feel the changes in the world around them, but they are also very in tune with their feelings and emotions.

Empaths might struggle with their emotions when they become overwhelming, especially as earth empath’s emotions are governed by nature.

The atmosphere you’re in makes a massive difference to your overall body, so you’ll naturally seek out natural places that make you feel good and whole again.

2) You feel a strong connection to the universe and everything in it

Do you notice the little things when you’re out in nature?

I remember being very aware of the sound of the birds, and whilst they fall into the background for most people, I’d always stay tuned in to enjoy the melody.

That’s because earth empaths feel a connection to everything in the universe. From plants, rivers, oceans, and forests, we feel like we belong when we’re amongst nature.

To an earth empath, a waterfall isn’t just running water down the side of a cliff, it’s movement. It’s inspiring, powerful yet soothing at the same time.

I want to share something with you that changed my life. 

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So why am I so confident this will help you?

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And if it could bring me out of the rut I was stuck in, I’m sure it could help you too. 

So if you’re ready to take a step towards reconnecting with yourself and injecting a breath of fresh air into your life, check out Rudá’s excellent breathwork flow. 

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3) You’re sensitive to weather changes

One condition that may affect earth empaths more than others is ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (SAD).

Different from just having the winter blues, SAD can bring on bouts of depression usually around fall/winter time.

It should be treated through therapy, but most people just think it’s normal to feel depressed during the winter months.

From childhood, I have always complained about winter. The lack of sun, the dark days, and long nights used to make me feel completely miserable and exhausted.

Whilst my friends and family would blame it on the cold, I always knew deep down that I was being affected by something bigger. Going into a state of hibernation from November until spring was normal for me – it was the only way to cope sometimes.

If you also feel that your mood changes are directly linked to the weather, there’s a possibility that you too are suffering from SAD, or you could be an earth empath.

4) You might have premonitions

Some earth empaths feel premonitions of natural disasters before they happen.

Some empaths will feel these warnings before something happens to a loved one, whereas earth empaths will sense shifts in the earth’s energy before something like a tornado or earthquake hits.

Because our bodies are so intuned with how the earth feels, earth empaths may even feel premonitions whilst they’re asleep.

5) You enjoy soaking up the earth’s energy

Earth empaths need to be around nature, not only to recharge but to take in the earth’s energy and movements.

Everything around us has life and energy within it, from the trees to the way the wind dances around us.

We end up needing this energy; being cooped up in an office surrounded by hundreds of other buildings drains us.

Some of my best creativity has come when I’ve worked in nature rather than in a cafe or office space.

Not only does my body take in the freshness of the air and the relaxing scenery, but my mind also connects to the earth and begins to flow in a way that can’t be achieved through artificial settings.

Other ways that empaths soak up the earth’s energy includes walking barefoot on grass, swimming in water, and taking the time to look at the stars.

Sometimes, just being present in nature is enough to get that much-needed reset and energy boost.

6) You react to solar flares

A solar flare happens when there’s a large increase in brightness on the sun. Though most solar flares don’t often cause noticeable changes to the earth, over time they can be responsible for climate changes.

Even with the small amount of energy that penetrates through the atmosphere, earth empaths may feel those changes within them.

And, it makes sense. The sun gives life to everything on earth, so any changes that happen to it have a direct connection to all living things on earth, especially empaths.

7) Your intuition is in line with the earth

Your intuition is that niggly gut feeling that kicks in without warning.

Empaths, in general, rely heavily on their intuition to know how other people feel.

But, earth empaths use their intuition to know how the earth feels. When an earth empath is in nature which is healthy and happy, we feel happy too.

We can sense how the living species around us are thriving or struggling, and we can’t avoid worrying about the state of the world.

8) The earth is your medicine

Forget prescription pills and self-diagnosing on Google, for an earth empath getting out into nature can feel like the best medicine.

And, it’s not limited to curing physical pain.

For me, nature is the number one cure when I’m mentally or emotionally exhausted.

Being in nature allows me to clear my mind and reconnect to who I am, through the colors, smells, and fresh air around me.

Although it might not cure everything, for an earth empath it can do wonders in making them feel better.

As a child, I remember thinking that the sun was the cure for everything. Its warmth brought me a lot of comfort.

Whenever I was down or going through a hard time, I’d go out and try and catch some rays of sunshine.

As I grew up I’d remember this theory and look back on myself as being innocent and naive, but now I understand that my body knew something long before I did.

Earth empaths need nature to heal. With a world of consumerism and materialistic living expectations, we can’t always find solace until we’re back in nature.

For me, that solace was in the form of sunshine.

9) You enjoy being close to water

Water plays a big role in earth empaths.

Adult humans are made up of 60% water, and 71% of the earth is covered in water. It’s essential for survival and it replenishes the land.

From a religious point of view, water can be holy (think baptisms or the Ganges river in India), so its significance in both the physical and spiritual world runs deep.

But for an empath, water is more than just a statistic or necessity. It represents life in all its basic forms.

And, when water flows it can be extremely calming and invigorating for an earth empath. The flow of the water can help empaths to feel their energy flow too, instead of feeling stagnant.

If you’re an earth empath you probably find it extremely refreshing to swim in open water and even if you’re not a keen swimmer, just looking out at the sways and swells of the sea can fill you with peace.

10) You feel the pain of the world

Earth empaths can pick up on pain in the world no matter how close or far it is.

For non-empaths, hearing about a natural disaster on the other side of the world might be shocking or saddening, but to an earth empath, it can feel devastating.

If the world isn’t content, neither is an earth empath. They might be able to ride out their feelings and continue to live and function normally, but they’re always very aware of what’s going on around the world.

When we hear stories of forests being cut down or coral reefs destroyed in the ocean, it can be extremely upsetting.

But, that’s what it means to be an earth empath. You’re connected to the world for the good and the bad.

You’re an earth empath, now what?

So after reading the list above, you might have realized that you too are an earth empath.

Being an empath is a wonderful quality to have, but it can also be draining and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make life easier if you’re an earth empath:

  • Always go with your intuition – Instead of ignoring your connection to the earth, trust your gut instinct, and let your body flow with the rhythm of the earth.

Our gut instinct is there to guide us and keep us present in the moment, so listen to it and trust in yourself.

  • Listen to what your body needs – When you’re feeling down or tired, listen to what your body needs and wants.

Are you craving to be somewhere outdoor and fresh? Or do you need to walk amongst trees to bring you out of your anxiety?

Whatever it is, make time for it so that you don’t deny your body the chance to recharge.

It can take time to learn to become present in your body and understand your emotions, but the quicker you do, the sooner you can respond to its needs.

  • Pay attention to your mental health – Just as much as your body needs taking care of, so does your mind and mental health.Being connected to the earth doesn’t mean that you only feel a physical connection, it’s also mental, so make sure you do things that let you reconnect with nature.

If you suffer from SAD, consider speaking to a therapist or learn techniques to cope with the condition.

  • Embrace your connection to the earth – An earth empath won’t be able to ignore their innate instincts and connection to the earth, so you might as well embrace it.

I don’t need to tell you how much technology has changed our relationship with nature and with ourselves.

Use your earthly connection to break through the norm of being stuck on your mobile phone and enjoy the energy that you feel flowing around in nature.

 Ignoring your body and mind’s desires will only make it harder for you to find peace.

  • Take time out when you need it – Earth empaths live a ‘normal’ life but sometimes our intense emotions can make us feel irritable, anxious, or exhausted.

If you are an empath, it’s important to take time for yourself. When life becomes too much, don’t be afraid to take yourself out somewhere tranquil and idyllic and spend a few hours alone.

Go for a swim or feel the sand beneath your feet, do whatever is needed to pick yourself back up and feel energetic again.


Earth empaths feel the happiest out in nature, staring at the stars or gazing across the ocean, so it’s no wonder that many feel frustrated or depleted stuck inside offices in bustling concrete cities.

If the signs above resonated with you, it might be time to start putting yourself first and taking care of your earth empath needs.

After all, having such a connection to the universe and all living things is beautiful, but it can also take its toll.

Making time to understand your emotions, process your energy, and simply be present with the earth can make being an empath easier to handle in today’s busy world.

Kiran Athar

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter - @KiranAthar1.

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