10 undeniable signs you’re a young soul

When we talk about souls, most people refer to others (or themselves) as an ‘old soul’.

Someone who feels much older than their soul reflects.

But the opposite can also be true.

You can find yourself feeling much younger than your soul reflects.

You possess an innocence about you.

Young souls don’t have the same empathy or moral sense that comes from an older soul, for the simple reason they haven’t yet had the experiences to aid in this learning.

Are you wondering if you’re a young soul?

Here are 10 undeniable signs you are.

What is a young soul?

The young soul is also recognised as the third stage of reincarnation. It comes after the infant soul and the baby soul.

The age comparison of a young soul equates from about 13 years to 29 years.

During this stage, they are asserting themselves as an individual in the world, showing ambitious and materialistic traits.

This stage is all about learning and evolving.

A young soul is yet to determine who they are and their place in society.

Their expressing their individuality and independence and putting it out there into the world, to see what impact they can have.

As a general unspoken rule, it’s my way or the highway. A young soul is seeking their independence and they tend to be quite stubborn in doing so.

Wondering if this stage applies to you?

Here are 10 signs you’re a young soul.

10 signs you’re a young soul

1) You’re competitive

A young soul is still finding their place in the world, which gives them a strong sense of competitiveness.

If you’re the type of person who is fighting to get ahead in life and always wants to excel (above others) at what you do, then there’s a good chance you’re a young soul.

You want to push yourself as much as possible.

You assert yourself in almost any situation.

You’re out to prove yourself each and every day.

Whether it’s to climb the corporate ladder in your job, or to climb the social ladder in your friendship group, anyone else looking to make their way up is your competition.

Your ideal outcome is to succeed, both loudly and proudly, making it known to all those around you.

You believe there can only be one winner.

And you want that one winner to be you – naturally!

2) You live in a main city

Main cities have a reputation for being very career-focused and materialistic.

After all, main cities often possess bustling CBDs where ambitious workers relocate to climb the corporate ladder.

Think about where you live.

  • Is it in a main city?
  • How close are you to CBD?
  • Do you love living life in the fast lane?

An older soul is more likely to relocate from the bustling city to the outskirts, or even the country or beachside. Their goal is to slow down and take on a slower-paced lifestyle.

Where you live says a lot about you and where you’re at in life.

Perhaps you aren’t living in your ideal location.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be?

This could also be indicative of whether or not you’re a young soul.

3) Love is reciprocal

Love is a hard concept for anyone to grasp.

And it’s something you develop an understanding of the older you get. It’s through your own personal experiences that you learn exactly what it means to love another person.

If you’re a young soul, you don’t have these experiences behind you to help guide you through. Which means your understanding of love is still quite naïve.

For a young soul, love is reciprocal.

It’s the idea that if someone makes you feel good, and you return the favour and make them feel good, then it’s love.

You’re both benefiting each other.

Love is something that can only be understood over time, and requires a large degree of selflessness. Something a young soul doesn’t yet possess.

They are simply in it for them, and what they can get out of it.

Think about your past relationships – if you’ve had any.

Would you have been willing to change to make it work with the other person? Would you have been prepared to make sacrifices for their happiness?

This comes in time.

4) You define success as power, fame and wealth

Let’s face it, we all want a little power, fame, and wealth in our lives.

But, as a young soul, this is your goal for life.

This is what you’re working towards.

This is what you’re hoping to achieve in everything you do.

As our souls age, we learn that there is much more to life, and success can come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Success for one person could be a happy and healthy family.
  • Success for someone else might be finishing a thesis.
  • For another, success might be overcoming an obstacle in their relationship.

As a young soul, you have a degree of maturing to get through before you can work out what success really means for you.

At the moment, it’s all about fame and money and there’s nothing wrong with this.

In fact, some of the young souls throughout history have achieved great strides following these pursuits:

  • Alexander the Great: was a famous young soul who created one of the ancient world’s largest empires.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: another young soul who fearlessly led/
  • Elvis Presley: rose to stardom in his youth.

There are so many young souls who do indeed rise to the challenge and achieve fame and fortune in their early days, so don’t give up the pursuit.

Just know that in time, your values will change as your soul ages.

5) You prefer to be in a pack

Most young souls prefer the company of others.

After all, how can you lead the pack when you don’t have a pack, to begin with.

As our souls get older, we’re more content being on our own and in our own company.

As a young soul, we have far too much to prove and we can’t do this unless we are surrounded by other people.

  • Do you have a large social group?
  • Do you ever turn down social outings?
  • Are you known for being loud and outspoken?

These are all key characteristics of a young soul still finding their place in life.

The reason your social group is so big and varied is because you’re keeping your options open to work out exactly where you belong.

As you age, you become more aware of who you are and who you want to be surrounded by.

Your friends are no longer people you feel like you’re in competition with, but rather those who support you in each and every aspect of your life.

Your social groups will naturally get smaller over time. While friends come and go, your true friends will stick around.

6) It’s not about what you know, but who you know

One big sign that you’re a young soul is your focus on knowing people, rather than things.

Think about anything you’ve learnt in the past few months.

Have you learnt it because you have a thirst for that knowledge you were satisfying? Or, more likely did you learn it because you hoped it might help get you ahead in some area of your life?

A young soul wants to get ahead, no matter the costs.

They aren’t concerned about soaking up knowledge or gaining truth and wisdom along the way.

They’re more concerned about taking in the right knowledge to get ahead, while meeting the right people and forging relationships to give them a leg up in life.

The key difference between an older soul is that an older soul genuinely wants to learn, with no ulterior motive behind the intake of this information.

They want to get wiser beyond their years.

They want to immerse themselves in the intellectual side of life.

If you feel like this couldn’t be further from the truth for you and your circumstances, it’s likely you’re still in that young soul stage.

You can’t see beyond that competition that is right in front of you, that you’re trying to get ahead on.

7) You’re very focused

Another strong trait of a young soul is their focus on one particular thing.

Think about your own life. Is there something that tends to take up most of your time and attention?

For example, are you:

  • Trying to make your way up in your career?
  • Saving so you can buy your own home?
  • Planning a gap year to see the world?

If there is one goal you are striving towards in particular, with very little care for what else is going on in your life, it’s because your young soul is leading you down this path.

Young souls tend to forget the bigger picture. For example, if you aren’t worried about titles in your job, you might be able to change jobs and get a better-paying job.

But, as a young soul, you might see you’re the only goal as the prestige that comes from getting recognised in your current office, and you can’t see beyond that.

It’s completely understandable. It’s about the goal, not the long-term ramifications of your actions.

As your soul ages, you tend to see your goals as part of a bigger picture. One that you can work towards with many different moving parts at the same time.

Old souls strive for the most meaningful way of living.

Young souls strive for the fastest.

8) You act without thinking

Being impulsive and making quick decisions is one of the signs that you’re a young soul.

Sure, you could sit down and think each and every decision through and work out the consequences for your actions before you take them.

But, where’s the fun in that?

A young soul isn’t concerned about where their actions might take them beyond the immediate.

This is why they’re so much more likely to give in to peer pressure with friends.

It’s about the here and the now, and there’s nothing beyond that.

9) You crave excitement

Does the idea of a day at home reading a book on the couch sound appealing to you?

Of course not, a young soul wants to be out and about and discovering the world around them.

You long for excitement and quite often, go and seek it out themselves.

You aren’t afraid to head out and meet new like-minded people.

You’re quite happy bouncing from one social event to the next and juggling one hundred things at once. This is how life should be: busy and lived to its fullest.

This is a good sign that you’re living as a young soul.

As the soul age, it craves simplicity.

You could almost say it’s tired after all these years.

10) You love stuff

Are you the person who flicks through the magazines, circling all these amazing products you want to go out and buy?

The new handbag.

The new makeup set.

The latest hairstyle.

The greatest new phone.

You’re a materialistic person, who values possessions.

Think about it, do you feel a tinge of jealousy when you see a friend – or even a random – wearing a handbag that you desperately want?

This is a good sign that you’re a young soul.

These materialistic things are important to you and you place value on them.

It’s likely that you buy the latest fashion magazines just to stay up to date with the latest trends.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this!

Someone has to set these trends…

Are you a young soul?

There is something perfectly innocent about discovering you’re a young soul in life.

You have so much ahead of you to learn and grow as you discover the world and your own place in it.

It’s exciting. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s your journey.

Embrace your young soul and trust it to guide you through this necessary stage. It will help get you to where you need to be as you enter that next stage of life.

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