16 heart-warming signs your twin flame is sending you love

Is your twin flame sending you love or are you just imagining things?

Since so many surprising and unexplainable things happen before and after meeting your twin flame, it’s easy to get confused.

Are you really feeling warmth in your heart chakra area or are you desperately looking for signs?

Luckily, thanks to the many twin flames that have already identified heart-warming signs their twin flames were sending them love, we now know what they are.

So, if you really want to find out more about this, read on!

16 signs your twin flame is sending you love

Every twin flame relationship is different, so even if your counterpart is indeed sending you love, you might not relate to every sign.

If this happens, don’t worry. If you identify at least half of these signs to be true for you, it means your twin flame is indeed sending you love.

Let’s get started!

1) You suddenly have the feeling someone is giving you a warm hug

This feeling is a very powerful sign of your twin flame’s love for you.

How so? 

“During separation and even when miles apart, twin souls experience several symptoms with their twin flame… Physical touch: You can sense that your twin flame seems to hold your hand, touch, hug, or kiss you,” explains Czaroma Roman, writer for LoveConnection.

In other words, what you’re experiencing could actually be your counterpart, who is thinking about you intensely and probably about hugging you. 

But wait, is this also true if you haven’t met your twin soul yet? 

Yes, of course.

As you might already know, one of the TFs is usually more awakened than the other. What I mean is that your counterpart could already be aware of your existence and they’re waiting for you to be ready to meet them.

So, if you are experiencing strange physical sensations, it could be that your counterpart is giving you some form of reassurance and/or love.

2) You notice a feeling of warmth in your heart chakra

Similar to the sign above, this one is also a very powerful indication of your twin flame’s love for you.

You see, the heart chakra is one of the 7 main energy centers in your body. And, according to Frankie Pascua-dela Pasion, writer for Ideapod, “when two people go through their twin flame journey, their twin flame energies are constantly being drawn towards each other from this chakra.”

This means that when you feel an increase in the intensity of the warmth in your heart center, it might actually be due to your twin flame’s love for you.

Where exactly is the heart chakra located?

“The heart chakra, or Anahata, is located near your heart, in the center of your chest,” says Sara Lindberg in an article medically reviewed by Courtney Sullivan, a certified yoga instructor.

So, when you feel a warm feeling in the center of your chest, you might be experiencing your twin soul’s love.

3) Sudden shifts in your mood are more frequent

The next sign of your twin flame’s love for you is a sudden shift in your mood.

To be more precise, you might suddenly feel great, without having a specific reason for it. 

Nato Lagidze confirms it:

“The truth is that if your twin flame is sending you love, you might feel a sudden wave of positivity in your life out of nowhere.”

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel a sudden burst of positive energy?
  • Are you suddenly feeling enthusiastic about life?

If so, your twin flame might be trying to connect with you. They might be trying to get your attention, to help you realize that they’re out there.

4) Your dreams have become more intense

One other way your twin flame can give you a sign of their love is through your dreams. 

Here’s what Raychel Ria Agramon, writer for HackSpirit has to say about this:

“Out of all the forms of twin flame telepathy, dream communication is considered the strongest of all. It’s said to be the purest form as well.”

In other words, what you see in your dreams might not be the product of your subconscious mind only. It could actually be influenced by your counterpart.

However, interpreting dreams is not exactly the easiest thing to do. You must have a lot of knowledge of psychology and know a few things about symbols, right?

Well, to be honest, regardless of how knowledgeable you are, you might need guidance because twin flame dreams are no easy topic. 

When I have doubts and questions about my dreams, I always go get a reading at Psychic Source

Do you want to know why?

No, it’s not because they tell me whatever I want to hear. It’s not because I’m gullible either. It’s because their advisors are the real deal. They’re gifted people who use their abilities to help other people.

They’ve always managed to bring clarity to me about my dreams and they did so in a calm, gentle manner that didn’t frighten me.

And that’s why I think they can help you, too. So, if you want to find out if your counterpart is indeed sending their love to you through dreams, sign up for a reading with Psychic Source today.

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5) You pick up on feminine or masculine vibes more often

Anna Scheucher, a writer for Twinflamesly, describes the Divine Masculine in twin flames as follows:

“It is the energy that sparks creative ideas, new projects, and endeavors. It is the energy of action and power. Masculine energy is all about analytical thinking, rational ideas, and taking powerful action.”

In other words, if you feel masculine vibes, you’ll be more inspired than usual, maybe picking up on new ideas and acting upon them.

However, if the vibes you pick up on are feminine, then it probably means your twin flame is sending their love through their feminine energy.

… and what exactly is the Divine Feminine?

“The divine feminine energy is the energy of receptivity. It is the flow of the universe. Simply put, it is the ebb and flow of life. It is the energy of receiving,” says Scheucher.

So, the divine feminine energy is about compassion and emotion. When we are able to harness and channel the energy of the divine feminine, we are able to cultivate kindness, compassion, and empathy in our daily lives.

6) You feel some kind of presence and it’s a positive feeling

The next heart-warming sign of your twin soul’s love for you is the feeling of not being alone, even when you are alone.

For instance, if you often feel some kind of presence around you, it might actually be because your twin flame is using their energy to help you realize that they’re with you.

Well, they’re not really with you, but as you know, the connection between twin souls is so strong, they don’t have to be physically close to feel each other or to communicate with each other.

“You feel someone’s presence so vividly that sometimes it feels like they are holding your hand. And this is strange. But what’s more strange is that you enjoy this fact,” says Lagidze.

Can you relate? If yes, this might be the beginning of a beautiful twin flame journey or a sign you’re about to be reunited.

7) You start noticing the twin flame symbol

Did you know that there is a twin flame symbol? 

First introduced by Saint Germain in the 18th century, the twin flame symbol comprises multiple other symbols, such as a circle, a triangle, two flames, and the infinity sign.

Why is this important?

Well, if you’re seeing that symbol everywhere, it’s probably because your counterpart is sending you love and trying to let you know they’re out there for you. The same goes if you’re seeing just some of the symbols part of the original one.

In fact, if you see anything in pairs, you can take it as a sign that’s connected to your mirror soul. 

8) Synchronicities happen a lot around you

What is synchronicity?

Simply put, it’s a meaningful coincidence that occurs in your life. It’s when you experience two or more events that are meaningfully related, yet they aren’t connected.

So, as you can imagine, if these coincidences keep happening in your life, your mirror soul could be sending you signs of love via synchronicities. 

Let me give you an example:

You keep seeing pairs of animals, human couples, symbols of love, and hearing songs about eternal love, unconditional love, spiritual journey, and so on and so forth. 

You see, your twin flame is sending you a sign of their love, but they’re not being explicit in the way they do it. 

However, I must admit that I had lots of help in identifying the synchronicities that were happening to me. A gifted advisor from Psychic Source helped me recognize them and figure out their meaning.

“There are some synchronicities that happen in your life that do not have a logical explanation. And you cannot deny them being there. Don’t try to deny them. Allow them” he said.

This made me more receptive to the synchronicities that were happening to me and I was able to find meaning in them. 

That’s why I think they could help you, too. So, if you want to find out if your counterpart is sending you love through synchronicities, give Psychic Source a try.

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9) You have the urge to go to certain places

Another heart-warming sign of your twin soul’s love for you is the urge to go to certain places.

You feel an inner pull that tells you to visit a place you have never been before. You’ve never heard of it and have no reason whatsoever to be there. And yet, you feel this strong desire to go there nevertheless.

Or, something else could happen. If you and your twin flame are in the separation stage, you could feel drawn to a place that you already know; a place that means something to both of you.

This is because your twin flame is sending you signs of their presence and trying to help you realize that they’re not far away.

10) Your twin flame sends their love with angel numbers

Want to know more?

There is a strong connection between angel numbers and twin flames.

Twin flame numbers such as 1111 or 1212 are known to bring positive news for twin flames before the union and during separation. In addition, angel number 555 is also known to bring good news to twin flames.

In fact, if you’re seeing 555 (or something similar) anywhere in your life, it’s probably because your twin flame is trying to help you realize that they’re out there for you. In other words, it’s them sending their love for you through an angel number.

11) Unfamiliar thoughts might go through your mind

Another sign you can look out for is having unfamiliar thoughts. 

How so?

Well, since twin flames have the extraordinary ability to communicate telepathically, if you notice that you have thoughts that don’t appear to be yours, then it’s possible that your twin flame might be consciously or unconsciously sending their thoughts to you through telepathy.

And if these thoughts are full of positivity, joy, and appreciation, it’s likely that your twin flame is sending you their love through those thoughts!

Pay attention to them because as Ladigze says, “if you start to experience something similar, this might mean that your twin flame is trying to get in touch with you.”

But what if you’re in union with your counterpart? 

Well, if you’re picking up on thoughts that are full of love, then it’s most probably your twin flame who’s sending you their love. You’re already connected, so the chances are even higher.

12) You are more curious about spiritual matters

The twin flame journey is characterized by many things (such as uniting with your other half), but one of them is the desire to grow spiritually.

This means that if you’re also feeling this need to learn more about spirituality, it’s probably because something is telling you to expand your knowledge.

You might want to read about reincarnation or about the Akashic records, for instance.

And if you’re asking yourself why you suddenly want to know more about spirituality, it’s probably because your twin flame is sending you a sign of their love this way. 

Or, maybe they are prepared to unite or reunite with you, but you are not. Maybe you need to grow some more, spiritually speaking.

13) Wonderful and surprising things start happening in your life

When your counterpart sends you their love, they often do it in the most unexpected ways. 

It’s not like they can control the flow of energy between the two of you, right? Instead, their energy is converted in such a way that it can be felt in your life. 

What does this mean? Well, the energy they send to you is converted into some sort of highly unusual and wonderful events in your life.

In short, you’ll start experiencing wonderful things and feeling happy, joyful, and appreciative more often. 

So, don’t forget that if you’re feeling this way more often than usual, it’s because your twin flame is sending you their love.

14) You feel an increased amount of peace in your life

You might be wondering what peace is. Well, it’s more than just the absence of war or violence.

It’s the presence of love, joy, and abundance. And if you feel an increasing amount of peace in your life, it might be because your twin flame is sending you their love.

Remember, every time your twin flame sends you such powerful energy, they are actually showing you that they care.

15) You have the feeling someone is looking out for you

Another heart-warming sign of your twin flame’s love for you is the feeling that someone is looking out for you. 

Let me explain:

Since the bond between your souls is unbreakable, there will always be a connection between the two of you. And when your counterpart is sending you love, you’ll feel as if someone is watching over you.

And this “someone” could be your twin flame, by the way!

16) You simply feel it in your gut that your twin flame sends you love

The last sign refers to your intuition. Yes, you can feel your twin flame’s love in your gut. Your body will tell you if they’re sending you their love or not.

How so? 

Well, the strong connection that exists between twin flames is felt on multiple levels. In time, you’ll know through your gut if they are sending you their energy or not.

This is because the energy they send to you is transformed into a “sensation” like a tingling sensation in your body. This feeling will tell you if your twin flame really does think about you or not.

Final thoughts

There are many heart-warming signs your twin flame is sending you love. However, you don’t have to relate to all of them to be sure.

Sometimes, it’s enough to simply feel it in your gut. Who knows, maybe you just can’t see the signs, but your body is still telling you something is going on.

If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to talk to a psychic about it! 

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