15 signs your twin flame is waking up to your incredible connection

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re one of the lucky few to have met your twin flame in this lifetime.

You might not know it yet, but just by reading this post, your twin flame has woken up to the amazing connection you share in each other’s souls because you are starting to feel it.

If you are looking for a sign that things are going in the direction you want, here are 15 signs that your twin flame is waking up to this amazing connection you share!

1) This person that you met is starting to come back into your life with the odd random phone call, text, or email

The twin flame connection can be felt in various ways, and it is a connection that cannot be explained in plain words.

The closest we could get to describe our connection is like being with an old friend that you haven’t seen in years.

When this person reconnects with you after leaving your side, they have a clear sense that they have said goodbye to you way too soon, and the reason behind the sudden departure has been buried in their unconscious.

In essence, this person will make you feel like there is never enough time to say all the things you want to say.

If you notice that there is a person that keeps coming to you and wants to spend more time with you, it is a clear sign that the connection you have is getting stronger and that you will unite soon, perhaps sooner than you think.

2) Your twin has started to be more social and open within their life

People go through various stages in their lives, and the reason for this is that the energy shifts, and it is not always possible to be ready to accept the challenges that life gives us.

There are people that go through various struggles in life just to achieve a certain level of openness in themselves.

This level of openness is what allows them to be ready when the right time comes along.

If you have met your twin flame and they have fallen out of sight, they are most likely going through an energy shift that is allowing them to accept life as it happens.

When this energy shift is complete, you will feel like you are being welcomed back with open arms.

This is the point where you should simply let things unfold the way they should.

3) This person is getting in touch with you about things that haven’t been talked about before

When your twin flame starts opening up to you more, it means that they are coming to a new level of maturity and acceptance.

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4) Your twin flame starts to talk more deeply about things that are on their mind and things that have happened in the past

We cannot move on in our lives and achieve happiness until we are ready to face the past and make it an integral part of our being instead of running away from it.

If you notice that your twin flame is starting to accept the past, it is a good sign for your connection as well.

You can be sure that your twin flame will let go of the past and simply move on with their life.

It is not only important for them, but one of the most important things they can do is to make sure that they release their past and become more open to the future and consequently you.

5) You find yourself thinking of this person more and more throughout the day and more so at night before sleep when you’re reflecting upon your day

When you start to move into a deeper connection with your twin flame, it means that you are on the right path in the right direction, and your future is now full of hope.

You feel better than ever, and when you think of your twin flame, it feels like a warm and tender embrace all over.

If you find yourself thinking of them more often and more so at night before sleep, it means that they are working on moving into this fantastic connection with themselves, but also that your twin is sending you telepathic thoughts and is communicating with you on some different level.

6) You’re spending more and more time with this person talking on the phone or in person

Once you start spending nights talking about things that matter to both of you, you can be sure that the energy you are sharing is getting stronger.

In essence, your souls are coming closer, and you can be sure that they will soon merge.

You will probably notice that you hear this person in your dreams more often.

If you notice that you have recurring dreams about your twin flame, it is a clear sign that the connection is getting stronger, and the merging will be on its way soon.

7) This person is starting to share with you experiences, thoughts, ideas, and so much more

The more you live your life every day, and the more you open yourself to the universe, the more you will enjoy and learn about things that are of importance to you.

When your twin flame starts sharing this kind of information with you, then things are clearly getting interesting, and you should just enjoy the flow and the way things continue developing.

8) This person is starting to tell you things about their life, and experiences that no one else knows about

When you notice that this person has started to open up to you about things that no one else knows about, it is a clear sign that the relationship is now on a higher level, and this person feels safe enough to share these things.

There are various reasons why people do not talk about their family because, in most cases, it is the family system that makes them feel bad and worthless, but when they start opening up more, then you can be sure that things are only going to get better.

9) You know all the secrets of your twin

It all boils down to this – the more you know about each other, the closer you will get.

However, that is not all.

Be prepared that the heat will start increasing the closer you get, so you can also expect that you will feel the negative emotions together with the finest ones.

It goes in one package, and it can be extremely challenging.

The fact that you know these secrets means that you have a special place in your twin’s life.

10) This person is giving you new ideas and thoughts in life that no one else has given you before

Hearing some good insights about your life and the things you should do to improve it is surely worth its weight in gold.

If you have a person who is ready to help you with a piece of valuable advice, you should know that the energy flow is now increasing between you two, and you will surely make enormous progress in your relationship, but in your life in general.

11) You feel a little like this person is trying to talk to your spirit guides or telling them your problems so that they can pass them on to you

Twin flame connection is mostly spiritual, but it involves sexual energy for sure.

However, this spiritual connection will make you feel like you are never alone.

When you are in a twin flame relationship, it is important that you see yourself as a part of the union and allow the spiritual connection to work its magic.

When the person starts talking to your spirit guides, then it is usually because they feel that you need some extra help in a certain area of your life.

12) You find yourself getting close and closer to this person every single day

It all comes down to this – the connection you feel will change as time goes, and it will never be completely the same.

It will transform and help you achieve new heights in life.

The closer you get, the bigger freedom you will feel, but also enormous fear that will drive you to spend more time together.

13) You have a feeling this person is being completely honest with you about what they think, feel and know in life

Honesty has become so rear lately, that is truly a pure pleasure to hear someone speak to you openly about the things they believe in and the experiences that drive them to become better and go further.

If your twin is able to speak to you with clarity and honesty, it can surely be a true refreshment.

14) You have a feeling that this person is trying to send their energy to you so that you can achieve something in your life

This is one of the most important signs.

Your twin flame will never be able to talk about their plans, wishes, and desires to you because they might not be able to understand them and apply them to their life.

However, there will be times when they will try to transfer this information to you.

15) This person is telling you things of importance in life that no one has ever told you before

All the signs will make it clear that your twin flame is ready to share with you a lot of important information.

It can be about their past, family issues, hopes, or dreams, but also life stories from older times and other people who were important to them.

Final thoughts

Many people tend to think that being in a twin flame relationship means that you will be in a constant state of love and happiness.

While there are certainly times when this will be the case, it is not true for all twins.

There are many phases of love and happiness in a twin flame relationship, and these phases are not always beautiful but are certainly necessary for its development.

The way this person succeeds in making you feel is one of the most important markers of your twin flame connection.

There is no doubt that this period and all the stages of your relationship won’t be a breeze for sure, so do what you can to calm your mind down.

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Azra Jovicic

Azra Jovicic

I am Azra Jovicic and I love writing about psychology and wellness. I am just trying to make the sense of the world and share with others the things I’ve found out.

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